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Kupujete xPOCKET (http://xpocket.finance/the-team) uvece? Bacim 5 ETH da podrzim bracu.

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>blocks your path

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I dated a Serbian girl once in high school she was large and so fucking fiesta she would always shout YEBE SE at me.

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Haha jebi se means fuck you.

Dzabe, vec sam ulozio sve u LTO network

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> What is XPocket?
> - XPocket is the completely decentralized mobile wallet application for digital currencies, with built-in multiblockchain decentralized exchange, called PocketSwap.

Zasto though?
I would like to support a fellow Serb but we have uniswap already.

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>The one-stop solution for your crypto assets. Buy, store, exchange & earn crypto
Ovoga ima bezbroj

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>Ovoga ima bezbroj
Imaju vec produkt, nije samo token hype. Ja upadam u pre sale uvece.

telegram: @xpocketdefi

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All of them are employed by Celsius Network, seems good!

Easy 100x

Telegram: @xpocketdefi

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I always get a laugh out of Serbs and their victim complex.

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You'll be a victim if you miss this train

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au brt kao da si taksista
Yep. If you only knew how bad the newer generation is...
Cenim sto zrtvujes paklu cigara za vpn

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Imagine not buying tokens in presale and then selling them on Uniswap for +40% more later this week lol

It's a project by Celsius Network managers, can't be more trusted than this

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Kosovo je Srbija
link 1k eoy

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>srbi ulazu 10000000 dinara (10 eura) u shitcoinove
necete nikada uspjeti

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Hey Serbian Chads, bong here. I'm moving to Macedonia next month, what are the women like? Can I get a nice trad wife?

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I invested 10 ETH

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In Skopje you'll probably find that they're less ruined than in the West, but already under that influence. The thing about the Balkans is that they all speak virtually perfect English, and have pretty close links to western Europe, so they're more influenced by western/American culture than some other places like Russia or Asia. But generally they're still shaped by more traditional family structures and the like.
Big urban/rural divide still, so outside of the cities it's a different story.
Also, they may be quite westernised but they're still Slavs, which means you absolutely cannot be even 1% a pussy. You'll be cool and interesting because you're a foreigner (not that unusual in Skopje though), but you have to keep your own culture in check and adapt to theirs a bit. British reservedness and politeness will always be misinterpreted as just being a pussy.
What will you be doing there?

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poz brate,
sta je ovo koji kurac?

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Legitiman projekat od ljudi koji su manageri u Celsius Networku

Sad je presale i trajace 3 dana, nakon toga token ide odmah na Uniswap po vecoj ceni, easy profit

Projekat je aplikacija koja radi kao Uniswap, ali radi sa razlicitim blockchain coinima, ne samo sa erc20 kao uniswap

Ima i novcanik i yield farming

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Thanks for that information anon. I'm a bit of a misogynist in relationships and hate pussy faggot men, so I think I'm good there but good to know.
I've designed lots of 4chan-inspired art for tee-shirts and baseball caps. They're just about to get manufactured. I'm going to start my own clothing brand.
I live in The Netherlands and there's no way I'm paying these taxes.
Macedonia is attracting start-ups from all over Europe with its flat 10% corporate tax and its centrally located in Europe and also cheap to have a good lifestyle.
I asked on /trv/ and one anon said that unlike the rest of the balkans, Macedonian women are surprisingly ugly. Is that true? Also, any /biz/ advice or anything much appreciated.

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Ako nas ragnu idem u Beograd da im jebem mater.

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kosovo is albania little slav nigga

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Ma nema sanse, isti likovi rade ne samo u Celsiusu nego i u ecd.rs menjacnici

Poznati su u zajednici, komuniciramo vec neko vreme i deluju mi skroz ozbiljno

Dodji i u ovaj thread >>25081240

I i Telegram grupu

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>centrally located in Europe
Eh, the infrastructure really sucks in the Balkans so if you're planning on using it as a base for travelling you might be a bit frustrated. Belgrade is the only real hub in the region and it's still an overnight bus journey away. If you're used to the Netherlands, just don't expect that level of travel convenience.
Ordering stuff online (and probably also dispatching it) takes forever because of this and postage charges can be sky-high. That's also worth bearing in mind.
Corruption is a massive problem for lots of investors but I guess that shouldn't be an issue for you if it's just online retail.
BTW I'm not from the region, I'm a britbong too and this is from my experience living in Bosnia. I've only visited Macedonia once. Can't say I noticed much difference in the women. There are more Albanians in Macedonia, who look a bit different. The men are often weird bug-eyed looking motherfuckers but the women can still be hot.

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OK. I think there's a tangible business difference between Bosnia and Macedonia though (I could be proven wrong). Bosnia ranks number 90 out of 190 countries and Macedonia is number 17 (it was 10 in 2018).
No, I don't care about travelling, I mean for ecommerce and shipping (my other consideration was Georgia but its too far).
Glad to hear about the women.

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*ranks according to ease of business

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I don't have /biz/ experience in either country, but I know Macedonia has made big efforts to get itself up the rankings. Bosnia is definitely a good bit more out of the way and is even less integrated into EU structures so I can imagine it would be better in Macedonia. I think Skopje is on the main route between Belgrade and Piraeus so that could make a big difference.
Just be sure to adapt your expectations towards a slower, more relaxed pace of life, which also applies to things like admin tasks. It's Eastern Europe, but it's also Southern Europe. There are advantages and disadvantages of that.
Are you the blackpilled tees guy?

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>Are you the blackpilled tees guy?
No, I'm not. Gonna take a bit if a different direction in terms of style than him.
Thanks for your help anon. What are you doing in Bosnia anyway? Teaching ESL?

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Good. I didn't like his stuff much. Hope it goes well for you.
I studied Balkan politics and history, so I was in Bosnia for that. I'm in Brussels now working on issues relating to the region's EU membership (not going to happen any time soon).

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Cool anon. Studied Politics myself. Sounds like a good life you're making. Good luck also.

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Thanks man. Brexit kind of pulled the rug on my career plans, so I'm hoping a bit of shitcoin gambling can make the most of my meagre income until I work out what my other options are.

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E kupio bih ali mi devs izgledaju ko cigani.

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you know crypto is over when literal niggers have their shill threads on /biz

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I like croatia more, sorry.

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