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Should I buy more $GTH??

It’s my suicide bag but it’s already huge

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yes, definitely!

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the fuck is gth

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you gonna get rekt

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Buy more GTH motherfucker

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some whale pumped this shit last week

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Let’s see how eth is going to behave in the coming weeks then make a decision

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THIS is in your suicide bag??

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I still think it’s undervalued currently

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if ETH keeps pimping im going in.

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Anyone else noticing the double bottom pattern on coin gecko ?

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double bottom usually means a pump is coming

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Not true dude

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Fuck you pleb. Pump already happened, go cry in a corner

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ETH hasn't been a pre-cursor to alt movements since 2018

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Double-bottom just signals a prime entry point for investors… so yeah a pump can be the result of a double-bottom

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Hell yeah it means pump

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Vol of 170k on bithumb. I still believe big money will come from cex for GTH.

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Uniswap fees are fucking destroying my wallet

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way ahead of u. just along for the ride now

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the only fuckers actually noticing this shit are webmasters who understand the concept of the project

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It seems only a matter of time before Gather proves to be more reliable than the current available infrastructure which will weigh in demand for distributed enterprise cloud computing.

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mainstream people don’t comprehend this shit though

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and there will be a peer to peer market place.

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do mainstream people even comprehend bitcoin? Fuck no

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Peer to peer marketplace for cloud computing?

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I think so

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I believe at the beginning they are selling direct to customers until the market stabilizes

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read the white paper sometime…………

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Everyone’s money is in BTC rn, alt sz isn’t going to be for a while

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People will start switching to alts soon

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we’re gonna see 1 swift drop in bitcoin price before alts have their day in 2021

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just buy the dips ya cunts

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Not even the owners comprehend it. It doesn't do anything. You can open up Python right now and query the blockchain, no token needed. You got scammed.

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Scammed with what? BTC?

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Seems like a pretty perfect opportunity to talk about % seeing as pretty much everyone should be in the green today.

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You're a funny guy

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Over 300% ... heavily in XRP.

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lol I feel sorry for you

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What are your coins/tokens? I'm very uncertain about which coins to place my bet on..

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BTC, ETH & VET. not taking any chances

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I'm currently all in on Cardano bitches

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$GTH isn't really a chance to take, i'd group it in w VET

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VET is my moon shot coin.

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VET will power all of fucking china so anything is possible.

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