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xPOCKET easy 10x by Celsius Network employees

It's still not late for Stage 2 of pre-sale because the UniSwap listing price will be MUCH HIGHER.

Telegram: @xpocketdefi
Web: https://xpocket.finance/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/xpocketdefi

xpocket in media:
YahooFinance: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/introducing-xpocket-one-stop-solution-153000907.html?.tsrc=fin-srch
TheFinancer: https://www.thefinancer.org/?page=news&id=59
CoinGape: https://coingape.com/xpocket-one-app-for-all-your-crypto-assets/

XPocket YouTube Video Reviews
CryptoDaily: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIDJcMR7Iog&t=1s
ProfessorCrypto: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UMeDfHdnG0&t=7s
BalkanTechCrypto: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7GxRrJfmhw

Below, you can find all the valuable info regarding the upcoming POCKET token sale.

27.500.000 Pocket token for sale, hardcap 5200 ETH (softcap 300)
First come, first served basis - be ready!
Any contributions over hard cap will be refunded.

The First stage of the sale will start on December 19th at 9PM (CET), it will last 3 days, until December 22nd 9PM (CET).
The Second stage will start on December 23rd at 9PM (CET), and it will end on December 26th at 9PM (CET).

Stage 1: (December 19-22)
11.000.000 POCKET tokens for sale, 1733.36 ETH Hardcap
6346 POCKET = 1 ETH
1 POCKET = 0.000157 ETH = $ 0.086
Max Buy: 75 ETH

Stage 2: (December 23-26)
16.500.000 POCKET tokens for sale, 3466.68 ETH Hardcap
4759.6 POCKET = 1 ETH
1 POCKET = 0.00021 ETH = 0.12 $
Max Buy: 75 ETH

All unsold tokens will be burned. As soon as the token sale ends, POCKET will be listed on Uniswap, and the team will add liquidity.
The listing price on uniswap.org will be announced very soon.
The token sale will be held on the website and in Telegram, the contract (ETH) address will be public once the sale officially starts.
Dont forget that the each participant of the token sale will be rewarded with the limited edition NFT to their ETH address used, once the xpocket app goes live.

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xPocket Wallet

Our multi-currency decentralized wallet is a safe solution for holders. You are in control over your funds as you hold the private keys.

XPocket wallet users will also have the ability to hold different kinds of crypto collectibles, art & NFTs.The app will also offer an ability to buy cryptocurrencies with credit cards, without leaving the app. The wallet will be extremely user-friendly and safe to use.

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PocketSwap is an Ethereum based decentralized exchange built inside xpocket application. PocketSwap supports multiple blockchains swaps, unlike on Uniswap where you can trade between ERC-20 tokens only.

Token swaps on PocketSwap are highly secure since they do not require funds to be held on the exchange. No ID verification is required. PocketSwap pools tokens into smart contracts and users trade against these liquidity pools.

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Yield Farming

XPocket app users will have the ability to provide the liquidity to PocketSwap and farm yields. (stake) Users will be able to farm yields directly from the xpocket app. https://xpocket.finance/yield-farming/

Liquidity providers provide assets to the PocketSwap liquidity pools. In general, a 0.3% fee is taken by the pool contract on every transaction/trade on PocketSwap. And, 0.25% of this fee is divided between the liquidity providers proportionally to their share.

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Crypto collectibles are non-fungible digital assets (NFTs) which are mostly either unique or limited in quantity. XPocket app users will have the ability to store different kinds of NFTs directly in their wallet.

There will be a surprise for all participants of the token sale. (Special NFT) The xpocket team will also create the xpocket limited edition NFTs which will be sold on the open market, and all revenue earned from the sales will be used to buy & burn POCKET token.

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Looks good, I know the guy from Celsius

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Just joined, all of them work in Celsius as Community managers so I don't think this is a scam

Is the UniSwap price announced?

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site shows the team but none of them are developers. Two of them are "community managers at Celsius" 1 guy has some JS exp... the rest are copywriters? Did they get their app made on UpWork? lmao

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I think they paid the development with their own money, the app will release in January

Celsius Network was also developed by mvpworkshop

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what time is it in serbia anon?

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why the fuck you wait till round 2 to shill this huh? We arent buyimg your bags at +40%

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Telegram: @xpocketdefi

Stage 2 of presale later today.

UniSwap listing as soon as the pre-sale ends at a higher price. Easy profit.

Even easier 10-20x once the app drops in January, development is almost done.

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I got 6600 tokens during stage 1 lmao

But still this is a good investment even in stage 2 later today

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10:48 cao brate, moras da kupis ovo

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They said in Telegram they have scheduled meeting with Celsius about partnership

I know Celsius is also preparing a coinswap feature, so that might be it

I am deep in Celsius so I trust them, might get coins tomorrow

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It's funny to see them active in the Celsius group while managing their own company kek

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Thanks anon, I will buy some tokens and sell them on Uniswap

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do serbians like gypsies?

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I don't think so, those are Romanians

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I'm serbian. checked their telegram. they're Croats (mini serbs)

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So stage 2 is later today?

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All Balkan trash are gypsies

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True, but they make good developers

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Api3 founder was a croat vagina

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DefiSaver is also a Serbian project

Celsius Network was developed in Serbia

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Wait, is there a minimum amount of ETH to invest?

I saw some posts where it says 0.33 ETH, but the OP doesn't have any mention of it

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No, they removed it.

You can invest any amount of ETH in presale up to 85 ETH.

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are croats the new pajeets?

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*75 ETH actually

There is already a whale with 20 ETH

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>Celsius Network was developed in Serbia
Don't forget Dominion software

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look at the salary of senior software engineers in serbia and croatia lmaooooo ahahahahahah

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They live better with those salaries than you with 3x more lmaoooo

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This one is popular is the Celsius community, easy 100x

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That guy is the type of retard who lives in a studio apartment with 4 other dudes in San Francisco and thinks he is on the top because he is making 6 figures.

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Lmaoo poorfag

Same for everyone who misses this moonshot, now there's your chance to get cheap tokens before the UniSwap listing later this week

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Imagine not buying tokens in presale and then selling them on Uniswap for +40% more later this week lol

It's a project by Celsius Network managers, can't be more trusted than this

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Is 1 ETH enough to become a whale?

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I think so, this is like buying LINK in 2017

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So PocketSwap is something like UniSwap but with cross chain exchanges? Not just ERC20 shit

I can see normies using this which means 1000x

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We are building the completely decentralized app, with a built-in multi-blockchain decentralized exchange (swap) - PocketSwap

So, its all in one app, with the ability to store NFTs and to buy crypto with credit or debit cards

The app is going live in late January or early February, the first version will contain the wallet, swap, yield farming

Besides pocket token, being the fuel of our app, 0.05% of the trade fees on PocketSwap will go to the POCKET holders, according to their holdings (it's meant to be for top 150 holders only, but we will increase it to all holders)
We are working on additional utilities as we speak

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>I can see normies using this

Easy 100 by the end of January once the app gets released

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Can't wait for tonight to throw in 10 ETH so I can become a whale

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Thus is a better version of UniSwap for normies

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Maybe this isn't a scam in the proper sense of the term contrary to what I originally assumed, but it certainly looks like smell another upcoming failed ICO.
There is no hype besides a few shills paid to post here and it's not as if xPOCKET was unique in the space. What will happen as usual with the Uniswap listing is a massive dump below presale prices because people who took part in the sale are quick flippers.

Then it will moon a little before crabbing eternally because the token and product are unnecessary and NOT NEEDED. How many times did I see this happen

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So I can buy this now and after the presale if over I can sell it for 40% profit on Uniswap? Good deal

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There's still no such app offering all of this.

There is Argent wallet that is totally different. They are a proxy, they are connecting different swaps to their wallet while xpocket has their own.

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> founder was a community manager at celsius
> co-founder was a content writer
lmao these niggers have no way of technically achieving this

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Why would people care about xPOCKET
Uniswap already does better
where is their product
I wish more projects did like GRT at launch

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They paid for the development with their own money much before the product was even announced, it's almost finished and will go live next month.

>> No.25085203

cringe scam
cringe spam

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Normies can't use Uniswap lmao

Besides Uniswap only swaps ERC20 tokens, this works with different blockchains

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>it's almost finished and will go live next month.
Just like Falconswap
Just like Powertrade
Just like Walletreum (exit scam)
Just like every shitty project that achieves nothing and that is worth nothing

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Roadmap: https://xpocket.finance/roadmap/
Whitepaper: https://xpocket.finance/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/XPocket-Whitepaper.pdf

Telegram: @xpocketdefi

Stage 2 of pre-sale is today, Uniswap listing after the presale, the price will be higher.

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Did you check those projects anon? This one is supported by Celsius Network community and has CEL whales involved

They are still working in Celsius, talking about their project there, can't be more legit

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>this thread is literally the first time xPOCKET has been typed on /biz/ according to warosu

Should I take this as a sign of being early?

>> No.25085724

You just discovered this gem anon

It's a good sign, you can still buy cheap tokens before the UniSwap listing later this week

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well more like someone shilled this for free so that I could stumble upon it on the catalog. This is not really the same as if I were to discover it by pure chance following a serendipity stroke.

At any rate it, costs nothing to do some research. Thanks anon

>> No.25085917

>At any rate it, costs nothing to do some research. Thanks anon

You won't regret it anon, this is a great project. You will make it since you're still early

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You will also get a special NFT if you take a part in the presale anon

You can sell it in the app for more pocket tokens

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I want this NFT lmao

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if you don't have a developer on your core team, you aren't making it

>> No.25086468

I asked this and they said it will be announced soon and the dev manager will get added to the team.

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I want these NFTs for free

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I feel like this is the best feature: Not a regular swap, it's a multi-blockchain swap

yield farming, decentralized wallet, ability to store NFTs and to buy crypto with credit or debit card are also great

>> No.25087359

How do I buy in the presale?

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Why is the team only PR? Where are the devs?

>> No.25088398

There's info on the website.

Join Telegram group too.

>> No.25088903

Developers will be announced after the pre-sale, dev manager will also be added to the team.

Telegram: @xpocketdefi

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Easy x10 in 3 days during Uniswap listing

>> No.25089805

4.5 hours till stage 2 of presale

>> No.25090330

How much are you dropping tonight?

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token presale info

>> No.25091051

Four more hours, make sure to use Metamask

>> No.25091619

Imagine not buying presale POCKET

>> No.25091981

Any chance of rugpull on this one?

>> No.25092082

ask yourself anon:
> East European founders
> No devs
> Only talking point is that they are "ex-Celsius employees"
> Except that they were community managers and content writers at Celsius. Barely above janitors

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I fucked up, I have no ETH available. My bank is blocking all crypto transactions, all I got left is paypal, the BTC ATMs or open a new bank account. The BTC ATM is not a good idea because of the ridiculous fees and paypal takes a couple days for wire transfers. FUCK CANADA, you guys have it so easy in the states, except for crypto taxes.

>> No.25093257

I have only half an ETH available. Fuck me

>> No.25093280

at least you can get in...

>> No.25093397

I exchanged my UNI to ETH

But still 0.5 ETH is enough to at least double it once they list the token on Uniswap after the presale

>> No.25093628

I could exchange some PNK, which I should do, because it is an absolute fucking worthless shitcoin scam which does not move at all.
But I bought at 5 cents, so I would have to pay taxes again. Propaply won't do it.
>t.lives in country where gains are taxfree if I hold for more than a year.

>> No.25094232

I mean you will have to pay taxes some day anyway, so why not take the chance now to at least double it? Idk

>> No.25094926

2 more hours until the pre-sale

>> No.25095226

Getting Metamask ready!

>> No.25095847

I expect this will moonshot after the presale

>> No.25096519

Damn, xpocket is working on a partnership with Celsius Network. They still can't disclose more info

>> No.25097274

Less than an hour left, so excited kek

>> No.25097632

Join Telegram: @xpocketdefi

You don't wanna miss this one, get in early

>> No.25098199


Stage 2 starts soon, don't miss easy x100 by Celsius Network Community

Telegram: @xpocketdefi

>> No.25098570

10 more minutes until the final presale, can't wait

>> No.25098920

Token Sale, Stage 2 officially starts now:

Send ETH to this address:


Do not send ETH from Exchanges, use metamask.io, my ether wallet, or trust wallet. (Our recommendation)

Stage 2 ends on December 26th, at 9 PM (CET)

1 POCKET = 0.00021 ETH
~ 4760 POCKET = 1 ETH

>> No.25099020



>> No.25099253

So I send ETH to this address and then receive Pocket when the sale is over?

>> No.25099413

You receive them in a few minutes after transaction is approved

>> No.25099416

Nope, i receive after 3-5 mins.

>> No.25099618

Yes, but you will receive it a few minutes after you send ETH, no need to wait until the sale is over. Just make sure you use Metamask or a supported wallet

>> No.25099702

Only 6 people have participated. I think I'll pass. Just too sketchy

>> No.25099866

>srpski shilleri

>> No.25100262

This will last for 3 days before Uniswap listing, however it's made by the Celsius Network community and employees

>> No.25100493

This seems kinda sketchy, wondering if it's worth chucking 0.2 eth into it.

>> No.25100721

I don't see it as sketchy, the team is well known in CEL community, they are also working on a partnership with Celsius Network

It's definitely worth a try, they said the UniSwap listing price will be higher that presale so you have nothing to lose

>> No.25101121


Telegram: @xpocketdefi

Token Sale, Stage 2 officially starts now:

Send ETH to this address:


Do not send ETH from Exchanges, use metamask.io, my ether wallet, or trust wallet. (Our recommendation)

Stage 2 ends on December 26th, at 9 PM (CET)

1 POCKET = 0.00021 ETH
~ 4760 POCKET = 1 ETH

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