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How do i start investing in cryptocurrencies /biz/

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I just made a thread like this 2 hrs ago.

How i'm doing it currently (may not be the best)
1. Get coinbase account
2. Buy coins with real money (LTC to be fast, BTC if you got all day - will explain later)
3. Get Bittrex account
4. Make wallets for the coin you bought on coinbase
5. move/transfer coins from coinbase to bittrex wallet - this will take 30mins on LTC, and take forever on BTC ( I don't know, because I don't even have 1 confirmation yet, chain too hard)

6. Stare at charts for hours straight trying to decide what to buy, realize LTC is climbing steady.. don't do anything.. wait for BTC to transfer

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So at no point you try to learn?
You're like a fucking mole if you follow this advice. But please, do so, I'd love to take your money.

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yea, he's gonna fall for the next cpc

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Lmao I have made 2k from just buying what is shipped here. I don't even know how to use a wallet outside of the exchange or what a blockchain is

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I am learning continuously, I just made these accounts today
The only things i've done so far is buy some LTC
and the only advice I've given is what sites to use and that LTC confirms faster - that's it

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What you buy

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