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Can the SEC sue vitalik?

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For what? Faggot

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Vitalik and Samson Mow unironically used their SEC contacts to force a lawsuit upon Ripple. Blockstream and Money Skelly are getting rid of their competition.

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Nah if you look at the xrp report it seems more like they are going to sue because of its centralized nature. Due to the centralized nature of xrp the founders were essentially able to hide developments from everyone else. They used this knowledge they had to essentially do insider trading.

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take your meds, you XRP bagholder schizo

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flare is better tech than ether and vitalik has mad shady ties to china gates etc etc honestly i think hes somewhat of a construct

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They can sue the Ethereum foundation. Ripple was probably an easier target. The SEC faggots are just doing a shakedown to force a big settlement. They really give really give a shit about trying to regulate the space.

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Can the US Government sue a Canadian?

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>eth 1
sad dude.

its over (today)

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Yuck! THAT'S THE ETHEREUM GUY??? I think I'm going to throw up...

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