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only my email address was exposed in the Ledger hack and ever since then i noticed they're were trying to "automatic sync" (unsuccessfully) my email account every hour or so
however, ever since i changed my Coinbase account email address to different address from the one leaked, they stopped attempting to "automatic sync" my email account.
interesting...guess their hack script was to see if email address is associated with Coinbase or any other exchange and then try to hack your email account

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After the leak, and i can tell you this from experience honeypotting, a whole bunch of the indians that usually lurk here for idiots giving away information got a raging boner when this happened. If any information you care about got out, change it. Chances are your real name was known already, your phone number can be changed, but your address is the one you should be worrying about. Most people don't have that as public knowledge. If you did, then fine, but if you didn't, get a gun and sleep with one eye open.

This is a joke btw, unless you live in the USA, in which case it isn't. If you were just BTFO'd to valhalla on a 20x leverage using your life savings, mortgage and everything you owned, you have nothing left to lose. It's alt season soon, and it stands close to reason that some of those resulting suicidal loose ends might try to save themselves by stealing someone elses wallet forcefully. ESPECIALLY if there just happens to be a guy in your city or some farmer's house in the middle of nowhere, but an hour's drive away from you. Murica.

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Is there a chance something more was leaked than my email, if I bought my ledger in 2018?

Or is it just random what sort of information they store from people? What kind of shit company is this?

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Get the leak and check for yourself.
And if you think this is bad, remember google has absolutely everything you've ever done with them or any one of the other alphabet corps stored.

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You think someone is going to spend 24+ hours plus trying to find you. Then commit a crime just to rob and kill you for 50$ worth of xrp? What if you gave the ledger as a gift. They would be wasting their time

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My email address isn't what I use for any exchanges, but its got identifying info in it and its used with other services. I am worried about being it being used to doxx me, so far only 2 or 3 phishing emails. I'm sure they scammers will start combing through the email txt file after they scan everyone they can from the buyers txt file

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I probably should have mentioned that my email address was also leaked, if it wasn't obvious enough from the rest of my post.

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>tfw they only got your email, but your email is your name

man im dumb

but I think as long as you dont flaunt anything in social media, or live in venezuela/russia, youll be ok

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>guess their hack script was to see if email address is associated with Coinbase or any other exchange and then try to hack your email account
how would they ever know that?

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>$50 of XRP
I would have guessed, few $k of BTC would be, by far, the more likely average. And when you *know* your target has that (or more..) sitting around in easily transferrable digital flooz tokens, have full personal details etc. - this is all, in combination, an an extremely attractive and potentially profitable attack vector. tldr, my opinion, Ledger has no business being still in business. One fucking Job, and they fucked it right the fuck up.
lot is full details, name, email, address, etc. tho.

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does coinbase return a different error if wrong email is used than wrong password?

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There are two files, one with 270k detailed user info and one with 1 million email subscriptions. I was only in the second one for some reason (thankfully). it sounds like you haven't downloaded it yet, i suggest you find it and take a look because there are some very interesting tidbits in it. I found two of my irl friends in it

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The problem I have with this thing

1. Ledger at first said some 9000 addresses were leaked in July

2. Without any forewarning: they drop Christmas gift that 200k addresses have been leaked

3. They probably could have prevented this huge leak (I am quite sure they were blackmailed before the list went public)

4. They still store information of their customers

5. They will get away with it

6. Some people might actually be physically harmed (as a possibility) of this hack

7. They will get away with it

8. They never apologized

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apparently somehow they know because my "automatic sync" attempts stopped immediately after i changed my Coinbase email address.

on the Coinbase login page i tried to enter in correct and incorrect email address with bogus password and both scenarios displayed same error message "invalid email or password...", kudos to Coinbase

on the Forgot Password page, i entered in correct and incorrect email address and got same message that email was sent in both scenarios, kudos to Coinbase

i don't know. somehow these fuckers know that i had changed my Coinbase address and stopped trying to hack my email account

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secure your exchange accounts
with whitelisting addresses when possible!

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1. That's when you should have told them to delete your data and ditch ledger
2. There usually isn't much warning for this shit
3. Why would you ever keep your word when blackmailing somebody? Why not get what you want and then leak it anyway?
4. As does every other company, whether they say they do or they say they don't. In many cases, the ones that say they don't do it in secret because governments force them to.
5. Yes. Their business lies in shambles, but yes.
6. Yes.
7. 5.
8. And they won't. Apologizing for something means accepting guilt. It is, legally speaking, the one worst thing you can do short of a direct admission of guilt. Depending on how good the lawyers on either side are, it might just be a slip of the tongue or the case-deciding factor.

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Oh great, this will probably be used to accelerate KYC withdrawal addresses that the feds were just talking about

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These people are French right?

I hope to God, I will pray to God now, that the owners of this company will taste Karma of my God

Many Niggers come to France from Africa. I pray to God that gang of feral niggers, moroccan people will rape the beautiful children of the Ledger company owners in a dark alley and they must live in constant fear that nigger immigrants might any day rape their children in broad daylight

This is what I pray tonight. God works great with Karma, if they do not apologize for this leak, I hope the nigger immigrants who are now occupying France will rape the children of the Ledger company and they will have to suffer the same kind of insecurity and vulnerability this hack has caused me

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could be timing attack sometimes sites return error faster if they don't find the username and don't have to check password it should be within ms-s tho.

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oh, i think i know how they could know
they'll try to register new Coinbase account with your email to see if it's taken that's how they know

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I did tell them to delete my data. No response. The fuckers will pay.

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oh, i think i know how they could know
they'll try to register new Coinbase account with your email to see if it's taken that's how they know

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Vengeance will consoom you.
It will be entertaining.

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lol buttblasted

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hmm nice catch but then you would be getting confirmation emails to the old address

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Inshallah brother

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they don't go through the whole process
of registering new account using your email address,
just enough to see if email address is still available or not.
they will immediately get an error message
if email is taken, which signals to them that the email address in the leaked file is still in use at Coinbase

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they've been trying to get into my email account
the last couple of days every hour or so, all from third world countries. interesting that none from U.S. IP address.
i would have thought they'd use some kind of script that would use and hide behind some random IP addresses, but very strange that no U.S. IP addresses.
it's been 8 hours now since i changed my Coinbase email address and no more attempts by them

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why did people choose this over a trezor?

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looks nicer
more noob friendly
superior UX
can't extract key through physical attack
cheaper on sale

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Feel like sending some scam emails. Tutanota through a VPN should be fine yeah?

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holy shit
shit's get real
fuck you ledger
from on you're going to have check the data leak to see
if the house/apt you're thinking of buying/moving into is exposed
in the data leak
wonder if these houses are tainted now
and will command a discount especially when 1 BTC = $1M


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Ledger are bunch of dull people. My address, phone number and name was exposed. Ledger are a disgrace to humanity.

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this hack is no joke. stay safe out there gang.

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>more noob friendly
that's hilarious. i bought a trezor instead of one of these simply because it had a touchscreen.

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The funniest part about this is I was telling people to use an external HD and backbone client wallet instead of this corporate horseshit and was told mockingly oh no anon, its not a glorified USB for 200$, oh no anon, its totally safe, oh no anon, the website cant go down etc. etc.

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.. and he said, "I want to be my own bank."

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Only be afraid if you've been heavy on the social media flexing. Your local petty criminals don't understand crypto or how to steal it.

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most faggots who bought a ledger probably lost all of their shit in the 2018-2019 bear market. and even if they come to you... it's entirely plausible for somebody else to have already come and stole your shit before them. or whatever. there's literally no way to prove you having anything.

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I think local criminals know plenty about 5 dollar wrenches.

gimme the fuckin money cracka
I dont have any!
please stop!

this keeps going on until you either lose consciousness, hand over all your money or more intelligently - hand over a fake wallet and show them loot its all I had. Have a dummy wallet specifically set up to give if youre robbed, with like 1% of your funds. THAT is the professionals tip.

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Now you can circumvent that whole process by merely living in a concealed carry state and blasting niggers who get too close and ignore commands to stop advancing on you. Learn about the whole green orange red situational awareness practice that cops and alphabets use. TLDR: green in safe spaces, orange in transitional spaces (anywhere youre moving from one zone to another, car to parking lot, parking lot to building, bank ATM room in or out etc) and if you see someone moving towards you, pretty much dont be afraid to change course and see if they match yours, if they get too close command them "Stop advancing towards me" and if they dont stop, treat them like a violent threat. Run, or fight. Shoot.

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yeah, skimmed it briefly for personal + quick game of 'Hunt Your Nearest Crypto Neighbor'. Comment was more aimed at perceived general misconception only emails have been leaked here, rather than you personally. As you note however, not the case. tldr, fuck Ledger. Yuseless frog cunts should get into the dildo business, more their level.

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That's just Vitalik. He's coming to say hi.

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Actually looks like Charls Carrol, Sam Hydes buddy.

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Oh and Vitaliks eyebrows match, funny stuff.

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What if i've a ledger but zero funds in it?

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Bad news bears, youre dead.

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>NoFuns Ledger
be a few in same situation shortly
You're just slightly ahead of the game

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Change everything. Put your stables into DMM For safe-keeping, all in DMG, and put it into MEW.

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