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And the bounce will be legendary.

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How is it "premined", if you can't mine XRP?
How is it centralized, if Ripple runs less than 8% of validators (which you can choose for yourself, and make Ripple 0% for your purposes, if you want to)?

If you can answer me these two questions, I will send you 5,000 XRP! Quick, before it goes to 0.30! :^)

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Who fucking cares, XRP is crashing back down to a dime.

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You could replace every mention of XRP in the lawsuit with Bitcoin and it still wouldn't change
SEC is about to get btfo'd

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1. It's not pre-mined, it's pre-(((mined))). (Bought for you low IQ posters)
2. The creators can just push new code that will make all validation go through their validators.

Where's my money

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the default UNL is basically all ripple nodes. since pretty much everyone uses the default unl, the system is centralized even though only 8% are controleld by ripple. the 92% other validators just copy the 8% so it's the same thing.

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based anti-fudder

reminder that this is all planned to shake brainlets out

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All the hubub about SEC banning XRP is FALSE.
What's really happening is that SEC and Trump Administration (which will stay in place thanks to military action in accordance with Insurrection Act or otherwise after Frankfurt and foriegn/domestic election tempering is blown wide open) to seize control of various media, banking, and tech sectors will allow US administration and financial authorities to gain control over this currently ROGUE company and assume total control over the system.

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XRP is still a bad investment even ignoring all this SEC shit.

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>the standard
>a bad investment
Tesla was a real bad investment too
Who wants American made electric cars?

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wtf you smoking? fuckin trumpers need to get their brains checked about supporting a coup.

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cool just bought 10K more

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Can we please talk about XRP? Nobody cares about your american civil wars.

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they lied. banks aren't even using it.

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>it hasn't happened yet therefore it never will

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Lyl, imagine having an IQ this low.
I'd be embarrassed to be a cripple right about now.

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Ripple shills sound like Q tards at this point.


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Look at your MAGA hat. its made in China.

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>Guys guys look at this hopium so you can lose more money just Hodl till .01c and then we gonna MOON once the SWITCH GETS FLIPPED SOME GUY ON TWITTER TOLD me i trust him with my life savings.

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New, important, relevant information has emerged that destroyed previous claims. The SEC has taken action w/ the new info. It's over rippleboi.

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>"Only qualified investors, or individuals who have a net worth of at least one million dollars or an annual income in excess of $200,000, are able to buy and sell unregistered securities."
>>We allege that Ripple, Larsen, and Garlinghouse failed to register their ongoing offer and sale of billions of XRP to RETAIL INVESTORS, which deprived potential purchasers of adequate disclosures about XRP and Ripple’s business and other important long-standing protections that are fundamental to our robust public market system.”

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Lol... imagine missing on XRP.

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>buy what the SEC is about to crush
Never change /biz/.

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About to crush? Stop projecting your fantasies into biz. Ripple will destroy the SEC. Remember this words: the bounce will be legendary.

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checked but ultra weak

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$2000 EOY

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Trump admin is going to seize control of ripple you're saying? As part of new financial reset/gold switch etc? Sorry your wording was a bit confusing for me.

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all this FUD over 700k lawsuit?

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Here is the thing... The banksters that run this world think that if you have weak hands you deserve to be poor. They think that if you get liquidated then it is your fault.

This is even after the market makers, who know where your stops are, go stop hunting. They can hunt your stops but you can't hunt there. Banksters are continually being declared as operating as part of a criminal enterprise for price fixing, spoofing, and stop hunting.

I don't mind the rich, in fact, I want to be rich. But I wish all bankers had one neck so I could hang them with one rope.

This was purely a manufactured dump so they could buy the dip, probably on margin as well. Its all theater.

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Agree with it all actually, unsure about the whole acquiring ripple part, but considering ripple said they would go for China if this happens it makes sense

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LMAO cope. Should have bought RSR instead of this outdated, centralized shit.

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wtf even is xrp ?????

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Unironically the next big thing.

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SEC has no case, they say investors thought that they were getting shares in Ripple. noone thought that though. bounce will be LEGENDARY but it could easily go to 10c before ruling.

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Who cares. We all saw this coming. Don't let them shake you out of your DMG.

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>sub $.25
I can only cum so much

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