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If you got burned by xrp, this token will help you recuperate your losses. This is the new standard token. There are already big names supporting GRT and technical indicators show that we are about to moon bigly within the next few hours. RSI is way oversold and MACD is pointing to a reversal. Alt season is set to begin around New Years and GRT WILL lead the alts. All the fud is extraordinarily bullish. Get the fuck in here

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Big announcements are coming soon

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funny how people only talk about this coin when it's rising hmmmm

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You weren't here yesterday I take it

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What is a make it stack for this? I want to be a fucking millionaire

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Go suck on a chode, friend. I've been bullish since the release. The latest correction was needed. Come next week, we'll be well over $1

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Buy the top faggots

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give me one reason why

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you had to get in at sub .10 for a make it stack
new bagholding retards are going to be waiting years for a 2x that won't happen

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What announcement retard? Fucking scam shit. Cant even give source.

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This is a just another shill thread, but this whole token is just a huge PND scam. Fuck off op.

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ok nigger


"Blockchain data startup The Graph has raised $5 million in a token sale with Framework Ventures, Coinbase Ventures, CoinDesk parent Digital Currency Group, Multicoin Capital, DTC Capital and others."

Look at all these investors. The actual product is ALREADY available and it isn't just whitepaper hype. It allows for indexing and searching for specific blockchain data. They are already processing 40,000,000+ queries per day.

look at the rsi and macd on the 30 minute you fag.

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>crabwalking @ 0.5c into infinity

no thanks

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Cuz you are a fag

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Still no source on anything. FUCK OFF. Stop with this scam shit.

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stay poor then faggot

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Yes and its priced in already u dumb fuck. Its anyways overbought.

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Lmao stfu kiddo. Cant even give source on legit questions. Thats a huge red flag. Gl for loosing all your 100$ on this pump&dump.

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if its such an amazing project why did it launch at 10c?

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supposedly proofs are coming that demonstrate coinbase as being complicit in multiple insider trading and venture capital pump and dumps but with the graph protocol, especially. if this report turns out to be true, it will really fuck their ipo.

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Hahahahah lmao. Told these retards that it was a pump n dump all along. Stupid ass niggers.

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im selling my baby stack at .75 cents

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It cant make it that far. Sell now. Last warning.

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No. Chuck's i think.

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Screencapped your fud so I can laugh at you in a few hours

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this isn't going anywhere anytime soon, the usage will only increase in the coming months. Under $1 is still early, 2 years from now you'll remember these posts and the regret will sink in.

If you don't have these alts in your portfolio you aren't going to make it.

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in GRT everything is already priced in. Must have a nigger iq to not realise it.

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Ive heard this so many fucking times during this days and it’s always dumped. When you kiddos gonna learn.

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Why not in the rest, according to you?

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he's fudding, read previous posts.

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Okay let's be real, the next real bullrun start Q1 2021

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And why is that? It was a pump&dump, how can you not see it? The price will dump really fucking low.

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pretty much this. get your stack anons

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And here we go again with this shilling. There will be no more big pumps. Maybe like 10% but after that the price will dump always and always lower.

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Is PRQ also a pnd? I just want to know if I should pull out sooner rather than later

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I already sold mine and no intentions to get back. Buying eth ja btc with the profits.

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youre retarded
regardless if i agree or not with the fact this is manipulated
youre mentally damaged if you think a token of this scale isnt going to have a price floor of .4 -.5
like regardless of p&d, this token is actuallly useful nigger, it's not one of your vaporware shitcoins, get out of your bubble and look up what it does you 10iq chimp

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bull run will follow the stimulus drop in 2 weeks.

1.11.21 we will be in full swing when BTC brings all key alts up 25%+

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wait til it dumps, then buy the dip.

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Iha have looked it up but the price will not pump anymore so its useless if you want to make money. The price will settle somewhere between .3 and .6 or even lower.

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>13 posts by this ID


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Yeah right.. sigh. You must be a really stupid or trolling with this shit. And if you count the price going up to those things, isn’t then every alt good for profits? U clearly don’t even know the fundamentals of GRP.

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i'm gonna put dirt in your eye

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I bought in at .45 if I sell now I will have 1k that I didn’t have before.
Thinking about it doing pulling the trigger and forgetting about the potential gains

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nonsense, you can swing between 40+ and 60+ with a 5-10k stack and make 500-2000 a pop. I've done it twice already. The weak hands make it so easy.

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The fud is ramping up, think we are ready to the next leg up to .64

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Not even 2x. Why waste time

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put a stop loss if youre that weak handed

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I am tired of casing shitcoins...this looks like I and set and forget for a while.

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This works until it doesn't

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GRT hit 0.75 already... I sold at 0.75. Why the fuck are you all still holding ????

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So many paper hand niggers Jesus Christ

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these fud comments are cancer

stay poor faggots

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$3.50 EOY

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>bragging about selling too early

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It's confirmed bullish screencap this

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someone just bought over 560k at .50
probably that frog kid.

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I've have never seen walls come down so fast...just a smooth flow, not like the slow drawn out jerky shit.

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who's this frog kid and why is he important?

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How much will make me rich next year?

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8.4k chad reporting in.. bought in at 0.13 and 0.19, sold at 0.65 and rebought at 0.56

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new to crypto. bought xrp at .3 on nov 20. hodled. swung it all into GRT as soon as I heard SEC news at .5. am I gonna make it?

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and they sold at 56. its over. get out.

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If i buy 50 dollars in GRT right now at coinbase how long until it turns a profit?
i need to make my money back

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fuck off kid you only lost like $100 while others have lost tens of thousand anyway only sell at $1

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i dont know what you're so mad at me for, but thank you
i'm monitoring it right now on coinbase

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bro its not going to $1, stop falling for the shills. this coin is below 30c within 2 days

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I don't know what you mean, i just want to make money

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I mean i'd like it to go to 1, what would you suggest then? 0.7?

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its not going to 70c either. its literally going down. you got scammed on this coin. accept the loss and move on before you lose even more money.

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i guess i got fucked for my first crypto
i really have nobody to help me with this so i dont know what im doing

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HOLY SHIT WE ARE MOONING check the video devs just dropped, thank me later. BUY

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word of advise, people are here to scam you out of your money by shilling a coin hard like GRT. look into the total supply and market cap and realize its way overpriced. the ICO price was 3c. it already did x20.

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don't let other poster fud you out of your holdings. You picked a good one. Hold on.

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dont listen to the fud. this will easily top .70, if not tonight then definitely by this weekend. iron hands my dude

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enjoy your lower high, next stop: 30cents

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thank you for the reassurance anons, hoping i double my money

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there are much easier ways to double your money.
think logically.
the coin has done over x20 from ICO price. you expect this coin to go to over 1 billion market cap, not allowing for unreleased coins, bringing the diluted market cap to $10b.
really? use your brain.

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like what?

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short xrp. although you should have done that when the SEC news dropped.

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is that on coinbase? is it still affordable?
how much should i buy in?

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This coin was doing great until BTC shit the bed so I blame them. I'm gonna hodl.

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dont give up on crypto its very fun and addicting to learn shitcoins and watch them pump . you just bought at the wrong time bro. GRT when up 300% so of course it would crash. word of advice fear the greedy , be greedy when others are fearful

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Buy some DEXG, Beta coming out tomorrow. Do your own research.

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Howuch expendable income did you dedicate to this move? Do you know bankroll management?

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50 bucks
no i don't

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2 choices. Cut your losses then find a site to use leverage at the right time with eth and btc or just hold it. All shit coins in top 20 will have their moment. But as you hold that till you sell at profit, raise funds for other moves or long term investments.

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You're gonna be ok. Don't let anyone here psych you out. We all lost and gained learning. Keep reading and doing your thing. Also, there is ALWAYS a new opportunity when the time comes. May Kek be with you

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For those who can't read well. This is from May. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iogfRqmDi9Q&ab_channel=EtherealSummit

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mega grt chad here. rebuy at 3 cents bros.

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This will bleed to 10 cents anon. Get the fuck out. $5B full circ cap ? LEL!

Hop ship to UNN.

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Yea all of the hodl threads dont exist or anything. This is LINK is potential but less jewery involved

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shit seems to be pretty stable at .50. I think I gonna stop waiting for the moonshot and buy the dips

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it was horrible fucking timing
don't forget at the same time was

monday droop
bitcoin -3%
eurocucks waking up and panicking
ledger hack

there was a solid potential to 1 but it was blind-sighted by external factors