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Why is /pol/ so stupid?

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He wants you to buy the top so that g

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BTC is a ponzi scheme and is headed to $0

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This is the only board I can browse now that I'm no longer a teenager

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This op >>25058935, I went on Pol recently and couldn't believe how retarded they all are, I put it down to them all being young, while there's old fags on biz

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/pol/ was alright until kids stormed in. 99% of threads in there are now fake news screenshots, and the rest are threads just reacting to the news. /pol/ no longer has a do it yourself mentality, instead they have a daddy trump mentality

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Pol is worse than reddit, only post 2016 newfags disagree

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You got lucky.

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A good political board should have the most debate and discourse out of any other board but it turned into a huge circlejerk where anyone who disagrees on anything is DE EPIC JEW BOOGYMAN, so I don't even know what the point of the board is anymore

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Imagine getting a slight whiff of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and going on a psychotic break about being forced to eat bugs, and the end of private property, instead of investigating the smart contract stack that will power it and investing appropriately.

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The IQ of /pol/ fell 20 points because of the election. This board collapsed as a result of the golden bullrun in 2017

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Pol is literally a deep state psyop honeypot full of government AI bots programmed to radicalize incels and entrap them when they post something stupid like their guns and intentions

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People intentionally go on /pol/ and post stupid things in an attempt to discredit it. If you can filter that out, there's a lot of unique truth there.

>t. used to do that

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This. /pol/ was great right until Trump got elected, now it's just shit

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Is spending time caring about politics (unless you get money out of it somehow) the ULTIMATE incel loser trait? Like who the fuck having a life and actual goals would give a shit about that crap that they can’t control at all.

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t. pic related

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/pol/ is literally the biggest trap for "smart, but lazy" people. The kind of people who have very little knowledge or expertise, but are deluded by their own intelligence to believing they can understand it all.

Their actual knowledge base is so poor, they are the exact example of the Dunning–Kruger effect.

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pol is literally cancer post 2016, the iq dropped to retardation levels

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Incorrect /pol/ is smart but lazy
Dunning Kruger implies being retarded and thinking your the smartest guy in the room

Reddit is that way bucko

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It was the reddit refugees and boomers
After Ziondon steps out of the theater all the fags on /pol/ will leave

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No, Dunning-Kruger is about the lack of knowledge to correctly assess their own competencies

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Pre 2016 /pol/ was great had my iron pills instead of that gay awoo shit. Esoteric nazis and late night threads about diogenes

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OP is a kike

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This. The number of times you see some ragebait twitter post on /pol/ that has 2 likes on it. How the fuck did people "find" a post with 2 likes?

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Lmao what? Literally everyone on /pol/ is deep in crypto. It's pol that first put me onto link as well.

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Which is another way of being blinded by your tard nature to such a degree that you can't tell your a tard

Old /pol/ has some really smart goyims
Go back to leddiit

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and you got 1488 lol. if only /pol/ could see this

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The old fags like myself have long moved on.

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/pol/ is where I learned about link in early 2018
t. top 500 wallet

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wasted digits. you just don't get it, colonial.

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If /pol/ was smart they'd start looking at all the decentralized tools to escape muh tech censorship. Those faggles won't see it unless it's too late. /biz/ knows that next level DEXs provide the financial freedom from all that.

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but it could also mean getting rich which in turn means that women would be after them and you can't have that of course

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Do you think /biz/ is next on the chopping board?

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same. /pol/ is how i found RSR. i still visit daily, it's great if you can learn to filter out the trannies and slide threads

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You are delusional. /r/politics is a pure stream of propaganda. Pol is also infested with shills but at least people are more free to discuss topics that would be censored on reddit.

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Lol your a reddit faggot you can't leave /pol/

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You can't control it but outright not paying attention to it is even lower IQ if you think it doesn't affect you.

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its going to get really bad here in ~6 months. Theres going to be even more shilling of DeFi scam tokens and new NFT scams. This board really needs flags or some proof of hodl

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/pol/ was declining for years but when they started supporting mass shooters they were too fargone. And they are all larping as trad-xians now? Lol.

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This is true. I joined stormfront and all the other shit like skadi/pol as a dumb kid in 2006 and totally missed crypto until 2018.

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/pol/ 2006.... nigger go back to reddddit holy fucking shit

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I can smell your seethe from here. the time will come when pioneers from /pol/ will close the savage frontier and take over the lesser boards.

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but it will reach 1 million before that happens

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You need to go back if you think reddit is any good at all. At least there are some gem comments in /pol/, which is obviously buried under massive amounts of shit that your brain should know how to sift through.

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glad I finally ended up in /biz/
I think this board is the final boss of 4chan
you start on /a/, /v/, /r9k/, and end up on /pol/
most never escape it and reach here

now we browse here so we can end up on /trv/ and /out/

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i read /pol/ for the first time over the summer, short after that coon floyd died. it was funny when the niggers were rioting and burning shit down. then everything died down and it was thousands of "IT'S HAPOOOOONING!!!!" posts every single fucking day, and it was just sad. i pity anyone who wastes their time on that shithole.

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I know, I’ll forever be grateful to those nazis

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/jp/ was the final boss for many years, now it’s tied with /biz/

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Exactly what I was about to post.
I went and stayed in pol a bit for the covid threads, and then for the occasional good thread or comment but all of it is a fucking mess, a hole for losers to blame on others for their problems in life. I pity the weak minded anon that would get indoctrinated by this bullshit.

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>all that time you wasted gaining political literacy only to realize that it is all about money in the end when you could have cut out the middle man and just gone deep into finance
no more.
just wish /biz/ was a yellow board desu.

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/Pol is good and fun...need to show up and educate the younger generation and teach them to avoid the bait and the agit prop

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i thought i finally found a rational board and then a few days later there was a guy sticking sharpies up his ass and posting the pic for coins

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/jp/ is way too bitter for me. They try really hard to not enjoy things they enjoy

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your a tard alright

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you don't get it, I don't care about the civility and politeness of the users
what will browsing /tv/ for years bring you? nothing, and it's the same for most boards, they are just colectathons or various parts of passive consoomer culture

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As someone who semi regulars /pol/ agreed its awful and full of newfags from the elections who are boomer tier retards or sperg stromfags.
/lit/ is also alright all be its age range is around 22 average is my guess, but it has an IQ filter.
/biz/‘s average age is around 27 last time a data mining thread was made (so excluding pajeets.)
This board has been a mixed bag since after 2017, but aside from pajeet cancer (which is obvious to notice/filter flavor of the week shitcoins) its still got some level of quality. Most boards degenerate into two types, either they return to /b/ (become super fast very offtopic and awful) or they become /vg/ (only general circlejerks that make no content and where the board may as well not be a single board anymore.)
Thank fuck BTC crashed in 2017 because we are neither even though I’m afraid both can happen now (XMRG and XSG becoming things as of this year worry me about the quality of the board).

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I lump /pol/ in with VNN, Stormfront, ThePhora, TheApricity, GrossDeutschesVaterland. I know /pol/ came later. The fact you would even assume someone else doesn’t know that means youre new af.

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Its even more shit nowadays than it used to be pre_MAGA
IDK if its the zoomers being stupid or if everyone remotely intelligent already left but I can't even read it for the memes nowadays. Better laugh is over on /tv/ or whenever

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I’m literally paid to browse /pol/ now. I’ll let you figure it out. Thanks for the side hustle.

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also /lit/ used to be better two-four years ago imo
Now audience is either too young or its the same threads over and over again and me being a retarded oldfag stopped being able to relate to board mentality

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the only thing that gets us going is having fun and that's the best motivator, across the boards. remember capture the flag? pure genius

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I always found it odd how anti-crypto pol is

>> No.25063280

For me it was


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These days I browse /ck/, /biz/, and /tg/. That covers all of my interests pretty much

>> No.25063385

>massive amounts of shit that your brain should know how to sift through
I can sift through the shit alright. Doesn't mean I enjoy it.
The cost benefit of /pol/ two months ago was similar to dumpster diving in a nigger neighborhood. I took a break and don't regret it one bit. Will probably go back if there is some global event I want to discuss with actual human beans, but just spending time there around election time is testicle cancer.

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They're too caught up in the dem vs repub, libs vs cons, when there are root problems.

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For me it was /b/, /fit/, /pol/ and finally /biz/

>> No.25063608

I want /tg/ back, the board never gets shit down anymore which crushes a part of my soul. Its nothing but generals.
Yep I’ve noticed the same not exactly certain what the cause is on the age front. Might be /pol/fags but feels like its just as bad from lefty/pol/ tards so donno.

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Most are NPCs if Trump the GOP or Nazis leadership hasn’t praised it then it must be jewish/shill/or a scam.

>> No.25063739

Because they got rid of quests. Quests gave the board charm

>> No.25063782

>you will never be a woman

>> No.25063816

Yep, and now the board is suffering from Nurgle’s rot.

>> No.25063848

hey Satan

>> No.25063870

Tbh it is actually a bit entertaining seeing the commi trannies from leftypol team up with the Nazis in an uphill battle to drive the magatards out. I have never seen such a clusterfuck so irrevocably shitted up

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/pol/ is the dumbest board pretending they are smart
/biz/ is the smartest board pretending they are dumb

>> No.25063902

Sure bro.. whatever you say

>> No.25063909

I went from /b/ to /pol/ to /biz/, each time leaving without looking back and it was worth it
expect this place to die one day too, it never looked pretty anyway
>You can marry your bag it's ok sometimes but don't marry a board, anon.
they get renewed by new generations as time goes by, you can already see the IQ gap and it's not getting better

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the kinds of comments you see on youtube and facebook are the majority of /pol/ posts now. it's useless.

>> No.25063937

There are groups of discord kpop trannies posting BBC cuck shit all day too now.
/pol/ used to still be somewhat browsable in 2016-2017, then /ptg/ brought reddit and Q all the facebook boomers.
The board was always full of schizos and retards but it wasn't constantly derailed both by third parties and by low IQ giving 300 replies to bait threads.

/biz/ post 2017 is not that great, I just come here by habit but it's no so good compared to 2016.
Comfiest places are some /sp/ and /int/ generals, /sci/ is the most miserable board of the whole place though.

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Enjoy your safe space nigger
I thought /sp/ was dead. I remember they migrated to 8, then to end, then they fell apart

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just like poland 1939.

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>just wish /biz/ was a yellow board desu.
would be instantly ruined

>> No.25064080

if you go to pol and believe that shit you are a low iq incel, sorry.

>> No.25064097

I feel bad for /pol/. No other boards gets the sheer volume of astroturfers, government shills, retard newfags, and disinfo agents like they do.

>> No.25064132

GG played a big role, way more than you think
it was going to happen whatsoever, the board looked like a zombie on steroids

>> No.25064350

Big difference between this place & the rest of 4chan is that people here have real money involved, there are real losses & gains which have real life consequences. That tends to condition people & newfags who stay become similar to everyone else in that they've gone through euphoria & dispair as well. What game is bigger than trying to make it against the system & world you've been born into?

>> No.25064397

that's probably because misery correlates with intelligence

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I'm 21 and still have fun browsing boards like /v/, /a/, /lit/ and /jp/ besides /biz/. It's all a matter of mindset and if you're willing to partake in interesting discussions about your hobby. Granted I'm still closer from being a teenager than a guy who's 30 but hey

>> No.25064774


/lit/ has too many annoying commies.

>> No.25064838

you're still young. you'll see

>> No.25064936

kek yeah that is exactly what it feels like, a reluctant alliance between blood enemies

>> No.25065010

for me it was
>mu > fa> fit> tv >biz

>> No.25065340

b -> s4s -> pol -> tv -> ic -> biz

>> No.25065372

I forgot: g -> biz

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>> No.25065475

lol no

>> No.25065803

>on pol we are free to talk about everything, as long as its right wing larps, holocaust denial and Trump cocksucking, otherwise the echo chamber shouts you down because they cant downvote you
Yeah, sure is a bastion of free speech and discussion over there.

>> No.25065919

Truth, pre 2016 it was already horrible but after 2016 it devolved into the youtube comment chain with "edgy" jokes and spiteful shitflinging that honestly amounts to nothing because these guys are the most insecure incels ever. Theyre just sucking each others cocks.

>> No.25066006

half of /pol/ is literally just turks and other shitskins

>> No.25066086

who are you quoting, faggot?

>> No.25066092

It was always edgy you reddit faggot. You never saw /b/

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This was me. I've lurked since 06 been here for it all but never got into crypto because poorest of poorfag. Few months ago I almost cut my hand off at work and didn't go back. Same time I got a settlement check from a car accident. I threw it all into btc and eth. Its not much but its already doubled. Many regrets in my life crypto isn't one of them.

>> No.25067708

Get off my board you fucking faggot

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Take out half, this wont last forever

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they weren't really wrong about bitcoin, just wrong about how how the world works.

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Because they're the equivalent of retards on /biz/ who buy a coin who still shill for it when they already exit scammed. At least /biz/ you can see an objective price go down, these people still ride on shit like "le clarence thomas will ball crunch Biden and make him lose" despite that shit crashing into the ground

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i will personally find a way to buy all the bitcoins for $1, and thus it will not happen

>> No.25069869

>polcel dunning-kruger
>tries to explain dunning-kruger
the irony here is just too perfect.

>> No.25069914


I used to spend time on /pol/ pre 2016 election, basically stopped going there after Trump won. Place became cancer afterwards

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>the kinds of comments you see on youtube and facebook are the majority of /pol/ posts now. it's useless.

This. /pol/ used to be anti-establishment and edgy. Now its just another boomer facebook group.

>> No.25070074

This is surreal.

>> No.25070732

>that your brain should know how to sift through.
Yea you should be wasting hours of your time reading CSI propaganda so you can occasionally read something you agree with.

>> No.25070760

OP is the retard, BTC isnt the mark of the beast chainlink is

>> No.25070844

A lot of you shitting on /pol/ seem to know alot about whats on /pol/. Interesting

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/pol/ is still the best place to read about breaking news IMHO, then comes /x/ if you don't like reading about jews and would rather read about shapeshifting jews
ngl I'd like some to try some air-based meat

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solar flare

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>then comes /x/ if you don't like reading about jews and would rather read about shapeshifting jews
kek, i thought /x/ was just a place to read creepypasta before bed

>> No.25071334

The irony is that’s what everything said To the word after 2017

>> No.25071369


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Enjoy your complimentary Chainlink meal

>> No.25071515

>he doesn't research the contents of an actual good post or discussion to make sure what people saying isn't bs
You buy every shitcoin that you see here because you like the logo to or what? I took a break from pol but you can tell if a post is shit or shilling without even finishing the post most of the time.

>> No.25071528

and what they are saying again

>> No.25072443


>> No.25072722

>government shills, disinfo agents
the feds and the elites are not afraid of a bunch of fucking NEETS who are doing nothing but sitting at their computers, shitposting, "lol /pol/ humor" threads, calling eachother niggers and kikes and masturbating, you delusional faggot. /pol/ is not a threat to anything.

>> No.25073241

I spent 10 years on /b/ before I found this place. Don't look at me. DON'T LOOK AT ME!!

>> No.25073284

I learned a lot on /pol/. Black-pilled for sure. But I can carve out a good life. Best not to think about the dark truth.

>> No.25073350

That's a healthy route. Similar to mine.

>> No.25073379

>Comfiest places are some /sp/ and /int/ generals
Don't forget /fit/ fat ass. Also no one mentions /trv/

>> No.25073464

Honestly /pol/ was great until the election. I mean check out the whole he will not divide us saga on YouTube. Look it up, those are classic typical autistic anons. Comfy as fuck. 2017 onwards it became nu rebbit and got filled with tourists and faggots. Hard cringe.

>> No.25073554

nice gains for a glowie

>> No.25073724

hey nick
remember when you shot that guy?

>> No.25073733

The true esoteric knowledge was on /g/ in 2013 when you were allowed to talk about crypto

I literally mined dogecoin on the first days of release.. millions and millions and millions... with just a few r9 290x's

I lost 56 BTC on cryptsy

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I meant to post this, when a bunch pink haired fat women on twitter began spamming "creepy" pictues with Ethiopian language text on Trump's twitter, causing /pol/ to freak out about black magic.

>> No.25074087

It had a good amount of quality before but you could tell what was going to happen as soon as trump general began getting a lot of dumb shit. I'd say the airstrike on Syria is when the board went full retard.
Old/pol/ that has since moved on out of /pol/ hates the current state of /pol/ not because its right wing, but because you can't have good discussions and all that is talked about on the board is bait.

>> No.25074164

i feel like pol has the opposite problem honestly, too many old people

i guess theres kids too, everyone on pol is either a dumb teenager or a 35+ boomer yelling at the tv all day

>> No.25074276

Im not even that into making money but I left /pol/ for this place. Its sad when you realize it but everyone on /pol/ are just retarded kids who think they’re cool and boomers saying the same shit over and over. It’s literally just twitter/facebook and no different.
/lit/ is ass dude I fucking wish there was an IQ filter. Same shitty threads every goddamn day and nobody actually reading anything that isnt on a damn chart

>> No.25074281

Because the smart /pol/acks browse /biz/. Why blackpill yourself when you can make money on shitcoins?

>> No.25074340

Calling it Pol proves you're a post 2016 Reddit fag.

>> No.25074599

I almost wish that is how it was, but i see more lefty bullshit there than ever now.

>> No.25074839

This board isn't any better desu. It has too many financial illiterates and degenerate materialists shilling their worthless shit coins.

>> No.25075125

You don't get it bro /pol/ is epic hurtbox that slowly contaminates minds of bored CIA agents and turn them to their side!
You can tell from all the insider here threads

>> No.25075134

They're not. They hold TOMO. You probably do not.

>> No.25075302


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This thread puts most boards on 4chins to shame.
>No shit flinging
>No schizo
>No Wojakspam
>Actual discussion
>Nobody seething over politics
>No bait/fish

I've only had this feeling on /jp/ thank the touhou gods, never change /biz/

>> No.25075840

You're fucked.

>> No.25075915


>> No.25075947

Because its filled with Redditors who cant conceive of donating their profits off a currency that itself is easily donated. Crypto is the most powerful thing White Nationalism has going for it.

>> No.25076027

Based and realitypilled

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>BTC is a ponzi scheme
>and is headed to $0
it's headed to 300K

>> No.25076084


>> No.25076135

/lit/ makes me cringe too much. In general, entertainment-focused boards like /lit/ and /mu/ are best in their general threads (e.g. /metal/ general) or on other threads just on a specific subtopic with a fair amount of activity

>> No.25077093

Yah, outside of pajeeting /biz/ is still rather high quality. Though outside of basedjaks /biz/ is ground zero for dumb (but funny) wojak creation. Though I think that most other people complain about all the crappy basedjak edits when they complain about wojak spam rather then pink/green wojaks which are uniquely /biz/ for the most part.

>> No.25077137
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>> No.25078339

Average iq of pol users is way below 100

>> No.25078362

/biz/ and /o/ are the only boards i visit now

>> No.25078427

it sucks there used to be legitimately smart people who were well informed about global affairs there. now its literally just infinite BLACKS REEEEEEEE with little to no substance

>> No.25078924

The kikes put fluoride in the water to make us stupid, obviously.

>> No.25078971
File: 234 KB, 1238x1241, polbots.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

most of the low effort posts on /pol/ are bots retard

>> No.25079044
File: 24 KB, 400x400, 1606420868502.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is why I signed up with TD Ameritrade, since they periodically send me mail and my mom thinks I'm some shadowy neet investor. I've made about 1700 dollars in the past 30 days.

>> No.25079076


/biz/ + /trv/ masterrace
although i'm always in the /int/ general just to speak my native language too. But that's kind off a mix of all boards

>> No.25079096
File: 113 KB, 1080x622, IMG_20201221_065636.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tfw too smart for Bitcoin

>> No.25079142

were they hot?

>> No.25079299

If you don't immediately recognize that those are shitposts then you are part of the problem.

>> No.25079975
File: 3.37 MB, 1850x1236, 397CABA9-2FB4-48DD-9C80-06E5BEFE92B9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

As a black person, I once made a thread on /pol/ saying I was gonna kill myself. They talked me out of it and told me what to read and do to get myself back on track. I’ll always fight for them and what they stand for and when I get the rope I’ll thank them for everything they’ve done.

>> No.25080024

Literally using a dex like Uniswap airdropped you more money in stimulus than the actual stim checks.

>> No.25080063

low iq take

>> No.25080075
File: 37 KB, 768x1024, wuhat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

that's hilarious. one company can give out more gibs than the strongest gov in the world

>> No.25080169

That’s the truth pill anon. Why the fuck do you care about muh happenings if its not in your immediate vicinity? I’ve seen faggots from literally other side of the world participate in the pol chimpout happening threads.
Just focus on things in your life first, and then family and then your vicinity. The news is by design intended to distract and enrage you.

>> No.25080277
File: 323 KB, 480x953, 4chan evolution.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

2011-2016 /pol/ was unironically filled with ex-/b/tards after a gradual mass exodus from /b/. i mean look at that shithole now. /pol/ at least hasn't devolved to current /b/ levels of bad yet. not like it was ever any good. although i'm sure some oldfags are still stuck there. i've been on this advanced basement-dwelling techniques forum for 13 (FUCK) years now. it's true what they say. you're here forever bros.

>> No.25080383
File: 646 KB, 2480x1748, 1608013898502.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Based /o/tist

>> No.25080546

/b/ isn’t bad, it’s just porn

>> No.25080595

im only one project car away from being this meme FUCK

>> No.25080605


>> No.25080625

>KILLS the big government and big tech influence on our lives

>> No.25080633

I feel attacked!

>> No.25080668 [DELETED] 

Fuck off faggot. If you weren't here before summer of 08 you will forever be a newfag.
/pol/ is love.

>> No.25080697

Sounds like a bunch of faggot incels to me.
/biz/ and maybe /fit/ are the only useful boards the rest of this site is unironically shit

>> No.25080711 [DELETED] 
File: 155 KB, 1047x708, 1607957380895.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Newfaggots don't recognise the shills. They are just as bad as them, fucking cancer.
/pol/ and /biz/ have always been, and will always be brethren

>> No.25080754

Part of graduating 4chan university is realising pol is shit and the other boards are much better

>> No.25080794

Noooo You got me my feewings are hwurt :(

>> No.25080839

Nope, keep it blue please, maybe a separate yellow biz board for the hornier traders.

Just a suggestion.

>> No.25080845

I've been on /pol/ since it was /new/ and I bought BTC in 2013 because /g/ told me too.

>> No.25080862

You think we left? You spend your time in shill threads, that's your problem.

>> No.25080886

The cancer that ruined /b/ was (you), summerfag

>> No.25080946

Partial credits.

>> No.25080955

Gotta catch them all!

>> No.25080971

>/pol at least hasn't devolved to current /b/ levels of bad yet.
Nigger what are you smoking? It's become way worse than /b/.

>> No.25081067

this photo is of a larp group called amtgard and they don't even let you wrap your weapons in duct tape anymore because "it hurt my fragile little skin!"
just in case you were wondering if this picture could get anymore pathetic

>> No.25081233

I lost my brains with this CVR token
Best token without fucking bearish scenario
Just fill in my wallet with it, rof

>> No.25081297
File: 165 KB, 684x1652, 1586734143702.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.25081318

sure if you want a quick fap it's great.
>pics you wouldn't share
>girls in your area
>loli thread
check it right now and you can see it's filled with fucking cocks on the catalog kek
pol sucks dick but at least you can watch people fling shit at each other

>> No.25081357

Exactly. You are a fucking newfaggot cancerous tard that hangs out in shill threads.

>> No.25081454

This is why I don't go on pol, the fucking memes are lazier than women scriptwriters.

>> No.25081543

It's a containment board OP why do you fucking think

>> No.25081677

thanks for the explanation. it makes it even better

>> No.25081724

>i wasnt dumb. i was TOO smart

>> No.25081775

/sp/ to be unaware of the jew
/pol/ to know the jew
/out/ to escape the jew
/k/ to defeat the jew
/biz/ to become the jew

>> No.25081817

Why would you go to /fit/? What is there to discuss about fucking exercise? Just lift and go for a run a couple times a week

>> No.25081838
File: 228 KB, 860x880, 1602831976654.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.25081922

just infuriated incels and low-iq plebs. we need an extremist vanguard to protect against the opposition's contrasting extremist vanguard, but to involve yourself personally with their whinging is a ticket to depression and eternal virginity. just ignore the stupid fucks.

>> No.25081935

when i'm on a diet /fast/ or /fph/ really helps not overeating

>> No.25081957


Ya even tho it's created millionaires

>> No.25081971

the butterfly trannyfag has absolutely ruined /lit/. the quality of /lit/ today is atrocious compared to even a year ago. /pol/ is also the highest iq board on 4chan, anyone who disputes this is a moralfaggot who unironically thinks racism is immoral. I'd heard that jannies had started banning anons on blue board for racism but I didn't think anons would keel over like dogs so easily. Guess you shouldn't have expectations.

>> No.25081995

>/pol/ is also the highest iq board on 4chan
omfg lol. they're actual children, seething simpletons screaming "KILL EVERYONE WHO ISN'T ME!"
pitiful pleb-tier pre-pubescent poofters the lot of them.

>> No.25082070

>omfg lol
get the fuck off my board you fucking rodent

>> No.25082104

sorry, please do furnish me with a list of words which are currently sufficiently fashionable amongst your peers that i can avoid this manner of tremendous embarrassment again. how humiliating, the kids don't like the way i communicate. how ever will i live it down.

>> No.25082119


>> No.25082152

yeah im going to do that immediately because you've told me to. the shame, the shame. thankyou for showing me how to be one of the cool kids anon. you're a real pro when it comes to doing what you're told is acceptable.

>> No.25082157

/pol/tards are the dumbest posters on 4chink. with their half hard cocks and rotten minds the best they can accomplish is to circle jerk over qturd posts and is x white threads. hilarious and dull.

>> No.25082180

pol is fucking disgusting, they are proud of being misinformed

>> No.25082187

Stay. You'll lose money soon since you clearly don't understand this site.

>> No.25082217

welp, i've been here since 2008, and i've a pretty good understanding of how pitiful the average user of most boards is, plus i've been in cryptos since 2011, so honestly i think i'll stay. even if just to do the opposite of what biz says.
stop throwing your toys out of the pram pumpkin, it's ok to want to 'fit in', it's ok to be scared to not be socially accepted by a bunch of teenagers and incels, you'll one day reach a level of maturity whereby you no longer give a solitary fuck how fashionable your means of communication are, and instead start living like an adult. i have faith in you anon.

>> No.25082236

>only post 2016 newfags disagree
nah, the bots posts are high in number. browse /pol/ for a few days in a row and you'll notice how images are recycled and ops are reused. the worst thread is /cvg/ which is basically an armada of bots and discord trannies posting. other threads are 1:1 twitter cross posts.

>> No.25082284

This is how the average /pol/ hating shill speaks. anons take note

>> No.25082348
File: 505 KB, 220x201, vomit.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.25082433

2008, summer of the newfags. What a shit show it was. Makes sense.
You will never be a woman.

>> No.25082463

It's actually a paragon of personal freedom and a new financial paradigm.

And it will never be worth less than 4 digits again. Ever.

>> No.25082802

based bobo

>> No.25082940
File: 248 KB, 1584x864, 1603950426357.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

/ptg/ lowered their collective iq. /pol/ used to predict happenings but lately they've been consistently wrong

>> No.25082956

oh lord

>> No.25083020
File: 8 KB, 145x348, 1605921869281.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

she went from getting money from simps to getting money from retards. whats the difference really?

>> No.25083062
File: 170 KB, 643x537, theyre laughing at you.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

so much bitterness in the tone. really an unfulfilled life lived, probably on reddit

>> No.25083189
File: 13 KB, 200x200, 1606322934424.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>welp, i've been here since 2008, and i've a pretty good understanding of how pitiful the average user of most boards is, plus i've been in cryptos since 2011, so honestly i think i'll stay. even if just to do the opposite of what biz says.
>stop throwing your toys out of the pram pumpkin, it's ok to want to 'fit in', it's ok to be scared to not be socially accepted by a bunch of teenagers and incels, you'll one day reach a level of maturity whereby you no longer give a solitary fuck how fashionable your means of communication are, and instead start living like an adult. i have faith in you anon.

>> No.25083218

it wasn't so bad, aside from the boxxy stuff, which was insane. there were still amusing raids, we still managed to get a 400lb black woman voted to position 1 in a fashion magazine's 'most beautiful' promo, we still got bieber sent to north korea (might have been a few years later) it was still amusing, but i was a kiddo back then, i'm not now, so anyone here telling me i need to leave because im not fashionable enough to fit in with the children, needs to re-evaluate their live imo.

>> No.25083222


>> No.25083231

lmao, so is the modern stock market.

>> No.25083262


>> No.25083287

Something happened to you in between anon, probably reddit.
Welcome home.

>> No.25083308

b-but please tell me m
o-re about the

>> No.25083318

nah i've legit never used reddit, never had an account there even. i did grow up however, i mean we're talking 12 years.

>> No.25083333

Explains a bit.

>> No.25083370


>> No.25083392

pretty much, either biz or fit because after the final blackpill of realizing political discussion is useless that only leaves improving yourself physically or financially.

>> No.25083419

>you're here forever bros.
not until there's a better alternative. this site is kinda the only popular place with anonymity/somewhat free speech...

>> No.25083436

I started on /biz/ I will die with /biz/

>> No.25083504

It already is, the Donald event for /biz/ was 2017 and while the winter that followed gave me hope, things like XRP generals and TRON tards reminded me who I was sharing this board with.

Each board is a one bullet shotgun (fox news, gamergate, wojak, bullrun, donald).

>> No.25083610

Truly sad what /g/ has become, it was my homeboard for the longest time after /b/. Some days I still browse it for nostalgia.

>> No.25083663

i miss the scams and dropshipping threads on /biz/. they were quite entertaining.

>> No.25083755

>just porn for years

>> No.25083781

why is op a faggot?

>> No.25084064

I disagree, lot's of reddit tier normas and fools who don't understand how many bots are on /pol/. I know because I browse both /biz/ and /pol/ 24/7.

Most of the 'retards' on /pol/ are bots/trannies/reddit//lefty pol and other discord groups.

In a few test threads we found that over 30% of posts were bots. Literally bots talking to other bots playing both sides.

>> No.25084092

Very low iq anon. Many posts are made with the same style and comments that are posted literally seconds apart. That's not possible unless it's a bot.

>> No.25084986

Nice bait faggot.

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