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how many months until it pumps?

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It will pump when /biz/ has sold

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Months? It will pump in 2 hours

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march at latest

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I don't know, but I'm finding it really fucking hard to keep grinding away and paying rent. Link is my only way out of the trap and the anticipation is killing me.

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Probably another 4 months at least. This period of dumping and crabbing will be known as the Great Winter of Chainlink

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when all the normies who bought at $8 has sold everything

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0.02 ETH support will break within hours (it actually already broke yesterday on coinbase while binance was down). it's only downhill form that point on.

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Is now a good time to buy? I’m not sure what a link is

What does it do

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It does oracles

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a couple years unironically
t. insider

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when all the weak hands and the newfags have sold and try spreading weak FUD constantly then all of a sudden,one fine day out of nowhere Link will rise and keep rising until it hits $700 EOY 2021. I personally think we can see it go as low as $9 but it would be worth it to see all the weakhands seethe spectacularly. But make no mistake gentlemen, Link is going to decouple from the Crypto market and will set itself on an upwards trajectory that will never be seen in Crypto again. Until then keep accumulating or simply hold.

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pump? lol it's up 500%.
it's going to $3

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XRP is dying, so expect LINK top3 in a few weeks.

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A bout
P robably
3 months

Only joking....never u stupid cunt bagholder.

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What’s that

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x10 this summer
x5 eo2021

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1 billion new wallets coming soon

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1 billion engineers and doctors

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>What does it do
1. Nothing
2. Financially ruins you

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3 months
It will be one of the greatest pumps in human history.

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Never. See req

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>doesn't have extra funds to buy Link

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