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Do you actually think your Alts will survive the golden bullrun? Do you actually think when the big money comes in, your alt bag will be pumped, too? That institutional investors give a shit about your Unicorn, your grrts, your links or god forbid some other nameless shitcoin? If you honestly believe the Dollar and the entire economy eventually will collapse into Bitcoin, then the same is true for your altcoins. Eventually when the bullrun is unstoppable and Bitcoin keeps soaring for newer and newer heights your alts will bleed so much that all altbag holders will want to escape into Bitcoin. Which will further pump Bitcoin, wich will further dump Alts. It's going to be a game of who can grab the most Bitcoin first. You're just going to be a victim of Bitcoin dominance like everyone else, if you're an Altcoinholder.

Just a fair warning.

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Based and Saylor pilled.

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even most maxipads are sleeping on the implications of mass mutual buyin. insurance companies getting involved is arguable more important than "putting btc on muh balancesheet corps"
the reason why goes much deeper than can be expounded on here, but effectively there is no bigger holders of cash and cash reserves than insurance companies. if they allocate 1% their risk is 1%, but each fraction of penny they earn more than that equals billions in profits because their cash reserves are huge mindblowing sums.

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yeah i remembered back in 2017 when all the normies bought bitcoin
next thing that happened was they completely ignored all other alts when they learned about their existence
bitcoin dominance during the non-existing alt season at the time totally did not reach around 33%
bitcoin dominance was like the 80% in your coping pathetic retarded imagination

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This time the money is not coming from normies. That's the point. Bitter retail may hope they can make quick gains with a Bitcoin killer because they are mad they missed the Bitcoin train. They will buy XRP and Litecoin and Dogecoin and Unicorns or whatever.
Institutional investors do not think like that. They want to put their money into a system that proved it works. Bitcoin has reached that point of maturity. A company isn't going to say "ah fuck I guess I missed the Bitcoin train. Time to gamble my company on Litecoin I guess!"
A company will put their money in the safest bet and that is Bitcoin. When the bullrun starts and the alts keep bleeding eventually even the last Altcoiner will pull out. It's just a question of how long it takes for you to realize. Every Altcoin is a shitcoin. Every altcoin will be a dead project eventually

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I think 2021 is going to be great for LTO network. United Nations projects starting, digital ID starting, thanks to merger with VIDT. Low mcap, high transactions (top 10 blockchain).
Recently broke 100k transactions in a day. By the mcap/transactions metric, this project is extremely undervalued.
It's mostly about b2b blockchain solutions, such as gdpr compliant data anchoring..

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>Not having 50% in BTC 30% in Eth and 20% in random shit alts

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If you wanna lose 50% of your money sure

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i tried to warn u... it;s now mooning, enter at a retrace

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Agreed. Only one token can be a store of value. When you invent the hardest monetary protocol in existence, it can only be invented once. Every other altcoin minted after Bitcoin is just as bad as a nation state minting a new currency.

Bitcoin will collapse nation state currencies, stocks, bonds, real estate, derivates, precious metals, and every other asset the rich use to protect themselves from dollar hyper inflation. It will also wipe out the altcoins once people realize that unit of exchange != store of value. This is something only a billionaire would get.

"But Ethereum will have negative inflation! But ChainLink will have 99% of tokens locked up!" No, you don't get it. When a store of value is created, it sucked everything into it. It, and nothing else. The scarcer and harder the monetary principles of that asset, the more liquidity is parked into it. People forget that during the Victorian Era, Gold literally collapsed the nation states of China and India because it made their silver worthless. The wealth of Europe was possible because gold won as the store of value for over a hundred years. That is about to happen with Bitcoin, except much much faster.

Nobody is going to be buying shitty Ethereum or Link tokens when their wealth is parked in Bitcoin. There will always be a new hot altcoin that will have figured out some crazy tokenomics that should make it worth billions and billions of dollars. But at the end of the day, you can always reinvent an altcoin and make a newer, better, faster, cheaper, more secure tokens, but you cannot make more Bitcoin.

21 million. That is where the entire world's wealth will be parked into by the end of 2050.

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Is Saylor the ultimate Chad?

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The absolute cope.

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Then remain impoverished for the rest of your life.

Monetary currencies like Bitcoin are invented only once in a civilization. It took humanity 6000 years to invent something that is absolutely scarce at a fixed finite supply. The finite asset problem for a currency wasn't solved until 2009. And it cannot be invented again, because inventing it again is literally just repeating the problem by minting more supply.

Zoom out and look at the big picture. We are 10 years into an asset that has solved a 6000 year old problem.

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Nice euphoria
>21 million. That is where the entire world's wealth will be parked into by the end of 2050.
What is 'parked' even supposed to mean. Bitcoin isn't storing anything. Buying bitcoin means the seller gets real wealth and the buyer gets a worthless token. Most people are never going to buy bitcoin. Your story would end with people that think bitcoin is valuable without any real wealth, but with bitcoin, while noninterested parties own everything. Then nobody would be willing to buy bitcoin.

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Bitcoiners are cringe. Imagine thinking the world governments will let you, Michael saylor, trannies, autists, pedos, and the winklevoss twins run the world on a bitcoin standard. Pure delusion but I appreciate it because I’m riding the pump and dump with you