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in the coming weeks we are going to see several posts saying they sold their LINK. oldfags and newfags alike will drop like flies. this is the BTC pizza zone, the early 2017 ETH zone. will you be the one telling everyone once held LINK but sold at $10-$12. or the one surprising your father by paying off his mortgage. this is where you either become a could have made it, or a game changer. decide now, the ship only has room for a chosen few.

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token not needed

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Poop fart Sergey is dumping

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LINK will return to $5. No discusion allowed.
> OG buyer

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Man this is just pathetic. You linkies really are human garbage you know that?

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what does linkies even do

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Grown men posting kid pictures are the trash here bud, get your head in order.

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Get the fuck out of link and buy ALBT.

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Sorry if you didn't get the memo, but this is a website of pedos calling trans people degenerate

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go back

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I didn't buy in September 2017 and hold through the craziest online experience of my life just to sell like some faggot for $50 in 2021.

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Stfu 1k Eoy bs

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Link is behaving exactly like eth when btc Broke 1k in '17

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Are 250 Linkies enough to make it?

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Q3 oracle
Q4 arbitrum, tsigs

Just hold.

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True brother

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How does $25 sound?

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I have 25k linkies and not even I am making it

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Did you really need to post an ENTIRE new thread explaining your cope?

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>You will never be a lewd young anime girl
Why even live

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I thought Link = 1000$ EOY

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Im addicted to selling link. Sell every chance I get. Feels so good to sell this shitcoin

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L fucking mao, nolinkers getting cocky again. Please, I'm buying those bags. Don't care about that bs on biz. They act like Link was supposed to dominate all year long.

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holy fuck look at this retard lmao

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Absolute FUD link will be $5000 in 8 days time, have you not been following the updates? Sergey just had 500 big Mac's sent to his Cayman Headquarters by uber

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roi after first 1182 days

link 100x
btc 490x
eth 401x
xrp 32x

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BTC 350K
LINK 1488
Question is will LINK continue to moon during the bear market after BTC falls from grace?

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Based. Its a shame how many are going to be left behind who were so close

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Ok this is indeed the signal to sell. Extremely bearish

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Then you should sell

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yes please sell your link anon

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1000 days EOY

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roi after first 1182+365 days

btc 4200x
eth 386x
xrp 70x
TSLA 12x

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Lol, delusional link marines coming around with psychotic prophecies. Ffs link is a defi token. And defi as you guys understand it is a meme. Amazon will niz need to buy pre inflated tokens to execute on chain requests where their parcels are. Also no crop insurance company on earth would apply an automatically executing smart contract for a payout based on "verified inputs" like amount of rain. Ffs an insurance cocers a certain amount of damage, a smart contract can't measure individual damage. You simplify and don't understand. That's because you're neets without business experience. DeFi will come, but certainly in your retarded meme understanding.

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Its amazing how long it takes newfags to learn about the blood in the streets.
Its sad that biz is now just full of annons that have made $50 and think they are qualified to post their opinions.
If you hodl link and are worried then sell, if you dont hodl link then your opinions are worthless.

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Anon I hold 250 Link.
How much money will I have in a year's time? I am holding out for a few thousand dollars at least...

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>LINK 1488

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This is not blood in the streets. It's the realization that there's a very limited use case for a link token and that there's not necessarily a derived value from these uses cases justifying the pre inflated price people are paying for it today.

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I am certain that if you hold 3 years then you will have between $2500 and $13100.
Once adoption starts and whilst crypto is still about trading hype, these 2 value creatprs combined will see linknspike to $100 - $600

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You think it will take 3 years for Link to reach 50$ at the most?
Isn't that overly conservative?

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Sorry fren but opinions like this are a manifestation of blood in the streets.
Int fact, you not seeing this is the confirmation.

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This is not a real comparison you retard

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Yes it is but I'm also a realist.
Most projects, link included, require the world to change significantly before real mainstream adoption will take place.
Current inflation will speed this up a lot.
$50 will probably happen next year but the real gains over $100 i expect to take a while longer

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No. You need to learn the difference between legit arguments and sentiments. The later causes >blood on the streets, which eventually resolves into a bullish path
The first is a reason for a bleedout to zero

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I hope your first projection is right because that would give me time to accumulate. My goal is having 1000 Link which would be worth $100k.
You think that's realistic in the next 5 years?

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Agreed but all I'm seeing is fud with no substance.
So I'm calling blood in the streets.
Literally just newfags re posting what they read 5 mins earlier.
Whilst they loose all their money on grt

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I hope so fren.
The tip i tell my friends and family is patience. All projects eventually dip to a price that seemed impossible.
Good luck fren

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you are just too stupid to interpret it in a useful way

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The most common use cases link marines like to tell me really were on my mind. And i can't see usability of link for them. Written in my post above:
Also in the whitepaper and on the page i couldn't find any legit and applicable use cases going further than providing tamper proof crypto quotes. The bull case for link would be its usefulness in DeFi. And this is not given so far.

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There is substantial legitimate concern lately. The cost of running the nodes is enormous and there's barely any actual job usage so the team is having to fund nodes with token sales. I don't think they intended this to go on so long, they clearly hoped to have oracle months ago and arbitrum, tsigs by now. So instead we've seen unprecedented dilution of the supply which has materially caused price collapse.

It's unsustainable and in my mind worse still is the team's total lack of communication, there's either a spiteful lack of motivation to inform their token holders who enable the funding or they're floundering and panicked. I personally think oracle dropped out and they needed that for staking and their eoy plans.

Im not selling the vast majority of my holdings but it's shitskin copium to deny concerns.

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How would you bros go about selling 10K LINK? My gut tells me if it gets to $1K just get the fuck out and leave 1K LINK behind just in case it does go to some insane number like $20K per LINK in 20 years.

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Lol, Wtf are you talking about?

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>in the coming weeks
You mean right now? The street shit quality and frequency of fud right now is exactly the same as it was late 2019 and after the first post $5 pump.
Didn't sell a single LINK at 20c, $1.50, $7 and am not selling now. Seethe parasites.

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If link did get to $1k it's not so clear selling would be the smart thing. For one you may be able to stake and get good returns but certainly it would mean link has cemented itself as a vital intermediary in modern systems and so would probably be a harder asset that fiat. So you wouldn't want to sell it all for cash.

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Based. It is fucking hilarious that trannies have been fudding literally for 3 years and despite all their efforts I have not sold a single LINK. Day of the rope gets closer each day trannies.

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can someone give me a nice hit of hopium? This unrelenting FUD campaign has worn my down over the last few months.

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>one surprising your father by paying off his mortgage

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Literally the best i have is that i believe $9 will be a strong bottom even if btc retraces. A lot of markets and alts are having a rough time right now, link is only completely dire in comparison to btc. Honestly just build up some fiat and take the opportunity if it goes single digits again.

Anyone ever shilling $1k eoy has been memeing or is a brown teenager. It's a long term asset builder that will massively enrich your life if you use it as such, not a lottery ticket.

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Thanks. I've seen too much of the impossible happen in this space so I'm holding Link until the end or 100$ at least.
Good luck to you too

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Do not forget what’s happening more broadly in the world around us. COVID is being used as an opportunity to restructure the economy as we know it. They’re doing it because the economy as we know it is heading towards what would almost certainly be the biggest crisis of our lives. The idea has already been planted in the public’s minds: we need to start over, a great reset. The “old” system doesn’t work. People are very carefully being broken psychologically so that when the time comes the public will accept whatever solution is presented to them, even if the freedoms they’ve enjoyed their whole lives will be given up as part of this solution. The World Economic Forum is working on and presenting these ideas.

Sergey has published a white paper with the WEF for their Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. If the trannies posting the same old fud after 3 years is getting to you then sell now, you were never going to make it anyway.

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>4 red monthly candles
>Down 70% vs BTC
>I should sell now!
A true /biz/nessman.

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i'm a poorfag and i am late as fuck. slowly, but surely, i am making it to 100 LINK though.
that should still be $100k. i trust oldfags

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You might as well gamble with low cap shitcoins. LINK is going back down to $5 and will most likely remain at that level for the next 3 years.

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i will not gamble. i will listen to oldfags on this board. i will invest in LINK and i will hold for years. i don't care about get rich quick schemes.
i read up on old LINK threads, studied the archives. your fud is not effective.

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Did eth's sat value plummet for months straight like link?

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I had 30,000 link at one point and margin traded it all down to only 200 link. Is there any hope I will get it back? Will I still make it?

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S-sure you can, anon. Sure you can. You'll be flying among the stars. It's okay.

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ETH is worth half as many sats as in March 2017 you mong

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Thanks about this.
Im link investor since -18 and this recent price action and fud is coming to get me.

Now my hands is iron again. 30eoy.

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I unironically took out a $5000 loan on my link to buy more link last night.
Never selling

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Nicoposters get the rope too

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And where are your precious oldfags now? They've dumped their bags on you and are laughing all the way to the bank. They knew speculation could carry the price to $20 but at the end of the day they knew the project wouldn't have the legs to succeed, which is why they've all but left /biz/.

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holy BASED (and redpilled)

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Build back better

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>LINK is going back down to $5 and will most likely remain at that level for the next 3 years.
>Source: My coping noLinker ass
>They knew speculation could carry the price to $20 but at the end of the day they knew the project wouldn't have the legs to succeed
Don't talk as if you know anthing, newfag. Everything you just said is headcanon and can be disregarded as such. Just because many of us oldfags don't feel like posting anymore doesn't mean vermin like you can get uppity and spread tranny lies. Hope your shitcoins netted you enough cash to rope yourself you dumb nigger

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there they are :) i did my research, anon. i may be poor, but at least i'm doing my part to change that

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We are still here

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Link has only just begun, demon

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>>25047316 the team will sell for another 200 weeks at least, just as specified in the white paper. and that's how long I will continue to eat only oatmeal and a little chicken if need be
>>25048444 based nulinker
>>25049737 right here, guess what I just head for breakfast

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Aren't you suppose to be shilling in GRT threads right now? Start right now or I will tell the discord admin about this incident.

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fuck niggers
fuck faggots
fuck trannies
and most importantly
Fuck Jannies!

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Notice how all the replies are coping delusional bagholder moonboys. You've provided no reasoning as to why you think the price will increase despite massive weekly dumps from Sergey and almost no news or developments from the team. Just face it, it's over

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thanks just sold my 53k stack

>> No.25050581


You should probably sell then. Weird why do you care about our financial well being so much? Its also not our job to spoon feed or explain ourselves. I have 22K and I'm not selling. Its that easy. I don't need the money and literally nothing can force me. I'll be a multi million in probably 12-16 months

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link will never be used, will never get back to ath. useless shitcoin. BTC and ETH are only coins that matters now. You guys are priced out from btc and its too late to make it with link anymore.

>> No.25050644

I sold a long time ago, I just want to help newfags avoid financial ruin by buying a coin that's already pumped. And I don't want you to spoon feed or explain yourself, I'm very confident in my prediction that chainlink is going to fall out of the top 10 very soon.

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>Question is will LINK continue to moon during the bear market after BTC falls from grace?
can someone answer me this? because im not trying to hold through another bear market again, first time was lesson enough. my strategy is to sell at least half my link this time next year when it looks like btc/eth are peaking

>> No.25050693

So what’s your view in coming months for link?

>> No.25050714

Just accumulate and don't let these seething copelets get to you anon. The fact that you researched the archives means you are a thousand miles ahead of these crabs.

>Notice how all the replies are coping delusional bagholder moonboys
Didn't I just tell you to fuck off with the headcanon bullshit?
>You've provided no reasoning as to why you think the price will increase
You're acting as if LINK hasn't been discussed to death for over 3 years here. YOU are the one not providing any reasoning as to why LINK is going to dump to $5 and stay there for 3 years. That's delusional as fuck. LINK's fundamentals haven't changed. In fact, they have only gotten stronger. Seething trannies will ignore this.

Most /biz/lets will always think good price action = good project, and bad price action = SHITCOIN. You seem to be one of those insufferable newfags that feels the need to crawl out of the woodworks every time LINK hasn't seen a 500% pump for a month or 4. It was like this when LINK went from 60c to 20c three times. It was like this when LINK dropped to $1.5 after the $5 peak in 2019. It's the exact same now. How's it feel, not only being an unoriginal little nigger but also being a POOR nigger at that?

>> No.25050720

You're a loser, dude...

>> No.25050722

Yeah, who would ever need an oracle. You tell them. We need more faster coins and smart contract platforms. I am with you mate, just bought Nano and Neo.

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BASED. Fuck tranny fudsters
Oldfag here, bought into LINK at $0.50 in 2018. Still hodling. Still ignoring weak FUD from retard newfags that are coping with being priced out. Still fucking bitches. Still D.R.E.

>> No.25050758

Bought more yesterday but I wish I would have waited it's hard to tell though it pumped right back up when it went under $12

>> No.25050759

>I just want to help newfags avoid financial ruin

LINK is legitimately the best risk/reward ratio in the crypto space. They just co-wrote a white paper with the World Economic Forum.

>> No.25050789

RSI is oversold on daily and weekly timeframes
Supply of link should be reduced on deployment of Arbitrum/ threshold signatures
Other positive news developments likely in H12021

>> No.25050806

>You seem to be one of those insufferable newfags that feels the need to crawl out of the woodworks every time LINK hasn't seen a 500% pump for a month or 4

You are giving him too much credit. He knows what he is doing and its intentional. The past couple weeks have been intense and unfounded FUD. Its always the strongest nearing the bottom. Discord trannies and the like want to buy your bags cheap and they are running out of time.

>> No.25050822

>Most /biz/lets will always think good price action = good project, and bad price action = SHITCOIN. You seem to be one of those insufferable newfags that feels the need to crawl out of the woodworks every time LINK hasn't seen a 500% pump for a month or 4. It was like this when LINK went from 60c to 20c three times. It was like this when LINK dropped to $1.5 after the $5 peak in 2019. It's the exact same now. How's it feel, not only being an unoriginal little nigger but also being a POOR nigger at that?


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still here guy, this fud doesn't affect me at all. i was here when retards like you were x2 fudding about 4$ shitcoin. I had nothing to do but browse biz all day so i read every one of you fuckers words every day. guess what? those people that memed about 4$ shitcoin? they're gone now because they're too embarassed to post in these threads.

i don't even browse biz that much anymore :) you think i'm gonna sell now because of you?

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>keeping Link on Binance

>> No.25051166

You're too stupid and also you sold low and want to get back in at break even.

>> No.25051226

>hes poor
you're a failure btw if you don't have half a mill in this "bullrun" you keep posting about

>> No.25051284

I'm just not stupid enough to keep my stuff on chink exchange

>> No.25051398

post your portfolio champ :) i'd love to be proven wrong. tell me how much of a chad you are holding 2 million in xrp. tell me how you hold it on a chad wallet too

>> No.25051506

Checked and knelt

>> No.25051538

There won't be a bear market in crypto for a while now. A long while.

>> No.25051548

People have been saying "FUD means we're at the bottom!" for 5 months now. FUD isn't some conspiracy, it's mostly holders frustrated with the stalling.

>> No.25051561

That’s a cartoon anon. Unless you live in Cuckstralia I dont see why you should care

>> No.25051615


This. Real Fud is shit like the cayman islands fud or chinese nail salon fud. Being concerned about a 70% drop in sats isn’t FUD I’m sick of both the silence of the team and dumbasses on here thinking things are fine.

>> No.25051658

Still here faggot.


>> No.25051667

I am more and more leaning towards the sell side, maybe holding 1000.

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I only have 52 Link tokens
I'm a useless fucking loser with no future

>> No.25051738

Fuck off, it is the thinking man's fetish.

>> No.25051745

It is way more likely that link will be zero and the link chain will not even exist than it being 20K. Think about what you are saying.

>> No.25051768

You are a lewd young anime girl to me anon

>> No.25051775

um sweaty? link more than doubled its sats from a year ago? if you have so much concerns about the teams silence, maybe tesla is the better invesetment for you. those stocks make you a valued shareholder right :)

>> No.25051785

>A long while
how long is that, i still think crypto market will peak in a year and youd be a fool not to sell some of your positions if staking isnt out yet, and even then will it justify it enough if there's a serious pullback?

>> No.25051815

>Only has $52 million worth of link in five years.
Come on bro, you can still get some more while the price is under $100 at least.

>> No.25051865

>the link chain
My fucking sides just went to orbit. You type like those Binance support jeets. Think about what you are saying.

>> No.25051891

holy shit the amount of delusion itt, fuck off shills not buying your bags already sold all my link at 18 and now riding grt and xrp trains. anyone still holding link is retarded.

>> No.25051919


Yes and it’s down 70% since the summer. However if that’s your way of coping be my guest

>> No.25051964

take your meds

>> No.25052021

wh-what? a coin went to ath, then regressed down and the sats are now lower as a result? wow i'm shocked at these developments. if only i refreshed the charts everyday for the past 3 years i'd be complaining too

>> No.25052037

Nothing. Token not needed. It was all a russian scam basically.

>> No.25052064

The link chain. Do you hear yourself?

>> No.25052072


Yea 70% down is a very healthy correction

>> No.25052073

so this is your mind holding link huh? reminds me of xrp fags, damn never thought I’d see the day link becomes the new xrp

>> No.25052098

Unironically most old link holders have gone elsewhere and what's left here is literally shitskins and teenagers with 90IQs and hopium.

I increasingly hate it here too but don't want to become a twitterfag.

>> No.25052115

we are still here so cope, seethe, and dilate more you dirty fucking trannie.

>> No.25052236


Why aren't you shorting if you are so confident anon? I mean, it's like you can predict the future, am I right? Amazing.

>> No.25052253

in the coming weeks we are going to see several posts saying they sold their[INSERT YOUR SHITCOIN NAME HERE]. oldfags and newfags alike will drop like flies. this is the BTC pizza zone, the early 2017 ETH zone. will you be the one telling everyone once held [INSERT YOUR SHITCOIN NAME HERE] but sold at [$XX-$XX]. or the one surprising your father by paying off his mortgage. this is where you either become a could have made it, or a game changer. decide now, the ship only has room for a chosen few.

>> No.25052305

serious question, why did LINK just dump when Klaus Schwab is shilling it for the great reset?

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Link dumped harder than XRP, even though XRP just got sued by the SEC.

Either Link is legitimately a dead project abandoned by its leadership, or it's just plain market manipulation.

>> No.25052363

Retards these projects you are comparing to don’t have a team dumping $50 mil a month while still leaving the project in beta. Link is nothing but an ico.

>> No.25052381

The chainlink foundation have been far more aggressive dumpers than ripple ever was.

>> No.25052386

Oh NooOooOOOOooooOoo LINK just doooomping nonstop
Dumb fucking niggers

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>> No.25052411

This past year, McCaleb alone has been dumping about the same dollar amount per month as Sergey.
And he doesn't even work at ripple anymore.

>> No.25052422

I'm completely out of the loop, what did they get sued for?

>> No.25052435

Also, Sergey was "dumping" before and during the run to $20 as well.
It's completely unrelated.

>> No.25052462

Not in crypto

>> No.25052506

bought at 0,2$ sold at 18$

never again, its over linkies. this shitcoin will end like numerous biz favorite shills ended like NEO,ARK,REQ

in the end link is just an erc-20 shitcoin

>> No.25052593

Hear you anon. 50k link starting at ICO here and never sold a single one. Never intend to either. These faggits have been saying the same old shit since it was pennies per link. It's not even vaguely tempting to sell. Even with BTC mooning, I still have iron hands. Quite proud of it actually. Think we'll see 50 or 60 usd next year. And I'll be a rich man. Cheers!

>> No.25052729

awful meme. Kill yourself pajeet.

>> No.25052912

Better than your meme faggot

>> No.25052927

Bro nice stack but move it off Binance. Coinbase is a lot safer even though it’s a shit company.

>> No.25052966


didnt read

never selling


>> No.25053050
File: 155 KB, 945x1009, 1605747789569.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Who will buy this now?

>> No.25053061

>surprising your father by paying off his mortgage
he has his own money and he shouldn't have bought such a big house. at this point it's more of an investment for him so no I'm not paying for his investment. I did allow him to buy 6% of my folio though so he'll make some money.

>> No.25053182

Always find it interesting to see Rosberg there.

>> No.25053221
File: 631 KB, 2310x1786, ripple labs xrp expect profits expectation strengthening exchange rate against other currencies 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

For shilling the price of their coin.

>> No.25053343

10/10 meme. Mind if i save it?

>> No.25053348

How will the coming price surge of link affect its utility as a token? Sergey clearly says in the white paper that the token should cost around a cup of coffee. If the token value is drastically higher, how will that affect further adoption of chainlink services?

>> No.25053510

>emperor palpatine
>literally a guy with an eyepatch
is this the new legion of doom for the up and coming dystopia?

>> No.25053550
File: 214 KB, 1893x723, ouch.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this is the "i didnt sell the top at 20$ zone" and lost 100 000 SATS, and 50% of my money zone.

this is the zone without staking, neet nodes, without Oracle, Swift, a bite of legacy systems.

this is the zone where circulating supply rose close to 50 million without delivering anything more than concepts and insolvent network that needs to be payed in million LINK per week.

this is the zone where Sergey is at 36th floor of a penthouse next to Empire State Building and you fuckin posting here being delusional.

anything above 5$ with current state is a fuckin joke.

Deliver SWIFT, Oracle, staking, neet nodes, legacy systems dipping their toes into insurance on blockchain etc and this valuation might seem reasonable.

For current practice - Sergey and the team would be already in federal prison if they would dump 50mil stock to handpicked fuckin shell companies aka nodes. But thats the regulation and security that stock market brings, and this is crypto market registered on Cayman islands.

Thats my Christmas present to this board, this post.

>169379 Sats to 53600 sats parkour
>160k anon

numbers are funny.

>> No.25053572


>> No.25053743

Pure delusion, this coin will crab for eternity

>> No.25053959

> what is proportion of supply
Also the dumping as it rose is totally meaningless, perhaps it could have gone to $40 without that pressure and of course the rate of dumps has increased markedly since then.

Im not even bearish on link but all this wetbrain hopium forces me to fudpost.

>> No.25053981

>we are going to see several posts saying they sold their LINK
we see like 12 of these a day already

>> No.25054046

Im here as delusional as ever since three years

>> No.25054380

>what is proportion of supply
Sergey is selling about 0.5% of the total supply of Link per month.

McCaleb alone sold about 1.6% of the total supply of XRP in the first few days of December.
And that's just McCaleb.
Last quarter, ripple itself sold about 1.5% of the total XRP supply per month.

Sergey doesn't even come within whiffing distance of the gargantuan proportions of XRP being sold on the regular.
Please look things up before posting.

>> No.25054436

Yeah i just wanted you to run the numbers for me, danke.

>> No.25054498
File: 3.62 MB, 4000x2400, 1607548543104.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How to get SCHWABBED

>> No.25054552
File: 2.05 MB, 3400x5466, 1607199289829.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.25054582

I knew roughly by heart, but here are the sources:

160 million tokens out of 10 billion = 1.6% of the total supply (just in the first few days of December)

($66 million in Q3 = $33 million per month; with XRP at 20 cents that means about 165 million XRP tokens sold per month)
165 million tokens out of 10 billion = 1.65% of the total supply (per month)

There's really no comparing with Sergey's 0.5% per month.

>> No.25054696

Doesn't ripple also have an infinite supply?

As for link i knew it was around that which is still a huge problem not excused by ripple being worse still. That level of inflation puts fiat to shame and is obviously going to cause prices collapse. In of itself it's not the worst as we knew funds were allocated to it but the silence as to why and what they're doing is inexcusable in my mind. They absolutely depend on link holders and buyers to enable this system but seem to have nothing but total disregard for us.

>> No.25054706

Should I do this?

>> No.25054741

>which is still a huge problem
It really isn't if they're actually going to deliver.

>> No.25054750

Both should be lynched

>> No.25054776

I sold my whole stack at 11.90 because of this thread, it’ll come back down r-right

>> No.25054830
File: 26 KB, 753x960, 1604697525011.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.25054833

>ctrl+f XRP
>17 results

finally some of you are starting to notice what is the standard and what is russian erc-20 shitcoin

>> No.25055016

based WEF demographics

>> No.25055055


>> No.25055077
File: 350 KB, 1920x1080, 1607359265040.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.25055166

I had to wear my mask basically all day during meetings at work.
Came home, had dinner, went on 4chan and opened this thread.
The curry stench is so unbearable I had to put my mask back on (and Im not having curry for dinner).

>> No.25055185
File: 343 KB, 1036x1302, 1602791905484.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.25055277

Yes but that's the issue. They're having to mass sell in order to support node operators, in order to have a conprehensive system in place for when tsigs, arbitrum and staking arrive so that they can solicit large business. If the price collapses they need to sell more and more to fund the nodes and eventually could run out or absolutely drive the price into the dirt. That is an obvious problem.

>> No.25055311
File: 74 KB, 204x188, 81F453F5-EDC2-419C-B551-B66D50C85CDA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just bought 100 out of my GRT gains, am i retarded?

>> No.25055319

8/10 FUD for newfags. We both know why they are funding these nodes, they have the resources to keep funding for years. ETH 2.0 will not come for a long time and soon with arbitrum people will be begging for link like oliver twist.

Neither myself or this anon care about your financial well beings though, only reason is this guy has some of his stack out of link so needs to FUD. DYOR

>> No.25055324

>if the price collapses that is an obvious problem

Based smart person.

>> No.25055342


>> No.25055356

>We both know why they are funding these nodes
Don't forget that the users (all those Defi projects like Synthetix, Aave, ...) actually pay for the Chainlink service.

>> No.25055357
File: 1.12 MB, 1600x1600, WTF WAS SCWABB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

here we go boys WTFWT

>> No.25055361

Yeah it's all baseless fud, don't think about it, don't look at the charts either.

>> No.25055415 [DELETED] 
File: 1.19 MB, 320x180, hedied.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.25055423

Pajeet fudders everywhere I know.

>> No.25055483

Pls go back down like 1 dollar

>> No.25055504

Not entirely true with regards to retail. Sandro Salsano pays also, as do the multitude of other large investors.

>> No.25055523

>Not entirely true with regards to retail.
What do you mean?

>> No.25055637

i don't care and i'm not selling.

>> No.25055680

I misread your question apologies. I thought you were another poster fudding that 'we are paying for these token sales buy propping up the price'.

You are absolutely correct yes, 1k EOY.

>> No.25055702

As did I friend. And the answer is probably yes.

>> No.25055788

what else would you be holding, cash? even hodling during bear market is not so bad if you are able to keep making a living somehow

>> No.25055855

Im new to the crypto game, what exactly is the predicted returns of investing in LINK?

I only have $200 a month to invest, so it really is not a lot, why should I invest it on LINK instead of BTC, ETH or XRP?

>> No.25055927

>ou've provided no reasoning as to why you think the price will increase
yeah LINK was never talked about in the last three years

>> No.25055946

my man, it's a deeeeeeep rabbit hole.
it's the international base of the 4th industrial revolution. it's a very important token. and there aren't enough of them.

>> No.25055962

brutal man what kind of gun is that a fucking elephant hunter?

>> No.25056097
File: 334 KB, 839x472, LinkLamboGlow.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lying faggot. You had 3 years.

t. OG 2017 Link Marine 50k Never Selling

>> No.25056127

Somebody give me one good reason why Chainlink won't hit $70 in a month when this has been its cycle since the black swan in March. Pump, retrace, crab over and over in short cycles

>> No.25056141

well no one knows what will happen next bear market, but if you wanna be safe just put your profits into btc,gold,silver,art&collectibles - basically stuff that will profit from inflation

>> No.25056145

Yes, but is it worth investing in if you can only afford low budget investments of $200 a month or less?

>> No.25056147

That is a shotgun sir. Most likely a 12 gauge, but practically any large caliber gun is going to do that to your melon from that range.

>> No.25056223

well in this case ... you are better off buying new Nikes and Armani shirts every month.

>> No.25056290


>> No.25056300

I am far too poor to buy either of those.

>> No.25056340

How much can I expect to profit in 5 years?

>> No.25056451

by buying LINK? How does $0 sound?

>> No.25056511

Sounds bad.

What should I invest in then? I am poor and live in a shithole with no hopes of financial stability through work alone, I really need a way out of this...

>> No.25056523

If all goes to plan 10x to 100x

>> No.25056590
File: 423 KB, 670x462, 1604322071453.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ridin' along in my automobile
Prof. Schwab beside me at the wheel
I stole a kiss at the turn of a mile
My curiosity runnin' wild
Crusin' and playin' the radio
With no particular place to go
Ridin' along in my automobile
I's anxious to tell him the way I feel
So I told him softly and sincere
And he leaned and whispered in my ear
Schwabin' more and drivin' slow
With no particular place to go

>> No.25056645

At the moment you're gonna be wanting to look at up and coming projects. I'd divert your attention to GRT right now, LINK has already had its day.

>> No.25056672

man the FUD has gotten so weak the past year

>> No.25056782

So many beter offerings than LINK

>> No.25056798

God I hope you're right. Would love to stack more sub $5.

>> No.25056811


>> No.25056848 [DELETED] 

Met the DuckDAO hunters game, does anyone try it?

Looks like this crypto incubator can provide convenient instruments for investments. Please, share your opinion about it

>> No.25056852

Anon do yourself a favor and read some books before you end up 70 years old and still a slave. Even rich dad poor dad would be a good read for someone like you.

>> No.25056898

If ever there was an annon that isn't going to make it.....

>> No.25056902

>I'd divert your attention to GRT
Tell me more!

>> No.25056933

I doubt it would make a difference when living in a shithole like Brazil.

>> No.25056978


>> No.25057038

With your attitude you're already dead, make a decision, change your mindset, invest what you have, start with 200 then next year its 5000, then it's 50k. Either do that or kill yourself, the way you're acting right now is a sad sack of shit with a victim mentality. The world is shit, will you fight? Or die like a dog?

>> No.25057063

it's at $0.58 now and heading to $1.00 fairly soon, get in now for an easy 2x.

>> No.25057107

Maybe buy $100 a month and save the extra money for buying dips

>> No.25057207
File: 10 KB, 214x235, images (7).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Look, I didn't read a SINGLE FUCKING POST in this thread. All I can tell you is that 600 buck stimi check is going straight into link.
And guess what?
Every penny in the couch.
Every dime on the street.
Yep, all into Link.

>> No.25057280

>invest what you have, start with 200 then next year its 5000, then it's 50k
Kinda of what im trying to do here, im deciding in what shitcoin I should invest the little I have.

>the way you're acting right now is a sad sack of shit with a victim mentality
In what way do you think im not a victim? I live in a corrupt shithole with a broken economy in which im forced to pay the highest taxes in the whole world while getting a shit pay of $6000 a year and the tax money we are paying is either stolen or goes to support a bunch of worthless states that are leeching off of mine. I really do not see how anyone in such a situation would not be a victim...

Sounds interesting, how long until it reaches that $1 mark?

Im sorry, what exactly do you mean by buying dips? Am not familiar with that term.

>> No.25057291

>or the one surprising your father by paying off his mortgage.
Sorry newfag I already did this with 10k link sold at 15$

>> No.25057363

>buying the dip
It's when the price retraces down after a pump.
Example: Link shot from 4 bucks to nearly 20 bucks in like two weeks a few months ago.
Then it retraced down to 8 dollars a few months later.
Buying at $8 bucks would be buying the dip.

>> No.25057425

Ah, I see!

The hard part is figuring out when the dip will happen, right?

>> No.25057484

Enjoy holding Sergeys smelly sagging bags.

>> No.25057527

With LINK, its all a dip!

>> No.25057591

Kinda. It's more like figuring out when the retrace settles.
Example: link hits $8, so do I dip my toes in now or wait to see if it corrects again?
Example 2: Link hits 8 bucks and then pumps back towards 15 dollars, at what point should I invest for best outcome?
Ultimately, I think DCA(Dollar Cost Averaging) is best.

>> No.25057713
File: 2.49 MB, 500x324, 1608516320698.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not gonna lie, each time we have a multi month pullback like this my bags get even more heavy

>> No.25057726

Guess I will need to study a lot to understand it to a point I can reliably say I know what im doing.

>> No.25057735

oh yeah another thing. Make sure to never sell during a retrace or crash. I'm serious. Back in March when everything crashed many people sold their stacks in fear of a market wipe out. Don't sell during large crashes.
Instead, use that opportunity as a time to pick crypto, stocks, etc in the cheap.
Link dropped down to like $1.80 at one point.
Btc down to 3700k, I applaud all glorious bastards that bought the March dip on a low. It was like a fucking sale extravaganza.

>> No.25057819

I sold half of my 23k around .038 ETH, smart money is going to be buying back in soon.

I'm hoping to rebuy at .016, I'm getting antsy but I know that if I buy now due to impatience it would plunge through .02 right after.

>> No.25057846

Ultimately, not buying LINK is best

>> No.25057852

oh god
oh geez
i don't feels so good linkies

>> No.25057967
File: 578 KB, 1242x2208, 1597114574570.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I used to feel pitty for my fellow man whom held no link. For a while, I used to feel disgust, too.

I used to wonder how people could be so blind. To buy and hodl even the smallest portions of link is to grab your future by the balls and take the initiative- to make a marked step towards improving your own future, and, if you're a generous soul, the people you care about.

Now, I don't think about these people at all. But they seem to think about me quite a bit. What's that saying?



DR;NS, Rent Free.

>> No.25058003
File: 32 KB, 400x400, i.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't bother, OP.
I don't care, you probably shouldn't too.
Where is winners, there has to be those who loose, let them go to work and earn that wage, then they will be able to buy our 1k links. Never remind them of anything, take care of yourself first.

>> No.25058076
File: 52 KB, 500x528, 1598322007417.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Agreed. Based.

>> No.25058244
File: 289 KB, 705x853, NoUpdates.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Truth. LINK itself has been through far worse numerous times. These people are just pussies.

>> No.25058306

HEY >:( You talk nice about Congressman Crenshaw, he lost his eye serving Israel. He is more of an American patriot than antisemites like you ever could be.

>> No.25058415

This. We should all sacrifice an eyeball for Israel.

>> No.25058430

>LINK itself has been through far worse numerous times
If thats the best you can say about it...I mean, look at Sergeys fat face and smile...its like hes taunting you. Imagine if Sergey actually came onto 4chan LINK marine threads and posted mocking comments. Sitting in his Eames chair, smoking a cuban sigar and drinking 75 year old Scotch whiskey. Can you imagine that shit? That would be so meta

>> No.25058532

this is the worst link has performed against btc since ico.
or a better way to phrase it, is this is the best buying opportunity for link since it's ico, if you're moving btc to link.
which is what i'm doing.

>> No.25058568


What is your opinion on XRP? Should i buy it now that it is dipping or is it a shit move?

>> No.25058605

You can say that about literally every crypto. Go back.

>> No.25058640

OMFG SERIOUSLY!? You sir should not be allowed within 100 yards of an electronis device. GOD HELP US

>> No.25058711

Kinda rude. Care to elaborate?

>> No.25058740

you're an absolutely braindead faggot. i bought most of my link stack at 33 cents you fucking retard. it's like getting that opportunity again. why would i even consider shitcoins? are you one of the pool 2 retards i dump my yield on?

>> No.25058782

buying xrp is retarded.
#1 it's already had it's move this year.
#2 it will never do what it did in 2017 again.
#3 if it achieves what it aims to do, it's a security, and the SEC will shut it down. i've said this so many times.
you can buy xrp if you want to own some, but don't expect to buy it and make money.

>> No.25058806

>i bought most of my link stack at 33 cents
No you didnt

>it's like getting that opportunity again
No it isnt

>> No.25058834

Basically, this

>> No.25058842

4 dimensional hyperspace level of based has been reached ladies an gents.

>> No.25058854


>> No.25058867

Fair enough, but what should I invest in to get a decent profit if I can only afford low budget investments of $200? Xrp seemed like an option for it's low price, but I doubt I can just dump money in it and get 20x my investment.

So, what crypto is worth it for the little guy with little money?

>> No.25058906

You had literally 3 years to accumulate during the bear market.

>> No.25058930

I don't have any opinion on xrp. I'm not invested in it.

>> No.25058953

XRP super high market cap.

Look at undervalued crypto, CARTESI, IDLE, PRQ

>> No.25059019

I have no idea what bear market is, I had no job 3 years ago and was barely managing to survive, I had to scrape by with what I had and could barely afford food, much less investments.

I see, what coins do you hold?>>25058953
I have been warned several times to be careful with undervalued shitcoins, which of those is worth investing in and why?

>> No.25059072

Sta - it's not too late but you'd better hurry up cause people are starting to take notice

>> No.25059075

i'm briish mate

>> No.25059081

Postan in le ebin russian scam token not needed (tm). Please include me in the screenshots.

>> No.25059113

None of those are shitcoins fren

Audited, solid teams and backers, still low market cap with plenty of room to go up

There are others as well, those were just off the top of my head

>> No.25059116

If you're only investing with little money don't just buy something because it's cheap. This is where dyor (do your own research) comes into play.
Example: Sure BAT is at 22 cents and you could scoop up a few hundred pretty easily. But it's not gonna moon anytime soon or ever possibly. Also you could just earn that stuff using the browser anyway.
Example 2: Sure I started investing into Bitcoin when it was at 3700k, my initial investment was only 600 bucks. Now that initial investment is worth over around 3k, not including what I added later.
Does that make sense?

>> No.25059188

Sta? Never heard of it, is it even available on most exchanges?

>> No.25059207
File: 162 KB, 828x1792, 9CC5A2C0-EC91-4F45-8A80-5C6A6426CC75.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Throat my cock you insufferable faggot. Here’s the only binance account I can get into from 2018, and just one of my buys. Small amount, but proof I was here back then.
It makes me really happy you think this isn’t a buying opportunity. It means you get to stay poor.

>> No.25059246

I hold Link, Bitcoin, and ZEC.
Also some BAT from the brave browser.

>> No.25059250

If you had to pick only one of them, which one you would go for?

It does make sense, and dyor is kinda what im trying to do here.

>> No.25059324

Where do you keep your crypto? Do you use a wallet such as exodus?

>> No.25059359

Checked. It's on uniswap. It's the first coin ive bought since link, I only have that and link. Unlike so many others, the token actually performs a function since it is deflationary, and once it's inserted into a balanced liquidity pool, turbo charges transactions, which statera holders benefit from by earning fees when they pool their coins.

>> No.25059435

I would suggest making a list of 5 crypto projects you are interested in. Form that list, since you don't have much money, narrow it down to two and stick with those. That or be a maximalist and pick one since you little cash to invest.
If you had more liquid to play with you could expand your portfolio, but only 200 a month is pretty tough ngl. I suggest you start reading white papers and looking into crypto news, give yourself some time before you make a decision.

>> No.25059531

Nah it's on exchanges. I'm gonna move it to a wallet soon though.

>> No.25059542

here's how i'd do it if i were you right now: your goal is to accumulate BTC, ETH, LINK.
set an amount of BTC, ETH, LINK you want to have. take the amount of money you are able to afford to put into those coins right now, and divide the amt of btc, eth, link you want, by the amount you're able to invest. this gives you a vesting schedule, and a target for your DCAs.
The way the market (usually) moves, you're over-paying for one of those three, and one of those three are on sale.
Right now, link is super cheap, and ETH is super cheap, but btc is pretty expensive, relatively.
we know that ETH usually makes it's biggest yearly move mid-january, so I'm buying ETH rn. and LINK is super cheap to move my BTC to, so i'm doing that.
Google the Sharpe Ratio.

>> No.25059544

>Throat my cock you insufferable faggot
I politely elect to decline your offer. You see, unlike yourself, Im not into fucking other men deep in their assholes and then sucking them dry.

>only binance account I can get into from 2018
Okay, so you bought at 30 some odd cent. Thats smart. Is it your argument that buying NOW is similarly a good move? Surely not?

>stay poor
Youre not qualified to remark on the extent of my wealth as you dont know me. Sorry, :-(

>> No.25059570

Will do.

But really, if you had this little to invest and wanted to go all out on a single coin, which would you choose?

>> No.25059581

>If you had to pick only one of them, which one you would go for?
Really cant say.

>dyor is kinda what im trying to do here
Smart, keep that up

>> No.25059665

I am just guessing from what I read, but I guess ETH will moon before LINK does, am I crazy to invest in ETH first?

>> No.25059685
File: 402 KB, 587x569, arbitrum mcdex.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.25059710
File: 115 KB, 1554x831, linkbtc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i was wrong about it being as good of a buy as it was at .30. it's near the pricepoint of getting it before the move to 20.
the usd equivalent of link isn't really relevant to me, because usd is being printed out of thin air. i'm comparing it to btc, as if usd doesn't exist.
also RSI is low, close to its historical bottom on the weekly, and it has made its historical bottom on the daily chart.
it's just very oversold and makes a great buying opportunity.

>> No.25059770

you're not crazy at all for buying ETH first, but you need to be ok with the possibility that you might miss the early move on LINK buy buying ETH.
I don't know which will pump first. I don't know which will be the better performing asset in the early end of the year.
I do know that historically, ETH has made a significant gain against BTC mid january in bull markets.

>> No.25059771

The thing is nothing stops it from being oversold for a long time its scary bros

>> No.25059784
File: 27 KB, 591x384, vance l2 eth.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.25059804

Link lol

>> No.25059814

Crypto actually likes to remain overbought or oversold on rsi. Not sure it will this time but being oversold is not remotely a reversal indicator.

>> No.25059822

>the usd equivalent of link isn't really relevant to me
Well I guess if you look at it like that, it does make sense

>> No.25059846

you have 3 options, traveler:
take a risk, go all in
DCA, possibly not get your fill of coins (this is what i'm doing)
wage for the rest of your life, never taking on any additional risk, and never taking on additional reward
which will you choose, traveler?

>> No.25059849
File: 377 KB, 645x773, EGfM0dDXoAM_p5Y.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> soon
> Dec 3

>> No.25059894

Well, what are the odds of LINK increasing in value considerably before I make the next $200 investment in january? Was planning on going for eth now and link next month..


>> No.25059905

how long might an audit take?

>> No.25059934

I don't get it.

>> No.25060004

How long's a piece of string?

>> No.25060051

LINKETH chart on tradingview shows me that ETH has historically performed better in January than LINK but I don't think that's good enough evidence to form a conclusion because market conditions have changed so much since the start of the year and value propositions are changing every single day. i will tell you this: nobody knows, but if you have a hunch, go with that, don't get greedy, and you'll probably make money.

>> No.25060088

how long should a man's legs be?

>> No.25060105

why is this thread so popular and resilient?
there's like no interesting information in here

>> No.25060136

I was a Bitcoin maximalist before Link came along. It basically is bridging smart contracts to real world apps. It's like a natural progression in crypto with how the system is expanding.
Also Link is partnered with tons of other projects including DOT, Tezos, Celer, and Matic I think. Sergey is extremely proactive in helping it grow.
Also my ID keeps changing since I'm moving around outside, I'm the same person as >>25059246 and

>> No.25060137

Got it, will read a bit more about it and make my move.

>> No.25060214

Hmm, link does seem like a good option...

Guess I will try going with that, hope it will pay off!

>> No.25060273

it's doing so much more than that right now. nobody understands how big chainlink's progression is becoming. it's not just enabling real world data anymore, it's bridging blockchains together with arbitrum. most people won't even care what layer 1 is processing their transaction - arbitrum is just going to choose the cheapest layer 1 and have it transact on that. the value capture is going to start to move away from the layer 1 solutions and into layer 2's. arbitrum's native token is chainlink. it's going to take over the ghost chains in the top 100, first slowly, then all at once, while charging it's customers, which will bring in an additional income flow. then staking (or mechanism design, as ari juels calls it) is going to make the value of the token high enough to be collateral for very large transactions, all of which will be impossible to decode thanks to DECO.

>> No.25060309
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At this time last year the price was below $2 everyone was lamenting how they didn't sell last summer at $4.

>> No.25060316

>arbitrum's native token is chainlink
didn't something come up that made it seem like that wasn't 100% certain anymore?

>> No.25060376
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Lmao yeah I remember that.

>> No.25060451

But if they had they would have doubled their entire bank account and more really considering conpounding growth.

>> No.25060503

It's gonna dump to at least $9 though and many people will sell there thinking it's going to $6, but it will V bottom
But we're almost at the bottom of the famous bubble meme chart
One more stop, capitulation

>> No.25060506

unless i missed something, ed felten said he'd be using chainlink at the smartcontractsummit

>> No.25060531

But if they had sold back then they would miss another x3-x5 increase from that ath

>> No.25060968

9/10 pic, removed 1 point because I'm a muslim man and I know from experience Sergey has a bigger penis.

>> No.25060983

seriously, what's going on
this thread hasn't moved from the top row
I just created a new thread and it was at the bottom of the catalogue within a minute

>> No.25061284


>> No.25061484

>pizza zone
Well, when ETH and BTC were that cheap there weren't a bunch of other coins making those investments massive opportunity costs. Satoshi and Vitalik also weren't relentlessly dumping on a weekly basis to finance for unknowable reasons. Totally different situations.

>> No.25061652

but now my thread, which no one has responded to, is climbing the catalogue

>> No.25061655
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After a pump and dump cycle like you see in pic related altcoins usually enter a long phase of sideways movement.