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Imagine ever investing in XRP

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xrpiss *

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16 threads about xrp most are fud
Yeah I’m thinking we’re about to lift off.

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>news of ongoing litigation and legal issues with SEC
>xrpiss bagholder: yeah im thinking we're about to pump!

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really don’t see why anyone would hold it

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my advice is take your gains, cut your losses and buy back at 17 cents IF the SEC issues get resolved in a timely manner before alt season. i have my doubts. literally any other project would probably pump more than xrpiss right now. i might grab a bag if it dumps down to 5 cents just to see if we get a scam exit pump but something tells me this was it since it was ripple themselves that came out with the news. it's like they already knew it was gonna come out and they were just making sure they took their profits before announcing it. sad.

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Shut up faggot

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OP whats the suicide stack for sentinel ?

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by all means keep holding on to your piss bags but don't say you weren't warned. i wouldn't take free xrp at this point. they've been keeping their holders in the dark, they knew these rumors were circulating and they knew exactly what was going on and they weren't forthright with their "investors". before this recent pump they already knew these legal issues were happening in the background, why not come out sooner? why wait for it to pump and start dumping before saying something? pretty fucking suspect if you ask me, sketchy as hell. this is the kind of shit that should get a company delisted from all reputable exchanges but chances are that it wont unless they completely get fucked and cucked by the government, in which case the exchanges wont have a choice.

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FUD? You are mentally ill.

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Jesus, man, take this

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Good job saying xrpiss you make it very obvious who you are in the threads you fucking moron

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dude i legit feel bad for these xrpiss guys. they have a chance now to make some gains if they bought at 17 but they refuse. they really believe in some higher power when it comes to xrpiss. it's like after 3 years of cult-like brainwashing they can't undo the brainwashing.

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this is the first time i post about this shitcoin fren. xrpiss just feels right. it's a meme that makes itself, do you really think it's such a unique joke that only 1 person in the world would make it or come up with it? KEK

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>and buy back

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You must be the dumbest mother fucker if you haven’t realized this year bag holder schitzos bought from .12-.24. You’re really fucking retarded.

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yeah i mean. i might get some at a lower price. i guess this can be considered fud but when i say lower price i mean 5 cents or less. and i wouldn't accept any for free because i know how hard these bagholders have been gripping those nutsack bags. i would actually feel bad taking their piss bags from them at this point.

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yeah that's a good 2x, why keep holding without realizing gains after such horrible news comes out? i would sell half my bags now and half at like 40 cents and then hope it goes lower.

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lmao what's wrong with these shitskins? Why so many xrp fud threads?

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anyway i lost interest in this thread already, just had a good laugh. hope im wrong and you guys get to $3-5 usd. legit, i dont want to see xrpiss guys suffer but it almost feels like you guys bring it upon yourselves.

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Sorry I spent 13512 on 100k ripple now worth $46k suck my nuts you fucking retard
> 9 post by this I’d out of 20 fuck off loser

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praise kek for the laughs

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good job bro, never sell.

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Are XRP holders the dumbest bagholders in the history of crypto? I am willing to say they are even dumber than Bitconnect holders. Bitconnect bagholders were mostly able to admit it was a ponzi scheme but were disillusioned to think they could get out before it came tumbling down.

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Ah. this is going to be so satisfying. I can't wait.

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