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I have a god tier amount of GRT. you all have no clue what you’re selling or even buying. I’ve been watching this project for 2 years and waiting all year for this moment. I’m not sure where my fellow link OG frens are. I have lost them. The link threads aren’t the same anymore. Maybe they got sucked into RLC, DMG, YFI, SNX, PNK, AAVE along the way. Or maybe they are lurking in the shadows. Remember what all of us saw when link was discovered. It has been a long road for link...so much fud endured at times questioning the sanity of being all in. Staking was supposed to be live by now. Back then our backs were up against a wall. We only had one shot. Link OGs were hungry to make it like never before. I hope that hunger is still inside of any of you if you’re reading this. I wish I knew where they were so I could tell them this is the fourth phase everyone kept trying to figure out. The question that weighed on us all. What’s after Chainlink?
BTC - decentralized SoV
ETH - immutable smart contracts
LINK - decentralized oracle network
GRT - decentralized global API layer
The pain of waiting is finally over. The suffering of missing out on so many crazy uniswap pumps but knowing those were not the final piece. This is it. This will be my last and final post on /biz/ and about the graph. This is one I won’t be letting go for a long time like link. I just wanted to relay the message. We are all going to make it.

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>Dear diary

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you're a retard when you talk down about PNK, The Graph follows Kleros and is using them for dispute resolution. Know what you're talking about before you start threads, pleb.

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Based and GiRThpilled

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Did your last thread get deleted? Thanks for making me feel more confident about my investment, fren. Best of luck to us all

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then why price is dropping from the sky if what you say is true Sir?

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I hope I make it like you, 4.5 GRT baby stacklet. I should've swung to double my stack...I hope the year gives me plenty of opportunities to. I agree, haven't seen this energy since ETH and link days

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you put in 2 dollars? absolute madman, how can you sleep at night?

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Lulz my bad, 4.5k

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You're fucking right OP. I haven't gotten this feeling about a coin since Link. My bags may be relatively light at 100k, but I'll be holding until we hit at least $5.

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I've heard Graphites and now GiRTh and I think that's GReaT.

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I did not list those meaning they are shitcoins but the opposite. a possibility they have moved on to other projects/interests within this space. I would never talk down on PNK and did not mean for it to come across as such.

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Bro is Grt legit im getting scared i went all in hard I dont have any wiggle room i even sold my BTC

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What do you think about the sizeable amount of GRT tokens getting unlocked in 6 months? Are we going to get dumped on hard if we don't sell in 2021? Is any of the FUD about GRT's inflation, circulating supply vs max supply warranted?

Do you think GRT will hit double digits like LINK?

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Link OG here and I agree GRT is at least a top 15 coin if not top 10

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Replace link with api3
And grt with pnk and you’ll actually make it

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It seems the wording is being interpreted as I thinking they are scams. The contrary. I guess I should have said moved on to, or, involved with RLC, DMG, YFI, SNX, PNK, AAVE along the way. The only one that might be bait is DMG kek

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I'm not reading all that shit
Comfy and ready for 2021

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Its already in the top 12 going by total supply

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>going by total supply
Fuck off

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CRV is top 20 if going by fully diluted. Quit falling for that meme.

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VCs literally bought GRT at .003c. What is that like 20,000% profit? buying now is buying the top.

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GRT doesn't even have a working decentralized platform yet and people think this thing is worth 1 billion market pre unlock. No one even knows it fit will work.

this is 2017 tier investing right now. I thought people learned something.

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I really hope we all make it anon. Went all in at 0.48 after reading the project, but went abit over my limit in crypto. So this and prq will be my last buy for a while. Gonna leave crypto for a couple years. god bless

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VC tokens are locked. The whole point of the token is for it to become decentralized you mouth breathing retard. Also next time don’t forget to turn off WiFi and go on 4G.

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Not anymore. It was and then dumped relentlessly because of this fact.

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>off by 58
neck self

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Even I stay away from shitcoins, but this one has me excited. Usually you can brush them off just by reading their description. GRT is different though, it solves a real issue in blockchain atm and already has backing from top tier exchanges. It's already proven and currently used by uniswap among others. Selling below $1 will be one of your biggest regrets

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I am big bullish on graph after speaking with friends who work at trading firms

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why is the entire market down today?

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BTC and GRT is all you need to make it bros

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>and is using them for dispute resolution
Citation needed.

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someone initiated FUD sequence.

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GRT more like HRT lol........

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bitcoin is still way the fuck up, probably too high, why would the entire market tank

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I'm a proud Graphite and I fucking hate trannies.

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>There was the ledger hack
>Elon doing something
>and something else
I can't member

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Fucking samefagging nigger

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10k here, super bullish on the graph

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Why do we need grt? Can’t we already build dapps with public data?

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This image reads like it was written by a 14 year old. Not saying the points are entirely wrong, but it reads like it was written by a 14 year old.

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the call was made

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I went all in on GRT. Its strange I don't feel anything. I'm a loser incel who is going nowhere so decided that I either finally make it or neck myself. Either outcome is better than just existing as a wage fuck with a shitty life. I'll see what happens by spring

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it was made by Indian obviously

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here's your breadcrumb, (don't forget curation markets), now fuck off. >>25042909
i got you, i'm sorry for misimptrepteign you

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Yes, take profit and move on.

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>Automatically assuming Kleros will be handling their dispute resolution.

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+2500% since trading started on coinbase, in 2 days, this is insane ...
-42% now from ATH.

where is this going next ? HELP

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fuck your shilling trying to dump on newfaggots
typical shill
>using the LINK story
>NOOOOO other shitcoins weren't the next LINK this is the next LINK
>adding solutions to problems that don't exist
don't fucking fall for it faggots

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OG linker here, still holding pre-sibos links.
I feel you OP. Picked up a fat bag of GRT as well and gonna ride this one through the upcoming bullrun.
It's hilarious seeing newfags with their 100GRT bags panicking over a the first few days of volatility.
Wouldn't be surprised if this thing shoots straight to top10 where it belongs, there must be plenty of people seeing the value of this.

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You spent almost four minutes saying nothing. Why did you take the time??

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Quit spamming this board with this scam. Every fucking day with this shit. It’s hype scam. Kys op.

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I've put sell order on $0.63. Fuck this shit, I'm getting serious Harmony vibes from this coin.

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clean your fucking room holy shit

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base is $0.80 and fucking rebase will rise it even higher, who is in? All threads are in this shilling

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Idiots like are selling. That's why

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jesus do you know how much of a retard you are?

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RLC is a straight up shit coin

>> No.25044947

this will be a top 10 coin and soon enough

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>price is dropping better sell!
Is there a bigger sign of not understanding what you bought?

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It's kind of embarassing to see this kind of discussion in such a based thread. I guess most anons will never know what kind of opportunity flew by here.

>> No.25046079

Is that going by total supply for all the coins?

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literally everything is in red retard

>> No.25046246

Oh they’ll know, but it’ll be too late by then

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Based OP
Its a shame this coin exploded this fast and this high that the correction had to be this brutal
But it only makes the true believers the rarer, which is generally better for the long term
This specific coin is really one in a lifetime, not just in scale, but
>Product already shipped, functional, and battle tested for more than a year
>Used and adopted by projects which valuations would sum to a three digit multiplier of its market cap
>Launched at the brink of a cryptowide bullrun
Like, even if I sold at the absolute top, I would have just ended up rebuying this very same coin at .4 because I do not see myself holding anything else, simply because even if I did believe in any other coin, theyre either already sailed like Link, and reached the exponential growth they deserve, with not much upside in the short term, or their next news or release is "soonTM", making me baghold blind, not knowing any dates on when I get my ROI
/biz/, it doesnt matter when you buy, I only regret not selling the top because it would mean I would have gotten more GRT, I can guarantee you that anything under 1$ is a firesale considering what things are going to come next

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I genuinely have no idea what GRT is and bought 50k at 25c. If idiots like me are buying biggish stacks it’s probably not a good sign.

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yeah and Filecoin passed BTC at some point in fully diluted supply. Lol.

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GRT - decentralized global API layer

Meaning The Graph is the new infrastructure for the Internet, like a new TCP-IP protocol that will route information from blockchains to the modern web.

Can't see why it won't reach 20 billions in the next 2 years, at least

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you sound like a redditor

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no one cares what idiots like you are doing. You are generally irrelevant from the market. Meat to fatten up the meal.

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Finally some based and knowledgeable anons seeing this project for what it is. I did sell the top, it was pretty obvious. Now I'm standing on the sidelines waitin for 0.25 to get back in. But yeah anything under $1 is a steal. It will be entertaining looking back at today's hysteria in 6-12 months from now.

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There’s every chance I just lucked out but historically when idiots buy investments they don’t understand it’s a tipping point for that investment.

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The few remaining people on /biz/ are too tribal now. Everyone has a different bag because of the massive proliferation of crypto, from ICOs to defi shitcoins. Its impossible for people now to be anything other than blindly loyal to their bag and mindlessly hostile to any other project.

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you talk like a vapid whore. large body but tiny mind. and they say being tall and large makes you better what a joke. dumb faschistic standards and norms. jidf says obey and cause discord among families, persons, peoples and nations

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why do you need bitcoin if you have cash

>> No.25047058

no m8 we are here waiting for the innevitable pump past 1$ to laught at swingies

>> No.25047103

at least 100k to 200k required m8

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This thread is 100% curry kek

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I am sitting here in disbelief at some of the comments. Either these are literal sub 80 iq mouth breathing fools in this thread, or I am a complete retard who has misunderstood every morsel of information about GRT that i have devoured. What a time to be alive

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I bought 40 bucks of GRT for fun. Will this be a learning or earning experience?

>> No.25047369

do you understand how Graph would help RLC?
If not you'll never make it

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Ok I need a serious answer, I dumped all my shitcoins for ETH yesterday. Hold about 6.5.

I don't want to bore you like a faggot with a sob story so I won't. Fact is I need a 2-3x that's all...

Will GRT do that it in the next couple weeks?
I know everyone have different opinions and I will get different answers, but please, all I ask is that they are genuine and not trolling or trying to fuck me over.
Then I'll do my job to process everything and make a decision..


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sorry. idiots no

>> No.25047452

If it won't hold up 0.41-0.42 don't buy yet, but it it crosses 0.5 there is a high chance of reversal at least to 0.56 short term

>> No.25047479

The truth is nobody knows. The best thing to do would be to read and understand every word on their website, then google about the project and read more. Look at who is backing the project, who is currently using it, and make a decision about what you think will play out in the future.

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SNX, PNK and AAVE are not scams

>> No.25047659

>DMG, YFI, SNX, PNK, AAVE are scams
ngmi, retard.

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I have to clue what this coin is doing and it's killing me.
Up down up down up down reeee

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This unironically reads like coordinated discord shilling desu

>> No.25047834

Bros I'm worried about the total supply please unfud so I can buy back my stack

>> No.25047911

Why you accumulating before the 5B release?

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This FUD is just like with Link only lazier does this mean we're hitting 1.50 soon?

>> No.25048089

Isint it like in 6 months? by then grt will pump and dump 3-4 times lol

>> No.25048171

I’ve read the website and the blog and watched a dumb video. Here’s my skeptical take.
Rather than google, it seems like lmgtf the coin. Whereas google helps me find the data I need, here I basically know the data I need and where to find it, but the graph helpfully inserts themselves between me and the data so I can query them instead of the source, essentially “let me google that for you”, coupled with a bizarre eco-system of people competing to google for you and some kind of predictions market for what will be popular queries. The whole thing doesn’t seem to make any sense.

>> No.25048272

It doesn't make sense because you are incorrect.

>> No.25048425

But they are indexing stuff that is already sorted.

>> No.25048477

>I've read the website
>Here's my take
>Absolute jibberish

I hope this is pajeet FUD because else you're just retarded.

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The graph is the foundation upon which web 3.0 shall be built.

Millions of Dapps will use it's protocol.

Working product at launch.
Staking at launch.
No sergey dumping for big macs.
No ari juels Spending months/years trying to figure out staking and still not even knowing how to implement it.

I sold my link stack for grt.
I have never looked back since.
Comfy af.

>> No.25048696

That's fine but the corona virus is going to set us back regardless of what stocks you have. It's not about devaluation, it's about gimped growth. Each news about the virus sets all stocks back like a month.

>> No.25049423

Yes get money in the market before the huge bull run pump

>> No.25049448

> LINK - decentralized oracle network

What exactly makes LINK decentralized, except for the fact it uses an ERC20 token?

For real, all other projects like API3, TRB are decentralized but not link

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>> No.25050110

>all other projects like API3, TRB are decentralized but not link
Kek don’t forget about witnet, bird money, zora, and of course uniswap TWAP v2 !! Yeah chainlink is DED lmao

>> No.25050165

>you all have no clue what you’re selling or even buying
Yes. But desu that's pretty standard for me. I basically just buy what biz tells me to, when they tell me, and it's been an ok strategy so far.

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I'm quitting my job and do trading. Please be kind to me gritbros and gritbots. I love you all!

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>> i have a God tier amount of GRT
How much GRT is God tier, frens?
What are the other tiers?

>> No.25051425

No dude. Stay with us, there will be more. Market will explode.

>> No.25051609

But everyone of course cares what the other shutin losers on /biz/ are doing with their measly hundreds! I'm sure every billionaire invested in GRT is watching this thread like a hawk.

>> No.25051679

> Desperately asking losers on /biz/ for advice about a new, extremely volatile token

I like your chances!

> Fact is I need a 2-3x that's all

Oh, well as long as you only need to quickly double or triple your money....'thats all'

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Thanks OP. I'm also all in. Only got a stacklet of 10k GRT, but this is literally all I have. I plowed all my hard-earned money this year into GRT. I know a shitcoin when I see one, and GRT is not it. This is a long term hold like LINK, but I have a feeling that GRT wouldn't take as much time as LINK to be in the top 10 rank.

Go big or go home.

Fortune favours the bold.

>> No.25052740

You sad man...

>> No.25052851

Why do none of you seem concerned about the supply. There's still a fuckton that's yet to flood the market

>> No.25052978

Coin went up earlier, so coin will go up forever! Welcome to /biz/ lol

Imagine you gave a dog who had never tried steak in its life a steak every day for a week the you stopped. The dog would probably wholeheartedly believe more steak is coming, wouldn't it?

>> No.25053099

It will not do that within a couple of weeks. I’d say it’s likely to do that in a few months though.

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So sick of seeing spam from shitskin shills

>> No.25053238

The graph is a solid project. You think biz are smart enough to identify a real gem like this but be so stupid not to consider the supply?

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No. In fact, this is the happiest I've ever been in 2020.

>> No.25053307

GRT chads need to explain anon's question here before i dump 10k

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It's as simple as is this project better than Tron. Of course not. GRT will never surpass TRON

>> No.25053350

Get out and get TRON/XRP/BTC/LINK

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Scared money don't make money.
That's what i told myself right before i sold all my link and went all in on GRT.
No regrets.
GRT will and already is transforming from a volatile asset into a well established, thoroughbred blue chip crypto goliath. Like BTC, Eth, and link.

Staking is already here.
Millions of dapps will be built upon the graph protocol api and the avenue revenue this will generate will be in the trillions.

Think AWS+Google, but serverless and decentralized.

Those staking 100k or more are truly, unironically, set for life.

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Scared money don't make money.
That's what i told myself right before i sold all my link and went all in on GRT.
No regrets.
GRT will and already is transforming from a volatile asset into a well established, thoroughbred blue chip crypto goliath. Like BTC, Eth, and link.

Staking is already here.
Millions of dapps will be built upon the graph protocol api and the annual revenue this will generate will be in the trillions.

Think AWS+Google, but serverless and decentralized.

Those staking 100k or more are truly, unironically, set for life.

>> No.25053402

Based and dare I say it redpilled

>> No.25053716

Do you stake? How to find the reward of each block for your delegated coins?

>> No.25053760

is this a coincidence? when price rises I see a lot of positive posts, but when price goes down I see a lot of negative posts, why is that?

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those jew kikes will have to pry my stack from my cold dead hands