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People refuse to realize how hard the world is collapsing. I'm not even a BTC maxi, but if you don't have at least 50% of your overall investments in BTC, you're not going to make it.

People will literally kill themselves over not having had bought a full bitcoin at 8k or 10k. If BTC isn't at least 400k in the next 5 years, I'll be extremely surprised. There is no conversation anymore, the rich and smart money have already decided Bitcoin to be the response to the world's predicament. Mass inflation, increasing debt, middle-class being eradicated, stocks evaluated at absurd prices, Bitcoin is the wealth black hole. It will be cemented in history, a paradigm shift. You finally have your chance at the oil, land and real estate market of your generation. This is it.

400k is conservative, we will see 1 million dollar/BTC in our lifetime, most likely in the next bullrun in 2027.

Don't be the idiot who stubbornly didn't buy at 100$, 1000$, 10,000$. This world has stopped making sense a long time ago, don't fight it. It's scarce and secure, it will go up in value no matter what.

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400k is fud look at the UK monetary base shit is accelerating fast and both the EU and the USA are devaluating against each other faster and faster

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People for sure have killed themselves already over BTC.
I’m more worried about suicide from the world as we know it becoming nothing but a memory. I hate the term ‘Great Reset’ but the way governments and massive corporations have dealt with coronavirus scares me

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Wow thanks for sharing this incredible opportunity with me! I will immediately buy Bitcoins! Thank you so so much.

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Already happened. Probably many times. This was in plebbit Bitcoin sub during the last bull run
> My brother killed himself because of BTC
> He claimed to have owned 15,000 at one point, which may have been an exaggeration. But I know for a fact that at some point around October-November 2012 he did have at least 6,000 BTC which he showed me in his wallets. He was so enthusiastic about Bitcoin and how cryptocurrencies would revolutionize the financial world. For awhile he was annoying the fuck out of our relatives about how it would make them millionaires.
> I'm not sure exactly what happened to his BTC. Sometime in 2013 he claimed to have lost most of them in a hack and sold the remainder too early. He very well may have sold them all too early, but who knows.

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Gold bugs have been saying this for 40 years though

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Just pumped all my BTC into GRT on the dip. Feeling great

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> As the price climbed up to 10k over the past several months it became even more difficult to make contact with him, he just wouldn't reply to me or my parents calls and texts. A couple weeks ago my parents flew out to see my brother and found him dead by suicide with no note. He was 29 with 50 years of life ahead of him.
> Other than obvious grief I don't really know how to feel about this. If I had missed out on $50M I might have killed myself too. I can't imagine what my brother must have been feeling these past several years knowing he missed his best & easiest shot at the wealthy life he had always fantasized about. Bitcoin totally fucked up his mindset to the point where you couldn't talk about anything related to investing, money or finances without him storming off or crying.

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He could’ve just waited too.

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Classic millennial. His suicide shall serve as lesson.

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>People refuse to realize how hard the world is collapsing.
when everyone is poor, nobody is

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Unironically really sad, that's why I say mass suicide will certainly happen. Not only because of BTC skyrocketing in value without correcting, but because of their assets and money becoming worthless.

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how bout this?

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Checked, based and Incandenza-pilled

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based and clear pilled

also keked

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>Fees 3.49079570 BTC
What happened there?

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Don't ever post DFW for your emo bitcoin utopia blog. Always too soon. You deserve the rope

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0/10 fud

Someone sent BTC with an extremely high fee

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my trips rape your dubs shut the fuck up, you deserve a life of torture and misery

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Try again, nigger

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>trips while Wallace posting

Just absolutely raped, no coming back from it, you'll never win

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I think we've reached the point where we've literally broken money and value. Money is based on nothing, housing is a jewed commodity, there isn't actually a shortage of anything, all supply chain fuck ups are caused by money being 99.999999999% debt. Bitcoin is simply the least jewed asset. The governments will resist but there is no way out of this outside of money printing or outright communism price fixing. Investment became to powerful and based one someone buying your bag down the line. You are cucking your descendants via investing in things like real estate.

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You should blog your emotional dog shit poetry on sheddit where you'll have plenty of readers who give a fuck.

I'm starting to wonder your (((ethnicity))) with all your fetishizing if suicide

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I invest $2000 a month into BTC and ETH. I'm determined to not get left in the dust when the real bull run starts. Just wait until central banks or publicly traded companies start buying bitcoin. I think that'll be the catalyst for bitcoin to catapult to $500k+ in the next few years.

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what about muh shitcoins

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>with all your fetishzing if suicide

You're so upset you can't even type. Stop trying so hard to sound smart. Suicide is your future 100%

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>world collapse
how will you trade bitcoins when the power grid shuts off for good?

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Ah yes, a quick retort of the compassionate tribe...an attack on an obvious typo that detracts nothing from the meaning. Reddit is calling you, anon. Go home

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stupid maxi

bitcoin wont be the one

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>constantly talking about reddit

literally rent free, you're mentally ill, good luck

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gold bugs have to deal with fake "paper" gold ownership that doesnt actually represent real gold. They just sell these homos bits of paper and they lap them up like candy. No wonder gold never goes up. The kikes can print as much of that fake paper as they like.

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I'm already doing fine. You keep posting this pasta and I'll keep calling your demoralization out. Keep it up tranny retard

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Lol I only own .1 btc and won't be killing myself over funny money

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All alts have yet to recover from the last bullrun in 2017, unlike bitcoin. cope harder

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kek, imagine being this delusion and thinking btc is the only thing that will go up if fiat crashes.
even a lot of boomer stocks had higher growth over the past 2 years than BTC did (even after this later rally), and will continue to go up if fiat continues to lose value.

I guess being a btc maxi really is a brain disease

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>reddit, tranny, upset over wallace posting

You don't know how to offend anyone, probably because you're autistic. Don't worry go watch some proxy father figures online for life advice. You'll inevitably kill yourself though, tough luck.

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stfu you fucking nigger

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the chances bitcoin dies in 2021 are very high

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Your trite attacks that are consistent across all the boards are now here for all to see. Got em

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>anime pic

Get speech therapy

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You'll browse here all day without a doubt, waiting for a response from me, it's all you have to look forward to. Get help you absolute loser

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Goldbugs are right , goldbugs are also right that the price of gold is manipulated to keep it down.

But they are too proud to admit that bitcoin is not under the bankers control.

Why?Because the reason that bitcoin can't be inflated with paper bitcoin certificates is due to it's ability to be moved easily.
Everyone wants to have it in their wallets or use it as a wire system , something that gold is terrible and incapable of.

Admitting this means that bitcoin is superior to gold and they are too proud to do it after being right for so long.
I feel bad for them they were right about everything but gold was not the solution even with 2008 tier meme inflation the bankers could control gold , yet memecoins have been totally outside the bankers control.

It's a hard thing for them to accept.

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Some retard selected the amount wrong , that or miner money laundering.

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Before you kys maybe try to rob someone for his btcs??

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1 million 2027 is already certain, OP.
Just look at the seething. Months ago only nocoiners were seething. Now shitcoiners are seething, while nocoiners have gone silent. This is the silence which precedes the mass suicides.
In my country cryptoholders invented a meme called "maciota", which is a slang term in portuguese meaning someone who "made it". The single mention of "maciota" in a brazilian chan get you a immediate ban, so much mad the nocoiners are.
But then, my country is always some steps back from the rest of the world. In overall, nocoiners are going silent, shitcoiners are starting to seethe. Soon they will realize that autism is a bad thing, is not cool, and is much better to have normies onboard than retards investing in obscure coins nobody is going to use.

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oh yes, surely this time when billionaires and corporations are shilling bitcoin is the time the average normie (you) make it

have fun buying their bags

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Fellow huefag here. Are BR exchanges actually trustworthy in your opinion?

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lmao this

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>Trips of truth
2008 was a test run

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I dont need to buy their bags, bobo.

No exchange is. But DEX will eventually replaces them.

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Very informative thread, thanks OP. I am basically all in XRP but I've been meaning to diversify a little into Boomercoin and Eth; even if I dont think the technology is that great there is no denying at this point this shit is only going higher.

When do you think a good time will be to get in? My gut says the bear market after this 2020/21 bullrun but what say you?

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>I am basically all in XRP
You will commit suicide

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>He uttered again, not even sure why he does anymore, or what reason he had.

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Hail (Hail), what's the matter with your head, yeah
Hail (Hail), what's the matter with your mind
And your sign an-a, oh-oh-oh
Hail (Hail), nothin' the matter with your head
Baby find it, come on and find it
Hail, with it, baby, 'cause you're fine
And you're mine, and you look so divine

Come and get your rug (shitcoins)
Come and get your rug (XRP)
Come and get your rug (scamtokens)
Come and get your rug (LINK)

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What about Eth

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Come and get your rug, come and get your rug
Come and get your rug, now
Come and get your rug, come and get your rug
Come and get your rug, now
Come and get your rug, come and get your rug
Come and get your rug, now
Come and get your rug, come and get your rug
Come and get your rug, now

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gay and cringe

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shitcoiner and cope

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The reason why people (correctly) call you btc pumpers stupid is because you have no edge in this game. At best you're making, in your view, an educated bet and nothing more. With stocks, options and futures I can come up with an thesis based on economic or quantitative/statistical analyses and hedge out risks if needs me. Buying btc and other coins, you will end up losing money or worse yet, your whole bankroll. Stop doing it.

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BTC heavy portfolios are enjoying upbeat easy listening music

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Happy to see my meme reposted, you wouldnt happen to have my Bitcoin pepe rocket with Wojack holding onto the bottom would you? My HDD got fucked and I cant find it. I can only hope its still alive somewhere in the memosphere.

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>But how would I ever know who owns BTC or where they live?

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blockstream are hiring pajeet shills now
shamefur dispray

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Just point at this boomer and laugh.

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How much BTC to make it?
I currently have 3.59
I am thinking about using BlockFi to get a crypto backed loan and use that cash to buy even more BTC. I get nervous thinking I will fuck something up though and lose my BTC being stored as collateral. I don't want to be greedy but I don't want to be a pussy either.
wat do

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when people become poor ponzi schemes pop.
Bitcoin can only go up under the bubble status quo. If financial system collapses it's going to collapse with everything else.

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Is it even worth it to buy more at these prices? I only have 1.12 since years ago but I have disposable income right now.
PS will sell in 2025

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>With stocks, options and futures I can come up with an thesis based on economic or quantitative/statistical analyses
I refuse to believe this isn't bait

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I do have it anon.

Great memes , keep up the great work.

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Fortunately (for me), it isn't.

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Imagine if china comes through with quantum computing before US in the coming years. They will brute force the private keys of the richest hodlrs and bitcoin will crash.

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literally 'buy my bags: the thread'
>dumping as we speak

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Via satellite, shortwave radio or smoke signals. Literally.
What the fuck about money is now a type of digital content do you not understand? Also your world collapse scenario has about a .00000000001% chance of happening so if you are basing your investing decisions on that I'd say you need to promptly do the world a favor and kys.

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>past 2 years
nice cherry picking, nigger. Bitcoin is the best performing asset of the last 10 years. Nigger.

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Invented in 2008. More like millenial coin.

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Literally just today I opened up a Binance account for my dad. He does options trading and makes a couple grand in a day no problem and he's finally been listening to me about Bitcoin.
I've got about 1 BTC and 10 ETH myself as well as some other altcoins, so I think I should do alright.

>> No.25035738

>I'm not even a BTC maxi
sounds like you are, so fuck off shill

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Over what long term period did Bitcoin actually lose money? I'm talking multi year periods. Go ahead, bitch. I'll wait.

>> No.25035822

>makes a couple grand a day off options

that's actually pretty impressive, your dad will understand bitcoin pretty fast

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When the power grid goes down guns will be the only hard currency.

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>tfw 98% in on BTC since March.

>> No.25036022

Yeah he's starting to see all the big/smart money get in now and he's not gonna miss out anymore. He saw me double my profits on BTC in a span of a couple months. He's been checking the BTC price every day for the past few weeks and talking to me about it lol
I also got one of my best friends into crypto. Hopefully we all get rich.

>> No.25036059

pick only one

>> No.25036103

I'm on holidays and hating it. I just want to work and keep investing in market too shitcoins
>t. over everything, want fuck you money

>> No.25036139

I still prefer Ethereum. But I think you will be all right with any of the big coins.

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I'm working holidays at my second prn job but only because I want to for that sweet 1.5x pay. I'm really a workaholic and I want fuck you money too.

>> No.25036221

>This world has stopped making sense a long time ago, don't fight it.

>> No.25036230

Define "dies"

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File: 1.94 MB, 1817x2407, __lyn_fire_emblem_and_1_more_drawn_by_ormille__29cde1d1b89d6ee53ceb216310d6b13b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gold inflates at 2-4% a year.

Even if gold did 5x it would become so much more profitable to mine gold that the inflation rate of gold would explode.

Don't listen to the retards saying that new gold sources can't be found. It's just nobody is really looking because the price of gold is still low so no incentive to look for more gold sources.

With bitcoin however miners aren't trying to devalue your bitcoin, instead they protect and maintain the network.

>> No.25036312

What are those companies gonna do when the money they deal in becomes worthless?

>> No.25036350

I was making it before robinhood was invented, and I'm still making it. This is just my gambling money.

>> No.25036427

You're a retard if you're storing your btc on robinhood.

>> No.25036492

It would be an apocalyptic scenario.

>> No.25036512

It's a casino kid, just have fun. Do real investing in property and business.

>> No.25036518

how retarded is it to "buy bitcoin" through robinhood?

>> No.25036849

I've had better returns on PLTR. 3x in the last 3 months. Wow nice pump BTC. Have fun crashing to 10k.

>> No.25036852

Just make a coinbase account dipshit.

>> No.25037009

coinbase sucks ass worst trading platform ever ui is retarded as fuck stupid high fees and anal kyc

>> No.25037130

I'm sure Klaus Schwab and the rest of the central bankers/deep state are all going to kill themselves because they don't have a crypto ponzicoin.

You're deluded.

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bitcoinners are fucking stupid shits.

They really think the rest of the world will get on their knees and suck them off because they have half a bitcoin.
They really think Tether corp would be the new kings of the world because they have tens of thousands of BTC that they bought with their tether printer.

>> No.25037226

i hoped phemex was better but so far feels like crap too.

>> No.25037260

Ah the most low level fud out there. No, we aren't going back to the 1800s.

>> No.25037280

no we think tether market cap is still laughably small to matter and saylor pumped more on btc with a tweet than all the tethers minted since the beginning.

>> No.25037311

You're the retarded one here. Keep your crypto assets off the exchange. Not your keys not your coins.. You've done a terrible job trying to sound smart.

>> No.25037338

low iq seething and killing themselves because they can't handle being the retards of the story, where is the problem? everything is fine

>> No.25037381

I made 10 dollars in bitcoin through paypal

im gonna make it

also durable goods >btc

>> No.25037479

Michael Saylor just bought $650m worth at 21k. Sure you can wait for a dip but he didnt. Do you think he would buy the top?

>> No.25037505

Well, he did, because we're going to $ 18k in the next week or two.

>> No.25037608


How fucking stupid do you have to be to actually think a world crash will happen and that governments worth trillions of dollars will suddenly be like, “oh shit we need to buy btc to survive!”

Pure idiots.

>> No.25037726

I'm sure he knows better than you do. Only matters to the guy I replied to anyway since he looking for an entry. If he waits it might not dip. Point is next year when bitcoin sitting over 100k it wint matter much if he missed the entry waiting for a dip might not come.

>> No.25037800

You are a retard. Congrats on that.

>> No.25037839

Don't fucking put your crypto into those companies. What happens if they go bust? That is not a regular loan and it is not at all a safe way to trade on credit. Go leverage if you want but DO NOT give your coins over to those companies

>> No.25037841

The fact that you take so seriously what amounts to casino gambling proves that you are hopelessly poor and will remain so.

>> No.25037942

When that happens your gold, usd, shiny seashells won't be worth dick either. You'll have bigger problems on your hand. You're argument is a non-issue.

>> No.25038088

You assume I'm poor but yet don't understand an asset that you claim to hold. Peak idiocy.

>> No.25038324

this desu

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The dollar as dying. Every fiat eventually dies and it's almost the dollars turn. Just like the debasing of the Dinari in ancient Rome, we now have endless printing. Continued inflation. Interest rates have been falling globally for decades and they are now going negative. US interest rates are next. And we are still printing billions of it, making it even more worthless.
Why would governments buy btc? It would start with smaller nations like Iran. They have already used bitcoin to circumnavigated US sactions.
Then maybe a country like Venezuela adds some bitcoin to their treasury, after finally realizing they keep getting fucked by dollar pair in international trading and hyperinflation.
By this time every central bank has or is getting a digital currency anyway. Why wouldn't the average person trade SOME shitty ass fiat dollars that are can be printed endlessly for some bitcoin, where there only ever be 21 million ever in existence? At this point bitcoin has gone through another 4 year cycle, the market cap is in the trillions, is hasn't been hacked, hasn't ever stopped trading or functioning. It overtakes gold in marketcap. Then major countries central banks begin to add bitcoin to their treasuries.

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File: 1.32 MB, 1764x875, Zimbabwe_$100_trillion_2009_Obverse.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Of course you won't because you're poor


>XRP maxi
I pray for you

>With stocks, options and futures I can come up with an thesis based on economic or quantitative/statistical analyses and hedge out risks if needs me. Buying btc and other coins, you will end up losing money or worse yet, your whole bankroll.

I keked a lil, 5/10

>doesn't understand the blockchain or how quantum computing works

most likely underage

>implying implications that the rich will an hero
Talking about normies, maybe some richies will an hero, but they'll just whine and marinate in their bitterness


I'm not, there will be a few shitcoins that outperform BTC for sure, but BTC is 99% going to go up. You can't really lose unless you're absolutely stupid.


very, just fucking make a coinbase account, then a coinbase pro account, transfer money through direct deposit (instant 25k daily), done. Also significantly less fees

>> No.25038580

>But they are too proud to admit that bitcoin is not under the bankers control.
Idk, BTC players may be too green to realize they're playing into the bankers hands

>> No.25038649

It's not called a suicide bag for nothing.

>> No.25038656

I got in late and I'm poor, if I start putting in a hundred or three every week or so will I make it before I'm too old to enjoy it?

>> No.25038956

Dude. FFS. You have enough BTC. Chill the fuck out.
>t. 4 BTC

>> No.25039072

Have you seen the third matrix movie? When agent Smith kills neo? That's the bankers buying bitcoin.

>> No.25039076

I only have 0.14BTC. I'm so fucking depressed and anxious I can't sleep anymore. I need to find a way to turn this into 0.5 by the end of the bullrun or I will be completely priced out. I am not a good trader and gambling on shitcoins seems risky since they just keep bleeding sats and if btc really goes to at least 100k, altcoins will be completely destroyed in sats. Many people who only hold alts will regret it.

>> No.25039098

there is only 1 matrix movie

>> No.25039107

Just take out a loan get BTC and default. Its not like you are going to make it anyway.

>> No.25039114

OP quit scaming people, lead people to logos, Sentinel dvpn.

>> No.25039353

.5 could still be life changing money if it hits 400k/btc, hurry up and acquire fiat funny money to convert over to chad hard assets like btc :)

>> No.25039526

Robin Hood kys

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s it true that there is gonna be an economic apocalypse in the next five years? How safe is my accountant career?

>> No.25039773

So how are Crypto Interest accounts? I've seen stuff like Blockfi that offer interest gains on what you've got, is it legit? It sounds too good to be true, I've got 400 I want to invest and see how well things go

>> No.25039887

I’m going to buy Bitcoin but I’ll do it at the end of January.

>> No.25039913

I've only started buying crypto this week. I can't get in now, I have to wait for it to crash again.

>> No.25039941

He didn't invest his own money, you dingus. Investing other people's money with no criminal responsibility or fiscal liability is easy

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I'm not sayng it won't crash, but it's very unlikely we'll see below 18k ever again and it's more likely we'll see a push to 30k within the next 30 days. Once the bullrun lifts off, it won't stop.

>> No.25040020

It will most definitely go under 20k again, but I agree 30k will be its new price.

It’s not going to hit 500k till 2028 at the earliest. Why are people against buying alts in the meantime? Buying something for 20 cents and having it go to 10 dollars is better gains than buying Bitcoin at 20k and seeing it go to 400k

>> No.25040071

I don't even have 18k, I won't even be able to buy 1. I missed the boat, congrats to you anons who got in early. Shitcoins are my only hope at this point.

>> No.25040117


BTC is a ponzi scheme and is going to $0.

>> No.25040180

Bitcoin going from 50k to 400k is only three doublings

There are alts out there that will double ten times if not more, what matters is how many times you can double your money

>> No.25040231

You can buy fractions of Bitcoin you know, you don't have to buy a whole one. Or if you're one of those that feel like owning 0.xx something bitcoin feels like shit, there are other coins you can buy.

>> No.25040326

If you have a lot of money, BTC is a sure fire way to turn a lot into a whole lot more.

I'm not saying shitcoins aren't fun to play with, but they're extremely risky in comparison to BTC. If you have a little bit of money or don't have a great career, then maybe playing with shitcoins is the best chance at getting a lot of money, but you are playing with fire.

Hypothetically, let's say I'm a software dev. If I'm putting 100k a year into crypto, then I'll go with BTC everytime. Maybe I'll throw 1K into a shitcoin occasionally.

I'll never understand why people feel like it's too late. You can buy a fraction of a BTC and still make the same gains that someone with a full BTC does. You're just turning 5k into 100k as opposed to turning 200k into 4 million. You're still increasing your net worth. Do you not want to turn 5k into 100k?

>> No.25040399

Referring to all non Bitcoin coins as shitcoins is peak agenda posting

>> No.25040450

Why get hostile? It's somewhat true. I don't doubt there will be another crypto that will actually have massive implications and use worldwide, but most coins that x2-x10 are absolute shitcoins that don't actually do anything.

>> No.25040465

Bitcoin doesn't actually do anything either.

>> No.25040478

None like mine, kek.
I am becoming a statiscian. Fuck accounting.

>> No.25040489

I own a fraction of a bitcoin is that ok?

>> No.25040494

Why has "400k" been pushed so hard specifically? I remember it used to be $100k people were pushing for. I'm guessing the analysts actually think its gonna crash a little bit over $100k so they keep spouting around $400k to try to keep people bullish

>> No.25040506

Also a Coinbase survey literally showed that $100k is the target sell range for the majority of Bitcoin holders, so yeah good luck breaking $100k.

>> No.25040514

you realize crypto would crash too right? IT depends on economic activity and will fluctaute with recessions

>> No.25040515

Over 100k people/sellers desperate trying to sell you bitcoin or mine bitcoin, just goes to show that it's useless even to them.

>> No.25040547

If every country in the world becomes a shithole like Zimbabwe, every computer in the network is going to become a big red target for the government.

>> No.25040583

I honestly don't understand how crypto is supposed to work without stable power grids and telco networks. It's a soft brute force attack to find an appropriate SHA checksum, right?

>> No.25040594

>BTC doesn't do anything

Just to entertain your sentiment:

>first non-banned internet currency ever made
>finite supply
>completely ran on the blockchain (undoubtedly revolutionary tech)
>trustless and mathematically secure
>can be sent to anyone in the world digitally
>mining encourages people to have a more secure and efficient network

It's fungible, fast, digital, weightless, indestructible and finite. It's gold, but better in every way. No need to overthink it.

>> No.25040632

Well first off the point was peer to peer cash visa/MasterCard replacement and Bitcoin sucks for actually buying shit because the autists who run it want it to be digital gold so banker Jews can buy Bitcoin and then issue “Bitcoin backed” money that they can issue. This is the agenda you maxis don’t realize. The future is people won’t even trade their bitcoins, banks will own them, and the banks will issue their own coins “”””backed by””””” Bitcoin

Lots of other coins like Bitcoin cash and litecoin and monero where you can actually buy things with them and the fee is pennies

>> No.25040635

I used to own 1btc but sold it because I am an idiot. I want to get back in but I can't see btc progressing much farther after this ATH without at least a small correction.

>> No.25040657

The gold standard is literally a Jewish conspiracy, read the fucking protocols

>> No.25040677

personally im gonna DCA and stock up anywaays because on the off chance it goes to 40k and never goes sub30 again i will not forgive myself for being afraid to lose a bit of it. even worse if there's a bullrun over 5-10 years and it goes to 100k+. better risk lose a fair amount than risk not gaining an enormous amount.

>> No.25040679

It's internet gold, it's that simple. Do you walk into a Starbucks with your gold bar and snap off a piece to buy coffee?

>> No.25040699

The point of it was to be a fucking Visa replacement not digital gold you retard. The intended purpose from day 1 was you could buy a coffee with it.

>> No.25040710

Just like Bitcoin has to compete with Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin Platinum and EIGHT THOUSAND other coins.

>> No.25040747

>things can't evolve and change use-case

That's an autistic mindset honestly

>> No.25040749

Just look at Bitcoin cash which has LITERALLY THE SAME code as Bitcoin except they increased the block size, fees are literally less than a penny

there is no logical argument to not increasing the Bitcoin block size other than it benefits banker kikes who will issue bitcoin IOUs in the future

If the block size was increased it would be digital gold and you could actually buy shit with it as well

fuck off midwif

>> No.25040753

I guess as a newfag I don't really see the point of buying after it has already gone up so much. I know it's going to crash again, it always does, so why not wait? Even if it's down to 18k, I feel like that'll be a better investment than buying it now. Unless there's reason to believe the current price is as low as it's going to be from now on, or it's not going to crash this time, but how am I supposed to know?

I'll say it myself, I need to lurk moar.

>> No.25040774

It didn’t evolve it fucking devolved. The literal kikes who funded the dev team who runs it pushed their digital gold agenda because it’s original purpose would have hamstrung the JWO.

>> No.25040785

>digital gold
>buy coffee

choose one, you're literally shilling shitcoins

>> No.25040804

bitcoins original purpose is to buy coffee retard read the white paper

agenda retards who only want “number go up” are against this

>> No.25040840

yes, i'm a former rocktard. i saw the light of paper gold. like every market its overrun by retail retards who think "i have a big stack of gold" (ie. 14 oz). they have no idea that large stacks (1000-50000 oz) are a total pain in the ass to deal with physical, hence why all the big stacks are paper only
bitcoin changes this as its a fucking usb drive to hold $8B USD.

>> No.25040863

Collapsing fiat will also moon all other assets. Sure Bitcoin may grow at a little faster rate, but that $400k Bitcoin isn't going to buy you today's $400k house. That house will moon to $4M and you'll still be a poorfag.

>> No.25040895

You're absolutely seething and I'm trying to have a legit conversation with you, but I could keep going on, but the convo would continue looping. You hate BTC, I get it. I frankly couldn't care less if BTC went up or not. I have an amazing job and am practically set for life. It's just exciting to see a paradigm shift in monetary value.

The thing is, BTC WILL go up and you can continue shooting grease out of your pores as you seethe about muh whitepaper. It doesn't matter.

>> No.25040919

It does matter because the digital gold agenda is literally paying into the hands of the bankers are you’re too much of a midwit retard to even comprehend why

>> No.25040964

>pure autistic rage

Repeat after me: It will. go up.

>> No.25041013

You'll be made obsolete before we get hyperinflation, don't worry. Well, maybe around the same time.
Accounting software is growing at exponemtial pace, while blockchain and smart contracts makes most internal auditing redundant.

>> No.25041015

I don’t care whether or not it goes up retard I care about the fact that you are a useful idiot for bankers

how did the Bitcoin community go from “Bitcoin is good actually because it sticks it to the banking cartel” to “yeah Bitcoin being taken over by the bankers is good as long as muh number go up”

literally proof that you goyim are subhumans who will sell your soul for 40 pieces of silver

>> No.25041026

This. Economists never seen to calculate the most transformative factor in human history. Violence.

>> No.25041053

Smart man, DCA is a good idea esepcially n a situation like this. I dunno. I might wait it out because at this point it's essentially a double top on the macro-scale but it seems to have a bit more support at this level this time around. I have to say, I don't you have have a bad idea with DCA'ing right now though...

>> No.25041150

If you own Real Estate outright, and you homestead on it, I don't agree. If you don't have enough land to take care of your food and winter heating & its mortgaged then I agree 100%

>> No.25041168

Micro strategies already buys BTC. and its publicly traded...

>> No.25041195

A 30% dip is the most you'd ever see and it's been a while since it's done that.
Buy some now, buy more later if it goes down. See: averaging down. This bull run will go into mid-late 2021, the trend will be up overall.

>> No.25041200

No way out except XRP $2K EOY

>> No.25041257

Many people have already died over BTC.

>> No.25041263

Post the graph with the assassinations on it too.

>> No.25041336

Get over your fear of death.
All good people will be fighting these commies soon.

>> No.25041406

Schitzo bitcoin theory:

QE1 happened in November 2008, early 2009 bitcoin appears. It was created by the government to capture hyperinflation from the unlimited printing. That said, bitcoin should be $1,000,000 very soon. The problem is by then bitcoin will be outlawed to own.

>> No.25041421

quantum computer fud is way overrated. if quantum computer exists it would be safer to have your assets stored on a decentralized blockchain then the trillion of fiat store in centralized databases. all encryption including banks and nuclear system will also be broken.

>> No.25041762

it will keep going up and you will fomo, then crash as soon as you buy

>> No.25041775

Thanks for the advice, /biz/ is a kind board.

>> No.25041871

>doesn't understand what quantum computing means

>> No.25042542

Your post is factualy incorrect on two occasions: 1) Significant movements of gold price does not translate to significant increases in gold creation. 2) All creators of stores-of-value, be it gold, fiat, seashells or crypto, try to increase supply. This leads to a transfer of value from people who use the store-of-value to the people who create the store-of-value. The difference for crypto is, that creators (miners) have no means to increase the total supply. This feature is actually the single most important and valuable thing about crypto.
Both of these claims have been shown and explained in the book ‚The bitcoin standard‘.

>> No.25042577

Okay, but will XMR continue to follow BTC? I'd like a more private option.

>> No.25042987

You really need to learn economy 101

>> No.25043521
File: 177 KB, 600x718, 1600049578073.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw 98% in on a shitty robinhood BTC price index since March.

>> No.25043525

That $100k target used to be $50k. Only place I've heard $400k though for now is from this

>> No.25043651

what is stock to flow?
t. post.

>> No.25043684

Don’t be a stupid fag, if they rugpull you go to zero

>> No.25043730

if they dont rugpull in next 7 years you will have doubled your coin though...

>> No.25044504

>People will literally kill themselves over not having had bought a full bitcoin at 8k or 10k.
But most would rather kill us for getting “lucky” and not sharing our wealth.

>> No.25045049
File: 140 KB, 1080x1293, 891a640ebc713678b9721b2faa0fd612.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Sure Bitcoin may grow at a little faster rate, but that $400k Bitcoin isn't going to buy you today's $400k house. That house will moon to $4M and you'll still be a poorfag.
Housing is a massive bubble that is overdue for a massive pop. E.g. I live in Australia and our housing bubble is considered the second biggest in the world; in the third largest city, people are paying up to $350 per week to rent a bedroom -- that is $18,000 per year. It is totally unsustainable in the long-term, IMO. And a catalyst like a global fiat collapse would make the house of cards come crashing down. Remember, in the 1920s, a rural house here cost $700, roughly.

>> No.25045202

>not reinvesting portion of gains into real estate for easy passive income

>> No.25045277

dude honestly get the fuck out of xrp. BTC is basically a sure thing and you're just betting that 1) Ripple will be adopted by financial institutions and 2) they'll actually use XRP if they do (they don't need to even if they adopt.) It's a painfully stupid gamble especially given all the opportunity around you.

>> No.25045327

Blockchain tech is the most significant advancement since the internet and Bitcoin's price is essentially a reflection of public confidence in it. Blockchain tech isn't even used yet in any meaningful way and it's already at 20k. It's the most obvious bet someone could make.

>> No.25045526
File: 19 KB, 450x311, EpvMK5tXcAA62Ck.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Agreed 400k is FUD. 400k are the conservative Banker estimates. The price rally might be absolutely ridiculous

>> No.25045573
File: 142 KB, 1141x712, Epr3nkeXMAAFnKd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Whoops wrong pic

>> No.25045616

There is no fucking way you're a hardcore believer in "crypto will revolutionize finance" and then sell all your bitcoin while not keeping at least a few BTC just in case it goes to 10 million.

>> No.25045663

There is many people like that. I dunno why, but when they give up the dream they in fact do sell everything instead of going "oh I could at least keep 1% just in case"

I do the same to shitcoins that end up. If one of them turns out to flip BTC and I haven't held them I'll not kill myself though. Then I can only say I genuinely didn't see it coming.

>> No.25045715


Also a reminder that it's never too late. This guy killed himself when Bitcoin was 10k. He was in the game since 2012. Even if he lost his Bitcoin in a hack, he could've still been a multi millionaire if he didn't let that setback make him depressed and just kept going. Instead he gave up and let opportunities slip. There will come other chances. Eth happened in 2017. DeFi in 2019. Blockchain is a wild west with new ideas popping up at every corner. Everytime you fail, you'll learn. The difference between a millionaire and a poor man is in how many times they have failed. The millionaire will have failed a hundred times more often than the poor man. You just need to make it only once.

>> No.25045727

Newfag here, alright, next dip that's 15~% I'm putting 5 grand into Bitcoin (I own 20k to my name). Thanks guys. If it plunges I kill myself though

>> No.25045733

See >>25045715

>> No.25045742

It won't crash. Game has changed since 2017. Now bots are programmed to buy every single dip.

>> No.25045833

>investing in things like real estate.
That's mainly mcmansions and place's where section 8 housing (or your equivalent) will pop up in a few years.

>> No.25045863
File: 27 KB, 686x291, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

they are preparing martial law in the US, it's all over the news.
bitcoin will go to shit in a few months time.

>> No.25045868

Surely bitcoin becoming illegal will tank its value?

>> No.25045952

Lol he could have just waited a few years and made even more. This is the cost of all your FUD, you MURDERERS!

>> No.25045962

Oh okay I'll wait to buy bitcoin then

>> No.25045963

At least you understand that shitcoins always lose against BTC. That will put you ahead of the majority of the world and those in crypto. Just get your money up IRL, live frugally and funnel everything you can into BTC. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

>> No.25046025

If this is srs it’s bullish for gold unironically

>> No.25046048

Use your Bitcoin as collateral, buy dips with Tether loans. Essentially you're using leverage to profit of overexcitement in BTC. Right now is good time to do that. Do it before the pump phases come and pay back your loans when the it slows down. Then when the correction comes you repeat, with a higher loan since you own more BTC. We'll all make it, brother!

>> No.25046057

Unlike gold it will be the opposite as it is easier to use btc to access goods or other coins and the institutions gain much more by buying into btc

>> No.25046181

I just googled tether loan to understand what you're talking about. Can you please elaborate for the newbies? Are you saying i should take out a loan and buy BTC when it dips? Thanks

>> No.25046281

So how many BTCs will need for $1m within 5 years?

>> No.25046301

You put your Bitcoin as safety in a defi platform. Currently the easiest way is using Ether platforms like AAVE or Compound, with wBTC (use wbtc.cafe to get your Bitcoin onto the Ethereum blockchain. If somebody knows native methods that don't require Ethereum, feel free to educate me)
With your collateral you can take out indefinite loans. Usually around 70% of your value in Bitcoin. So if you put in say 2k in Bitcoin as collateral you can loan 1700 Tether and buy more Bitcoin. Use that Bitcoin as collateral too to not get liquidated by price swings. Now you have effectively 3700 in Bitcoin, but you have a loan of 1700. When Bitcoin goes up, say it pumps to 30k, a 20% increase, you now have 4.4k in Bitcoin. If you pay your Tether back now you'll be left with 2.9 k instead of 2.2k. Repeat with every pump to increase your BTC position.

>> No.25046413

>unbiased predictions
What do u fags really think 1 btc will be in 5, 10 years? What about 2? What is a 2021 Btc comfy stack? I think 5 maybe? Fuck I need to buy more

>> No.25046531


Without going into too much details I think I understand the general concept. That's very kind of you to share what you know for me and other noobs alike, thank you.

I'm going to look into all these terms and names. Maybe there's still hope for me and all the other noobs who want to make it.

Where do you get your sources or draw your conclusions from on cryptocurrency?

>> No.25046591

Missed the YFI hype, wanted to know what it's all about and why everybody was making money off it, and by the time people got 1200 bucks for free for using Uniswap I decided I need to get into DeFi. It's all own research from then, but you can read the Compound or Aave whitepaper if you want


>> No.25046648


Thanks for helping, can you please help with a couple of questions?

You mention now is a good time to do this before the pump phase comes. Do you mean it is now a good time to buy BTC before the pump comes? It was 15k, then 20k, now 30k. It will be pumped even more?

Do you think it will dip again, and if so by how much? Won't it then be a good time to buy?

What if I don't have any bitcoin or anything to use as collateral?

>> No.25046688
File: 41 KB, 1024x635, 374F130B-D0DE-4389-B156-2E5F8D572DFE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This man knows what’s up.
We’re all gonna make it bros.

>> No.25046708

I DONT CARE WHAT YOU THINK O! You can suck my dick for all I care! 30% btc 30% eth 30% link and 10% to fulfill my daily gambling habit! SUCK MY DICK

>> No.25046762
File: 71 KB, 643x461, Global-Silver-Exchange-Trading-vs-Mine-Supply-2016.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Bitcoin is simply the least jewed asset
Wrong. It's silver.
Actually silver is jewed in the opposite direction : it's the only asset on earth who is massively undervalued due to the jews mass shorting it and constantly injecting paper silver on the COMEX.
The 4 big banks invested in the comex/LBMA trade are literally spending billions to constantly overshort silver, for some reason.
Also btc is totally useless and a shitty outdated dinocoin. Silver is the most vital commodity in the entire planet after oil.

Silver should be $1000 per ounce.

>> No.25046779

I think now is a good time to buy because we just broke a major sell wall that is 20k. Everybody who wanted to sell below 20k already would have done so after 20k was retried multiple time and BTC looked like it wouldn't break it, so I just see 20k not happening in the short-mid term and even long term. Don't want to be one of those "BTC WILL NEVER BE BELOW 20k AGAIN" fags, but I think right now is a pretty safe entry point. There would need to be something big happening to crash the price, but you never know. I'm sure once Bitcoin settle around 23k-24k with upward pressure, we'll shoot up again. Right now we're in the "testing the upper boundary" phase. Any bullish news could shoot up the price immediately. Imagine Tesla announcing converting their liquidity to BTC. Imagine other big investment funds trying to get BTC aside from Greyscale. Imagine any big player simply announcing they're in the BTC game now. Literally the most miniscule positive thing will cause major upswings and I see these news continuing to happen. Michael Saylor was just the first and he'll eventually prove that going all in on Bitcoin was the right decision and his rich buddies will soon follow.

If you don't have a collateral you can't take a loan. You'll need to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum or something first.

>> No.25046850

I guess you would never buy shares if you have to trust a broker to keep them?

>> No.25046879


Thanks I read a little bit about what YFI is. I also found this interesting article. I guess I need to understand DeFi better now.


>> No.25046929

Imagine the broker being called Rajesh and he only has a postal address in Dheli. Would you trust him to handle your stocks? Yeah as crypto grows, institutions in crypto become more trustable but the entire point of crypto is that you don't need any trust. With smart contracts I can loan money to Rajesh and if he doesn't pay back, I'll get to keep his Bitcoin and nobody can stop that contract from executing.

We're for the most part people who saw exchanges get "hacked", we witnessed Mt. Gox and we are so paranoid we keep our Bitcoin in cold storages. And even THEN we're not safe, see the ledger hack (poor fellas). When it comes to money you trust NO ONE. When tokenized stock exchanges are a thing these will also be the only stocks I'll own and close my legacy positions

>> No.25046974

i try and buy silver whenever i can but the tax levied on top of every purchase in europe is such a killer

>> No.25046975

It's pretty exciting stuff. I myself am not an expert on all stuff that's possible with DeFi as I said I missed the YFI boom and am just getting into it, but it's definitely worth looking into

>> No.25046989
File: 700 KB, 1283x869, promise.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pure delusion, the cost to mine a ounce of silver is around $20

If somehow silver did go to $1000 then the profit margin for mining a ounce of silver would be $980.

Mining of silver would explode and so much silver would be dug up and dumped on the market that it would dump to oblivion.

Look at the technological advancement that came with $100+ oil. USA became energy independant from the rest of the world in a decade when all the 'experts' were pushing the peak oil theory.

Commodity money is simple trash, because commodities are to easy for humanity to obtain.

This is why bitcoin will crush gold and silver, because bitcoin never inflates.

>> No.25047010
File: 46 KB, 619x453, 1492363862277.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You are living in UK i guess? Here in francistan it's VAT free to purchase coins with facial value, no matter the metal. Which is the standard for most countries.
Feelbad for you fren, why is UK so fucking cucked?

>> No.25047041

>proxy father figures

>> No.25047046

So your big dream is a decentralized network that replaces VISA and lets your pay with crypto for your coffee. The token price doesn't matter as long as it is stable. And you want this because it will save the vendor 2% on VISA fees and because The Government can't blacklist you from buying that coffee?

>> No.25047053 [DELETED] 
File: 216 KB, 1374x1020, Bitcoin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.25047077

Thanks for the information, that's good food for thought. How long do you think it will be before the next dip, significant and barely significant? And by how much? Thanks

>> No.25047085

> retard
> retard
> you're all retards!!
> gold's original purpose was for trading camels, by Jehovah, not this infidel use of being stored in a vault waiting for a greater fool who hasn't even heard of camels!

>> No.25047139

People who think like this are ngmi

>> No.25047211

wear a bitcoin shirt and larp as a nerd bitcoin maxie on twitter and Instagram, the weak will come to you for reinforcement of their financial decisions

>> No.25047257

bollocks nobody needs a new asset class to buy coffee

>> No.25047323
File: 27 KB, 568x333, gold exploration.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It would be true only if silver stocks in the earth's crust were still huge. Like for oil or sand.
The thing is we mined 90%+ of all existing silver reserves on this planet. It's now the 5th year in a row with declining production. And since silver is a metal concentrated close to the surface and almost inexistant in depths, we basically are fucked.
Also the VAIA to mine an oz of silver is around $12-13, not 20. The cost to mine silver is very correlated to oil's prices, since it's the main component required in the mining industry. Cheap oil = cheap silver extraction.

And the cost to mine an oz of gold is $800, yet the price is $1900/oz. So if the profit margin per gold oz is $1100, why should silver only net few bucks?

>This is why bitcoin will crush gold and silver, because bitcoin never inflates
We already are at the point where we consume more silver every year in industrial + bullion uses than we mine. And no matter how much we spend in exploration, all the interesting spots remaining are ancient silver mines from the 18/19th c. we didn't fully exploited because of the limited technologies back then. This is absolutely catastrophic when you know silver is a vital material of modern life, from batteries to water filtration systems to solar panels to smartphones....

Not only that but the vast majority of silver used in industries can't be recovered, either it be because it's in nanoparticles, colloidal, used in circuits, etc... the quantities used are too small to be recycled or straight up disappear, so it end up taking it's tool on the inflationary status, contrary to gold which is recycled up to 98%.
Actually we will soon reach the point where silver become deflationary. And it's not as money that silver will moon, but as a strategic commodity every nation will need if they want to continue to advance in the technological age.

No silver = no future for humankind. It's that simple.

>> No.25047339

Lol, Dusk is doing this right now. Tockenized Stock Exchange.

>> No.25047343

silver is a byproduct of other metals mining.
it's not even really mined for itself as it would be too costly.

>> No.25047352

I just want this shit to dip to 16 again so I can buy.

>> No.25047383

You think i ignore this? It's 68% of the silver production who's a byproduct of zinc/lead/iron/copper/etc.. mining.
It's actually the most bullish factor among all for the silver mega-moonrun.

>> No.25047390
File: 89 KB, 245x206, file_dt0qfvzm83.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm starting to wonder your (((ethnicity)))

>> No.25047450

As a poorfag I'm basically priced out atm, will it dip after the next bullrun like it did in 2018?

Or should I just gamble on shitcoins to try and x10-20 my money?

>> No.25047487

Is it decentralized?

>> No.25047495
File: 400 KB, 1080x1771, IMG_20201218_085943.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not happening bro

>> No.25047508

Still trying to stay alive with fucking shit tokens trading? Kek, reckted with new base protocol, go hoome niggers

>> No.25048366

Well no......
Whats going to happen is that all the whales and the rich boys will dump btc on the boomers in the coming years and jump into CBDCs which will actually change the future.
Btc hashing is completely MONOPOLIZED by china. No country is ever going to adopt it considering another country can fuck with your currency as they please. If no country will adopt it and all the banks jump in on the CBDCs btc will have no choice but to crash.

This is my prediction. Who knows? I didnt expect btc to last this long. Maybe you btc niggers might last after all. Only time will tell.

>> No.25048577

>gay and cringe
Shitcoiner or not. He’s right. That’s pretty gay.

>> No.25048710


>> No.25048735

You're completely out of your mind that people have risked losing everything and would give their ticket of financial freedom away to escape the world of centralized finance just to return back to that very same system just because they join the crypto game. It's like you people don't even understand what the point of this all is.

>> No.25048804

BlockFi is custodied by Gemini. You're more likely to fuck and lose your own keys than BlockFi is to scam you.

>> No.25048915
File: 9 KB, 208x250, 1589358154474.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>missed out and too poor to afford a whole bitcoin

>> No.25048963

What's stopping china from raiding every single btc mining operation in china ? Ceasing operations and collecting every single btc and converting into their own digital yaun ?
Fucking Nothing not batman, not Capt America fucking coom shit belle dahpine nothing

>> No.25048988

If you feel like you're priced out of Bitcoin, you need to start thinking in Satoshi. You can still buy 1 million Satoshi even if you can't afford a whole Bitcoin

>> No.25049078

Might happen, doesn't matter. Bitcoin is global. If China bans mining, that means the mining power shifts to the rest of the world. It's China's loss, not ours. It is worrisome that China has so much Bitcoin though. For the economic implications though. China is already the second most powerful economy and when other government realize Bitcoin is there to stay and they have no other choice but to buy Bitcoin reserves to retain economic autarky, China will already be a player bigger than everyone else.

>> No.25049354
File: 686 KB, 1000x800, 1606172110451.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>killing yourself over numbers on a screen

>> No.25049480

gobrcao soprasao bao

>> No.25049582

Bitcoin has many flaws, no privacy beeing the worst.

>> No.25049681

It's transparent, but it has privacy. You can make as many wallets as you want and not any of your information to them.

Bitcoin is powerful precisely because it's so transparent. It's the first perfect market where every information is available to everyone. I think people calling it a bubble are hilarious because in a perfect market bubbles don't exist

>> No.25049715

Closer to 200K.

>> No.25050161

>pay with btc irl.
>Get robbed, cause the guy may see your balance.

>> No.25050196

>get btc
>get blacklisted, since mining is centralised and everyone may see your account balance.

>> No.25050223

>get 0.01 btc
>cannot transact, since the fees are higher than the balance.

>> No.25050272

ju hass too come to bresow. je go foo...womeeh...

>> No.25050273

priced out pajeet spotted, fuck off with your shitcoin scams.

>> No.25050498

Is he right?


>> No.25050522

it's an even bigger ponzi scheme than the stock market lmao

>> No.25050538

so tell me which wallets are mine then!

>> No.25050568

No. Crypto solves many problems, fast global transactions, and private store of value with monero.

>> No.25050604

Send me a btc and I will know the entire history of your wallet. Not so with monero.

>> No.25050718

You realize that this board has IDs right?

>> No.25050826

>You realize that this board has IDs right?

>> No.25051451
File: 231 KB, 1125x606, w.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here is a wallet of mine i used once for educational purposes.
won't send you shit.

now i have 50 other wallets find them!

>> No.25051511

I sold the fucking dip, WTF.

>> No.25051515

Look at this brainlet.
How can someone be so stupid?

>> No.25051572

dude... never heard of bip38?

>> No.25051592

How do you leverage while still maintaining custody?

>> No.25051602


>> No.25051645

fucking newfag then

>> No.25051665


>> No.25051705
File: 2.51 MB, 4032x3024, 13002068-237F-44D2-B1F8-B3FDCEDBBD93.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bros, as a wagie zoomer poorfag, should i just start treating btc as a bank account basically? Dumping my wagie fiat into btc every paycheck? Help me make it bros

>> No.25051783

yes i'm buying btc for $100 each week even last week and this week.

>> No.25051826

Out of the 650M how much did he pocket?

>> No.25051917

>Talking about normies, maybe some richies will an hero, but they'll just whine and marinate in their bitterness
TPTB with the military, intelligence agencies at their beck and call, central banks and media are going to kneel to a bunch of heroin addicts and ponzicoin pumpers.
All Bitcoin is is a ponzi to get dollars out of new entrants into existing bitcoin pump scammers.

You're a retard who don't understand the difference between market cap and float.
$17 billion printed out of nowhere is not nothing. The tether jews are accelerating because they know their time is coming, you're not allowed to print USD if you're not part of the club.

>> No.25052358

>$17 billion printed out of nowhere is not nothing
tell that to the fed kek they print trillions per hour if they get going.

>> No.25052378

desu in his case suicide was best thing he could do

imagine living with PAIN you made that kind of mistake.

suicide is preferable

>> No.25052517

Well, debasing currency is a federal crime almost everywhere.

>> No.25052896

who gives a shit what whitepaper says
is it a holy manuscript?
what did original gold whitepaper say?

god you are so dumb

>> No.25052921


>> No.25053418

as others have said, bitcoin follows the markets. bitcoin's ostensible rise in value is beyond what anyone could have reasonably predicted, and also not commensurate with the utility it currently provides. if people are using services like paypal to avoid on-chain transactions (which is really the only way it could work), then you have the same counterparty risk as with anything else. it lost 3/4 its "value" in march. we don't know satoshi is. most bitcoin is unaccounted for. some other person here also mentioned the possibility of a carrington event, which i think should be considered very seriously. if cell phones and other electronic devices became unreliable during a carrington event and people did not have any physical, socially established, and inherently valuable means of transaction, the breakdown of social order and massive casualties would be a certainty.

electronic, unbacked currency is worse than fiat in some ways. it's short-sighted and could have far-reaching consequences. i think PMs make more sense than anything and are the only socially responsible choice.

>> No.25053487

baby's first day on the internet?

so then where is my 50 other wallets and my name and address if bitcoin is not private?

ya all talking out of your ass.

>> No.25053628

>What is KYC
All darknet markets are switching away from bitcoin.

>> No.25053679


also consider that PMs are somewhat self-regulating. if you want a high-end car, high-end electronics, etc., then your means of transaction should at least very loosely track the raw materials needed to make it. needless over-consumption and e-waste is limited, both by a more considerate and measured use of resources (thrifting, recycling, planning), and the psychological effect that an inherently valuable currency like silver has. they're not merely "points" or "credits", it's something valuable and easily recognized as such by its physical qualities alone. people will not spend it carelessly.

they're also sanitary and durable. they're easy to work with. anything else is regressive and frankly downright stupid. and you wouldn't have to transact in the physical product necessarily. a pm-backed digital currency would do just fine.

either tptb are trying to kill us or we're going to move to PM-backed currencies. the former is more believable but in that event i'd still want some PMs on hand.

>> No.25053704

>a pm-backed digital currency would do just fine.

that is, provided people also keep some physical on hand.

>> No.25053858


and you know, i don't necessarily believe in intelligent design, but PMs are a perfect currency. i think we should take the hint and not reinvent the wheel.

>> No.25053900

You can send millions in crypto around the world in minutes and store those millions in your pocket. Can you that with PM too?

>> No.25053965


of course. have an electronic currency backed by precious metal. each unit of currency could be tied to and redeemable for a physical quantity of silver or whatever else. not hard.

>> No.25053972

>they're easy to work with
Blatant lying.

>> No.25054015

>electronic currency backed by precious metal
And a central authority who back ups

>> No.25054066


it would require some effort to coordinate an electronic currency backed by PMs but it certainly wouldn't be the hardest thing to do. the physical metals are soft and can be alloyed to achieve whatever durability is needed.

>> No.25054109

>not hard.
Sir , how to verify currency is 1:1 tied with pm. Remember tether? Ok so must be a decentralized currycy. Ok now , sir how do we incentivize it's decentralization ? Hmm perhaps a pow like BTC or pos like eth2. Uh oh , sir we have now created crypto clone and your pm is useless !

>> No.25054116

That is one of the problems.

>> No.25054144


not really. it could be as simple as two bank locations with a quantity of silver at each. people deposit at one, and the other party is credited at the other. viola, you've "sent" silver in a matter of minutes. the bank takes a small cut and everyone wins.

>> No.25054196

>bank runs off with all your silver ala Mt Fox
Sir !

>> No.25054254


easy. pass regulations that prohibit fractional reserve bullshit. there are no technical obstacles here, and this is the most socially-responsible monetary system. the only people who'd get in the way are those who have vested interests.

>> No.25054322

so you can't tell shit? okay then. glad we had this talk.

>> No.25054360

>pass regulations that prohibit fractional reserve bullshit
ahahahah revolutionary idea hahahahah
just say soothing is illegal and everyone will stop doing it! ahahahah.

if only someone banned murder robber and rape... imagine that world!

>> No.25054416


it's no different from the counterparty risk of using a bank nowadays, or using paypal to handle your bitcoin, which is really the only possible way to achieve fast and low-cost transactions.

>> No.25054418

They're not necessary switching away from bitcoin but rather using also monero.. But they heavily still use bitcoin, now that they found out they can just "wash it" with monero.. bitcoin still has the same functionality they always had.

>> No.25054454

Alright maxis, what the fuck is gonna happen short term? I'm getting a nice corona bonus tomorrow and I wanna know if I should just dump it all into BTC.
t. Shitcoin swindler

>> No.25054465

but here comes the funny part: schnorr signatures are scheduled to be activated on mainnet in a year with taproot.

>> No.25054585


C.13. And those who have control of the money, with no desire for favor or gain, should select faithful coiners, as if they were seeking our favor and the grace of God. And the coiners should themselves take oaths that they will perform their office faithfully, as well as they know how. And they should not coin a denarius of mixed metal nor one of light weight, nor should they consent to such a thing. And, without any deception or evil disposition towards those whose silver they accept for purifying, they should cleanse the silver, and without practicing any deception in weighing it, they should change the purified silver into denarii. If it be reported that any one has acted contrary to his oath, he will be tried by the judgment of God; and if it be proved that he acted contrary to his oath he will lose his hand just as was decreed for false coiners in book four of the capitularies, chapter thirty-three, and as a sacrilegious person and despoiler of the poor he will be subjected to public penance by order of the bishop;---for he committed no greater fraud if he coined a denarius of mixed metal or of light weight than he would have done by taking the silver of the State, or of the Church, or of the poor, in purging and coining silver with evil intent. In those regions where trials are conducted according to Roman law, he will be tried in accordance with that law.

>> No.25054595

if you are still a shitcoiner here then there is no hope for you.

>> No.25054597

Wtf are you talking about? what kind of knowledge is that? is it taproot? scnhoor signatures? is it good or bad for bitcoin?

>> No.25054600
File: 302 KB, 1280x718, kramer4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anons quit falling for these bullshit threads, SENT is the real gem.

>> No.25054612

Lol you will get the darwin award.

>> No.25054653

it's basically released and scheduled for activation on bitcoin mainnet right now.
will be activated within a year.

it brings privacy and quantum resistance to bitcoin among other very bullish things.

>> No.25054749

So it's like coffe, good for you? we all gonna make it aren't we anon?
Just kidding.
So that means we gonna have more privacy on bitcoin? but we don't really more privacy we unless it's gonna be something like monero which I think is highly impossible by now unless we use second layer, therefore this "privacy and quantum resistance" could be a trap that may ruin bitcoin really bad. I don't know.. I'm just pranoid because I don't see in what way it could improve, what exactly it does?

>> No.25054764


point being, it could be regulated, inspected and audited. even just eyeballing it without any equipment whatsoever it would not be hard to verify that a physical quantity of silver roughly jibes with what people have deposited. banks could have a viewing area for customers to inspect what they have. any discrepancies would be noticed quickly.

>> No.25054839

Depends on the shitcoin. I feel I'll probably make 5-6 figures early next year with my current stacks.

>> No.25054855

>regulated, inspected and audited.
You are reinventing the current system.

>> No.25054856

>it could be regulated, inspected and audited
and so it was when we tried this shit before. yet somehow someone still printed a hell of a lot more dollars than ounces of gold was in reserve.

it usually happens i times of troubles like war. that's when currency gets debased first. then it's like an avalanche.

>> No.25054883

if anything, getting bitcoin to serve millions of people involves more logistical problems than "moving" silver electronically. local transactions can be settled in physical silver or gold.

>> No.25054893

or you gonna get xrpd and lose it all

>> No.25054940

Maybe. That's the risk of shitcoins I guess.

>> No.25055011


but people would transact in silver. they would hold silver, make local transactions in physical silver, settle debts in silver. there would be no nickel/copper/paper currency and banks would exist only to manage electronic transactions.

this is not at all the same as the unbacked fiat of today.

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