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Short Squeeze edition

>Why gold?

>Bullion dealers

>Constitutional/"junk" silver info

https://findbullionprices.com/ (US)
https://eu.compare.pm (EU)


>Bullion tax info by state:


Nitric Acid

EU/ENGLAND sources
https://www.chards.co.uk/ [Much cheaper than BullionByPost]
https://goldprice.eu5.net/ [Website to compare gold prices for UK]

Russian/European coins

Relevant information regarding mining companies
Previous thread: >>25011530
Image from: >>25023445

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Jews did 9/11

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yeah we know dick

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can someone tell me why miners is written over that girls vagina?

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You got one too didn't you Anon?

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why do jews keep lowering the price?

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Cope btc will eat gold

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whats that a 2021 pander?

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zionists aren't jewish

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Wtf is that real?

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I posted a new Silver Coin Review on something most people don't consider stacking. I'm planning on doing several reviews on coins that are cheaper alternatives to 1 gram bars.

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Well if you read the fine prints, only illegals with ITIN (Individual Tax Identification Number) that pay taxes, which is a tiny minority of illegals, get the checks too this time.

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Im nervous about kinross right now. I bought two weeks ago and its gone down 5%. I bought because 7 times earnings and it got massive massive hype two weeks ago. They have an AISC of 900 which is pretty good. Fundamentals look good but this market is so fucked. How do you feel about it? I have so much anxiety.

Thank you and again I appreciate the props. Yes this is exactly how it should be and yes it is very rare. You have to make a compromise with yourself that you will hold out and not make any relationships which you are not happy with. You have to be able to cut out of a bad relationship. You have to spend some time learning about yourself and learning to love and respect yourself before you can make these choices. Do things that are hard every day. Push yourself. Experiment socially. Date for fun not trying to get sex. Accumulate experience and then cash in when you find the right one. Some guys this will be the biggest struggle in their lives. Play it right and it can be one of the biggest gifts life can give you.

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>Family Members
Got it. One taxpayer, and the dozen other immediate family members that live with them.

How many out of country family members you think are going to apply for this thing...

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You shouldn't be sad about KGC going down. It's another buying opportunity m8. Seriously. Don't lose your head over this, and just get more. When it does eventually go up, you'll have a lot more shares. It's a question of when, not if.

also you'll have anxiety if you sell. You'll just be sitting there wishing for it to go down. And when it starts going up again, you'll buy at a higher price. Gold hasn't even begun it's runup

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how many ounces of gold to cum in this tight jap's pussy wussy?

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>Physical coins coloured gold/silver
>Media portray it as "digital gold"

The banksters literally troll the herd by telling them what they should be buying when they coerce them into buying ponzi coin

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more than you can afford pal

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So how's about that Klondike fomo? What's it going to crash down to?

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To the anon who recommended Metal Creek Resources. Dug a bit and found this : http://www.321gold.com/editorials/moriarty/moriarty020817.html

Based, seems like you def found something good. Will buy some shares at new year when paycheck is there. Wonder what PAN MAN think of it.
I have absolutely no intention of marrying because I just don't see value in women. I mean, its too much work and I prefer to live freely, don't like the idea of having responsability for someone else. Plus I've never and will never put down my guard, humans aren't worthy of my trust. Just my opinion, don't mean everybody must be like that. If I can cash in on PM/Uranium in 6 years, before 35, and retire, I will consider my life half complete; the other half is staying fit until 90yo. Too much hobby and things to learn, women are a burden in my eyes, especially with internet and smartphone.

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Glad you like it anon. I definitely do. Great company, great future prospects

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how is gold and green from stimmy?? WTF

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ok. how many ounces of gold to pound your tight asshole?

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Morning all!

Heres some news for the day that might interest you.

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Pan selloff but silver is still gaining.

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I actually saw all those headlines earlier today and read the illegal mining + drug trafficking at Venezuela/Colombia. Really fucked up stuff.

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KGC, Barrick and KL have all been tax sold recently, plus physical gold is lagging. Historically, gold has posted January gains for the last 7 years in a row, between 2-6%. Good times will come

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I don't have any Chinese silver no

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huh thats a company i totally forgot existed. Guess I have a lot of catching up to do. Lots of interesting work going on with these guys!

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5 kilos

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it was interesting to see a Draga boat outside of Brazil / Guyana. Some of those mega dredges become floating cities grinding up the bedclay on the Rio Negro and other major rivers. Some even hire armed flotillas to stop other dredge captains from harassing them.

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They really are a great company imho. Tons of shares from other companies thanks to optioning out multiple properties over the years, probably had some NSR royalties in the mix too, five prospects out for option, 50-50 JV with Goldcorp at Timmins, and 100% owned promising BIF-hosted gold project which includes an old mine that goes to like 400m deep and has confirmed mineralization underneath the deepest point + with an ongoing drilling program. Fantastic, absolutely fantastic. Can't wait for those assays!
It's insanity over there with those pirates and stuff. Security teams stationed on board with machine guns and fortifications made with sandbags and all.

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>like 400m
Or 550m, as the image says

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One of the wildest stories I was told of south americas mining world was from my friend Bam who worked on several government pipeline jobs in Guyana back in the late 70s. He was about to go home when the country fell apart a coup happened basically overnight and the Canadian embassy was on lockdown. He couldnt get home, and ended up press ganged on a crew operating a hydraulic mine in the middle of the jungle. He taught the locals a lot of western mining techniques there, than ended up sticking around when things calmed down working on draga boats for different guys, including a boat entirely crewed by elderly german dudes. I really need to scan his photo albums, he did some crazy shit down there.

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I'd appreciate if you could share some of those images. Seems like a hell of a story

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Hes currently working on the massive LNG Canada Project in Kitimat BC, training kids how to pipe bend. I ll get him to let me scan his photos when hes home in a week though.

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My favorite shares can't possibly be climbing this quickly!
Thanks Mr. Man. What's pipe bending?

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i really do enjoy laughing at all you pathetic silver stackers. i own a metals recycling company and i’ve been in the mining business for 30 years now. you people are the most pathetic i have seen in a long time. none of you will ever be as successful as me no matter how much worthless silver you have.

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When the dali lama is set by the president.

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Hello bob how your doing today?

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Oy vey only $500,000,000?!?! What a bunch of vile antisemites!

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where you use a giant machine to bend the 4ft wide sections of pipeline segment to match your needs. Its very skilled labor.

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It's shit like this that make me absolutely happy to see the world burn and stack PM. fuck this gay earth, we need this economy to crash down and destroy everything, normie included since they allow it. Not a bit guilty of this happiness, I'm going to be rich and happy.

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This is ridiculous

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>Half a billion for Israel
>8 billion for army
Lmfao nice stimulus. Sasuga USA
Sounds like very accurate, difficult work. What kind of pipeline is bent? Gas?

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But the people worth saving are getting cucked...

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>tfw missed cheap miners, only bought some at the year high, right before a minor crash this autumn
>tfw missed cheap uranium stocks
what is a good investment now? I consider giving up and investing in normie stonks because if I'd done that in March I would have multiplied my wealth.

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>tfw missed cheap miners
Plenty cheap ones out there still. Even disgustingly cheap ones.

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they're not worth saving if they can't see the wall in front of them. Fuck everyone. I'm betting everything on silver and uranium, nothing in the bank, I sure as hell won't be sad when it moon.
You missed the cheapies like most of us, but understand that we are still at the start of the bullmarket. Silver is still 25$. Imagine these stocks with silver at 100$. You missed a few 200% increase. You are in time for the other 1000%.

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basically any pipeline needs angles at some point, but these are usually used on gas and oil lines. Pic related is a small bending unit.

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THAT'S small?! Jesus

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thats hot

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Given that M2 is $19.23T, a $900B stimulus means a 4% increase.

Expect gold to rise about 4% too.

Why M2?

>3 Feb 2020
M1: $4078.7B
M2: 15428.2B
Gold: $1578.85

>7 Dec 2020
M1: $6584.3B (61.43%)
M2: $19226.1 (24.62%)
Assuming 24.62% for gold, gold price should be $1956.72

Gold didn't rise 61% over the period.

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this is my bending unit

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Correction. Gold is almost fairly priced now actually.


Let x be money supply.
If all wealth amounts to $1, then each dollar is a claim to $1/x of wealth.

Suppose money supply grows to xy.
Each dollar worths $1/(xy) assuming no increase in all wealth.

PP xy : PP x = 1/y : 1

(PP = purchasing power).

That is, the purchasing power of each dollar is now 1/y times it was previously.

For 24.62% increase in M2, y = 1.2462, and so purchasing power of each dollar is 1/1.2462=0.8024 times the previous one.

0.8024 is a 19.76% decline in purchasing power.

If gold price increases 19.76% from $1578.85, its price would be $1890.

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Where does silver fit into all of this?

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So this is what 9 months gave me. Neat.

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sliding unrelated bullshit into bills and resolutions should be automatic recall and dismissal

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John (((Jurasek)))

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why in the ever living fuck does this stuff get stuffed into American funding bills? No wonder their broken.

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because noone reads them. youd be horrified the amount of shit they get passed through these

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Gold seems to perfectly cater for increase in M2 at 1:1 ratio, i.e. without any leverage.

That's not the case for silver, obviously, and so it is more complicated to calculate.

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o man you should see what gets tacked onto canadian laws too.

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Anons, should I buy scrap copper from my place of work?

There’s hundreds of pounds available, I can offer then better than the scrap company that takes it weekly. Is it worth it?

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holy shit we really are in the clown world simulation

>> No.25032580

Oh no no no... I remember his old comment, something like "I browse 4chan, I'm aware of what's going on in the world"

Yeah interesting M2 calc, thanks for laying it out

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Good post. This is why I like gold miners. Gold is likely to stay at current prices and keep going up steadily, meaning I don't have to worry about the POG too much and I can just focus on promising companies.

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i mean to have a little sure, if you can get it close to spot i dont see why not. minted rounds and bars are stupid premium

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I honestly feel no bill should be more than say, 20-30 pages MAXIMUM. No riders either. What they're doing now is plainly fraud, waste, and abuse. It should be blatantly illegal, but they don't check themselves. Inherent weakness of our system.

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"What actually happened: Congress passed its foreign aid budget for all countries, including military aid to Israel, nearly all of which must be spent on American companies"

>> No.25032960

I love the military industrial complex now!

>> No.25033050

>we pay Israel to pay us
Why couldn’t the US government have invested that same amount of money in US companies in the first place? Why does Israel have to be the middleman?

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Oh goy, ignore that. Look at the stimulus check goy. Don't you want the $600 goy?

>> No.25033196

I think we know why

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>check the name
Why am I not surprised ?

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Disregard what I said in this post about the M&P Shield 2.0. I think it's just that I'm a noob and was trying to grip it too high. I haven't even shot it yet so I need to do that before I would be able to give a good review.

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>> No.25033543

They are questioning israel. Shut it down.
Also, checked

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JPM giving us cheapies

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Where did you get that gorgeous caricature of me fren?

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This assumes that all those dollars have already reached the economy and caused inflation. The time period you gave ends on December 7th, so there's probably still a good portion of that 24.62% increase in M2 laundering down through the economy

>> No.25034356

They are shutting down the israel talk on twitter now. Good to see the fire while it was going on.

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is this the most based way to spend the stimulus?

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Go to an online dealer instead of ebay to get more silver. However, that is one way.

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>is this the most based way to spend the stimulus?

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What broker do you guys use?

>> No.25035067

Monument metals has better prices, but their shipping is kind of slow.

>> No.25035129

I personally wouldn't pay more than $600 for one of those.

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Every precious metals purchase is a long term hold because we understand what central banks are doing

>> No.25035373

>silver and gold go on a rollercoaster for 12 hours
>barely any dips in miners
TDA for my active portfolio, Fidelity for my IRA

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pure and wholesome waifu the best

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I just got a notification this actually happened, it got ended, but the notification disappeared. Did anyone else get it?

>> No.25035769

What's a broker?

>> No.25035851

> Anonymous (ID: alLaOgN4) 12/21/20(Mon)17:52:25 No.2503503
fidelity has 0 fees on most pink sheets and on all stock trades

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Hm, good point. I guess $900B wont do much then.

>> No.25035903

Some drill news

AbraPlata Announces Additional High-Grade Drill Results Including 47 Metres Grading 349 g/t AgEq (4.7 g/t AuEq) at Diablillos Project


>> No.25035950

Lmao I'm contemplating working there in the next few years as a pipefitter to earn some dough

>> No.25036005

those are some pretty nice drill results, i am sure the geos over there are thrilled with that length of core.
You better get on the hiring list than mate, call them asap to get your resume looked over, they dont have a lot of open positions right now.

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Is this English 1 penny even worth saving or should I just toss it into the scrap copper jar? Year is 1986

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Thanks for the heads up Pan man, but I'm still going through my apprenticeship so it's a bit of a pipe dream, lol. I do plan to work somewhere up north, I just want to see Canada and BC. Makes me jealous how you've been all over Western Canada and seem to know everyone from everywhere. Maybe I'll go to Northern Saskatchewan like my Foreman did some 30 years ago, and experience the next Uranium boom.

>> No.25036209

Is getting reloading equipment and casting your own silver bullets to make sure you have a mixed ammunition loadout capable of taking down paranormal entities based?

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Another great day for QC copper

>> No.25036560

MMMMM fuck I want those silk smooth asian legs to grip my cock tight and squeeze all the COOOOOOOM out of my cock

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i-it's over bros...

>> No.25036643

>Oy vey we wouldn't be able to keep interest rates artificially low to increase debt and pump our stocks this would literally be anoda shoah

>> No.25036667


Thanks based miner bro.

>> No.25036686

Found a link here.

>> No.25036687

How many shares do you have nigger

>> No.25036689

I'm crypto

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Post stacks

>> No.25036848

Yellowknife never hurts either for newbies getting into the game. Get used to camp life and having to live with meat heads for a whole winter.

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Latest update

>> No.25036977

I have 16k shares and almost all my gains are from that one position... it makes no sense but hey I aint complaining

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Love those 10 oz poured Perth minties

Wish I had pic related

>> No.25037465

The fact they feel they need to write this article...
> we can't have sound money because it will prevent our fx market manipulation

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i cant imagine how comfy that feels, im comfortable but thats a whole other level

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File: 2.62 MB, 1254x1771, silver waifu girl.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.25037905

It's very comfy, going into that safe is my happy place.

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God, why can't payday come sooneeeerrrr???


>> No.25038156

What form is the copper, is it #1 shiny clean copper?

What does the scrapper pay?

If you can get nice lengths of pipe or thick gauge non-insulated braided wire then it might be nice to have, demand-pull for infrastructure projects plus eventual inflationary pressures may see the price at $10-15 usd/lb in several years. My dad bought a roll at the hardware store on clearance earlier this year when it was much cheaper, kinda goofy but he wanted to diversify a bit for fun. I stack cheap yard sale pewter and non-ferrous metal I find while hiking around so ain't in the position to judge.

>> No.25038161

>Gold seems to perfectly cater for increase in M2
>we're still ahead of smart money
Jesus fuck

>> No.25038328

Should I be buying gold at these prices? We’re only 10% down from ATH

>> No.25038358

Do you own zero ounces of gold? Buy some.
You already have a stack? Be patient.

>> No.25038398

The bullish forces are still there: uncertainty in general, printing, deficit spending (guaranteeing future printing), treasuries in the toilet
The only question is if the Fed is without clothes and deflation is coming.

>> No.25038576

Aren’t some economists predicting we’ll see a large deflationary event in January or February? Would that even have an effect on spot price?

>> No.25038596



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File: 11 KB, 202x202, 2020-1-2-oz-Gold-Eagle_feat-202x202.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yes but dealers and hodlers will have assraping premiums to accomodate

get stacked if you want in

>> No.25038764

that makes no sense I dont have a clue why its going up other than people panic buying any penny stock that looks interesting. I hope its not a real pump and dump. I havent seen any news from those idiots in ages either, may bug them tomorrow.

>> No.25038819

I missed Klondike shill, but was here for Aztec Minerals shill, down 43%

>> No.25038920

Certified Jew here, I warned you about the dump after 27.30 last night. I will post an update later good night. I hope you all had a good Hanukkah.

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>> No.25039285

good, dead amerimutts make my PP hard

>> No.25039312
File: 176 KB, 1000x795, Howard Green and Lockly McLean at the Revenue Mine near Kaslo, BC in the early 1900.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

God I wish prospecting was this easy most of the time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZYH-ZrL-Yw

>> No.25039351

Wow the Canadian Government actually blocked China from buying one of our gold mines. https://financialpost.com/pmn/press-releases-pmn/business-wire-news-releases-pmn/government-of-canada-rejects-tmac-sale-to-shandong-gold-mining-co-ltd

Thats a major step in the right direction!

>> No.25039442

Merry Christmas anon.

>> No.25039578

All right bros i spent the whole day out and i don't know wtf happened, but when i checked today at 7am spot was 5% up, but it finished the day at less than 2%

Can someone tell me what happened? Did Mr Morgan gifted us cheapies?

>> No.25039581

merry christmas ya filthy animal

>> No.25039594

>large deflationary event

I'm wondering about something triggered by Trumpian machinations.

>don't an hero yourself next Wednesday lol

Did Trump outmanoeuvre the riggers and get the evidenciary goods, meaning that Biden will be forced to concede before the New Year causing the market to shit itself because endless gibs will no longer be on the table and because kowtowing Globalists will rugpull the markets hard in retribution?

I've been trying to formulate a game plan based on a scenario like this, but I'm too much of a noob to anticipate how PM mining stocks will perform. I am thinking about selling off some call options dated in January and March and also pulling out of Uranium and sitting on cash until it happens, but should I sell most/all my gold and silver miners too in hopes of buying back during a glorious dip?

Anyone been thinking about this? I sincerely believe that Trump will try pulling something extraordinary based on the dots being connected in /pol/ and the tinfoil side of the internet and don't want to HODL through a crash. If a situation like the March bottom happens again I want to be much better prepared and ready to hoover up cheapies.

Am I being retarded or does anyone else smell something interesting cooking too?

>> No.25039649
File: 53 KB, 591x356, nat_20_intuition.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>large deflationary event
>I'm wondering about something triggered by Trumpian machinations.
>>don't an hero yourself next Wednesday lol
>Did Trump outmanoeuvre the riggers and get the evidenciary goods, meaning that Biden will be forced to concede before the New Year causing the market to shit itself because endless gibs will no longer be on the table and because kowtowing Globalists will rugpull the markets hard in retribution?
>I've been trying to formulate a game plan based on a scenario like this, but I'm too much of a noob to anticipate how PM mining stocks will perform. I am thinking about selling off some call options dated in January and March and also pulling out of Uranium and sitting on cash until it happens, but should I sell most/all my gold and silver miners too in hopes of buying back during a glorious dip?
>Anyone been thinking about this? I sincerely believe that Trump will try pulling something extraordinary based on the dots being connected in /pol/ and the tinfoil side of the internet and don't want to HODL through a crash. If a situation like the March bottom happens again I want to be much better prepared and ready to hoover up cheapies.
>Am I being retarded or does anyone else smell something interesting cooking too?
I suspect something is up too. Liquidate all your equities, move your retirement accounts to cash and hold you physical and buckle up. If you lose a month of gains, whatever but I feel it too.

>> No.25039663

Please scan this it sounds legendary Pan Man

>> No.25039703
File: 98 KB, 496x330, 08syukuden.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm too pulling out of uranium, but only because I think it's due for a correction.

I'm bullish on gold/silver so i'm not going to sell my jan calls.

I don't think trump's gonna pull something out of the jew bag for this one guys though.

>> No.25039711

Buy yourselves a gun, ton of ammo, & body armor before its too late

>> No.25039739

I know hes got some amazing shots of the mine site surrounded by jungle fighters, once hes back I ll beg him if I have to. /k/ would probably like a lot of them too.

>> No.25039762

Lol hang in there anon
Canada is growing a pair! Nice!

>> No.25039815

Oh no poor man, I must rescue him and take his place

>> No.25039818
File: 174 KB, 1080x1171, 104288897_1367883390069443_548468809571059013_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm praying we hit around $1950 gold before Jan 6 so I can lighten my gold miner position by selling off some higher priced shares I purchased in Sept. Trump is getting 4 more years and the shit could very well hit the fan hard before the monster run

>> No.25039882

Dammnnn I`ve been following this Tmac story. Big news.

>> No.25039892
File: 1.02 MB, 4160x2340, stack.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What are /PMG/'s thoughts if any on the miner AUMN?

>> No.25039989

It might be worthwhile to sell a portion of your stock to either take out your initial stake or a portion thereof. If the stock is running up crazily and quickly without good reason as Pan Man says, there's a reasonable chance that it will correct hard in the future.

>> No.25040007

Solid junior. Potential to start many different mines in the coming decade, first two should begin production in 2021 and 2023 respectively. Other projects in exploration phase. They have like six projects in Mexico in total, plus some others elsewhere in South America, plus one in the USA if memory serves me well. Solid junior imho, DYODD

>> No.25040064

thanks fren, all I know is they need to reach $1 by 2/19/21 or risk being delisted. or they submit another plan, it's the only miner I'm in at the moment.
t. https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2019/11/04/1940759/0/en/Golden-Minerals-Announces-NYSE-American-Acceptance-of-Plan-to-Regain-Listing-Compliance.html

>> No.25040096

That just means the normies are here.

>> No.25040108

Sounds risky.

>> No.25040218

how many silver ounces in that safe?

>> No.25040259
File: 24 KB, 600x623, x7wuDSazMtvmdzo405z3wWtrK6w_lmY3TxmbQGBPxAY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.25040321

Silver one got de listed from the silver sitfolio. He moved it to "not convincing"

>> No.25040462


Bob Moriarty also recommended Bayhorse Silver at 0.14 CAD. Still invested as far as I know.


>> No.25040495
File: 4 KB, 225x225, 1589089308301.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

easily in the 1000 club

>> No.25040522

something like 4k oz last time I heard

>> No.25040525
File: 404 KB, 1909x917, SPROTT2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think Sprott still has a pretty big position in Silver One? GV is a turbo autist

>> No.25040602
File: 59 KB, 1271x624, aumn.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


They're going to produce from Rodeo for 20000 oz annually or $15 mill starting Q1 next year, and plan to restart their flagship Valarena using that cashflow sometime in late 2021 for $106m after tax free cash flow, which can be increased up to 2x if everything is going well. All infrastructure and equipment is in place there, they just had to shut the mine down after 2011. They also have El Quavar which is a JV with Barrick who're drilling and developing it for a 70% stake. El Quavar has a potential 5 MoZ per year production, but Barrick is probably taking their time with this. Chart looked fucking beautiful for an entry before this last breakout, and it led silver's breakout for a month, like all the highest quality silver stocks.. This was my go to recommendation stock a few months ago.

a little late to the party if you buy now, best to be bought when nobody was getting hyped. Hate to keep saying this but I tried to tell you guys.

They have a really good chance. Chart says so imo, and the fundamentals back it.

To be fair /pmg/ is (mostly) the normies of mining speculation

Bayhorse is probably a good buy again. I fudded it deservingly at it's rise but it's at good risk reward at these prices. You can tell it's good because how many people hate it here lol

>> No.25040843

Sprott has his fingers in all the pies though. He has positions everywhere and is ready to invest in some fairly risky juniors too. In the end every anon should do their owm DS and not blindly follow Sprott or GV or Pan Man or anybody else (if that wasn't obvious ofc)
Hi TAnon. I myself had a position in AUMN but darted elsewhere when another opportunity sprung up. Good company. And yeah BHS is about at its fair value imho

>> No.25040914

I had those same sunglasses back in the day

>> No.25041008

true bro, always do dd, I wonder if GV watched this vid


>> No.25041029 [DELETED] 


I was the one who brought up Klondike to /pmg/, and made the case for it at about the same as I did for Vangold. At that time, it had a $9 million mcap. I asked Pan Man about it to make sure that I wasn't imagining things, and he confirmed that "the mine was ready to run, they simply needed to be given the go ahead." I then recommended it in pretty much every thread thereafter whenever I talked about silver small caps. At a $45 million mcap I wouldn't so much recommend it to people today. I took a part of my profits and diversified into other stocks. Would be dangerous to chase something simply because it is going up. Klondike was valuable because it was cheap relative to the ground, but it is now expensive. For example, KS now has the same mcap as Blue Lagoon Resources, and it is 6x higher than SSE and 3.5x higher than BHS. VGLD may also become too expensive once the stock gets unhalted on Monday.


Sprott still believes in Silver One. Invested an additional $5 million lately.

>> No.25041062
File: 979 KB, 2560x5000, ksvgld.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I was the one who brought up Klondike to /pmg/, and made the case for it at about the same as I did for Vangold. At that time, it had a $9 million mcap. I asked Pan Man about it to make sure that I wasn't imagining things, and he confirmed that "the mine was ready to run, they simply needed to be given the go ahead." I then recommended it in pretty much every thread thereafter whenever I talked about silver small caps. The value of what was in the ground, and the fact that they had a permitted mill, simply made the company impossible to ignore. At a $45 million mcap I wouldn't so much recommend it to people today. I took a part of my profits and diversified into other stocks. Would be dangerous to chase something simply because it is going up--the management team remains a ghost. Klondike was valuable because it was cheap relative to the ground, but it is now expensive. For example, KS now has the same mcap as Blue Lagoon Resources, and it is 6x higher than SSE and 3.5x higher than BHS. VGLD may also become too expensive once the stock gets unhalted on Monday.


Sprott still believes in Silver One. Invested an additional $5 million lately.

>> No.25041076


>Asteroid mining is never going to happen

howdy, wish you didn't sell or kept a small bag. They're re-rating now as production is getting closer, and big production is coming 2021-2022. The chart got so coiled in July to November, barely correcting as all other miners took a shit. It's a chart that says when they go, they'll fucking go. (and fundamentals back this.) Ten bagger.

>> No.25041183
File: 214 KB, 1000x742, Ivanhoe Mine concentrator Sandon BC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

whats bugging me though is that there hasnt been any news what so ever since Oct, and you dont usually see these sorts of jumps unless theres news or info getting passed around that only local insiders have. I ve emailed their regional office at Sandon to see if anythings happening that the media guys may have forgotten to post about but I dont think they will say much. I really do think this is normies buying in blind without much back ground info other that "big old mine here thats cheap buy now". My only other info that I had heard through the grape vine was that Klondikes mill was basically operational, but the company wants to do some major modernization work which they dont have the funds for currently. That mills from the 1970s, a Denver style mill that was brought in from New Denver after another mine closed.

>> No.25041247

>owm DS
Own DD rather. Stupid phone
I was really feeling the FOMO for something else that was at a good entry point. If I had more money I wouldn't have sold but I needed it elsewhere. Too bad

>> No.25041250

Very surprising development

Same as it ever was

>> No.25041387

yes its a great sign, it means the Trudeau governments actually done something good by accident. Screw off china we want our own resources sorry.

>> No.25041413


(Deleted my post to add in the relevant posts from September)

Thank you very much for the information. Yes, what you say is the reason why I sold part of my position. It didn't matter to me that nobody was hearing a word out of the management team when the mcap was $9 million. But at $45 million, that behavour doesn't seem justifiable. Everybody is making out Graeme O'Neil of BHS to be some sort of horrible villain, but he's releasing videos of production regularly and doing what everybody said they wanted him to do, whereas KS is literally doing nothing. So for BHS mcap to be $13 million, Klondike to be $45 million makes no sense to me. I transferred a number of my profits into Blue Lagoon Resources, since that looks cheap by comparison, and the management team is working hard and putting itself out there in the public eye.

>> No.25041477

That is big fren. Maybe your government can be what pompeo is to china. Something they insult but absolutely fear.

>> No.25041519
File: 8 KB, 236x419, 84714fa8f965636250341c69b2576013.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

trying to convert a portion of my silver stack into silver .... things.

1) what are useful silver objects besides silverware?

2) Do I find a local silversmith? Maybe he'll accept silver as payment...

>> No.25041539

what do you to find these bad boys?

>> No.25041551


Looks like im in for a late night of DD. Too many changes have taken place since my last solid DD around october. Looks like its time for another one and possible adjustments. Looks like i might be selling out of klondike. I have 4k shares. I'll probably sell about 3k of those or maybe half.

Heres the plan so far.

Sell half to 75% of klondike shares. Make a 2x on $300 investment.

Probably sell about half of my Silver one shares. 2k -> 1k. 10% profit. Depends on the DD though.

Research (i dont know anything about them and depending on DD they will get the investment money I free up.

Strikepoint Gold.
First majestic
Pan American
Abraplata (i dont like the region politically)

Also >>25041062
how are you calculating the market cap? Are you taking provable ounces and multiplying by price of silver?

Also these are just what Im getting started with. I already hold 2800 shares of dolly varden but I might put more into it...

>> No.25041556

Silver pots and all. Remember the antibacterial aspects of silver first.
You can try to find a smith, but it should be easier to make your own by pouring it. It never hurts to ask.

>> No.25041577

I think part of KS's problem is their very very normie old school mining types, who only want to involve real old school mining investment into the project and dont want much retail stock on their table. I also agree with you on Bayhorse, they are trying their hardest to bring themselves into a better state, and their actually operating a small scale mine relatively well. I do wish though they could find someone to option their brandywine project off to generate some money and free up staff for Morrison. Blue Lagoons very very interesting to me since I worked there Dome mountain mine years ago and I know that property like the back of my hand. Its been fun seeing their findings in spots I walked across when I was there, and I hope to see them operating again soon. Onion mountains another stunning bit of ground thats been looked over by Bulkley valley prospectors for a century, and those drills found interesting targets yet again this fall.

>> No.25041616

Just got to finish ammo off and get the body armor. Also need tacticool plate carrier, comms, helmet, new scope. Anybody not stacking lead/brass at this point is asking to be stuck in a hole cowering afraid for their life. I'd rather give a little return fire myself.

It's hard for me assume anything but bad intentions by the Canadian government

>> No.25041642


I'm beginning to wonder how many miners China already owns in Canada. The last time I've heard of a case similar to this was how Aecon was about to be bought out by a State-owned Enterprise in China before it was stopped by the feds.

>> No.25041732

New here, I am purchasing 8 1 oz bars of silver for 245$. Am I doing it right?

>> No.25041768

Surprisingly few actually, however major players like China Coal, China Iron and some of their major smelters have been investing heavily into projects for raw materials. Due to our regulations changing a few years ago its not been as advantageous to buy out Canadian companies, instead its better sense to just dump a pile of money at them and have them sell concentrates or materials directly to Chinese firms only. They also for a while were involved heavily in our infrastructure projects such as the massive 2 billion dollar Prince Rupert port upgrades and several LNG sites on the West Coast, but our government made it not worth continuing these investments.

>> No.25041769

No, focus on low premiums. Look as asahi rounds at MM and the war nickles there as well.

>> No.25041780

You square

>> No.25041782
File: 720 KB, 1316x725, 639d5987aa9e2193a5b43cf08d1eda50.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Too bad, but knowing you I'm sure you found great value elsewhere.


Im glad BHS is getting some support from the guys I respect here. All this hate at cheap prices is hilarious, when thinking about all the hype at high prices. A lot of you guys are ass backwards.

I like Strikepoint the most as a speculation for their tight share structure, high grade, proven resources, and great jurisdiction, although I wouldn;t say theyre cheap anymore. I don't like south America as well but I did ride the Abra train. First Majestic looks undervalued too, and producers should do very well in this next phase of the bull market. Read these two.



>> No.25041812

>Liquidate all your equities, move your retirement accounts to cash

Something along these lines is why M1 has spiked so much recently, right? Big money who know much more than I are getting positioned for *something*, but what exactly? Trying to get ready to buy a turbodip, or something more?

Thanks for the input frens, no armor but got guns and ammo and shitloads of supplies already. I can't know if trump will pull it off and remain in office, but would expect a Samson-tier pulling down the temple-of-cards if he doesn't succeed which would make things ugly in the markets at least for a little while. Remaining in office would likewise make things rather wild too.

I'm definitely bullish on PMs and miners, but Trumpian black-swan wildcards could really shake things up soon. Pulling profits off the table and waiting for the other shoe to drop may be dumb but I can't shake my gut instinct here, maybe cash out of half or 2/3rds of the stock/option portfolio that's already seen nice gains and watch very closely, kinda want to keep Aurcana and some other cheapies that haven't moved much yet tho. Dammit I wish I knew what to do here, but at least the majority of my holdings are safe in bullion.

>> No.25041845
File: 169 KB, 395x367, kek wills it.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Silver frog statues

>> No.25041867



Senate passed it.

>> No.25041896


I'd say that you may only want to sell half your Klondike. It is tempting to sell more, but we probably ought to let our winners run, as a matter of principle. In the age of TSLA there is no saying how high a stock will go. KS simply looks much less appealing now than it was when it was 1/4th its current price. I will always hold a part of it, because I intend for it eventually to go 100x.

>how are you calculating the market cap? Are you taking provable ounces and multiplying by price of silver?

You can find mcaps in Canadian dollars on ceo.ca (which are the ones which I always use). By mcap I simply mean the market capitalization, the total value of the outstanding shares. When I was recommending KS in September it was 0.060 CAD a share or something like that, mcap of something like $10 or $11 million (don't think it was $9 million, on reflection). The share price is now 4x higher, and the mcap is $44 million. But that means that the stock is now 4x more expensive, despite nothing fundamentally changing, while other silver juniors remain neglected and ignored.


Thank you again for this very interesting post. I think you actually asked about Blue Lagoon some time ago, and why the share price went down. Bob Moriarty summarized what is going on here:


In short, two eighty-three-year-old men spent $28 million in building the infrastructure, and preparing the Dome Mountain Project to produce high-grade gold. The CEO (Rana Vig) has now come along to complete the last 1% of the work.

"He picked up the mine for 13.52 million shares then valued at $2 a share. It’s an all share deal. Over the years there has been over $68 million spent on the project. It has a mining permit in place for 75,000 tonnes a year and a toll milling agreement allowing for milling of 200 TPD or 73,000 tonnes a year."

He also speaks of the great potential in the Big Onion copper project, which you mention.

>> No.25041927
File: 203 KB, 1903x757, Capture45345.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just checked on a few zerohedge articles I had sitting untouched in an old chrome tab from months ago and they are 404'ing articles about gold silver manipulation by comex/jpm. Look at the URL

>> No.25041944
File: 164 KB, 1884x723, Capture45545.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Same on this one

>> No.25041971

thank you thats very handy! One of the first drill projects I ever helped out on was on Dome, its a stunning spot with dozens of old roads and little test adits dotting the slopes. There were all sorts of interesting exposures and bits of float all over the place, including a lot of native copper. There is also a surprising amount of native gold in Dome and little Joe creek coming off the back slope which always bugged miners. Peavine Harvey of Smithers back in the 50s spent a massive amount of money on that mountain looking for the gold source but never got anywhere.

>> No.25042017

Isnt there some type of calculation you can do to value a company? Like taking indicated reserves X silver spot and coming up with a number and comparing that to market cap? People were doing that with some juniors and saying "oh look this company is ten times undervalued" or something

>> No.25042054

>tried to tell you guys

Really? I have monitored most pmg threads since August and I have seen the consensus whenever people (myself) have asked about golden minerals that it is a solid buy but that there are more attractive options for your money out there. Also remember a reply much more recently that aumn could pay off but is very risky since, as you say, their success depends on leveraging one mine to open others. Again , not weird in this space but I don't remember anyone ever really shilling this symbol as a definite buy like impact, bus, Klondike, etc.

I still bought some at like ,42 because it was cheap and no commission since on NYSE. Wish put more than 1k into it, I'm up like 700 bucks

>> No.25042065

bro wtf https://0bin.net/paste/pGvqd82s#S6GfQ9WVJw3yOGxqzWlYogRXCcIqu19A-rTldXDBLFM

>In exchange for acceptance of this total debt forgiveness the individual would forfeit ownership of any and all property and assets forever.

>> No.25042140
File: 95 KB, 792x1192, 1473323995357.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gold standard still exist. It's simply not for us, but reserved to central bankers. Chances a gold standard come back for the populace is extremely low, almost inexistant. And that's not an issue, gold standard or not, PMs will still moon to absurd levels. The writings are on the wall and nothing can stop it.

>> No.25042169
File: 1.25 MB, 1570x944, Onion Mountain Drill Sites.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Heres a quick map of Onion Mountain site since Blue Lagoon doesnt have one on their website.

>> No.25042176
File: 88 KB, 825x615, 1608587458551.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>meanwhile, barrick niggershit is down another 3% today
i'm fucking seething rn. I cant wait to dump this piece of tranny trash and buy some Aurcana or First Majestic instead.

>> No.25042191
File: 1021 KB, 1570x944, Dome Mountain mine site.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Heres one too of the Dome Mountain Mine as well. Lots of surface VG showings all over that ridge line, its also great territory to prospect on horse back.

>> No.25042211

>Gold standard still exist. It's simply not for us
This. Belangp discussed this in one of his Videos about the LBMA. The Gold Standard is still exists for anyone who can afford to trade thousands of ounces.

>> No.25042339

based and belangp pilled

>> No.25042347


Yes, there are different ways to evaluate a mining stock. P/NAV, P/CF, and $/ounce are the most common ways to do so. You can read about them here:


Different people prefer different techniques, and none of them are perfect. They are useful only for getting a rough idea of value. For example, with respect to P/CF, Vangold, after its recent acquisition of El Cubo and the mill, is only trading at 1x projected cash flow. 10x cash flow would be a fairly unexceptional number, so that tells us that VGLD's current market cap is ridiculously cheap on that basis alone, to say nothing of hitting the Veta Madre or what might be left in El Pinguico. What would be an exactly fair P/CF for VGLD I don't know; I can simply see that right now, it is very cheap and not expensive (although who knows what the stock will do, once it is unhalted).

The three metrics above don't take into account two things, speculation, and the management team. Some people would say that management makes all the difference. Rick Rule says that had he simply followed the same good management teams, he would have made double the money which he has now. As for speculation, by that I mean the history and scope of a project. Impact Silver, for example, doesn't have _any_ proven reserves, but common sense tells us that it must have an enormous number of them, because the area is 200 square km in size, and has been producing a million ounces of silver a year for the past 500 years. So I don't need to wait about for drills to show me what I already know. Same thing goes for historic properties like Klondike and Dolly Varden. Common sense tells me that they have to be full of silver; if I had waited around until KS's reserves were proven, I'd have missed all this movement in the stock.

>> No.25042385

>witter now. Good to see the fire while it wa
Has anyone even seen a bar of gold that large in person before? How heavy is that?

>> No.25042442


I wouldn't worry friend he's out of cards to play.

The only way to remedy major fraud is via the state legislatures ordering proper audits to prove it was stolen, and then throwing out the results. The fraud would not have been difficult to find if you really looked (lol 94% turnout).

GOP state legislatures could have done it easily, and they didn't. DNC obviously knew they wouldn't or they wouldn't have been so brazen.
Likewise, DOJ/FBI are just gonna yawn at any evidence of voting machines being compromised.

Crystal clear there was no way Trump was ever gonna be allowed win again, and both parties are in alignment on screwing him over.

>> No.25042456
File: 655 KB, 908x802, 1608343417086.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Where were you the past 3 months anon? Everybody is already aware of this. A similar plan for Australia and France also have been leaked. You better be debt free and ready to go innawood. Or at least have a back up plan.

My main plan is my silver stack. And my backup plan is my glock. No way i let these freaks mark of the beast me, i'd rather die and send few of these globohomo puppets in hell than taking their demonic cocktail.

>> No.25042476

Not in person, got to hold a bar of gold from the Atocha treasure ship before though. Those are 400.xxx Ozt bars, would make nice doorstops.

>> No.25042484

I was expecting "Crystal" instead of crypto...

>> No.25042526


To continue this idea of speculation, I always used to make reference to this comment from ceo.ca about KS:

"2018 Kitco interview: geological engineer who actually ran the Silvano mine, thinks perhaps only 15% of the Silver, Led, Zink in the camp has been mined so far. If to extrapolate using 15%, then Silvana produced 7.8m oz out of 52m oz potential? Total 68 past producing mines produced 40m oz, then the potential deposit there is 266m oz? Sounds too good? What do you think?"

KS at the time had a $10 million mcap. DSV had a $500 million mcap on the basis of having half a million proven ounces. KS, as far as wild speculation goes, might have 250 million ounces, yet its mcap was 1/50th the size of DSV. So it seemed blindingly obvious to purchase it. Nothing was proved, but it was ridiculously cheap relative to its speculative potential.


Thank you for the pictures and this information. I always very much like reading these old mining stories of yours, and your picturesque descriptions of mining sites.

>> No.25042575

Yea, I just don't shill outside of posting charts because I can't stand helping people who don't do their own work. Doesn't sit right. It screws them in the long term too anyway as they'll eventually follow a confident dummy of a cliff. Usually if someone asks for recommendations I say something like "look up BRC, they're really good, dyodd". And if someone has obviously has done some work then I'll go out of my way to help as much as I can.

As for leveraging one mine to open the other, it;s not as risky in AUMN's case as the CAPEX is only 10m for opening Velarena because infrastructure and equipment is already there. They're also cashflowing 3-4m a year from leasing a mill to hecla.

>> No.25042611

Uhh gold is dropping pretty quick, not sure what OP's pic is about.

>> No.25042614

>debt free
that's what i think the stimulus programs are for. they are selling debt to the citizens, its like what they did with tranches in the mortgage housing bubble i believe

>> No.25042667
File: 384 KB, 754x1158, 1543877056400.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You should take a look at the big inter-nations trades for weapons such as corvets, S400, jet fighters, anti-missiles radars, helicopters, or even oil, uranium, etc... Since years now they ALL have a part only payable in gold.
It's the nations covering their back against their commercial partner's potential devaluation of currency. Everybody knows at these high echelons (those kind of contracts are signed in embassies) that this game of fiat musical chairs could blow up at any time. The gold part is variable, it often vary between 10 and 15%. But it tend to go up since the beginning of this year.

And you NEVER hear about that, strangelly...
Really make you think.

>> No.25042669

What are your thoughts on management? I just read CEO Rana Vig made his money in Cannabis

>> No.25042701

Do you believe they will claim back the stimulus checks they handed to us eventually? So to be sure everybody (but the richfags) is potentially entangled into their web? I never thought about it, but that's an interesting take... Though the social backlash will be fucking immense, (((they))) better be well prepped once they announce such a thing.

>> No.25042706

your estimation on the remaining ore sounds probably accurate, Sandon and the general area around it has to much ore to count.

>> No.25042749

>these big red JPM candles to slam silver down below 26

>> No.25042788

Fake dollar rally.

>> No.25042801

Thank you for the super awesome link. It cleared up a lot.

>> No.25042817

The fuck do you think I did with the FIRST stimulus money? I picked up a shit ton of silver with it to jump-start my stack. A batboi was part of it when it was about $115. Another bit went to some folks and I got some more silver in return.

If I get another stimulus check, I'll probably either get right back into hunting half dollars, or just pick up still more silver. I know I'm pirate-tier tight now, but that also counts my American junk silver, and I'd like to get to at least 100ozt refined— and the junk being extra— before the moon mission launches.

Why, what did you do with yours?

>> No.25042849
File: 260 KB, 680x673, subversion.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What you really should worry about is the other people who willingly submit to the vaccine. Just like every other part of the neoliberal agenda, the normie masses' acceptance of the vaccine will transition them into a new economy that will exclude those who never took the vaccine. They won't even have to vaccinate you, they'll just smoke you out with economic sanctions/declined credit cards at the grocery store.

>> No.25042865

i never heard someone said i had an interesting take on here before so thanks
like this maybe
>These underlying assets serve as collateral if the loan goes into default.

>> No.25042871

What do you think about klondike now? I agree the land package is good 100 km2 but like you said they havent proven any silver..... 45 million market cap is that correct? Over valued?

>> No.25042890

The point is that a move without the basis of literally any news smells of FOMO or a PnD

>> No.25042923

I agree. It just seems sketchy. Big thing for me is they dont have any proven reserves along with not even being close to production...

>> No.25042944

i mean, if maybe, all the citizens of a country exchange with their nations debt, maybe the entire nations defaulted debt is enough to 'buy' everybodies assets

>> No.25042979



>> No.25042981
File: 28 KB, 326x261, 1545881774500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Also i wanted to add that's a very good indicator if a nation is planning to buy a lot of armament, because most of the time they have to stockpile gold beforehand, in preparation of the deals (who often end up in the billions range). Try to compare the countries who bought the most of foreign weapon systems with the net buyers of gold of the past decade, you'll see, it's flagrant : Russia, UAE, India, China... All modernizing their armies.

On the other hand, look at the gold net sellers, and how their military is now outdated : UK, Lebanon, Canada (must be the easiest country to invade nowaday, they couldnt even buy an AK with their current reserves..), etc..

>> No.25043016

>must be the easiest country to invade nowaday
the US would probably nuke a country that invaded canada or mexico

>> No.25043026

But according to your logic though, klondike could still go up five times in its market cap to ratio out with Dolly Varden, where DV is 500 million mcap, and klondike at 250 million.... Unless youre saying that DV is over valued...

>> No.25043081
File: 87 KB, 1000x543, New Noble Five Mine Concentrator Cody.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

well they do have the their historical records of ore from the last operator, but they need to make that 43-101 compliant otherwise its useless. They should be drilling as soon as they can to show what they have. Another thing to consider at Sandon is the original mines werent primary silver, they were massive lead and zinc veins producing fantastic silver byproduct. Silver was what everyone was after, but the lead and zinc paid the bills. The Noble Five Mine for example just up the road from Sandon produced 20 million pounds of lead in 10 years of operating, and 5 million oz of silver as by product alone.

>> No.25043128

That's not the point i was trying to make.
And imho they would wait for Canada to be on their knees before '''liberating''' it from the conquerors, as usual. It have been the passive neo-colonialism tactic of the US since 200 years, and it never failed.

Historical reminder the US secretly planned several times to annex Canada, but ended up prefering to use the corruption and subvertion pill.

>> No.25043172

Clown. World.

>> No.25043249


I couldn't recommend KS any more as a cheap stock. For example, compare its $44 million mcap with the following:

1) You have BHS at $13 million, which owns a historic silver mine, has all the permits to produce, and is proving that they really are now doing so in their NRs and videos.

2) You have Genesis Metals at $12 million--not a silver stock, but they own a 275 square km gold property in Quebec, which is even larger than that of IPT, have Sprott as an investor, an excellent management team, and recently drilled 4.56 g/t over 40.50 metres.

3) You have Blue Lagoon $47 million, which has had $70 million invested into it, a charismatic CEO who truly believes in precious metals, puts himself out there, and markets his company as much as he can; has permits to produce, enormous potential for gold, silver, copper--e. g. recently found 173 g/t gold.

4) You have SSE at 7 million, which has the potential to prove 120 million silver ounces at Pino, and also has several other promising gold and silver projects.

In the case of KS, the management team is a ghost, and all investment is based solely upon speculation upon the permitted mill and the potential in the ground. Is KS worth 3.5x more than BHS and GIS? 6x more than SSE? As much as BLLG? I won't ever sell my core position, but it is not quite as attractive as it used to be.


DV has a lot of money in the bank, and are actively drilling and doing things. They have a proven 44-million ounce resource, and an expert management team; Rob McLeod is a director. DV is rightfully double the mcap of KS because of the additional value it offers. I would definitely buy DV over KS at this point. Between 1949-1959, the Torbrit Mine alone produced 18 million ounces of silver at 466 g/t, and only went out of production in the '60s because of collapsing silver prices. The company has four past-producing mines on its property. It has immense speculative potential, just like KS.

>> No.25043293

I'm sorry, not trying to be rude, I just don't understand the motivation here. Yes people should do their DD, I agree. But I think it's very weird to want to give recommendations but in a coy and secretive way, then in hindsight after something moons claim that you "tried to tell everybody here". If you want to help anon do so, if you don't want to then don't, fine by us either way.

>> No.25043311

your feelings aside, we won't let anyone invade your country because that would be an immediate threat to US. Even if we don't care about you, we're simply not going to let that happen. If anyone's invading canada or mexico it will be us, and we gave up on that centuries ago.

>> No.25043321
File: 158 KB, 730x800, 1547285871182.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're welcome big brain fren!
Also notice how the private debt is always higher than the national (public) debt in all the developped nations.

>> No.25043340

I really hope the BC coast has an early spring for the sake of the Dolly Varden exploration crews and drillers. Its really no fun trudging through that coastal territory when its covered in snow, raining and just above freezing.

>> No.25043354

If an enemy invaded Canada the US military would be droning, bombing and deploying troops in seconds. They wouldn't even ask Canada's permission

>> No.25043391
File: 46 KB, 619x453, 1492363862277.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>we won't let anyone invade your country
phew thanks fren, i was kinda spooped for a mome-
> If anyone's invading canada it will be us

>> No.25043403

>They wouldn't even ask Canada's permission
we already have their permission, and they have ours.

>> No.25043417

we tried to invade canada twice and failed, we're not going to take your country away. You guys are more valuable as allies than enemies by far.

>> No.25043428

>and they have ours
wow big deal!

>> No.25043460

And we would have to ask for Bibi's permission before doing anything.

>> No.25043464

Canadians have fielded some of the deadliest fighting forces in every major war since 1900. They are worthy of some respect as a military.

>> No.25043499
File: 132 KB, 1600x795, 1604538450871.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

bros is it normal for a 1/2 oz gold eagle to sound different on a ping test than a 1 oz? I'm assuming because its smaller

>> No.25043573


Would be very exciting if true, and actually justify the current market cap. There is an immense amount of potential in KS. Simply appears to be getting ahead of itself relative to other stocks, which speculation alone doesn't seem to justify.


Thank you, I remember your mentioning this before about DV. I look forward to next year, when drilling results should be coming out on a regular basis. I don't see why it shouldn't be worth just as much as SVE right now.

>> No.25043595
File: 246 KB, 1200x630, west point promotion 2019.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well, that was before it was mandatory to be a transgender to reach the grade of officer in the royal canadian army.

Not that we are much better nowaday, probably even worse desu, pic related...

>> No.25043671
File: 199 KB, 2048x1152, china-army.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>when you are attention whoring for pozzed niggerpoints so hard you literally delete your own nation
At least the war with China wont last too long, i guess.

>> No.25043678

I cant wait to see the results as well, but trying to get anything done when its a cold wet spring out there is nearly impossible or very dangerous. I want to see which of the showings I took samples from generate the best drill results, I have my suspicions on a few very good spots.

>> No.25043715


By the way Pan Man, there is a stock which seems to me to be deeply undervalued unless I am missing something, don't know if you have heard anything about it. It's called Nicola Mining, and the market cap is only $27 million. Like KS a few months ago, they do no marketing, and the ceo.ca chat is completely empty, which seems to be why it is so neglected.

The first thing that interested me about them was that they have a permitted mill. "One hundred percent ownership of a modern (2012) gold / silver mill facility in B.C. with a fully-lined tailings facility that has had $32M invested in it, and is the only mill in B.C. permitted to process feedstock material from anywhere in the province."

They have a 75% interest in the Dominion Creek gold property. "In 1992, eighty tonnes of concentrate was shipped to a smelter. The mill head grade was 14.1 g/t gold and the recovery was 93%." They recently sampled 23 select samples, average 61.3 g/t gold.

They have 100% ownership of the New Craigmont copper mine, the highest-grade copper mine in the history of North America, and continue to maintain an active permit.

They own the Treasure Mountain silver mine. 7000 acres, "Some of the best historic soil samples range from 2,250 to 9,221 g/t silver (72.3 to 296.5 ozs./tonne."

In sum, gold, silver, copper properties, and a permitted mill, for an mcap of only $27 million.

>> No.25043718
File: 54 KB, 877x800, mmg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Like I said I like to help those who help themselves. I`ll admit I like to gloat though especially at the crowd who think charting is memes. Not trying to be coy or secretive or anything, I just don't like shilling, or people who go like "shill me." It's bad habits that end in tears.

>> No.25043724

this is why they hate us

>> No.25043776

how the fuck does this even happen? who comes up with this? How much other stuff just like this has been silently passed on less controversial bills?

>> No.25043803
File: 311 KB, 385x430, 1517980180545.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>future military elite
>a bunch of mongrelized 0/10 turbo nigresses
>posing like it's a snapchat pic "so woke sis!"
>wandering their swords around like if it was a fucking toy and putting it on their shoulders in the most niggerest fashion
>this is what will decide between life and death of entire squadrons in the most critical moments
This can't be real...
please tell me this is not real

>> No.25043823


Congress to Burma: $135,000,000
Congress to Cambodia: $85,500,000
Congress to Israel: $500,000,000
Congress to Nepal: $130,000,000
Congress to Sudan: $700,000,000
Congress to Ukraine: $453,000,000

>> No.25043827

>need pakistan to help us with afghanistan and india
>need to pay them to help us because we're natural enemies by culture and religion alone
>need to disguise payments as a strategic benefit by making pakis more accepting of our culture and religions
>label funds as obvious american propaganda
>pakis accept propo funds and spend them on bribes and perks for military leaders and strongmen
>nothing changes in pakistan
>we have the ally we need in the region
>or at least we don't have another dangerous enemy

>> No.25043828
File: 1.11 MB, 1244x646, WAVE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

OP is gay. The next wave is SENT, ETH 2.0, ATOMs, and Bitcoin/bitcoin forks.

>> No.25043865
File: 197 KB, 355x291, 1594600007098.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I literally sent mine back to them, so I don't care.

>> No.25043882

big kek

>> No.25043883
File: 70 KB, 1057x803, nnn.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That is an extremely bullish chart with a low risk entry

>> No.25043890

This is when you know this country is already 100% the property of Satan. The best thing we can hope for is a self-nuking. No redemption allowed. Sodom and Ghomorra were fucking jokes compared to the absolute state of the US nowaday.
Hell i'm not even christian and i feel bad for Jesus.

>> No.25043901
File: 205 KB, 750x1334, 79A5AE82-802E-46D7-893F-D63D9556046F.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Your discounted silver, sir...

>> No.25043912

what dis?

>> No.25043928

Seriously though, is this selloff just a case of everyone bailing on everything before the EOY? Since everything else from stocks to crypto is also down or crabbing.

>> No.25043936

Yes funny enough I have heard of Nicola Mining, and yes your dam right they dont advertise. Their mills perfect for running material either from their own projects nearby, or as a private mill running material from other nearby projects. Treasure mountains also a fantastic open pit operation which had amazing grades. Thank you for bringing these guys up, there very under the radar thats for sure.

>> No.25043957

Look at the miner pastebinin the OP for more mining-related links

>> No.25044021
File: 90 KB, 870x616, WPMCoffee.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What's gonna happen jew fren

>> No.25044042

Certified Jew here, sorry but we can't have it go above the 27.50 resistance. Also, why do you guys hate Jews when Schiff is a Jew?

>> No.25044044
File: 60 KB, 1501x566, silver bullet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Will be not be stacking brass and lead anymore. Will be stacking brass and silver from this website. If my calculations are correct I can get 0.268664 ounces of silver per 9mm bullet for $134.95. So the price per ounce would be $502.3 per ounce. This is assuming it is modeled off a 127 gr lead bullet. I don't know what grain bullet they made it.

>> No.25044063

No one is dumb enough to ignore everything (but commodities) is in a gigantic bubble and any pin could pop it up.
As long as the music plays everyone is happy and continue to pretend it's all cool, but the minute they see a cloud they immediately wanna secure some gains. The only thing saving the markets and preventing a mass run off is the extreme greed of every so called investors.
But keep in mind fear is always the strongest sentiment between greed and fear.
I expect the markets to be always more volatile in the incoming months, and this extreme volatility (which we already are experiencing to levels never seen before) will progressively instill fear in the minds. All this already have been played out before, many times. This time it's just amplified x100000000.

We all know the crisis is coming, but even us, the doomest of doomers, will be left stupefacted by the levels of red dildos who will hit the markets.

>> No.25044078
File: 1.88 MB, 1300x883, 1608581275322.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's a proof our hate against jews is not blind and is only targeted toward the ennemies of humankind, who happen to be jews 95% of the time.

>> No.25044121

>big inter-nations trades for weapons such as corvets, S400, jet fighters, anti-missiles radars, helicopters, or even oil, uranium, etc... Since years now they ALL have a part only payable in gold.
wtf is this true? Source??

>> No.25044223

Im in the middle of some serious DD right now and I thank you for your comments and help. Im making huge gains in my understanding. My brain type learns massively from massive study sessions. Last time i studied this hard was back in october. This time around its even better. I'm looking into some light TA and going through several companies. Its gonna be a long night. Reminds me of college lol. Right now im looking at Kootenay and they look really fucking good. I just can't confirm if they own their land or not. Theyre sitting on 140 million oz indicated with holes of 650 gpt over 7 meters. Dont know why the fuck gold ventures down graded them.

>> No.25044236

Stackers who have a lot and are basically finished want PMs to moon already, so they hate you guys for keeping prices down, since you’re literally stopping them from making it

Stacklets who are a work in progress naturally are happy the price hasn’t gone up yet so they still have time

>> No.25044244

Guys this is a great deal you should be freaking out right now

>> No.25044340
File: 149 KB, 756x480, 1602990590792.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You all are discussing so many miners my head i spinning... I can't get my mind straight.
I'd love to have your thoughts on what do you guys consider to be the top 4 most undervalued / best miners to get right now.

So we can see if there is some sort of consensus among the frens who did their DD. If you can all agree on one or two being present in most of the lists, it would be a good starting point.

So please frens, post your top 4, from best to 'worst' :
1 -
2 -
3 -
4 -

>> No.25044380

FCX seems based, I should buy some

>> No.25044383

"I don't want you to shill me miners... I just want to establish consensus on the conclusions of our DD! Yeah... That's what I want. Not gibs. Definitely not gibs"

>> No.25044389
File: 89 KB, 1431x787, ktn.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Peter Spina holds Kootenay as his second largest silver holding after Abraplata, they seem very undervalued per oz in the ground. Chart looks coiled and like a 5 year cup and handle, waiting for a catalyst to explode to the upside.

>> No.25044410

Not giving blatant gibs but definitely invest in GDX, DXY, BHS, and NAK.

>> No.25044425

Agreed very undervalued especially going with the logic you provided earlier. Im happy then on that one...

>> No.25044448

I wonder how much a crash would hit mining shares at least initially and I suspect it wouldn’t be pretty since a lot of institutional investors will just run and sell off everything.

I know we should look at the long run and big picture, the point of owning mining shares is to have a share in their production, (which will be a very good thing to say the least if most everything else has gone to zero) not just to watch line always go up.

But I can imagine initially there will be a lot of pink wojaks to be found here on /pmg/ in a stock market crash because of how everything will surely get decimated at least initially.

>> No.25044516

Sounds like cash on hand is a good idea when that time comes then...

>> No.25044537

Well I am off for the night jents, talk to you all later, but i ll leave you with a bit of treasure as always. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zcf-GAT-z8g

>> No.25044538

how much gold do I need to buy to survive the dollar collapse.

>> No.25044543
File: 345 KB, 670x578, 1606239902344.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We all are in the same boat bro, we already are an extreme minority in /biz/, are attacked from all sides,.. if we can't help each others what's even the point of pmg?
Not everybody is good at figuring out what are good miners, but can be useful in others matters, like gathering infos, macro insights, theoric economy, potential future uses for PMs,...
I consider you like part of my family, so yes, i'm asking for help because i'm a retard when it's about rating miners, and believe me i tried, i could take screens of all i gathered to prove you i take this seriously.

In the end we all are winning if we can reach a consensus : you shill the good stuff you already bought, we buy more, it goes up, the company can make new investments. And if you end up being the only one shilling Y or Z company, then you can question your choice and put it in perspective, so it help you too! It's no time to be tightfisted. We only have so much time left.

>> No.25044551

Biggest problem with market crash is liquidity. Even if you have a potentially profitable mine it won't go into production if you can't borrow money. This is what happened in 08-09. Even extremely valuable mines shut down because they couldn't sell shares or borrow money.

>> No.25044560

Lol. Just follow the discussion, take some mental/physical notes on what companies are discussed and then most importantly DYODD

>> No.25044630

But the stream of infos is endless and they all seem bullish, i've like 45 miners listed on my broker and the end result is i'm just totally lost. I bet i'm far from the only one. I'm sure a tldr from time to time on the best shit would help a lot of pmgbros..

>> No.25044666

Look, just do this >>25044560 It's easy to tell what you should be buying. There's more than enough mining discussion. If you can't follow a discussion on the fundamentals of miners by based pmg frens who can analyze and distill all the information better than you, you shouldn't be day trading miners based on these daily discussions. Getting everybody to determine consensus in a single post will not help you. If you really need someone to tell you what to buy just go into the archives and look at Pan Man's quarterly miner buy list. Take a little responsibility and get a grip guys, seriously.

>> No.25044678

Are >10 oz silver bars a meme?

>> No.25044680

When you’re not sure, just buy the majors like PAAS, FM and GOLD. I feel like a lot of the junior minors are cheap enough that you can afford to be honest with yourself and admit you’re kinda gambling and just put a some amount (you can afford to lose or watch crab forever) into each in case something happens and you’ve picked a winner.

Obviously you can read press releases and news about them, and hopefully pick up hints and ideas from people here who know their shit like our own PAN MAN, but in the end you are really speculating.

>> No.25044684

>Not everybody is good at figuring out what are good miners, but can be useful in others matters, like gathering infos, macro insights, theoric economy, potential future uses for PMs,...
...but everybody can learn. Especially with all the info being taught to other anons here all the time. And the info in the miner pastebin in the OP. Learn and improve, it's good for you!

>> No.25044696

stopped reading there

>> No.25044720

You have to learn to evaluate these companies my man. I do small tldr's of some companies from time to time but it really doesn't take long to learn some basic metrics that (you) can use yourself to get a grasp of the value of any given company's mining assets. Look at the miner pastebin.

>> No.25044767

And if you do use my list please spend a couple days digging around on each company by yourself. I don't want people just taking it as gospel.

>> No.25044783

>I don't want people just taking it as gospel.
this is why you kick ass

>> No.25044795

>tfw bought the literal top
>it's going down again
time to sell

>> No.25044807
File: 61 KB, 850x1024, 1584762604652.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just want to thank /pmg/ bros for putting the effort into these threads and sharing esoteric PM knowledge. One of the few threads on 4chan(nel) i consistently enjoy and learn from

>> No.25044815

Only 30k

>> No.25044823

why the fuck are we getting slammed tonight?

>> No.25044861
File: 1.40 MB, 1161x743, 1585168032023.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stop losing your time with miners fren, this sector never make substantial gains. It's just an endless stream of shit, with endless risks who can tank the shares to nothingness, either it be regulations, property claims, forage permits, broken material, accidents, explosions, metal in the red.... So many things can go wrong.

The true redpill is to stack physical, then bet on others markets when it's about stonks. Personally i strongly advise cyber security lately, it's shilled hard by globohomo's predictive programming, and we have news about big hacks and data leaks coming literally every single day. Also in the all digital era, it's still a vastly underfinanced and underestimated market. Now your online security is as much, if not more important, than your physical security.

Take a look at any stonk of cyber sec companies during the past 5 years : they ALL, without exception, x10 in value minimum, and it's accelerating.

>> No.25044864

Ive done DD and im in the midst of a DD binge right now but whats going on with kinross and puregold. Did i fuck up? They got major publicity two weeks ago but its dumping. Fundamentals looked good... Im having some fear. Worried i fucked up the lassonde curve and bought the top of it. Kinross I dont understand why its going down. It trades at 7x p/e, and just announced a dividend. Pure gold they already say is over valued 2x but it depends on if they discover more...

>> No.25044897

If it soothes your troubled mind at all, Pan Man estimates >C$4 for PGM at least. I believe he has been to Red Lake before and he believed they will find a bunch of gold deeper underground. No idea about Kinross

>> No.25044957

Unfortunately no I haven't been to red lake i do know several geos who have worked on that territory for decades. There the ones who pointed me towards Puregold early on. They also sent me that photo of the great ore. Don't want that kind of mistaken info out there. Also sorry if formats off phones acting strange.

>> No.25044980

Who's baking?

>> No.25045067

Wow so check this out. Im doing aurcana right now and they are seriously underwhelming. Theyve been one of the biggest names this year and when you look at their property they dont have shit! Only 30 million proven ounces and their production is going to be 2-3 million a year! How is that a 100 million market cap?? Thats more than bayhorse map with same size reserves, and this is the goldventures number one pick?!? WTF

>> No.25045124

Did you take into account their resources in addition to the proven reserves? What about the newly acquired property next to their mine? What about the underexplored areas in the mine property that will likely hold a lot of silver?
Ah my bad. Lol first I mistook you for owning that nice black-VG bonanza and now this kek

>> No.25045129

That's like 70 million a year EBITDA. Seems over hyped.

>> No.25045133

It should (ie it's the ping between a dull ping and the clear ping that a full round gives), but you'll never be in the wrong just to go to your local shop and get it checked via magnet+scales just in case. The guy will probably do it for you for free, just tip him whatever pocket change you have and everyone's happy.

>> No.25045138

Higher grade ore in smaller veins. Less liability exposure, and more infrastructure in place and ready to work.

not saying it's a good investment, personally I don't own any. But there's usually reasons behind valuations.

>> No.25045156

Im looking at every property they claim to own, which is only two. Texas and Colorado. it totals to only about 30 million ounces...

>> No.25045187

You're not doing a thorough enough DD anon. Check the project financials too while you're at it

>> No.25045188

ah, but like many other projects working in historically mined locations, the Revenue Virginius mine has large sections of nearby ore that has yet to be drilled and added to the modern 43-101 report. The site also has an up to date and operational mill and underground infrastructure. They arent going to be a mega mine by any means, but they will be a strong mid level producer if they can meet their project targets. If they cant get going on time, or they run into trouble getting the mine in gear, than they will likely drop in evaluation. I think they will do ok, but again that all hinges on if the operators can actually do what they say they want to do.

>> No.25045218
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What are the first resources you check during DD for precious metal miners?

>> No.25045275

Okay well when i read their 2018 PEA report it says they have 10 million oz indicated. Still very underwhelming....

>> No.25045285

Commies BTFO!


>> No.25045290

Im reading their PEA right now. It says 10 million indicated on the texas property.

>> No.25045307


Thank you, this is interesting and very encouraging to learn. Will be looking into this stock more deeply in future.

>> No.25045326

Hey Pan Man, are those placer claim lots for 5K in BC Kijiji all scams or are there actually any worthwhile parcels that pop up every now and again?

>> No.25045420

yes but their main operation is the Colorado based Revenue Virginius mine. Thats the one they have put their efforts into bring to production. Their Shafter Silver mine in Texas is still in Pre Feasibility right now and is not planned to be brought into production any time soon. Revenue Virginius sits on a trend of a high grade gold silver vein systems, that you can trace yourself on google earth from all the old mine workings on trend. Now this mine has a massive amount of ore indicated, but they cant describe it until its drilled and confirmed. There is historical data that backs this up, but again that cant be used until its backed up in a 43-101 report. The company plans to get the mine operating than add on additional reserves as it gets going. Does that help?
Link me, they probably are but i can double check, under pain of death never buy off kijiji.

>> No.25045495

Okay. Im looking at it now. Appreciate the help guys.

>> No.25045556

Revenue Virginius is only showing about 20 m oz measured and indicated so that brings to total to about 30m oz. Am I missing something here?

>> No.25045572
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>> No.25045576
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>Revenue Virginius sits on a trend of a high grade gold silver vein systems, that you can trace yourself on google earth from all the old mine workings on trend
I used to live there as a kid. I remember dozens of small mines operating in the zone. We'd go out fishing and as often as not hear "FIRE IN THE HOLE" and explosives going off followed by the clatter of rock down steep mountain sides.

it's one of Colorado's richest areas historically. One mine in that area made the owner so wealthy he bought his kid the Hope Diamond. It's a fucking fantastic place for mining and history.

>> No.25045643

no thats what I am reading as well, thats pretty good for an underground mid to high grade silver / base metal mine. Than when you think about the ore bodies adjacent to the main described ones there is with reason far more ore to work with, its just not described yet as the crews havent gotten into those sections of the mine to modernize and drill yet.

>> No.25045703

Tha recent one was in Similkameen Beach for 2K. I’m on monile so I cant link ad, but seller has included documentation:





Lots of stuff to sift through!

>> No.25045730

Okaym i just wanted to make sure i wasnt going crazy. Thanks.

>> No.25045807

yep typical scam.

Almost all these claims are owned by "flippers" who bought the rights from the government for $100, and are now holding the ground permanently so others cant have it. First issue is there is private land on either side of the claim, two I do not see any previous history of placer gold recovered in any quantity on this stretch, three judging by the maps you would need to be working in the middle of that trail to be properly legal with anything other than basic panning. Not worth it mate, if you want though I can point you to better territory if your interested. I hate these people so much, shameless scum bags.
No problem mate!

>> No.25045862

>I hate these people so much, shameless scum bags

I know a millionaire that made his wealth off exactly this scam. The feds hate him. Real miners hate him. But he has a list a mile long of people wanting to buy his crap. Over a hundred people working for him just staking worthless claims on old mines and streams.