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RSR: yay or nay?

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stop fudding u morons

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im up $100,000 already,
the best is yet to come

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how are those bags hurting

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refer to post above.

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whaling like that will give you money no matter what shitcoin moves up 10%

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I sold some for a lower MC coin, but still hold over 1m RSR. Was excisting for a year, now it's just boring to watch. We'll see what happens in 2021 if they can deliver on mainnet. I will either make it next year or sell to find my new adventure.

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my one goal in life is to be this rich

give it 5 years and hopefully i'll be saying shit like that so casually too, gg anon

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Nay shitcoin

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hold for normiebase pump and immediately sell. it's as simple as that anon. Never EVER be in love with the bag. That's all you need to know for this bullrun

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What if it has long term potential?

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yay, but it's a pain in the ass to buy

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"Long term potential" is your inner monologue trying to validate the greed in you.

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this shitcoin has been here for a while and still the market doesn't seem excited, so nope, it's hopeless

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We already sold bro

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Riddle me this faggot: How many erc20 shittokens are blatant scams? And you found the needle in the haystack?

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MahaDAO literally BTFO'd the rsr mechanism.
Instead of pegging to the usdollar which inflates on it's own, they do preserve value by preserveing overall purchasing power with algorithmic derisks, RSR seems like old tech already, wtf was theil thinking. USD sucks.

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Make your goal to have a good life and live in a way that will enable you to manifest in reality having lots of money.

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its a yay im still buyin, FUCK YOU

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I have a very small bag in it, I don't have great hopes in it, but it might happen.

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Just be patient buddy, I think with rsr this is still possible. I've been holding since 0.012.

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Piece of shit can't even hold 2 cents.

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It's not even a question

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This shit kept showing up in rich fags portfolios so I’m in for 22k...hopefully it fucks off to $1.00

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