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New fork of Base Protocol except it's pegging to the total value locked in DeFi.
So institutional investment fags coming into crypto will not just be in the form of spot buying but also yield farming, we're talking about trillions flowing in the TVL rather than the overall market cap.

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Do you have a link or something for this?

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Only for real niggas, wypipo allowed.

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Yeah you can read more here, admins are active in the discord and telegram
Site: bentobase.io
Disc: gg/VDTF2H2DEJ
Tg: t.me/bentobase

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Kek yeah i’m the most upstanding wypipo around
Thanks bruh

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Kek yeah i’m the most upstanding wypipo around
Thanks bruh

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The value proposition does sound good, how much are you guys putting into this?

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I’m throwing 10 eth, not gonna lose the train like i did with GRT on this one

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Thanks nigga, looks good

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Thanks, this does not sound like a pajeet rug at all, must look into it

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Mfw i see the BBASE price skyrocketing after the presale

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where buy?

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Get in the discord and telegram they will announce the presale info there soon

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This is a pajeetscam that is going to pump violently very briefly and then rug the shit out of you.

Go to Warosu and search for BentoBase and see all of the nearly identical threads where OP samefags his replies on a VPN asking for links and saying shit like "THE NEW GRT!" "THANKS NIGGA!" etc.

Do not buy this unless you want to fund some pajeet's village in buying a new donkey

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lmao schizo faggot it's so obvious you're trying to fud so you can get more profit for yourself

get the fuck out of my /biz/

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Lmao stay poor retard

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I’m putting in 5 eth, can’t put any more as i want to hold mostly btc

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this, stay the fuck away, reeks of third world scam
you have to be actually retarded to fall for this shit

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You fudders tried to take away my graph too

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t. nigerian scammer sockpuppet

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Literal nigger

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based indeed

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That actually sounds great, thanks for the shill OP, I'll see you on the moon. Waiting for the presale now

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i'll go with 5 eth, can't afford much more than that but should be enough for a good ROI

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looks interesting

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Based link shiller

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5 eth? Are you a poorfag or what? Get a load of this fucking poorfag what a MOOK

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5 ETH is fine, these gains will turn 5 into a lot of money

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Not sure if institutions will be buying this specifically but they are coming and some are already here. That being said, TVL is a strong metric and I can see this doing really well

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Is there another decentralized index pegged to TVL though?

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Not that I know of, but I would imagine institutions will wait for BBase to prove themselves at least if they are going in on this

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Fair enough. I don't see why institutions would let us make all the gains though. I am sure the smart ones are investing in a shit ton of DeFi projects

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There are institutions that are only now getting into Bitcoin, they can be slow

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Who the fuck cares about institutions. Just follow the trend, in this environment new coins moon. Get in, get out, hop on the next one

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institutional yield farming is a bigger factor than anything you retards are talking about

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Its just mental masterbation trying to figure out where they are yield farming. Just follow the trends, stop overthinking shit

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If you can figure out the trends beforehand you will have a huge advantage though. A lot of time it is easy to spot too

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Based <150 IQ poster

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how is this supposed to pump if its price correlates with TVL and there will be no sale discount?

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You never played a rebase coin before?

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Most rebase coins sell below their peg and list above it to garentee at least one positive rebase. They pretty much all pump on listing even though most die out after that

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Based. So just buy the initial sell and then dump the listing?

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You can do that if you just want a quick small easy profit but these things tend to pump for some really nice rebase gains for the first several days

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5x or bust. I am high as fuck from the GRT trade

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This anon speaks the truth.

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2 poor people coping together

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This seems like a project that will actually take off

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feels like early ampl

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Looks like it. Admin just revealed the team is in talks with chainlink

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might as well throw 3 eth in

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Who’s the project leader

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That shit is bullish af

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Tell me more niglord

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No, go dyor

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Presale comin soon

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Whales reporting for duty

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Reporting in

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If this gets chain link support it’ll moon

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welcome fren

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PPP (Pajeet Pumping Power) is powerful with this one

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as long as i get my wallet pumped i don't care who pumps it kek, this looks like it's the one

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This is the truth

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Seems to be worth a few eth in case it really moons

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I'll be going with 25 eth, nothing stops the gain train

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I like the way you think - might have to double down desu

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do it, you won't regret it fren

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>tranny-meghan is involved in this rugpull


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How much will u go in gays?

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i like the hype around this

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BEWARE of this scam, the team wants to remain anonymous and speak like they are going to pull the plug as soon as they can

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read the thread you dummy lmao

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I just threw 20 eth
am i gonna die

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U will go to the moon my friend

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Maybe if the coin existed yet, larper

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What is the purpose of this coin?

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To provide great wealth

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That is based

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kek there's no way you threw in 20 eth cause the presale is not open yet, but if you will throw it when the presale starts you will become a rich man

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t. bentobased dev

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Shall I just buy Sushi to prepare for this?

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nah those niggaz are busy coding

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Nah just buy more of this when it comes

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Sushi would be hitting right now

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look guys I'm just saying if you're up 100% profit on something and you're telling people to buy at that point you gotta wonder who's gonna sell it to em thats all Im saying

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What is the point of this comment? We are talking about a coin that hasn't even been minted yet

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go back to india

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I think he is in the wrong thread

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I like to think that this could bring some new players into crypto

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Would go that far

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Naw, keep your money in ETH

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big if true

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Eth won’t even 2X by the new year

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Need to spend ETH to make ETH

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I'll spend eth to fuck your mom how about that

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oh no wait I can do it for free

>> No.25035864

She needs it man

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This is an easy flip to multiply ur eth stack

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I just told her about it and she is really excited, when you coming over?

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She is excited, when you coming over?

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I’m taking his place

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i honestly think BBASE is the best thing since GRT

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Such a long timeframe

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idk if I’d go that far but it does seem quite promising

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Why has this not been picked up by Chico yet?

>> No.25037126

Chico is always late

>> No.25037232

feels good to beat Chico to the coins

>> No.25037347

Not hard, Chico is retarded

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Has vitalik mentioned this?

>> No.25037806

He is too busy trying to figure out staking

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Old man Vitalik

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someone comment on that faggots video that he sucks cock

>> No.25039376

He does

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