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If ur reading this, i just wanna say i'm a big fan

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did you buyed?

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Ow shut the fuck up you slime ball piece of shit!
What you want to do, eat out his asshole and tell your mom?

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Thanks Fren. :)

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Thanks. It's good to get away from work sometimes

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When is Tesla develop sexbots?

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Hey elon if u r reading this
U r an faggot

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Yo Elon you fucking waxy faced retard
you will never be haircombs

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Real talk. I find it irritating how he gets on things like a child. Haha doge, haha crypto. Memes here and there. I feel like the fact that he is seen as an innovator, it allows him to do the most dumb stuff and people will still see it as 'innovative' no matter what.
Of course, it's just a pet peeve of mine. One needs to acknowledge that he's a whale and smarter than all of us... but still, the social aspect is irritating.

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I think they will *ahem* come before you think

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this. came to say this exact thing.

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Hey it's me, look at the price of doge coin at 17:00 UTC tomorrow.

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Cringe, fuck off Elon

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Hey Elon, what would be a fucking balling meme is that you'd buy few million worth of Statera, just food for some weed filled thoughts. Thanks.

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He’s a cia frontman that has never invented anything.

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i can't stand this fag

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i didnt realize how many people actually hate his guts until i came to biz, pretty funny

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Of course he is. There are loads of great anons. Dare I say it is the modern day sons of liberty...fags of liberty.

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>s that you'd buy few million worth of Statera
I wouldn't do that anon, because it's dogshit. Even I know that

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the paypal mafia doesn't give a shit.

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That's what happenes when boomers discover 4chan memes.

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Elon confirmed

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>doesn't know
Hope you have a rope ready

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Elon, if you want to make all of /biz/ rich buy fucktons of Chainlink. Literally all of us hold it

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he everywhere.
watch him tweet about GRT + DOGE implementation

you go to mcdonalds with 0 cash?
no problem. you have grt api doge verified
you don't even nead a mask.
you are literally graph doge verified.
they even give you 7% cash back.

the hot chick behind you with the sweet n sour chicken nuggie brappessa gets hot seeing you are doge verified on the graph.
you marry, and have 12 kids.
sweet n sour chicken nuggies under the covers.

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elon what the fuck is with your kid's name?

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We're all about BORE the helluva Mars. If you like mining we'll have you there. See y'all in thee decades. In cybernetic exoskeletons, of course.

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We made sure nobody could pronounce it without having their tongue inside of a pussy at the time. 4channelers must cope with the fact they're never going to speak it.

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How do I short mars

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Long Venus.

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Yep, that's him

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Thinks definitely elon

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You should be ashamed phoneposting newfag

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hey elon if you're really on /biz/ right now can you post a line of a poem you like on twitter

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*and yourself even richer