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linkbros I don't feel so good...

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I’m assuming this is a joke? If the chart matches the Eth/BTC then we are about to have a hell of a year. See eth/BTC 2017

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>LINK's chart literally looks like the ETH chart before ETH bled even more in sats
>it's just a chart bro
God I hope I'm just a TA retard

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yes that's the joke you idiot

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I dont understand the sats fud. Also every crypto is falling behind exactly like chainlink so what's the problem?

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Manvinder drank a little too much of the Ganges this morning.

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Pump incoming, they are trying to get you to sell the bottom.

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Whenever I feel down, I just look at LINK/BTC monthly chart on binance. And then I feel better. It works every time. LINK has the best chart ever. It's cups and handles all the way down. Fractals, man. LINK is the greatest of all time

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Because LINK/BTC shows you whether it would have been better to just hold the boomer crypto reserve coin.
>inb4 you could do that to any shitcoin this is just retarded fud fuck off ranjesh
Every single crypto has a pair with BTC. All bots have signals with BTC pairs. That's why the LINK/BTC pair matters when trying to predict price action. Also I'm all in LINK since 2018 and will not be selling anyway. I'm just pointing out the similarities with 2016/2017 ETH/BTC chart. If it continues like ETH we are looking at more bleeding in sats which either means dumping/crabbing in $.

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do you have any idea where the bottom could be? I know lines are meh in the grand scheme of things but we held our parabolic line on the log chart for 2ish(?) years and that broke around 68500 sats

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Honest question for people fudding link. If you think link will fail then what will replace it? Or do you think cryptocurrencies in general will fail? In order for blockchain technology to be mass adopted there needs to be a bridge between off-chain and on-chain assets.

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If we are following Eth/btc 2016 heading into 2017, then this is pretty much the bottom. We should start back up within a week and head over 100k SATs in January. We then bleed back down over q1 into the 80k sat range before the real fireworks start in q2

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any retard can see what's about to happen.

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price of a cup of coffee

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hope so looking forward to 2021

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Comfy /biz/ trading server

discord (dot) gg (slash) TSy4Zg3Jx6

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If it continues like eth/btc this is the bottom. You happened to stop your eth/btc chart right before it pumped about 60%+ over the next 3 weeks

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Cuz we broke a 3 year parabola, and a 2 year trend line. Exponential growth officially over. Why hodl link and not BTC if bleeding salts.

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Press S to spit on all these fucking threads

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We are oversold, RSI below 40 on weekly candles, volume nonexistent for 2+weeks. The sell off is out of steam. We bounce within a week

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we gonna get a capitulation red dragon dildo first

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Cheer up bro

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That is this weeks candle, we are down 15% on the week

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down to 48k sats we go

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You see when trying to predict LINK's price action you have to throw any "logic" or "rationality" out the window. You'd "think" it wouldn't go below 50k sats right? That LINK wouldn't go below $10 ever again, that the days of single digits and 30k sats are over right? Well knowing our great supreme leader Sergey nazarov, Ari Juels the anti-christ and Jason Parser the shadowforker, LINK is going to bottom out at $5 or 25k sats. Why? Because nobody would expect that. Every swinglinker would be in panic and the never sellers would just be depressed or finally buying more. So yes. The bottom will be 17k sats. LINK BOTTOM(keyword for warosu archive for the future).

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Everyone has moved on to newer projects, the hype is gone....slow bleed out from here because money is made elsewhere as Serge dumps his load on ya.

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