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Scott has made himself known in the TG. Higher lows. Token distribution improving.

Where were you when you knew you were going to make it?

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>tfw bought 160k for 3c
what the fuck am i gonna do with all this money

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Chink sell pressure is away?

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He's slowed down - no longer selling 9.9ETH per day


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Have you considered philanthropy?

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Dead shitcoin.


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Rumour has it dashboard is delayed until Feb 2021

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shill your bags elsewhere, coward!

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Based OC OP

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Can I ask - why exactly did you buy this after its so far down from ATH?
just curious.

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>why would you buy low

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Fuck this coin
Shilled this for 4 months, finally sold out after bleeding for months
Then it pumps fucking 70%
I buy in again
Hi guys hope you will have me back

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Can't discern if this is basic fud or extreme newfaggotry.

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Welcome back, chappie

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And you will dump again when dashboard isn’t released, as promised. Kek

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i thought about starting a game company. always wanted to make vidya.

it's a promising project, survived shit that should have killed it, solid tokenomics, very small mcap. i was skeptical at first, but kept an eye on it, read more and wanted in. when it crabbed for like a month at 3-4c without bleeding out, i knew it was buy time, with still things to look forwards too, such as dashboard and marketing blitz. lurk the threads, if you know crypto, STA is a winner. nothing is without risk though, i've lost money on bad buys too.

i also hold libertas, fellow STAllions should check it out, good time to buy that too, fuckin micro mcap with lots of shit too look forward to. wagmi!

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Thanks, anon
I'll keep an eye on it
It's certainly hard not to with the amount of threads it has!

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Yeah lol I probably never worded it right
What I was trying to ask is do you really think this has the legs to reach them heights again
We've seen so many promising projects pumped and then gradually slide down and become obsolete
What sets Statera apart from them?

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Every dip gets eaten. Swingies will off themselves.

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10 years later also in the summer, Statera was born. With the same kind of release price as Bitcoin. With the same kind of chart like Bitcoin (continuous bubble cycles). With a similar kind of creator (Satoshi Nakamoto x Scott). With a similar vision, transferring back the financial wealth and decision making to the people.

Statera is recolutionary. We are all going to make it and change clown world while doing so. Stallions, we held the 3c line, now an abundance of wealth awaits us.

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This is how early we are. We are on the fast-track from NEET to financial elite. (It rhymes)

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Looks like we're still early in crypto in general when you see that chart

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Ngl that’s a bullish fucking chart

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Iron hands will win.

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Is that a msssive bullflag?
Lower lows higher how highs
I dont think we are dropping

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It seems like 6.5c could be the new floor, from my limited TA

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Bump for financial L33Tdom

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I can't figure out how the indexing works so I never bought. No one in the TG ever explained it.

How do you index a token with Balancer? What is the specific process involved?

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You add either all or one of the assets in the Balancer pool. Statera provides additional churn, and therefore fees, due to the deflation.

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Somone post the tldr whitepaper for this guy as he doesn't want to read the whole thing

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Of course because of the exploit this all happens through Delta, the v2 uniswap token.

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Lowkey pisses me off he says "as someone never explained" as if we should spoonfeed this guy. Do your own research lazy ass

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I can't sell, skam goys stay away

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I was feeling generous. If you can’t read a whitepaper yngmi

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Set slippage to 1.1%. Get off my token.

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Not sure if srs

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there was no tldr version of the whitepaper last i looked

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Literally 10 second google search lazy ass

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Hmm this seems pretty much too good to be true lol

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That’s why it’s such a good idea - it’s volume farming. So simple, so effective.

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Volume farming - I like that!

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>Holding heavy Scammera bags
>Portfolio -95%
>Failure, fat and forever alone
>Dopamine running low
>Maybe a Mc meal full of trans fats and cancerous compounds will make it all better
>Spells "Sta" with the fries
>"Genius! I'm sure people on /biz/ will now buy my bags"







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Someone post the Oh, youre approaching me? statera pic.
I wanna photoshop my better, more valuable token onto it

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It's disgustingly effective. To even think that the returns do not have a cap, it should be illegal. Literal money machine.


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>doesn’t even know fried STA was before the ATH pump

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>absolutely enormous bags of STA
>average buy 4c
>thicc juicy bod
>am going to make it

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Seethe faggot

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>am going to make it
See you on the moon, STAbro.
>t top 50

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i'll raise a glass to that
>top 25

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Gems don't need to be bumped. Therefore scam.

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Statera $77 EONY

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Telegram has been bullish lately boys

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tell me more partner

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this thread

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where do you see statera at the EONY? legit discussions only.

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A lot of things depend on the timing of the next crypto bull run so no one can say for sure. Personally, I don't see ~$2.50 per STA being an unreasonable target end of next year.

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Bought 200k+ at 3c

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$100M is defo doable even earlier so depending on the burn $1.20-$1.60

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I think this may be another LINK situation where we have to wait 3 years to get any super crazy price action/adoption. But with the token burn and a little luck, I could see it being $1 EONY.

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Imo $1 (roughly $80M) can be achieved within the next month or two if things go right. Bullrun, team’s plans for the future.. it’s only 2x the previous record anyway.

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So you’re saying one of the most shilled/fudded projects on biz won’t even reach 100M marketcap during the golden bullrun of 2021 lol ok

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what is your price prediction fren?

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I think it is a miss or hit, it goes to zero or goes to the moon. In fact, if it can reach to $1 and stay there, it means the ecosystem works well and I don't see why it could not reach to higher prices due to burning mechanism and also high APY which makes people to FOMO in.

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Considering random no-name coins hit 1B marketcap previous bullrun (which should be even easier now that everything has matured) I think we will at least breach $10 eventually next year. At current supply 1B marketcap is $11.84 and you have to remember that Statera is literally designed to pump.

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Exactly this. The only thing we have to do in order yo make it is get a side stack of Statera and a pooling stack. Using the pooling stack you are not only getting paid but also increasing the massive potential your side statera stack has. Because more liquidity means more volume brcause of the deflation and balancing which means more fees = pooling becomes increasingly more attractive

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Yes, that's a common reaction upon reading about statera for the first time. Then you find out that it's already been demonstrated working as it should. Then you start accumulating and wait until the rest of the world hears about it.

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wait until my grt gains flow into statera were so early in defi
i have considered misanthropy against THE EVIL and helping animals and humens in need and maybe some plants and ecology

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just increased my stack to 100k, am i gonna make it?

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Wow, nice!

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Good project severely oversellt and bottomed out.

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what does Statera even do? I see tons of jargon on the website and no normie friendly explanation

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Here we go again. $0.10 EOD

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Greg Schoen was impatient and he dropped his bags (1700 BTC) because he got weak. Even thinking about selling at $8 while selling bags at $0.30 that he bought at $0.06. Tom Randolph also. And they all waited at least for a year. ETH was sold before 2 digits, it went to 4 and stabilize at 3. This is all archived on warosu full of suicide threads of weak limp wristed guys contemplating suicide as they sold even before 2 digits. XRP had it's run from $0.05 to $0.24 even $3.xx if you want implement 2017 bullrun. All too known chainlink was held for more then 2 years before milionaires were made from it. AMPL crabed for 13 months straight with no signs of life before going x100 and back to stable x30 plus "xy" projects like that. And here we have STATERA, First mover, immutable working idea, only 6 months old with very limited funding that endured things that would kill majority of projects. Development is being done and constant improving and everyone can help. It may take months, maybe year or two, but serious, very serious $$$ will be made for patient and strong. Given all this, even then, I won't tell you to buy the dip or this or that, I won't tell you to sell nor hold. But IF you KNOW, YOU KNOW.

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Based and based again.
Fucking perfect pair of posts.

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But I don't want to wait more than a year

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Based CIA Clandestine chart and cycles analysis

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So it relies on holders putting a bunch of it in Balancer pools for it to be "indexed?" There's no specific line of code in the token contract related to "indexing" it anywhere?

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Even if noone put it in balancer pool the burn is still there by stanos.
The burn rate will always be there unless BTC,ETH, SNX, LINK fail which is unlikely.
Then demand is another question... But the deflationary aspect is seriously genius.

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Thats why they're called Balancer pools. RTFWP

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Is that Thanos?

What is that and what does it do?

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No really, wtf is it?

Is it a big Balancer pool that the devs threw a bunch of STA into? Is that the secret to "indexing" that I am looking for?

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Honestly I havn't been active on this coin or any coin really since may. But back then it was the bot that rebalanced the index fund. They called it sthanos

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So the indexing is done off chain?

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I don't believe the Anon you're replying to is acting in good faith.

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>$1 Spring 2021
>$5 EONY
>$15 EOY 2020

>> No.24997471


I'm just trying to figure out how the hell the indexing mechanism works.

How can anyone buy this thing without it being clearly explained?

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>$1 Spring 2021
>$5 EONY
>$15 EOY 2022


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No idea what your game is, fren. You're clearly not very good at it though - first day on the job?

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$1 winter 2022
$30 summer 2020
$100 eoy

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$1 EOY
$10 EDM
$25 EKG
$100 EGG


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eggs are usually less than $5 for 12 where the hell are you getting your eggs

>> No.24999002

100k+ STAtesman here. $1 by end of next month at LEAST.

>> No.24999096

$10 EONY

>> No.24999363

this is FUD. 100$ EONY

>> No.24999487

Holy thread

>> No.24999585

Literally, unironically "we go loud" in ID.
Based and based again

>> No.24999633

LMAO fuck clown world

>> No.24999642

Also, based mid trips professional predictions

>> No.25000178

loving the memes

>> No.25000689

we're gonna make it bros

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i bought this shit in the summer at 15c and never sold at 50, still holding, am i gonna make it?

>> No.25002475

if you hold till EONY.

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