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>There are actual people who fell for a 2016 tier shitcoin rug pull

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Here's your entry, everyone that begged for a dump. This isn't over.

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i bought

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Could have made 6 quick bucks instead I loose 1

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Are you seriously trying to fud a coin that went up over 100% in a day and now has a minor retrace?

Bullish, thanks bought 10k more.

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Harmony (ONE) all over again.
I'm so tired of this shit.

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Finally return to normal

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da fuq
why is cmc not tracking anymore?

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LOL at the retards who aren't buying the dip

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everyone uses coingecko, gramps

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>0.7 wow maybe i should buy
>0.22 that might be it
>0.42 thats the top surely
>0.60 ....

if i wasnt a leaf cuck and could use coinbase pro id buy the retrace at 0.45 and sell at .70

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I made a thousand overnight, faggot. Thx biz shills

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this is the end

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You bought the dip right.. God damn this is so easy. Swap for Btc at High. Swap at Low. God damn.

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This sirs... Is called a Dip. its always 2 red candles ina row..

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I bought at the button of the dip, already made 15 bucks
I earned more in 20 minutes with this shitcoin than in 2 hours at work

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BOTTOM? lmao what the fuck are you talking about. it's not reached the bottom yet

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Literally gonna 2x by tomorrow

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Such losses, so misfortune

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>post yfw you sold the top
Maybe I'll buy back in after the fat dump if I'm feeling it.

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Is this the new generation of baggies similar to XRP? God I hope so.

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and we're back.

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It's day 3.

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I sold the top too, anon

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Coinbase refused my conversion to btc. Wtf

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That's why you should use a good exchange like Binance faggot.

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the logo is circular like chainlink thus we will come full circle and make 2000% again

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I went to sleep with it at barely 31c I don’t care. You better by this dip fuddy or stay poor forever

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A toast

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Binance leaf here, just woke up to $2k gains ;)

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I sold and my guess it'll dump but this isn't XRP, Graph will be valued 10$ within the next year or so.

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I hope you bought the dip Biz.

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whatever, just bought more

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when it chunks. you need to be fast. you cant sit and wait..Its VOLITILE.

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buy the dip fast

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Discord trannies trying to accumulate more. I'm not fucking selling niggers

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Mooning again!

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50c support confirmed

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what does shampoo have to do with this

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Last chance to fill your bags

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nice to see anons using my shitty meme made in paint at work's pc

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How the fuck is it still going

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Does anyone think it's going to dump anymore? I kind of hoped for a bigger dump than this

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I just bought again at 48c

Did I fuck up?

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Same woke up to .55. Was a nice surprise.

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probably not. next stop 0.60c.

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Why the FUCK its not doing anything

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GRT is going straight to $1. graph protocol will be the world's most valuable blockchain project in the future. even bigger than link

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sirs what wallet to hold?

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>watching 5min charts in a multibillion dollars crypto project bigger than Chainlink.


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>buying something that already did +100%
yeah, deserved

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Formation dump!

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I kek’d

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newsflash retard every coin does a +100% within the first few weeks, it is not hard when the price starts so low

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>buying the top of a coin that's already pumped 100+% in a day

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okay stay poor

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we're in price exploration you retard, if you're expecting GRT to correct back down to $0.2 or some shit you're out of your mind, that would make it barely a top 100 coin. it'll be top 20 market cap by the end of the week

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bought at .10c and have a sell limit set to forget at 1.00. Hopefully gets triggered.

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Sold initial at top now freerolling 10k feels good man

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Why would you sell at 1.00. Think long term dude

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I bought in at .25, this feels comfy. It seems to be holding its ground right now. Wish I set up a sell for half my stack when it doubled, but this looks good to me.

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am doing exactly the same. bless you

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Another episode of high octane crabbing before pumping to $1?

>> No.24956804

bought in at .19, had the same thoughts at .43, my stack is pretty small though so I'm just gonna yolo it. Either it moons or I get rugged, but it was fun either way

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I bought 10k at ATH. Why is it tanking??

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i have bad news for ya

>> No.24956924

whats the next one boys, grt already pumped and now dumping

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Am I gonna make it?

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Nice. Idk, but I wouldn't sell.

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Weak ass buying pressure. Looks like we really are coming back down into the 35c-40c range

>> No.24957011

I bought 6K at .45 how fucked am I?

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next peak at $1.00

drop to 0.80

then new peak at 1.50
drop to 1.00

new peak at 1.80
drop to 1.30

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my hands are starting to shake brehs...

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This is a 3 year game

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buy parsiq brainlets

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i've decided it's going to crash to .20 again so i can hop back on for the moon mission to $2 EOY so you all need to adjust accordingly

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down we go

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Yaas queen 1k soon the pump will never stop

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>This is a 3 year game

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knees weak
arms heavy
vomit on my sweater already

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Fellas, this thing has more ups and downs than my ex-wife's moods.

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Echo here


For more information on Tau.

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okay its fucking over bros

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Kind sir tell me please where should I buy?

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yes okay i see but is this how it really be

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>made 15x the ICO price
>rug pull

You guys will never make it

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Honest answer I don't know. The volume is so low still a bunch of whales can toy with everyone.

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CMC owner buys whatever he puts in trending, doesn't want to dump his own bags by actually informing people

>> No.24957397

So did some research, seems legit.

>> No.24957409

I'm holding my 5k

>> No.24957419

>getting shaken out of a top 20 coin on day 2 of launch at the beginning of the golden bullrun because of a correction in a parabolic uptrend

>> No.24957451


I've read about it, read the FUD here and even the fud's like

>u-useless token

Classic case of sour grapes. I'm sitting here all comfy, anon

>> No.24957470

Whale here... Its so legit but I recommend u sell now and buy after 8h.

>> No.24957499

Time zone nigger

>> No.24957504

Shitcoins will be just that

>> No.24957516

You have to go back.

>> No.24957540

i bought at 0.19 im still up dumb faggot
holding til at least 2022 when i will buy your wife

>> No.24957542


its so legit as in the website looks polished

or its so legit as in its going to be used in a bunch of applications and whatnot

>> No.24957555

i bought at 26 cents and that was late lol... idk who your laughing at fucking dumb ass OP

>doesnt look at btc chart while watching an alt

>> No.24957557

just buy anons non existant wife now for 0.00001 ETH

>> No.24957562

reminder that fudders just want to buy the dip themselves

>> No.24957563

bought the dip. never selling but thanks for the fud. jealous much lol

>> No.24957573

I think u can count.

>> No.24957590

bad investment, women all decline in value & ETH is going up

>> No.24957604

pump and dump

>> No.24957609

.40 was the absolute bottom

Next stop is .65

>> No.24957611

Damn I was too scared to go all in 12 hours ago.

>> No.24957613

Reminder that these kind of posts imply that /biz/ sentiment has the ability to move the market.

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>you can't count

No one knows where you are retard. Time stamps are shown in my time, not yours.

>> No.24957632

I literally made a fucking 5x off of this coin you massive retard. You will never make it

>> No.24957652

hope you bought your bags back bro

>> No.24957683

Initially invested 470$. Sold for 1200$. If this shit actually hits a dollar within the next few days I'll probably unironically commit suicide.

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No lol

>> No.24957720

so you're going to kill yourself if the absolute top of this coin wasn't found within 48 hours of launch? nice one

>> No.24957724


just buy again now?????

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how did you manage to not even make a 3x off this?

>> No.24957780

I sold at 50 cents and got a bunch of ez money. Thanks for the thread last night /biz/

>> No.24957785

going to kys for real in a few years if you dont buy big bags

>> No.24957796

bought at 55 for the hype, sold at around 40 cents after looking into the project. 50% held by VC goblins and due to be released soon. literally XRP vol 2

>> No.24957819

>bought at 55 for the hype, sold at around 40 cents after looking into the project
this is the most /biz/ post

>> No.24957824

so you lost money and now you're giving advice. ok. you need to go back now. goodbye

>> No.24957830

Yeah I'm kicking myself a bit. When I woke up this morning I was at 1.7k. It went down when I went out for a haircut, and when I saw a head and shoulders forming on the price chart I decided to sell.

Jokes aside I'll buy back in once I know it's not a pump and dump. If this coin is actually going places, and I think it could, you wont see the top for a while yet. I'll see what happens when it breaks 1$ (if it does).

>> No.24957858

so you sold now and you'll buy back in after it reaches $1? nice

>> No.24957878

thanks for the financial advice loser

>> No.24957898

It is already used lmao. It’s used in literally everything that uses ethereum and defi

>> No.24957913

>trying to use logic with a redditor

>> No.24957935

This was me. I put like $600 in for a “what if” and I ended up with around 1.5k, I just now through two ethereum in there too, so let’s see where this crotch rocket goes from here

>> No.24957946

This thread reeks of newfaggotery

>> No.24957963

I bought a little back but I’m not going big dick. I’ll probably end up putting a couple grand but I can’t really risk more than that

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File: 1.29 MB, 520x293, Wage_Cuckin_It (1).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

comfy comfy comfy. ill probably sell at $1 or maybe $0.90 and buy back in. i want some long term holdings

>> No.24957986

hey guys I bought the local top now here's my advice no no I'm not bitter at all.

>> No.24957988

lmao rip your cash
send me the rest of your cash i will take proper care of it moneyburner

>> No.24957994

God damn you’re dumb

>> No.24957996

You're acting like it'll hit 1$ and then stagnate or crash. This is a coin that's getting shilled hard by major exchanges and already has practical usecases.

If it reaches 1$, I'll accept that it's not a pump and dump and buy back in. You're all acting like this is the first time a coin has pumped hard after getting added to all major exchanges.

I'm eliminating risk, and I'm a poor fag so turning down over 1k in cash is a big risk.

If it hits 1$ it'll hit 3$ in no time so I'll 2x again

>> No.24957997


thats what i wanted to know, thanks :)

- kind redditor

>> No.24958002

>’ll probably end up putting a couple grand
why wouldn't you have just done that yesterday then? will never understand people like you

>> No.24958017

you will want to own at least 1k grt in 2 years bro

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Where is the 1 dollar price target number coming from ?

>> No.24958051

I own 3k right now.
Because I made an ass ton yesterday and thought it would recorrect harder, I bought back in with 1700 or so at .24 or something and slept it off. I can’t just throw 4 grand at something so volatile, I work for my shit

>> No.24958063

my ass

>> No.24958098

$1 price wouldn't put it anywhere near the top 10 even with a fully diluted market cap... and this coin is a top 10 coin in terms of its usage already

>> No.24958186

I dont think its $1. It would be $3 if not $10 or $20. why would they pump it up to only .50, if it was a pump and dump that is getting shilled why wouldnt it go to at least $3

>> No.24958188

well it's a psychological thing and it's a really really conservative estimate based on where its marketcap should/could be

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i'm not gonna make it bros..........

>> No.24958285

I'm waiting at $.28 no worries it will get filled

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Sold at .31 from .20 run up

Had 210k GRT tokens...


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Qucik, reinvest everything into GRO

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File: 30 KB, 311x362, tired of this shit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.24958348

this thread is the biggest buy signal in history

>> No.24958405

if it double bottoms at 0.4 it is, which it looks like thats whats happening. but in all honestly idk why retards are staring at a chart on a coin like this. this isn't a shitcoin lmao

>> No.24958423

coming up out of the double bottom to a huge pump

>> No.24958439

I bought at .11 and my wife still doesn't believe in me.

>> No.24958449

Still holding, not sure how much longer I'll last

>> No.24958479

typical shaky hand coomer brain staring at the 5min chart, just sell now so we can leave you behind

>> No.24958509
File: 118 KB, 800x750, 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nothing like watching a dump when you're still up 3x

>> No.24958520

and whats your plan for when it dumps under 40c eh

>> No.24958535

poorfag here. sold at .25 and missed out on hundreds:(

>> No.24958539

buy more

>> No.24958542

I’m not even sweating

>> No.24958574


buy buy buy

>> No.24958578
File: 36 KB, 1058x360, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Buy the dip cucks

>> No.24958595

do i have to say it again? it's a long term hold not a shitcoin

>> No.24958618

You woudlnt be freaking out right now if you had bought <20c anon
Buy the dip or history will repeat itself for you

>> No.24958621

the faggot panic sell is in full flow, they can all buy in again back at 55

>> No.24958632

How long term?

>> No.24958635

cope it's never going >50c again

>> No.24958641

It's nothing but a pajeet shitcoin.
>long term holding shitcoins

>> No.24958651

I only just started using this board but fuck, I can't imagine putting myself through as much stress as you faggots do

>> No.24958654

And down it goes....0.38

>> No.24958657

Still holding. Not sure about buying more, Im a pathetic poorfag who invested 800€ into this.

>> No.24958670

If any of you newfags are losing money remember if you see MULTIPLE threads on biz especially the words “new paradigm” you don’t touch that shit

>> No.24958673

I sold half my stack at the same price yesterday. But I'll keep the other half until either zero or pluto.

>> No.24958677

If 38 doesn't hold, it's 32, if that doesn't hold, 25. Could take a while.

>> No.24958678

Why did it jump so far up though? Is it pump and dump?

>> No.24958683

Wow GRT fall from grace, it was killing it earlier today and now this. How sad.

>> No.24958693

what is your iq? i'm legitimately curious how you came to be this retarded, unless you're fudding for a better buy in price

until it's in the top 20 coins. i'm just here to laugh at retards, my sell orders are set around $1.50

>> No.24958705

zoom out brothers, massive bull run coming

>> No.24958715

Yeah new paradigm for biz to lose money

>> No.24958718

acquiring fuel for the moon mission

>> No.24958739

Yep just like AMPL and CORE it was the same shit

>> No.24958743

>bought at 59
>down to 39

>> No.24958761


>> No.24958765

the amount of newfags is staggering. fuck off.

>> No.24958769
File: 27 KB, 489x499, pepe_smugsunglasses.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

picked up some more during the .38 dip

>> No.24958786

>bought at .13
>sold at .27
>bought back in just now at .39
we're going to $2, brother

>> No.24958789

Yoooo based af

>> No.24958812
File: 217 KB, 951x728, t450edb81352163e9c5a3088d33887ac3_4e7b8703_1280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

brothers, this is not a cup and handle.

its a ladle

>> No.24958818

> If it hits 1$ it'll hit 3$ in no time so I'll 2x again

Wow it's just that easy, thanks champ!

Is everyone on this board 12 or just actually retarded?

>> No.24958821
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>buy order 0.37

>> No.24958841

Retards who don’t understand supply and market cap

>> No.24958853

I have a decent stack already so I'll probably only buy more if it hits 20c again.

>> No.24958854

I currently have 4400 GRT. Do I hold or just sell? Is this going to be one of those lame ass projects that turns into stellar lumens or something and drops to 0 or does this project actually have some merit?

>> No.24958862

>looking at a 48 hour old chart and trying to make predictions on a nascent undervalued 2 day old token at the beginning of the crypto golden bullrun
man i'm out of here, the retardedness is too much. final words: buy GRT (any price under $0.5 is fine), ETH and BTC and you hold it until Nov/Dec 2021

>> No.24958881

/biz/jeets live in a fantasy entirely located within their mind

>> No.24958884

hold n

>> No.24958886

where do you get these fancy ass charts?

>> No.24958902

Fancy putting in a cheeky £250 but order but no idea at what price.. we going lower bros?

>> No.24958910

10 million usdt sell orders on binance, good luck

>> No.24958920


it's real-time kino

>> No.24958927

Most of them are probably biz unloading their bags

>> No.24958930


>> No.24958936

Dam das fancy

>> No.24958942

Juicy time to buy in

>> No.24958970

where do I see that info?

>> No.24958993

The absolute state of newfags kek

>> No.24959003

nvm found it

>> No.24959017

The market decides how low it goes. Nobody can tell you. You either think it's undervalued and are in for the swing, or you have plans for both short term bullish and bearish scenarios, including an exit strategy.

>> No.24959044
File: 43 KB, 664x664, E158113C-F894-4B33-80C2-7E362D997A8A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this nigger knows how to read all right

>> No.24959045


>> No.24959050

I'm still holding

Will check back in 2 weeks

>> No.24959085

I don't get it. What's funny about a healthy correction?

>> No.24959088

Look at the chart in 1 hr intervals. Its just going back to its base slope. Still very bearish chart.
Don't panic.

>> No.24959109

Some major volatility now

>> No.24959116

Retarded question here, but buy/sell orders last forever right? I only actively trade and set stop limits when I go to sleep or do other things for short periods.

If I set a sell order it will literally stay waiting to be executed forever?

>> No.24959130

Fuck, should I be using coinbase pro instead of coinbase???? Im a fucking noob and a retard

>> No.24959135

*Bullish I meant

>> No.24959143

you really should anon

>> No.24959145

Actually asking for advice. I lost $200 on other coins the past week and have gained that much on this so far. Would it be smart to sell that profit and keep the rest still in it?

>> No.24959154

Throw yourself down a flight of stairs. That would be a healthy correction. For you.

>> No.24959168

Is there a way to transfer my GRT from coinbase to pro?

>> No.24959178

yes, and it's instant

>> No.24959185

go on coinbase pro and select deposit --> from coinbase

>> No.24959187

This is very exciting

>> No.24959193

yes just hit the deposit button

>> No.24959195


>> No.24959198

>asking for nostradamus on /biz/

>> No.24959200

I have my sells ready for 2x profits. Moon missions don't exist anymore but 2x profit is still alot for anons who are not poor.

>> No.24959208

Hahaha get reckt

>> No.24959213

Yep it’s just one button on Coinbase pro. Click deposit, then transfer from Coinbase.

>> No.24959222

yes, choose deposit from coinbase pro and then choose to transfer from your coinbase account.

>> No.24959226

yes, stacklets and moneylets need every money they can get to crab away and breach the 10ks

you are not some phat cat that can afford to throw 4k dollars at a shitcoin and forget about it, you need to not be greedy about it

>> No.24959230

keep it all in. pulling out $200 isn't even worth the $8 transaction fee

>> No.24959253
File: 131 KB, 1947x1525, 1599046918654.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I will buy the 35c dip

>> No.24959266

Bobo pls

>> No.24959281

Fuck I transfered to pro but now I cant see real time how much my stack is worth?

>> No.24959295

see how many shills attacked you at once?

>> No.24959305

of course you can you nab

>> No.24959314

click prtfolio

>> No.24959349

I suspect you didn't

>> No.24959384


>> No.24959386

Bobo I know you're upset about BTC but please don't take it out on us

>> No.24959388

you normies are seriously using coinbase when coinbase pro is three letters in the url away?

>> No.24959420

im so pissed at myself desu, almost bought 10k at .18 cents because i had a windfall from btc gains but pussied out like always and only got 2k. happy with the gains but i need to stop being such a faggot, i missed out on incredible gains

>> No.24959429


>> No.24959430

I Aped in 100k tokens yesterday at .18

Not selling first tier for 3-6 months

>> No.24959458

What? I don't know.
Do you have the ingredients?
What kind of cake are you thinking of?

>> No.24959467

But you do, right?

>> No.24959468

as it's dipping now - whats the ideal price to buy again before it pumps?

Will it ever be below .4 again?

>> No.24959484

oh nonononono straight to 0.1$

>> No.24959502

They get a bit tsuntsun when they miss out

>> No.24959527

Place your buy orders around 1400 sats with SL at 1230 sats. Thank me later /biz/

>> No.24959529

wtf?!!! I bought in at 50 cents!!!!! REEEEE

>> No.24959536

if it hits 35c, buy

>> No.24959558

how about in usd bitfag?

>> No.24959588

is that where your sell order is faggot?

>> No.24959608

back to .4 was that the4 dip? that appeared to be the dip

>> No.24959617

I bet it's 34.99

>> No.24959650

classic /biz/ buy high sell low lol never change

>> No.24959660


>> No.24959681

Bros why did it stop climbing?

>> No.24959705
File: 184 KB, 334x310, 1597884312980.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>buying this shit instead of PNK
Not going to be making it sirs

>> No.24959707

when is this shit gonna bounce

>> No.24959719

We bouncin bois

>> No.24959743

Lets fucking go bois

>> No.24959745

long 0.40 cents to 1 dollar

>> No.24959747

Imagine selling
Couldn’t be me

>> No.24959793
File: 741 KB, 500x281, bounce.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24959809

Tradingview added GRT finally.

>> No.24959834
File: 72 KB, 989x1085, Screenshot 2020-12-19 131204.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dont make me redraw the line


>> No.24959862

i unironically sold at 0.395

>> No.24959877

5k and hodling. Aint selling til this hits $3

>> No.24959900

put buy orders at .25

>> No.24959908

>i unironically sold at 0.395
that's literally the bottom of this pullback. i longed at 0.40 cents btw.

>> No.24959912
File: 20 KB, 213x235, itsover.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


rookie mistake. 0.45 wall is being crushed.

>> No.24959918



>> No.24960016

People actually fell for this?

>> No.24960021

i can't afford to lose anymore and i can't tell who is shilling who anymore.

>> No.24960063

Im sitting on 26% gains, in the worst case Ill come even.

>> No.24960065

>thinking order books mean anything

Never gonna make it.

>> No.24960070

you didn't lose anything until you pulled out

>> No.24960080

Bought 15ETH at .11, sold at .55. Waiting for .35 to buy back in

>> No.24960116

Kek we've got a date with 35c selling pressure continues.,

>> No.24960134

I already made it on XRP so I'm good. Also screenshotted because this is not going to age well for you

>> No.24960140

fuck i cant read these fat fucking candles like this. what an eyesore. needs more datas

>> No.24960160

My diamond hands are holding the world

>> No.24960178

People actually missed out on this?

>> No.24960185

yes coombrains keep staring at a 2 day old chart and trying to swing it. that has historically worked out well. buy and hold or don't buy at all

>> No.24960194
File: 25 KB, 560x700, IMG_20201105_132024_656.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sold at .25 as a poorfag
could have paid my rent :(

>> No.24960200
File: 108 KB, 1321x1190, Screenshot_2020-12-19_19-25-02.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Try COINBASE:GRTEUR, has a bit more data on 1h tf.

>> No.24960211


this board in a nutshell

>> No.24960215
File: 14 KB, 1074x113, lol.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.24960233
File: 65 KB, 1218x644, WRYYY.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Never selling buying the dip

>> No.24960238

Sold REQ at 0.35 when it went to $1. Didn't buy ChainLink at the bottom when I could. I know I'm gonna lose everything on this shit, but I'm not selling.

>> No.24960240

based. could've made more by swinging but i'm holding this motherfucker

>> No.24960256


>> No.24960272

Help a noob out, how do I make coinbase pro sell my shit if it goes below a given price? Is such a thing possible?

>> No.24960274

no, I just bought a bag at 38c though

>> No.24960306

place a stop sell order

>> No.24960314

bro if you are that retarded you are gonna lose money

>> No.24960315

if you were looking for a sell signal, this is it boys

>> No.24960326

Stop-limit order

>> No.24960337

Hit sell, click on the drop down menu on limit and change it to stop.

>> No.24960344

bought 5400 at .37 am i going to make it

>> No.24960352

>I already made it on XRP

>> No.24960390

it's more likely than unlikely. nothing certain in trading senpai

>> No.24960394

Had 6200 GRT bought at average of .22. Sold enough to get my initial investment back and now hold about 4K GRT. WILL I MAKE IT BIZ?

>> No.24960395


>> No.24960453
File: 46 KB, 488x412, image_2020-12-19_193604.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i think i figured it out guys

>> No.24960462

>poorfag who sold at .25 for 50 dollars profit
put the 50 back in at .39 i want to put my brains on the wall

>> No.24960529

kek, classic /biz/

>> No.24960557
File: 7 KB, 246x411, Captura.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nope, still too retard to understand how to set it.

I want it to fucking sell my shit if price goes to 0.26€.
I dont understand the difference between stop price and limit price

>> No.24960559

never sell under any circumstances until you make it

>> No.24960589

wise words, eventually its very likely it will reach the price you desire, its only a matter of time

>> No.24960613

Stop is when to sell
Limit is what price you want to sell

>> No.24960629

Stop is the price you want the order to execute at. Limit is the price you want the order to be placed at when executed.

>> No.24960643


Stop price triggers an order at the set limit price..

Set your stop price to .27 so that if it hits .27 it will trigger a sell order at .26

>> No.24960688


Stop price: Hey I want this stuff execute (sell -> limit price x qty) when shit gets to THIS price

Did I get it right?

>> No.24960704

Make sure you read up on that shit or you'll get burned. Also note that it's possible to get fucked over in these volatile markets with stops, though they're not a bad idea generally.

>> No.24960706

I bought just 10 dollars yesterday to watch it .
I wake up today and I saw 19 dollars
deposit and bought 500d at 0.50 and 500d at 0.43 .
I will wait till I can buy a 2020 challenger

>> No.24960723

Im just trying to come even in case the worst scenario were to happen, Im but a poorfag and I cant lose the 770€

>> No.24960773

I'm not trying to discourage you. It's just that I have seen dumps which completely and utterly tank the price of an asset, trigger stop losses, and immediately bounce back again. You have to be aware of it, not afraid of it.

>> No.24960810
File: 382 KB, 1079x1070, 1608127757932.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

XRP is the school of life

>> No.24960817

It is you fckin idiot. Hasn't even made it in the day graph yet

>> No.24960842

Don't gamble with what you can't lose

>> No.24960855

wgmi anon

>> No.24960899

sold at .25 for 50 profit
put the full 200 back in at .39
wgmi anons

>> No.24960936


>> No.24960962

Kek . I have money hurr durr

>> No.24960982

Im a retard which has a gambling problem.

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