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Almost done accumulating. I think this will be one of the best performing alts of 2021 for a number of reasons.
>novel, advanced tech
For all the other DEX tokens and projects that attack XSN and shill their bags in Stakenet threads, none of them come close to offering the kind of infrastructure that Stakenet has.
>room to be discovered within crypto
No ICO = no shillbux to bribe gatekeepers/influencers and immediately get big exchange listings. It means staying under the radar a little while longer in the short-term while building up a sizable amount of pressure for the long-term. All the marketing you see is grassroots and the community keeps growing. That is why it has had a continuous but gradually louder presence on /biz/ and elsewhere since 2018 whereas 98% of the coins shilled on here with a quick burst of ICO shillbux have been completely lost to PnD flavor of the week obscurity.
>the inevitable blockchain congestion that's going to hit BTC and ETH
Stakenet DEX has been built to alleviate exactly this and uses its own coin and MN network as a separate grid that offers 100% native interoperability across multiple chains.
>defi bubble is the dapp platform/ico bubble of 2021
The pumps that a lot of DeFi-based alts saw throughout the summer of 2020 are just a small, small taste of what's to come.

A perfect storm is brewing, /biz/. 4-figure ETH, triple-digit LINK, and double-digit XSN are all in play. Plan your buys wisely, and don't get btfo by the lack of instant gratification. Good luck.

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>I think this will be one of the best performing alts of 2019 for a number of reasons.
>I think this will be one of the best performing alts of 2020 for a number of reasons.
>I think this will be one of the best performing alts of 2021 for a number of reasons.
>I think this will be one of the best performing alts of 2022 for a number of reasons.
>I think this will be one of the best performing alts of 2030 for a number of reasons.
There’s no doubt that what Stakenet aims to do is very necessary for crypto health long-term, but holy fuck the team is slow. I want to believe but they need to either add more devs to the team or stop putting out these impossible roadmap milestones and timelines that they consistently fail to deliver in time.
Light wallet is slick as a mexican’s overstyled hair but it took them forever and a day to get just the beta out.

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Checked. Expecting it to magically break out through 2019/2020 when BTC was anywhere from in the gutter at $3k to half its ATH would definitely have been a foolish prospect.
I've been accumulating XSN heavily since the end of 2019 (5-7 cents range) with Q4 2021 as my earliest target for potentially cashing out.
Bitcoin just got into new paradigm territory again. The next year or so should be an exciting time to be in crypto.
Apparently, X9 has about 40 people working full-time on the project. I think they'll deliver in a timely fashion.

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last bullrun, a blog post or a website redesign could make a coin do a 5x
if xsn gets even halfway through their map it could still hit $10

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All the heavy lifting is already done.

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you've got on Blocknet cry babbies

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got *nothing on

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Uniswap and to a lesser degree sushiswap has this shithole project with 300$ daily volume beat.

Uniswap V3 will have layer2, Hayden has confirmed it. This is a cash grab scamcoij that rebranded to ride the DEX hype and has never had any adoption what so ever

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>being smug about having the same functionality that KMD Atomic Wallet had in mid 2019
Going with L1 atomic swaps was a bad move.
Uniswap V3 will still be trading solely ERCs and wrapped assets and SUSHI is one of many ERC-based Uniswap clones.
Stakenet DEX is the only platform will allow for real BTC to be traded for real ETH. That's why you have to make up a random lowball number for volume (close to $1 mil in 24h trading volume including the DEX) in a shitty attempt to make it look bad.

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imagine having to shill these heavy ass bags. feel so bad for you.

still time to hop into DIA anon.

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>yet another ICO-backed ERC token
I'm ok, thanks.

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I have sold my master node for Zora . Never felt more comfortable in my life, currently have 3 zora’s

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I don’t recommend xsn, I have been into xsn for a while. I have asked their dev team about a lot of things. And it is very bad project. Don’t invest your money into xsn

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Kek. This XSN thread has been up for 3 1/2 hours and already there's been cheap drive-by fud from 5 different competing coins and tokens.

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Well done Afterbazar.

And sorry for the ban, but it seemed that was your goal regarding your behavior.
Anyway...good to know that you sold.

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>project not needed
Everyone’s way ahead of these turk scammers, eg Uni v3, Exchange Union

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...And that brings the cheap drive-by fud to 6 different tokens.
Tell me, how many more ERCs that use on-chain atomic swaps are coming to "kill XSN"?
You do realize that all of these tokens have the same choke point the moment that ETH gets congested again, right?

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There’s no doubt that what Stakenet aims to do is very needful

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>he doesn't know about OpenDEX
OpenDEX is literally lightyears ahead of Stakenet on building a protocol for a proper Layer 2 DEX.
All their stuff is on Github and it's very active as they have the proper resources for a project of this scale. They also have a Uniswap-like exchange where you can trade on L2 - you can try it out yourself right now (ERC-20 and more coins will be added soon): boltz.exchange
And by the way the've been teamed up with Connext for a long time - way before Stakenet.

I have no doubt they will beat Stakenet to the market and eat their lunch. Really makes you think why XSN shills never mention this project.

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>light years ahead
>been in alpha for 2 weeks
I won't knock it, though. They're onto something good and out of all the 7 coins and tokens mentioned ITT so far, this one has the best potential to compete with XSN. Bonus points for having submarine swaps.
>Really makes you think why XSN shills never mention this project.
As witnessed by this thread, the mere mention of Stakenet draws shills from literally every other project like a lightning rod. They can't resist coming out of the woodwork to attack XSN while shilling their bags.

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>ples sir buy faggot.finance it's much better than XSN because XSN is a smelly poo poo

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I am a luigi.finance and bitbean kind of man, like my ancestors before me

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XSN is way more than "just" a DEX, lol. It's just a small part of their project. Get your facts straight.

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>still thinks the XSN blockchain can run dapps
Imagine basing all your "facts" on what the scam-devs are saying.

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It can. This was brought up in the Discord server, and was answered by a dev.
Too bored to find it right now.

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What do you base that they couldn't, on?

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It's a fucking utxo blockchain. How many dapps do you see on bitcoin rn?

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Dash? Cardano?

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TPoS utilizes smart contracts, runs directly atop XSN's blockchain, and has been in continuous operation since 2018.
You know this, though. Why else would you repeat the same thing in every XSN thread for months to the point that its beyond stale?

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it was pretty nice of the princess to invite them over for a picnic

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>tfw you use MNaaS and have a MN expires because you forgot to send some rewards over for a year

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Someone care to explain this part of the latest AMA?

"Hubs (= liquidity providers) in turn earn fees, which gives operators an incentive to provide liquidity (the more liquidity they provide, the higher volume they can support). Higher exchange volume through their node would equate to higher $ returns."

Does this literally mean that I as a masternode holder need to provide btc/eth/monero/erc-20 shit-token liquidity in order to take part in the trading fees that have been talked up? Does that in practice mean that I must OWN these coins/tokens? So that means that I as a complete poorfag won't actually gain anything other than what my masternode is worth at the time? Am I completely missing the point or what?

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Pretty sure fees will also go back to MN holders, more tx's = more fees.

Also Fee burn of coins which will raise price.

I beleive there was talk about them spreading fees to all MN holders to some extent, and they should make that clear. Otherwise they are retarded.

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Also Liquidity providers are needed, so i'm glad they are being accounted for.. need liquidity for an exchange.

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Of course. They can't execute smartcontracts, so you have to hold the actual pair, e.g. monero.

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Came here to say this. I love the project and actually have been heavily considering getting a MN but the fact that you have to input your own coins as liquidity turns me off. Only thing I can think of is maybe making contractual agreements with people who have money and want to earn more than yield farms. Might work but at this point it looks like the promise of just owning a node and receiving fees is long dead.

So again, what the hell is the point if you don't own any other coins?

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>So again, what the hell is the point if you don't own any other coins?
Point is to fool uneducated buyers to acquire masternodes that don't do anything.

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Yeah, but I mean. What's the point of me holding a masternode if I can't provide the liquidity for btc/eth/erc-tokens etc (I'm fucking ultra poor for god's sake)? Is there any reason FOR ME as a holder? Other than the prospect of actually, literally owning the different assets myself? And let's say I actually do own a number of btc/eth/tokens etc. What's the point of having multiple masternodes in this case? I'll still only be able to get trading fees (I assume) as dependent on the liquidity I am able to provide, right? If that is the case then yeah, I've been utterly mislead by the idea that I'd be able to get a certain amount of trading fees the more masternodes I hold. The "memenode charts" (pic related) are literally lying in that case aren't they?

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this is the 4th thread I've seen die when this is mentioned bros. I think we're onto something and the xsn shills can't dispute it, kek.

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XSN MNs generate revenue from
>CPU and DB services from third parties
>TOR services
>Securities for the liquidity of Lightning Network
>Securities with more stablecoins, e.g. a XSN backed stablecoin
>Watchtower Services
>Escrow Services … and more critical services to be added in a later future.
All fees on all tx are swapped into XSN, so the more MNs you have, the larger your share of revenue from trading fees will be.
>if i keep saying this after it's been proven wrong everyday for weeks, maybe someone will believe it >>24951135

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Then why the fuck is everyone hoarding 10+ masternodes? It won't make a fucking difference if you have 1 or 20, unless you're able to fucking provide enough liquidity to make each of them profitable. FFS what the fuck. This also means that for every person that hoards masternodes, he will be constrained by the amount of liquidity he is able to provide for his 10+ nodes. WTF? In essence this would make 9 of the nodes fucking utterly useless as anything other than for generating staking gains?! Please tell me I'm fucking wrong about all of this, someone.

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>All fees on all tx are swapped into XSN, so the more MNs you have, the larger your share of revenue from trading fees will be.
Is this for certain then? What does it mean in regards to I as a masternode owner having to provide the liqudity myself then? Am I misunderstanding the idea of having to provide liquidity completely?

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From what I've gathered, you don't need to provide liquidity in a 2nd asset to earn fees as XSN is the nexus of the DEX.
Alternatively, supposing you wanted to provide additional liquidity for one particular coin where there may be more incentive to do so than just staying in XSN, you could redirect the MN rewards and trading fees you make from XSN into the coin of your choice via CCPoS almost instantly. The more MNs you have, the more you'd earn rewards and the faster you could swap it into some other coin and hub where you might get more fees.

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Why even wait for XSN? OpenDEX already implemented Connext and Lightning on the Boltz exchange: https://boltz.exchange/

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Note that XSN only changed from Raiden to Connext _after_ they had seen that OpenDEX built a working product with Connext, and XSN had made a big mistake with Raiden. Talk about lagging in development.

>> No.24953013

Stakenet brags about them being CLOSED SOURCE because "they are so far ahead with lightning", but yet OpenDEX, an OPEN SOURCE project, beat them and released a product first? HMM?

>> No.24953109

Legit seems like a good idea. Still limited in some regards (max 2 LTC per swap), better in others (.onion hosting). I wish them well and find it quite ironic that fudders have finally admitted that L2 and Lightning are the way forward (bullish) after attacking those protocols from every angle imaginable for months.

>> No.24953233

>released a product first
boltz has been in alpha testing for about 2 weeks. Stakenet DEX has been in open beta since late August.

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so wait, is boltz actually a proper competitor now (as opposed to the joke that blucknut was)?

Is this botlz actually gonna overtake xsn and take our glory?

>> No.24953321

>fudders have finally admitted that L2 and Lightning are the way forward (bullish) after attacking those protocols from every angle imaginable for months.
No one was attacking the protocols. People dislike XSN because they claim things they can't complete. Not to mention the devs have an extremely shady past (PoSW), and just pivoted to a DEX because it was the talk of the town. XSN DEX is still in beta, and it's a fucking spaghetti-contraption dealing with unnecessary complexity like having to download and install a client to even use it.

>> No.24953363

Not only that, but they can keep actual developers to do the development. Unlike XSN, who have to beg the community to mint more XSN so they can keep 3 ukrainian fleerancer devs on the payroll.

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An idea of XSN's development competency in the following:
>Start a large operation to hard fork the chain, only to implement Ledger HW staking. Then after the hard fork is completed (and they even messed this up by unintentionally disabling most masternodes), they decide to scrap the Ledger staking project and "concentrate" on releasing the DEX. How fucking incompetent is the leadership when they keep scrapping things at the last minute. Just take a look at the 2018 roadmap, and compare the goals to actual releases. They have basically started a dozen products, but ended up releasing almost none. It's a fucking MESS.

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>newfag hears about boltz for the first time
This is the problem with Stakenet shills - completely unaware of the competition around them.
Yes, Opendex beat Stakenet to the punch. Fully open source, thriving community, long term partnership with Connext and their devs working on Bitcoin's Lightning Network. It's going to blow up once ERC20 get added in the near future.

Stakenet is still a cool project but after Opendex's recent developments I know they won't have first mover advantage anymore. Also boltz is completely on the browser which normies love more than anything.

>> No.24953519

Remember when Diaper said "it would take an organization the size of Google at least 6 months to catch up with Stakenet's development". LOL. Yet people are developing faster than them, left and right (boltz, exchange union, uni V3). Scammer once, scammer always.

>> No.24953677

>Also boltz is completely on the browser which normies love more than anything.
Honestly I think this feature alone has cucked XSN to death. Good luck trying to convince your ordinary trader to download some shady client, just to run a project that's always two steps behind.

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I mean... it took 5 seconds of research to understand that Boltz doesn't do this.

It just does lightning BTC to LTC.

>> No.24953693

Fudders absolutely attacked LN as a basis for a DEX and did so for months because everything else was still on-chain or an ERC token. All it took was one thing that isn't XSN to build on L2 and you're all suddenly claiming it's the future in yet another desperate attempt to slander.
The rest of your post is rehashed lies and double think, i.e.
>XSN is in beta, which is unacceptable
>boltz is in alpha, it's gonna end XSN
There are about 40 people working on XSN at the moment.
It is definitely the closest thing XSN has to a real competitor.

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LOOK AT THIS SHIT. NOTHING EVEN WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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To its credit, it has USDT.

>> No.24953745

That's the thing. Stakenet's slow progress can be partially attributed to the fact that the Lightning Network and Ethereum L2 solutions have been WIP for a long time.
Now that these solutions have matured and are readily available to be used, multiple other teams have started working on their own DEX implementations on top of them. The speed of development is a lot faster as there are much better tools available.
Because of this the playing field has now been leveled and Stakenet isn't really ahead of anyone anymore.

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>Last updated 9 months ago
Nice, you found an outdated description on the website. Alternatively, you could've read the main site https://opendex.network/ , and observed that it in fact does do it.

>> No.24953916

it's not my website... i went to the website and clicked trade on the sidebar.

Sounds like i'm going to have to compare different parts of the website, determine which is the most accuate, likely be wrong. Then try the exchange (which i'm trying now.. it's not simple).

If this is the competition, it has a ways to go.

>> No.24953975

It's still early, it ain't perfect. But if you compare Opendex's rate of development to Stakenet I would guess Opendex will have a Layer 2 dex with ERC20 support (running on a browser) finished before Stakenet gets everything implemented.

>> No.24954011

Let's compare XSN features with OpenDEX ("ODX") features:

ODX: No central authority. No middleman.
>XSN: team holds a masterkey
ODX: No account. No KYC. No personal data. No discrimination.
No protocol token.
>XSN: a coin with no use or value (except lining the pockets of the developers)
ODX: Direct, peer-to-peer trading.
>XSN: orderbook hosted on a website due to lack of innovation (the easy way out)
ODX: Order book locally aggregates orders from peers in the network.
>XSN: again, orderbook hosted on a website (nice DEX you have there!)
ODX: Own orders are matched locally with peer orders.
>XSN: matched through a centralized orderbook
ODX: Instant order settlement via atomic swaps on Lightning/Connext.
>XSN: Connext integration under development (started a few weeks ago, lost time with Raiden)
ODX: User has complete control over private keys.
>XSN: devs could net your keys by using the masterkey
ODX: Tor by default preserves privacy.
>XSN: tor integration under development
ODX: Supports individual traders, market makers, exchanges, anyone.
>XSN: under development

Source: https://opendex.network/

>> No.24954172

>Then try the exchange (which i'm trying now.. it's not simple).
Yeah, XSN is real simple. Just get a discord invite, find the github link, download and install (remember to have the righ OS and privileges), sync the chains, send coins to the desktop wallet, learn how Lightning network works, open channel, rent channel, open another channel, rent channel, make sure you have sufficient balance, rent more capacity, close the channel, trade, insufficient liquidity, trade again.

Frustration takes over, finally go to livecoin.com and execute the trade.

>> No.24954318

Since you're in the mood to provide sources, where does this Masterkey come from?
Also not sure how direct, peer to peer trading is something that XSN doesn't have but ODX does.
>ODX: Tor by default preserves privacy.
>>XSN: tor integration under development
>ODX: Supports individual traders, market makers, exchanges, anyone.
>>XSN: under development
You keep making points like this that are irrelevant?
Also, their aim is for the orderbook to be hosted by each MN when the DEX is offloaded to the Masternodes, not like how it is currently hosted.

>> No.24954323

>There are about 40 people working on XSN at the moment.
Good goy, you read the scam-AMA. Yet there are 4 ukrainian freelancer software developers--with multiple simultaneous crypto employers listed on linkedin--listed on the X9 site? With 2 of them having less than 2 years work experience (source: linkedin). The ama question specifically asked how many people do they employ, and the answer was basically "many people, some of them are even team members!"

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>Since you're in the mood to provide sources, where does this Masterkey come from?
Here you go!

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>Also, their aim is for the orderbook to be hosted by each MN when the DEX is offloaded to the Masternodes,
Yeah, it's their "aim". You can check the accuracy of their "aim" by looking at the 2018 roadmap.

>> No.24954493

Why have you guys not asked about Opendex on the XSN discord? I don't want to waste my account, since they will most likely just ban the "fudder".

>> No.24954647

>developers change a parameter related for enforcing MN rewards
>devs could net your keys by using the masterkey
Peculiar deduction to make
So if we are talking about a the validity/value of a what is currently a mostly speculative asset then why are their aims invalid discussion? Your cap is also blatantly wrong, though their aims for 2018 were certainly eager shall we say lol

>> No.24954704

>asks why something is invalid
>says it's invalid in the next sentence

>> No.24954767

>what at first appeared to be a genuine plug for another L2 DEX has devolved into the same rehashed screencaps and old fud line-for-line from a seething 19 posts by this ID fudder
Kek. What a surprise. I'm guessing you don't really care much about anything other than finding some new reason to throw the same bitch fit about XSN you do everyday.

>> No.24954791

I heard Santy Clause is requesting XSN instead of cookies this year.

>> No.24954845

>same rehashed screencaps and old fud line-for-line
Just because I point out how the scam works, doesn't mean it's *invalid*. If something is shit, and someone keeps saying it's shit, doesn't make it not shit.

>> No.24954857

i'll be looking into opendex a bit more,

thank you for the heads up.

Having said that could we tone down the hate?

>> No.24954891

>Having said that could we tone down the hate?
Maybe if the XSN devs would stop saying every other DEX is a piece of shit, and that they're "years ahead of everyone else" would help?

>> No.24954918

Anyway, OpenDEX is here with a Lightning + Connext enabled DEX, running in your browser, and there's nothing the XSN scammers can do about it.

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Yeah, just about everything you've said about XSN is yet another old lie or long-refuted disinfo. You're not going to get anywhere if you just relentlessly spam the same bullshit everyday. You're so emotionally invested in bringing this down that you degrade into this state where you're basically frothing at the mouth everyday. Be more creative. Pic related.
For all your efforts, being >25% of all the posts ITT and making your own dedicated hate threads, the MN count hit yet another new ATH.

>> No.24955121

What are you even talking about? You're bagholding this, and seem to think there's this 1 particular monster after you. XSN shills are so deep underwater, that they'll discard everything that's not moonboy tier. I just pointed out it's pretty odd that XSN shills act like OpenDEX doesn't exist. It's ahead of stakenet, and it's obviously bugging you quite a bit. Even you know that the masternode count is going up because devs are converting rewards to more masternodes.

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File: 423 KB, 1373x1333, X9SN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This pic explains it better than I ever could.

>> No.24955225

You, particularly you, I wish for broken teeth when you finally bite into that rock in your cheerios. I don't even hold any xsn. I just dislike you.

>> No.24955251

>I don't even hold any xsn
yup, just casually defending a scam on biz, kek

>> No.24955316

> I just pointed out it's pretty odd that XSN shills act like OpenDEX doesn't exist.
Boltz has been around since what, 2019? They've clearly been at work on this for some time and I think its cool that they're bringing more LN adoption to the L2 DEX space. There's definitely a few aspects where Stakenet DEX is much easier to use at the moment but I don't see any reason to FUD them.
>Even you know that the masternode count is going up because devs are converting rewards to more masternodes.
Kek. One of my favorite things about these threads over the past few weeks is posting the new MN count and then watching you people always come up with some absurd mental gymnastics to spin it into somehow being a bad thing.

>> No.24955378

>absurd mental gymnastics

>> No.24955393

>n-nooooo it was still called posw for a short time immediately after x9 took over the project and before the coin swap

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>tfw you dedicated half your day towards attacking the Stakeholders Network by any desperate means necessary but the MN count hits another all-time high, continuing a tradition that's been going on for months

>> No.24955503

Thanks for proving the point; X9 exit scammed PoSW and conveniently started a new project as "Stakenet". Could've continued to develop PoSW, but then they couldn't airdrop the newly minted XSN to themselves.

>> No.24955527

>opinion is invalid because he spent time researching it!

>> No.24955615

>X9 exit scammed
>by taking the coin over
lmao that's like signing the mortgage by burning the house down

>> No.24955703

Nice. Shrieking "posw scam", "utxo can't do smart contracts", and threads dedicated around these well-refuted non-starters is considered research.
Are you ready to keep doing this everyday all through 2021? 2022?

>> No.24955742

They had been developing PoSW for a good year, before "taking over". They ousted the 2 leftover PoSW devs, and after that sold every PoSW coin they had, essentially dumping it to 0. Then started a new project, XSN, and airdropped 50% of the minted coins for themselves. It's pretty clear, if you can just open the blinders for a few seconds.

>> No.24955755

You were posting this picture every day. You are a big LOSER. You have nothing to say.

>> No.24955795

You need to visit these coordinated xsn shill threads more often, this is hilarious. Devs and bagholders evidently trying desperatly to dump their worthless roachcoin

>> No.24955796

>Shrieking "posw scam", "utxo can't do smart contracts"
>well-refuted non-starters
PoSW literally was a scam, and UTXO chains cant do smart contracts.

>> No.24955841

>open the blinders
ohhhh i recogize you now :D
youre the angry block dev who kept calling everybody dunning krugers 2 days ago
the ABSOLUTE state lmao

>> No.24955918
File: 78 KB, 580x284, posw-.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pic related.
This will be the 3rd time I've explained to you that TPoS relies on smart contracts and has been in continuous operation since 2018 to you in this thread alone. So be it, I guess.

>> No.24955924

Show me an easy way to use the fucking BOLTS OPENDEX. WHAT THE FUCK IS A BLOODY INVOICE!?




>> No.24955976
File: 213 KB, 1555x315, yankeeruinedXSN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

LOL. Are you seriously defending your project with yankeeruinx? That guy is a fucking legit scammer. Talk about being clueless.

>> No.24956031

Also, he is one of the recipients of the initial XSN airdrop, so I would seriously rethink your position of considering him as a "source". Although if you are yankeeruinx himself, then disregard the advice!

>> No.24956101

Where can I buy?

>> No.24956106
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He posted this while being employed by the XBL scam. Now he's working as the marketing manager for XSN. Imagine that! kek

>> No.24956197

best to use https://www.livecoin.net/en . DEX doesn't work rn (no liquidity). With livecoin it's a 50/50 if they will steal your funds. But anything to buy XSN!

>> No.24956268

I think posting too much about a project and some small people saying bullshit every day about a project means that they are making BIG moves. Go Stakenet. GO.

>> No.24956329






>> No.24956355

Why are you using the russian centralized exchange, if the Stakenet DEX works just like a charm :-)

>> No.24956526

PoSWExchange was a staking pool with a tiny exchange. It was a go-to for staking Bitbean and had some coin faucets. I remember it from back in early 2017
DEX works great

>> No.24956570

Funny thing is that I have >140k XSN, and most of the seethians posting are probably nodelets, kek!!

>> No.24956685

So you spent the past 6 hours and everyday for months attacking XSN because you have <10 MNs? kek
Post proof w/timestamp or gay

>> No.24956762

wagmi friend :D

>> No.24956895

Yes. Weak shilling efforts should be corrected!

>> No.24956914
File: 46 KB, 598x771, Screenshot_20201217-185231__01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Seethe dilate kys

>> No.24956995
File: 9 KB, 929x51, scamnode.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice, I only have 9

>> No.24957040

>only 9

nice humble brag you faggot

>> No.24957074

nice photoshop lel

>> No.24957208

holy fuck this anti xsn spammer is unhinged...

Dude why - why are you upset at them? Did you buy too high?

>> No.24957300

I'm trying to get you to spoonfeed me as to why I shouldn't sell. Some were ok, others just outright embarrasing. See ya in the next thread.

>> No.24957377

he has to save biz and make sure anons only buy promising tokens like bitcoin 2 and pufferfish token

>> No.24957537
File: 48 KB, 576x684, 11.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, at least you delivered.

>> No.24957882

with this much hate, you having any XSN is a joke no?

>> No.24957900

based double digit mn count

>> No.24957924

As it turns out, both XSN and Opendex are pure shit.

>> No.24958517
File: 416 KB, 1241x628, lightning bros.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

XSN Autistic Friend Simulator Status: Temporarily Revived

>> No.24958763

>nobody answers this
Not a good look...

>> No.24958801

Just because you want people to use these piles of shit, doesn't mean they will. Are you going to stick a gun to my head? The problem is that you're incredibly naive or perhaps deluded to believe that these are going to be the only alternatives. Unlike you, some people see the merit in distributed networks as opposed to this garbage that requires too much user input and reliance on masternode structures to ever be adopted in mass. If that hurts your feelings, grow some balls.

>> No.24959199

>>24958763this thread turned imo an autists rage rant

Mns pick up fees by helping tx. Securing the exchange and. Network. =\= liquidity provider fees.

It’s been answeeed in this thread. By me. Fucking fudder

>> No.24959301

answered here >>24952847
>Are you going to stick a gun to my head?

>> No.24959332
File: 278 KB, 1301x628, sure.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24959512

>this thread turned imo an autists rage rant
checked. it usually always does

>> No.24959764
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I would prefer a friendly thread but I don't mind FUD. It only encourages me more because legit XSN FUD is so rare and few/far between

>> No.24959794

In a truly distributed network, there isn't any need to rely on masternodes. When incumbents deploy layer 2 systems, there won't be any requirement to rely on a centralized provider of services. That's where this dies. It's not just that aspect of it, it's the economics of it as well. It introduces another layer of abstraction. If I wanted to rely on a network like this, I'd simply use a centralized exchange as it will be more reliable than any single 'provider of services.'

>> No.24959821
File: 67 KB, 795x596, 1522385832182.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

absolutely based

>> No.24959950

XSN has single-handedly laid out the best use-case for masternodes by making them run a scalable L2 DEX in addition to code-agnostic dapps.
like what

>> No.24960146

hint: they have expert thought leaders

>> No.24960427
File: 1 KB, 130x90, mncount1219-2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>2 more MNs added since 3 hours ago

>> No.24960853

That doesn't make any sense. You're saying that 'code-agnostic' dapps will run on XSN blockchain that has its own set of limitations just like any other blockchain? Stakenet is especially limited due to it being UTXO, so I think it's highly unlikely that it will attract app developers since there are already more friendly development platforms designed for smart contracts. Also, it's a use-case for masternodes that doesn't yet exist and will be made obsolete by distributed networks. I think it's very naive of you to assume that the market leaders are no longer innovating. I'm not saying that masternodes won't exist, but it will be a niche market. Like horse and buggy's still exist, but nobody uses it for transportation.

>> No.24960935

So let's say I'm a masternode owner. Do I need to host my own "hub" (i.e. DEX orderbook in this case I assume?), or can I actually provide my services/auditing/hosting for other peoples' hubs?

Are these "hubs" then aggregated/accessed by the MCLAW in the case of the DEX?

Also, I have a feeling that liquidity when talking about the "DEX hubs" differ from liquidity in the lightning network, am I correct in assuming this? So let's say someone wants to trade on the dex.

Faggot with 10 ETH, and Pajeet with 1 BTC...

Do "Faggot" and "Pajeet" have to route their BTC <-> ETH swap by accessing liquidity provided by the "hubs"? I.e. in a scenario where the hubs have to also provide ETH and BTC? Or do we, when talking about liquidity, have to distinguish between liquidity on the "lightning network" and the liquidity being traded and transacted on the DEX hubs? Because I've heard many times that the lightning swaps occur in a peer to peer fashion, but if they have to be routed by accessing the "lightning network hub liquidity", then can you really call them peer to peer?

Someone care to elaborate? I'm not trying to fud, I'm actively trying to better understand in order to combat the fud being leveled here every fucking day.

>> No.24960961
File: 45 KB, 626x613, 1496791975878.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

MCLW I mean. Also sorry for the retarded reddit spacing.

>> No.24961021

This question gets asked a lot and usually we’re either told “it’s been answered” without being told where or in the case of this thread, given an answer that doesn’t actually answer the question but uses superfluous language in a hope to throw us off the scent and think it’s been answered.

>> No.24961098

What does this have to do with GRT or PRQ?

>> No.24961341
File: 47 KB, 800x600, 1606347999347.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24962148

I'll try my best here
AFAIK, the masternode network that runs atop XSN's blockchain is code-agnostic and is incentivized by providing the utility and services for running the DEX itself. With Hydra, the orderbooks will be embedded into the MN network itself and it will act as a distributed quasi-centralized server farm of sorts that powers the DEX and executes all the tasks at hand (among running other dapps down the road).
You do not necessarily need your own hub.
You can provide services for other hubs in the network.
It's open-ended in that regard where anyone can join in on either end and the most reliable hubs are the ones that receive higher priority.
>Are these "hubs" then aggregated/accessed by the MCLW in the case of the DEX?
Yes, I believe that's how it works. The masternode network provides the services (i.e. powering the DEX and executing the swaps) and the services are contingent on the liquidity locked into hubs.
Lightning swaps can be conducted in a P2P fashion outside the orderbooks themselves (in the very early betas, LN swaps were done between 2 people who had 2 channels each), but afaik that would require the participants executing the swap to provide the adequate amount of liquidity needed to execute them each time.
Correct me if I'm wrong... The masternode network is what meshes LN hubs and Connext hubs (or Raiden/other L2 protocols down the road) together and allows for that interoperability needed between BTC/LTC and ETH/USDT/LINK to transpire.
I see this leading to an ecosystem where fees accrued from running MNs to power the DEX and fees from providing liquidity become intra-competitive with each other, similar to how the MN network competes with the staking side of the network in the 45/45/10 split of the block rewards.
Maybe later

>> No.24962458

would be nice to see xsn threads focus on higher end discussion than autist fights and shitposting ngl

>> No.24962564

That would not benefit this project. Best to keep it low level and ignorant if you want that exit liquidity pump.

>> No.24962790

oh, shut up. the threads would be much better if we didnt have fudders show up to spam the same 3 lines and insult everyone for hours on end

>> No.24963090

but sirs, i like it when they repeat things then autist rage... if only in a different thread.

>> No.24963176

As a holder, I doubt you'd find the answers to be palatable. It's best to just keep everyone in the dark if you want any traction. Eventually, inevitably the market will answer these questions anyway.

>> No.24963635

sir's i'm interested you in the discord?

>> No.24963640


>> No.24964331

Thanks a ton for that answer, and sorry for the late reply. It does make sense to me. If you don't mind, care to take it a bit further?
>You can provide services for other hubs in the network.
Do you think this essentially means that there's a many to many relationship between the hubs and the masternodes? So it's not the case that one hub being accessible is necessarily contingent on a single masternode being up and running? Or is one hub hosted on one masternode, yet serviced by many more (and therefore those also receive rewards/fees)? Or does a "hub" even have to be "hosted on top of" a masternode in the first place?
Do these questions make any sense?

>the services are contingent on the liquidity locked into hubs
This makes sense I think. I.e. if the XSN "liquidity" is mainly meant to power/setup the connections/run the back-end functionality as "gas". So... XSN might be used to setup the chains of contracts necessary to conduct the quasi/semi "peer to peer" swaps between two people using the dex/hubs, is what I reckon.. In which case. What in all actuality is the issue (if there even is one) with the lightning network liquidity that everyone is fudding about every day? If XSN can conduct the necessary "middle steps" for two people to swap e.g. btc <-> eth with one another to begin with? This is the part where I'm most confused.

>ecosystem where fees accrued from running MNs to power the DEX and fees from providing liquidity become intra-competitive with each other
That's an interesting way of seeing it. So essentially we have many parts to this ecosystem:
1. The masternodes providing services to the hubs/nodes, whereby they receive fees in return.
2. Providing liquidity for trading by running nodes/hubs yourself and adding coins/tokens to them.
3. Using the aggregator tech to suck liquidity from other cexes/dexes and providing it to a dex.

I'm still a bit confused and fumbling around a lot but I hope some of it made sense.

>> No.24964635
File: 67 KB, 340x450, 1496791609778.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also, I wasn't always autistic. Stakenet literally made me become it.

>> No.24965194

lolz, is it this yankee thing that's pissed you off?

>> No.24965949

I believe the plan is to start small with only a handful of hubs and liquidity providers that are stress tested before gradually building up to more in stage 2 and finally reaching stage 3 (Hydra), where hubs are more modular and the masternode network and XSN's blockchain are included into the equation.
As far as I know, the hubs are modular but independent. So long as there is are hubs in operation that can provide the liquidity to do swaps between, say, LTC and BTC, it can be done.
>What in all actuality is the issue (if there even is one) with the lightning network liquidity that everyone is fudding about every day?
Perhaps it is that the team is primarily responsible for the Lightning hubs at this point in time while the network is still being built. I've used the DEX to buy XSN on a number of occasions and honestly would not have known with how trustless the infrastructure already is. Otherwise, LN is somewhat young and it was especially polarizing a few years back. Over time, however, all the BTC forks have faded into the background quite a bit and it appears that LN is here to stay. A few vulnerabilities were found in builds up to LND 0.10.
Fortunately, these were patched back in October before any serious harm could be done.
>That's an interesting way of seeing it. So essentially we have many parts to this ecosystem: 1 2 3
That sounds right. Additionally, it should open a door to gain rewards from coins that would otherwise be dormant in a private wallet like BTC or LTC..

>> No.24966082

sir's lets talk about it, maybe bring u into the fold. Make money together>>24964635

>> No.24966667

New AMA answers are a disaster!

>> No.24966965


>> No.24967194

He seems like an alright guy, and he seems genuine in regards to XSN so the fud about whatever small thing he did three+ years ago doesn't bother me in the slightest.

>> No.24967725

Once again thanks a lot for your response. I think I'm starting to understand it better (I've reaffirmed that much of my initial belief when I first invested is probably close to the truth after all). I'm sure the devs have it figured out. Either way as long as there are great economical incentives to hold masternodes and xsn I am very happy regardless of the smaller details of it. The fact remains that the vision of the project is wicked sick, and the project is definitely insanely undervalued if it is indeed attainable. I think it's better not to overthink it. Have a good night/day.

>> No.24968090

Good to see it, it's making me more comfy with my bags.

TBQH - given the way new alts on exchanges are being run up 15 - 20x in a day... given XSN is a real project and we're going on a top exchange i'm very comfy.

>> No.24968156
File: 52 KB, 598x574, Hoodra.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24968250

No, reasonable discussion? NOOOOOOOOO

>> No.24968273


Ergh so I need to download an online wallet that is connected to a DEX at all times?

>> No.24968405
File: 128 KB, 1280x720, xsn amazon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

been all in on XSN since mid 2019, the fact that this thread exists at all is insanely bullish. I think I'm finally going to make it and escape wagecuckery thanks to StakeNet.

always remember to tell fudfags that you are NEVER SELLING. It pisses them off hehe :^)

>> No.24968552

Do we have any guess as to what % the Masternodes running the orderbook will be paid? Liquidity providers will get a cut obviously, but will it even be worth it to host multiple DEX MNs if I don’t simultaneously provide liquidity?

>> No.24968611
File: 304 KB, 1208x808, xsn_disc_trann.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24968638

>Masternodes running the orderbook will be paid?
hahah, fuinny guy.

>> No.24968761
File: 44 KB, 500x500, 1599734342324.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

never selling! :^)

>> No.24969190

The only number I've seen thrown about is 0.25% fee for all trades, which I think many believed would go to the masternodes. But if there's an additional cut that the liquidity providers need to take then that might not be completely true I assume. I found this Stakenet article about it:

"When the DEX is launched, we will initially charge a 0.25% trading fee though this is subject to change, especially as more trading volume flows into the DEX.

A few quirks relating to this trading fee:

10% of the trading fee will be used to purchase the currency XSN from the market automatically then that amount is burnt which effectively reduces the overall supply within the XSN economy and increases buy-pressure. *
Users who decide to run a Stakenet DEX Hub, can receive a majority stake of trading fees earned from their hubs. Users who run a XSN Masternode can benefit from the fees earned by the DEX hubs once released to the Masternode Layer.

*To give you an idea in monetary figures, if the exchange had a daily volume of $1,000,000. The expected trading would be $2,500. We would then use 10%, $250, to purchase XSN from orderbook and burn this amount, everyday."

Not a perfectly satisfactory answer to your question though, but essentially it reaffirms the idea that the hubs and masternodes are separate beings, and the masternodes CAN host their own, or choose to service other dex hubs (and receive part of the fees for that). Is my take so far.

>> No.24969400

This is, assuming the "stakenet DEX hub" that you can run requires you personally as a masternode owner to provide liquidity. Rather if the idea is that you host an orderbook which other people just use to trade (i.e. provide dex liquidity) I can see how the masternodes, i.e. the ones hosting the dex hubs would get the majority fee without having to provide coins/tokens etc themselves. I really dunno on this topic. Either way I'm sure we're supposed to get a part of the pie one way or another. What it boils down to is how much and whether or not its a certain process or not for us as masternode holders. I'd like to believe so.

>> No.24969586

Good info, thanks.

>> No.24969769
File: 578 KB, 888x894, 1597434259331.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

np mr Upian, we're all gonna make it.

>> No.24970036

I would be surprised if they didn't find a way to reward MN holders more, otherwise they'll lose a good chunk of the community.

Figure BNB/Unidex/Sushi type thing where when push comes to shove, $$$ will flow to coin holders.

>> No.24970321

Link to part 2 of the ama.


>> No.24970406

Indeed, my initial reaction to finding this project was that the incentive model was the best I've ever seen.

* masternodes providing all the services and fixing many of the problems facing the lightning network.
* masternode owners and xsn holders receiving staking rewards
* trading fees for hosting dex (dApps)
* deflationary mechanism by burning xsn.
* governance voting
* cctpos
* lightning swaps
* MCLW allowing non-kyc, non-custodial and censorship trading straight from your own fucking desktop (not to mention not having to keep the blockchains yourself)

And then all the points about the utility of the coin in actually running everything as actual gas. Not to mention the insane vision of completely disrupting the financial world as we know it. It's as if stakenet is the cumulative end result of ten years of different types of blockchain research and developed tech coming together to form a complete package that just fucking makes sense for you as a holder. I find it absolutely wicked how this isn't already a top 10 coin.

>> No.24970629

Censorship resistant trading*

>> No.24971375

So key, fuck the system.

>> No.24971875

thank you, i can't wait till it goes to the moon :)

>> No.24972087
File: 211 KB, 1000x577, Hoodra2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.24973031

Will people who hold 2-4 nodes make it?

>> No.24973622

We are going to make it.

>> No.24974470
File: 275 KB, 640x360, It's Afraid.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Admittedly, I'm still not sure if you're being ironic, but I have to go with my instinct on this one.

>> No.24974522

you can do either/or.

discord had a pretty extensive q&a posted about it earlier today

>is there a many to many relationship between the hubs and the masternodes? So it's not the case that one hub being accessible is necessarily contingent on a single masternode being up and running?
this sounds essentially correct, in that your liquidity could be routed through any number of intermediaries to service an order. master nodes will provide value in that they will be paid to keep channel hosts and hub providers honest. honest providers will get more volume, dishonest providers will get transactions routed around them.

>> No.24974575

>I'm still a bit confused and fumbling around a lot but I hope some of it made sense
it's still largely theory at this point. proof of concept here (i.e. the current beta dex) is quite centralized desu. best case scenario we go parabolic at launch and can use that to hire out and build out the structure some more.

>> No.24974646

he used to scalp shitcoins.

not a good look for someone marketing said shitcoins, but honestly I can't blame him for using his insider info to profit - that's generally how most of crypto twitter got rich, so I mean it is definitely a part of the culture, for better or worse.

>> No.24974707

eventually. it'll take a few years and some legit adoption of the dex but $10/xsn would put it on par with uniswap in terms mcap, and xsn will eventually have much more utility as a coin.

>> No.24975429

a few years? it's not just a preference of trustless routing as opposed to a centralized 'karma' system, but it's also a matter of economics. I think we know this. DOA

>> No.24975679

Few years? $100 2021 Q3

>> No.24976410


>> No.24976587

>centralized karma system
karma is a bad term - but was used primarily because 1) the person writing the AMA post is German, and 2) it sounds better than "auditing", I guess.

Terminology aside, the purpose of the master nodes is to enforce a trustless peer audit - something LN needs.

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