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Should I sell some of my LINK for GRT? Are anons doing this?

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I did like two minutes ago

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better hurry up. I sold all 100 of mine at 20c

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Depends how big your stack is. Sell some at a minimum, I had to sell my entire 1k stack to get a decent amount of GRT though

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is grt the new link, or kleros is the actual nee link?

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Proof larper.

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I sold around 1000 linkies and put it into graph at $0.17. Tempted to sell and get my 1000 linkies back and let the rest ride but link has been crabbin

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Hurry up bro... this shit is mooning

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i did and regretted immediately
don't do it

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This reply was written by brown smelly hands

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I did it at $0.19

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Ok lads sold 3500 LINK, going to see if this dips a bit to go in

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I sold 17k out of my 57k link stack at 17.5c per grt for a nice 1.4m stack.
I just wish I sold it all and bought it at 10 cents yesterday.

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Can I get a super quick rundown of Graph? People keep flapping about it lately.

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It's ALREADY used, that's how uniswap and most dexes even get their currency data.
Unlike every single other alt which only have promises of (((changing the world)))

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haha enough said. Thanks

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yes please sell all of you LINK. buy GRT and never buy LINK again. Smartest move for someone like you.

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Thanks anon. Yeah I'm reading up on it now. Sounds promising.

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Just traded 5.1k stink into this feeling comfy

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Why is the token needed? It sounds like the tech operates without it? Am I missing something?