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Parship, the reverse oracle platform just announced their integration with binance smart chain!

Parliq got 100 million funding by them and still hovers around 25 million marketcap. it will hit 4x until EOY and 40x next year.

Staking will be implemented next year for Partsik and will improve Parkiks tokenomics even further.

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Fuck off Pajeetus Maximus

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are you parMAD?

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this is a white project with a doxxed team that was just retweeted by CZ and Binance. DYOR

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imagine not having a prq stack

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I kekd, I'm parsick of the fud. To the moon!

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Keep it to one thread please >>24890239

I dont want people thinking we're some kind of pajeet shitcoin

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nice, I hope you enjoy your stack of parkek

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>doxxed team
fucking kek is that what we call a normal team now?
crypto anon dev rug pulls really took a toll on you biz


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next week 3 more announcements

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they will never list it, and you will never be a real woman.

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>Doxxed team
So it's a team that tried to be anon and failed? Imagine investing in this

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no - i just mean they are fully known. the head estonian dev did a zoom ama with chainlink recently

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imagine believing shit you read on 4chan
that was not the case and fuck you from the bottom of my heat for even believing him for NO REASON HOLY SHIT HOW ARE YOU EVEN LEGALLY ABLE TO OWN MONEY KYO

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few understand