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2020 has been a year for #DeFi with BTC going ATH after 2017.
With tons of project launches and the year ending in DeFi name. Institutions are pumping money into the market through BTC. It is only a matter of time that money flow in DeFi blue chips token. We all know about YFI, NXM, NEXO, KP3R etc but I am trying to find some of the underrated ones.

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Anon never mentioned NFTs and that market is trying to change the cyrpto game. waxp introducing waxe as the wax blockchain economic token is a topic of discussion on its own but who cares

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btc will hit 30k soon. institutional investors are bullish about it. positive sentiment all around

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institutional money is coming in, we are seeing that already with all this moves to the upside. I am thinking there is a lot more to be done here.

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nfts are shit compared to defi. defi is where the money is at ATM

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The thing is people need ways to get into crypto from fiat easy, right now there is nothing like that, no solutions to this problem.

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Depends on your definition of easy, plasmapay does what you said, it's still a new project tho so dyor.

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only reason btc is 23k atm is instutions .. there is not that muvh bitcoin interest if you look at google trends so it has to be something else really

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not really I think there are other reasons, what we really need right now is a good alt season to start so they can pump my bags.

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dont like new defi projects there are so many... and they all do the same should just keep it at the more established once for safety but DYOR

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I know it's new but I managed to get a bag at launch during the first hours of trading, this is definitely a long term hold. I think the potential is here especially with the plasma.finance pool.

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It's not like you have to buy everything, research is always very important in this field, you have to invest in fundamentals so ppay might be a good buy.

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yes alt season always important. but for that we need btc 30k atleast i think. or something significant to happen

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Crypto is about to be dominated by big money, they are starting with btc now, but very soon they will get into alts and then the alt season will start. Free money for everyone.

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how can they have fundamentels when they Just launched and havent proven anything jet tell me plz pajeet

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>btc 30k
too much anon, there is no fucking way that happens in the coming months, unless we really go parabolic like mad

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Invective Protocol (INJ) for derivatives trading will be massive. Backed my VC firms such as Pantera Capital, Hashed, Binance.

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#DeFi market is very vast. Many players are getting in but one needs to be aware of SCAMS.

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wax is going pretty great .king of nfts already 1mn minted on wax.

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The bulls are happy and jumping but I am scared when BTC makes a correction people will loose a lot of money. 2018 was a weird year and BTC was dumped heavily!!

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Its SPICE for me atm in terms of underrated alts

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yes alt season is very important.ppay is going strong. it will follow the bullrun.

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It is more about adoption of crypto. Masses are still scared of entering crypto. With FIAT to Crypto conversion made easy PlasmaPay is one Defi which will change dynamics.

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ppay with its dynamics and plasma finance will change the crypto.

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I wonder why people are so scares even after all these institutions piling in

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Well there is enough fud around to sink titanic thats why ya numpty

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I agree on SPICE
Spicey oh so nicey

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Lol. Fud

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I like SPICE also. I think they have strong fundamentals with that recent token burn. Priced well atm

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>he doesn’t into crypto
Btc $30k and alt season seems very likely considering we have no normie hype atm. Just defi nerds.

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100% agree. Alts to defintiely get a boost next year

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Yeah but you should get in on a particular alt before google trend kicks in dont ya think

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