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PRQ is now live on the Binance smart chain.
Next week, expect the Binance listing and a 10x.

you have been warned

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financial freedom at our fingertips

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Just bumped my stack to 20k. Can't wait to see yet another pump in Q1.

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Link marines if you sell all your links now, you can buy this and sell and get 10x your links.

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1$ by next week most likely

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This announcement and the Binance announcement are already priced in

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>binance listing pumps the price 10X

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no its not, the project isnt even listed on binance
but i get why you are sad because you got priced out hahahhahaha

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It does when it is listed nowhere except pooniswap and the good news rolls in all at once.

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absolutely HUGE

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cz keep making his trashchain worse than ever