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When will delusional boboposters learn?

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I had a tinder date a couple of days ago.
We started talking about Bitcoin and the bitch started bashing it.
Was oke cool, fucked her so good and hard made her cum multiple times.
She called me and texted me wanted to meet up again.
I told her it wouldn't work out because of the way she thinks of Bitcoin.

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More bobo memes please

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Based reply

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Did you cum inside her? -2 ptsfor not cumming inside her and making her stressed out for 3 weeks.

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dating in the middle of a pandemic???

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Mildly autistic but based i guess. I wouldn't ever talk to a tinder date about that stuff. If she brought it up I'd just tell her its a scam or something

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dubs confirm kek's approval

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Did you give to this whore a slap, sir?

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The biggest shit test of 2020 is assuming that women don't want to go on dates during a pandemic. Chad is swooping in and fucking tons of them

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They won’t. The next stage is for them to become r/buttcoiners

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what's the bull's name?

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Bobo the hobo.

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what did he mean by this?

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it's a never ending cycle, you're winning this one mumu but just remember - I'm always lurking in the shadows

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