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Literally pumping OP. Post short.

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Whats your sell signal

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On what coin, xrp?

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pic or didn't happen

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What is the point of being a bobo during the bull phase? How absolutely retarded can you get?

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Literally nothing indicates this trend is reversing

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no way you're this retarded.

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fuck u bear

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22k is the first trade target
next short opportunity would be around 27k
good luck op, looks like 50/50 chance to me honestly

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Shorting in a bullmarket. Trying to luck out on trying to catch the top you absolute incel. Have fun staying poor.

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Haha why is everybody asking OP to post his penis? lmao

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Literally 80 IQ.

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Based Bobo, this shit is over.

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we're very close to first fib extension which is the trade target for margin traders and bots, RSI just got to overbought levels on daily, 6 straight green days (BTC longest streak I remember was 7 days but 6 is usually when it starts correcting), +10% on daily was a predictable short signal this year so far - we could be nearing the local top

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The trend is not our friend right now bobop

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>12 hours later

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Bold. Market is in full on euphoria. We could go to 30k tomorrow before shifting the bed, you will get liquidated

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Lmao alright dude

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Guys, I need to close my short real quick. Stop the pump

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Why would you do this? You either half huge balls or a tiny brain

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>literally retarded

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