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I recently got a desktop repaired by a local computer repair shop. I use it only for crypto and nothing else whatsoever. It just wouldn't turn on and I thought it was the power supply, it was relatively new less than 1 year. I didn't even give the guy the password to log in when he asked and I said it was for business. He got it to turn on and did a BIOS reset and asked if I leave it on 24/7( I did). He only had the computer in his possession for maybe 16 hours, it was an easy fix apparently.

I didn't even have have the Window's pin number set up to log in just the password but when I received the PC back the pin was set. I suspect he is at least aware I have crypto due to seeing Metamask plug in and if he checked my browser history at all. Here are my questions I need help understanding.

-Is there something he could have put in my device hardware/software to key log me or get my sensitive info in regards to my Metamask? I haven't logged into the account yet but I checked etherscan and everything is still there. If he no longer has the device anymore the password wouldn't allow him to take my contents right? If the seed phrase were key logged I'd be fucked though.

I'm just paranoid a bit now because this is my shot to make it and I'm about to set up a ledger nano s to secure all of my funds. I'm just afraid to even set that up on the computer on the off chance its somehow compromised. I wouldn't be so paranoid but the last page I had up before the computer shut off and wouldn't start again was an etherscan to my account and its a lot which he could have possibly seen since he set up my Window's pin allowing him to log in.

I would just factory reset the PC and then use my seed phrase to recover the account but that scares me too.

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I think the best bet is probably set up the ledger, transfer everything over, factory reset the PC, and then download ledger live again. When connecting the ledger to my PC could someone get the seed phrase while I'm transferring everything over? I'm just tech literate enough to buy LINK and operate in regards to crypto but don't understand the scope of what is possible more or less. I have half my LINK in the account and its thousands.

Also with Ledger you only need to use the seed phrase if you lose the device correct? If I factory reset the PC and re download Ledger Live I just reconnect the ledger wallet and I'm set correct?

Thanks in advance for clarity.

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He cant do shit if you use a ledger,
Just make sure the tx on the device is right while validating
Thats the upside of using a ledger, if he doesnt have the device, he cant validate the transactions

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Thanks for the reply. So even if I set up the ledger, use ledger live, log into the Metamask, and transfer the assets to to the ledger all on a potentially compromised PC I'm basically golden as long as no one has the ledger USB device?

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>Just make sure the tx on the device is right while validating

Also you just mean the recipient address or basically ledger nano address? I've never used a hardware wallet before.

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honestly, i wouldn't take a chance and just buy a new laptop. reinstall fresh copy of windows and start from there.

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I'm so paranoid I legitimately thought about doing this as well.

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You're a retard. Transfer all your tokens off to a secure wallet then clean reinstall windows FROM a USB.

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This thread gives me anxiety just reading it. I can't believe you would just give your computer with all your money on it to someone and not even think about it. How have you managed to survive this long op?

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Basically you don't think logging into the Metamask wallet and connecting a ledger nano on a PC that is potentially compromised to transfer them over will matter?

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If you really want to have absolutely zero worry, just get a new laptop and sell that one.

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spend $60 on a fucking trezor

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Its not all my money its half. Lol That being said in hindsight its retarded but I basically figured he couldn't do anything if he didn't log in. Once I realized he was able to log in I got paranoid. Generally I survived this long because I'm paranoid but definitely had a massive lapse of judgment here. I just didn't have another 100% clean PC to use. I might just buy another as the other suggested at this point. Set it up use the seed phrase to import the Metamask and then transfer everything to the ledger.

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set up the ledger/trezor/whaatever with a different computer and then just send to the addresses it creates. Tho I don't think you have anything to worry about because you need to confirm new firmware installs on the hardware.

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Yea this is probably the guaranteed method.

I just picked up both a Trezor and a Ledger. Neither are set up yet should I use the Trezor over the Ledger?

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One of the most accurate photo uploads I have ever seen.

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If you're really concerned you could download metamask app on your phone and recover the wallet from there using your 12 phrase, then immediately send your tokens off metamask to ledger or send it to another phone wallet like enjin wallet

If I were you I wouldn't touch the pc until it is clean restored to factory from a USB

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So assuming I do this and set up the ledger/trezor on a new PC logging into the Metamask on the possibly compromised one to send to the new wallet should be fine?

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If you didn't have your seed phrase saved in that computer you're 100% safe with your metamask. It's possible he could have installed a key logger or otherwise compromised your pc. You're probably good, but I'd be paranoid too. Personally I would wipe the OS and install a fresh linux from an usb. People are scared of linux for no reason

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Yeah yeah

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My seed phrase is ONLY on paper. I never saved it anywhere on the PC/digitally. I'm assuming the most he could have done was brute force my regular password while he still had the PC in his possession but he didn't try/wasn't able to. Its impossibly long with random words, numbers, special characters etc.

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Yup that's good. So you have 100% custody over your crypto. Maybe it's a good idea to not to rush it. Take your time. Even if you're 99,9% sure you'd be fine using that pc, it might be worth it to get a new one or at least get a fresh system running, just for the peace of mind. When there's a slightest chance something is not right being paranoid is the correct solution

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Thanks for the replies everyone.


Based your ID says "New". I think I know what to do. Lol

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If you have the metamask recovery phrase (you should) then just recover your metamask wallet on the new computer. Then never use metamask again for anything other than managing spending money. (no more than a few hundred or thousand dollars in your metamask at a time) Everything else should be split between your two hardware wallets.

trezor vs ledger, not a big difference. I have a trezor and its great, though the cable that comes with it sucks. Just make sure to backup your recovery phrase somewhere that's secure and not your house. You should have it in your house too (hidden somewhere a robber isnt likely to check) but you want a copy offsite as well in case your house burns down.

Alternatively, you could build a memory palace instead of having an at home or off site copy, but you should still have one of the two in case your memory palace fails/you get head injured

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Based will do thanks

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