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why oh fucking why god didn't i buy more bitcoin

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>tfw only bought $100 worth at $5k

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Fortune favors the bold!

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nexo loan if you have the balls for it

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Let this be a lesson. Next time, throw in 100$ in at every major dip/drawdown. If you DCA your way through a bear market, you get to flash your cock and slam your balls on the table.

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You think this is bad? I bought 10 ounces of gold instead of BTC in March. I feel sick, I want to kill myself.

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Altcoins will give you better ROI, just wait for altcoin season bro

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>tfw poor
>tfw only started 2 weeks ago
Dont worry anon

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DIA at the bottom might let you catch up.

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>you get to flash your cock and slam your balls on the table.
I already do that, but you mean people will stop cringing at it?

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>buying boomer metals

Hahahahaha fucking why?

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don't forget to fomo in now and then sell the bottom once it crashes

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You’ll attain “Fuck you money” so yes, they’ll have to deal with it.

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same here, only have 0.2 btc and was eating bitcoin to drop around 15k to buy 0.1 more.. How bad am I anons?
Some of you are lucky to have atleast 1 bitcoin.

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