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My options:
- Mathematical Finance (no programming, heavy in data analysis, sets up well for phd in finance or economics, is mostly practical)
- Applied Mathematics (basically pure math + basics of applied math, no programming aside from numerical methods options, geared for getting into grad programs for further specialization, mostly on paper math and little direct application into anything)

Which is better?

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How did you narrow it down to these 2?

I'll just say that it is easier to make a mathematician program than have a programmer do mathematics (IMO), so I'm not worried about seeing "no programming" on both.

More importantly though, what are your end goals and lifestyle? Whichever is more in line with those is better

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>no programming

pointless. imagine doing heavy data analysis without programming. waste of time

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Mathematical Finance seems like it would have better job prospects

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This and

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when I graduated college and started working in finance, approximately a decade ago, it was the twilight years of business analysts refusing to write their own code and making more technical people do it for them

nowadays, every single analyst at every major bank programs in Python

if you think you can get a highly technical, well--paid job in finance, all without ever writing a single line of code... well, you're dead wrong.

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Yeah it's dumb, anyway I have 1 year of CS under my belt maybe that off-sets it

> How did you narrow it down to these 2?
At my university, these are the most rigorous programs I have access to. Plus I am interested

> I'm not worried about seeing "no programming" on both.
I have some CS classes (like OOP and implementing some data structures). Is that even worth anything?

> More importantly though, what are your end goals and lifestyle?
Would be nice to just work at a high-tech research lab for something futuristic, but also allows me to have a life (so no 14 hour a day finance jobs)

I should add I made good money in crypto and I think I can retire in next 5 years

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I've seen what they write, and it really isnt that technical (nothing much past second year level math) and really isn't organized like how an engineer would do it. The bar is pretty low there no? and besides who will take a 30 year who just got a BSc....

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applied mathematics, then you might be one of the chosen few who can spot the math behind the privacy solutions provided by EPIC

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>I think I can retire in next 5 years
Then why go to college?

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Bump bc I want to do the same thing except no math

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I mean, what else do i do

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Learn the skills that you want to learn on your own? College is going to make you take elective and prereq classes that are a massive waste of time.

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Electrical engineering?

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What kind of "futuristic high-tech" research do you want to conduct with mathematical finance lol. Apart from that, do you actually want to go into research? It seems glamorous and exciting from the outside but it can be just as mind-numbing and frustrating as any other job if you don't love what you do.
Anyway, if you have no very specific goal choose the more general degree and specialize later. Also this >>24835041 (might have a hard time getting into a research lab this way though if you're not a genius)

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Why not just study programming from home for the cost of a few udemy courses

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I'm going to go back and get an Astrophysics degree for funzies. Daddy Biden says he'll give it to me for free.

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i have a specific goal, but i didnt include it because it sounds too autistically specific to have any instantiation in reality as a realistic plan
through applied math if I work hard I could take 4th year courses in mathematical physics and then apply for grad programs in that, but idk if that is stupid. and also i dont know how much i have to study on the side (programming, extra material) to be "genius" by the end of it , or if that is just cope

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