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Can't stop thinking about gold, BTC, fiat and inflation, LINK and the WEF, The Great Reset, ETH and the idea that they may all be connected.
I propose that going off the gold standard in the 70s was a deliberate move for certain players to siphon wealth from the world economy. The WEF is a coalition dedicated to putting an end to this for the good of humanity and the members' own interests/profit at the same time. They want to remove the US as a superpower and establish themselves and a more stable economy. These members are huge companies, a portion of the extremely wealthy, and world leaders. Through their connections and wealth they have had access to the greatest minds available on the planet. They collaborated with these minds and developed BTC with the intention of it eventually being a store of value. (possibly initially called electronic cash to aid with decentralization and introduce the concept of cryptocurrencies in a more palatable way) Once stable, they will use BTC reserves to issue CBDCs and currency issuance will once again be limited to an organization or nation's holdings of a valuable commodity.
Ethereum will be the defacto smart contract platform and be used to power commerce and finance.
LINK will allow legacy systems to integrate into this new network.
The Great Reset will be the death of the USD as the world reserve currency, and the rise of BTC, ETH, and LINK as the infrastructure for economic prosperity.
It's the NWO and we all have a piece of it.

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I fell for it. When they first said BTC represented freedom from banks, not realizing it is the banksters' own next phase to get tighter, more programmable control over behavior.

In any case, BTC and Eth don't have identifiable explicit links to WEF at this time, so until they do I'm comfortable hodling what I bought in my naive past.

LINK on the other hand stinks like donkey balls.

Same for any Defi usury coins. Dealing in usury is cursed.

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I doubt they’re going to let us keep any of these crypto gains since the intention of this garbage is to centralize wealth even more with the destruction of small businesses throughout the west and everyone’s living standards. I’m convinced the goal is climate change aversion by killing our living standards so we don’t coomsume.

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If you unironically believe the great reset holds any sway over a single country on this planet, you're too fucking stupid to have anything valuable to say about culture, politics, government, tech, or blockchain. Go back to your minimum wage job and video games, dipshits.

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>at this time
We shall see, links may never be revealed and they may play it all off as grassroots.
LINK is their public move.
This could all take several decades and we could live much more comfortably than the rest of the world for a long time. We may be dead in gilded coffins by the time everything is in place. If the idea of climate change aversion through destroying living standards is true we will be the select few able to coomsume.

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>sway over a single country on this planet
World leaders are behind it, it's not that it has sway over anyone, it is the plan they came up with.

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I hope for our sake that you’re right that us Great Resetters are just a bunch of retards, but what I’ve seen on their own website scares me.

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If I’m part of the club, I wouldn’t mind the great reset, but I doubt it. Unless eth gets a mcap that’s worth trillions, I’m still just a proletariat.

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Do you know what an NGO is? Do you know how many there are and how little they fucking matter? The biggest self-con of highly online "anons" is their confirmation bias "no I'm couldn't be off-base, everyone else is off-base!"


Go pick a few blindly and spin up conspiracy theories based off grossly misinformed interpretations of their meaning. Whole lifetime of EPIC conspiracies in here for you folks.

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It's just a proposal of mine, clearly you reject it but you sound like a pompous faggot so your opinion is easily disregarded as well, good job trying to look smart on the internets tho

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WEF seems to be the top dog of NGOs. I’m expecting dramatic government action now to fight global warming and ensure the rising wealth gap won’t lead to uprisings. Most green tech now is still a meme and doesn’t work, and the only way to slow down global warming would be new technology we don’t have yet, or rationing of our living standards. I don’t think Covid is a coincidence and I don’t think the rising authoritarianism I see throughout the world is either. there’s social unrest throughout the world along with hyperinflation collapsing sovereign currencies, forcing third worlders to use crypto. Something big will happen with or without NGOs at the helm.

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most of what you doomers are afraid of happening won't even start for another 50 years and you'll have wasted your life thinking about and stressing over meaningless, worthless bullshit

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Give it 10 years.

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Lol doomers
J7 is the cynical one
I'm clearly looking at the silver lining and you assume too much for someone of your limited capacity... talk about confirmation bias

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I'd rather be overly paranoid vs an absolute sheep, normie.

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I take like three anti anxiety meds. Normies can’t handle my level of neurosis.

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I worry about this. I don't have a problem with trimming my lifestyle for the future of my children, but I want to keep my gains for the same fucking reason. I want to believe that crypto won't be seized if they are trying to legitimize it at the same time, but history says watch the fuck out.

I think I'm coming from a polar opposite political angle m8, but I agree with every word.

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I can't help but thinking that Singularitynet plays into this grand scheme too. AI will dominate the blockchains and mechanisms of the 4th industrial revolution.

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If you get off of them then you will become more powerful than you can imagine.

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>he is naive enough to think (((they))) will allow outsiders to get in on the ground floor

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I own more link than you
mentally ill walled garden confirmed

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>for the good of humanity
Here's the thing lad.
I guarantee what you think is good for humanity is not what these guys think is good for humanity.

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>Dealing in usury is cursed.
checked. but its not usury really.
Its collateral based loans, which are different in principle.

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Crypto cant be confiscated if you know what you’re doing but if governments take strong action against it, it could dump and crab for years if not decades, buy some XMR to hedge

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Shut the fuck up, retard. Do you people ever stop and take a look in history?
>Oh this can't happen here!
is such a defeatist leftist dribble of a position that I'm surprised any of you faggot shave made it this far in life.

We could end up in a fucking position exactly like THE GREAT RESET with some tweaks and a different name and there you lot would be, clapping and applauding that "well it's not the great reset so it's okay!" As the government continues to curb civil liberties, tax the hell out of you to pay for 3rd worlders, reduces your ability to travel cheaply in the name of "green energy," and makes it harder and harder for you to become a land owner. The government and powers that B are NOT your friend.

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>use BTC reserves to issue CBDCs
the bullish thing is this is going to happen no matter if its part of a nwo conspiracy or not.
there is simply no other option. their choices are (a) allow worldwide economy to crash and spark world wars, or (b) soft crash land economy into a bretton woods iii scenario using non-partisan collateral base

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climate change is a hoax right? it is equally possible that you are a highly successful corporate type insulated from reality, or that you are a basement dwelling NEET insulated from reality. Either way, go outside. Talk to a farmer, hunter, fisherman, ranger, surf life-guard, anyone who actiually interacts with the planet...

this alone is gonna change shit immeasurably. factor in the incompetence of the west, the rise of China, booming populations with widening gaps between rich and poor, pandemics(hysterically overplayed or not). it's happening now. 50 yrs my rosy red arse.

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Post wallet and sign transaction you little faggot

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These people have developed a big blind spot given how comfy us Americans have been. It’s where the “nothing ever happens” stuff comes from. I know enough about history and the geopolitical state of the world that I think this comfy state is an illusion that’s about to be broken.

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Subjective for sure. I almost didn't write that part but most villains feel they are altruistic.

This is true, I can't think of a better store of value for CBDC issuance

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>most villains feel they are altruistic.
Not really.
They are lying scum and/or the just reason it out loud when they know it's not true.

KS is a globalist errand boy with literally nothing of value to add to anything by the way.
/biz/ shills him and I mean literally shills him.
Read all his books and they are brainlet tier.

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>This is true, I can't think of a better store of value for CBDC issuance

hate to make this gay analogy, but its true. Linux won not because everyone loved it...its existence in fact threatened every tech company....
it won because everyone hated and mistrusted each other more than they did linux.
BTC adoption will playout same way. None of the existing players like its existence but Fed rathers BTC than RMB and China rathers BTC than USD...etc

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maybe if they stop spraying heavy metals and barium into the sky so it forms artificial clouds that work like magnifying glasses, the world would be a better place.

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yeah but they can make it alot harder to divest what's safe in cold storage. similar outcome.

>most villains feel they are altruistic.
hits the spot

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>KS is a globalist errand boy with literally nothing of value to add to anything by the way.
He's marketing, so what? He's definitely been appealing to the board. He is effective marketing.
>Fed rathers BTC than RMB and China rathers BTC than USD...etc
This exactly.

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The fact that there are water futures now is disturbing to me.

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>They are lying scum and/or the just reason it out loud when they know it's not true.

only actual psychopaths. sociopaths and particularly narcissists often genuinely believe they're forces for good. strawman attacks are weak and easy.

no idea if you're being facetious, but yeah farming naturally is not the worst idea on earth

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>wef created in year ?
>ccp invited to un in year ?
>nixon announces trip to china in year ?
>taiwan expelled from un in year ?
>gold standards ends in year ?

Bitcoin has forced their hand by exposing their wealth confiscation via inflation, the lockdowns are done to destroy small business since the only way they can keep the fiat ponzi going is by banning cash and 80% taxrates corporations won't give a shit about 80% taxrates since the capital from ubi serfs will keep moving upwards.

They want to mix capitalism and socialism into a neofeudal system because private currencies existing destroys their ponzi scheme since cash can be used to escape their system via crypto and abolishing cash is not compatible with small business existing so they are trying to get rid of small business.

Yes all the insane shit in this year is happening due to bitcoin forcing a parasitic elite hand.
The usd getting too strong due to people escaping shithole social democrat welfare states is also a reason and why they have destabilized the usa since a weak usd gives ponzi welfare states more time as it makes their currencies going to shit look less worse than it is.

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>He is effective marketing.
He is what is being marketed.
You are being SOLD on something and there is a reason they say that you are being SOLD and not bought.
>genuinely believe
This is an excuse to absolve them.
It's a cover.

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