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Lemme know what you are hiding

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haircomb token

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BOND will make me rich sirs, I will buy a new well for every village in my province. Put all your money in BOND Now brother

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as long as frog posters and communists and trolls are on this board and mods dont throw around range bans for off topic poster like candy, no, just nigerian scams for /biz/

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been secretly buying more algo, fleta & xtz

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I'm betting on dhedge..
not gonna tell you it's a "GUARANTEED MOON 10x" I just think it has potential at hitting at 50m market cap fairly easily.
performance mining just released

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hahaha yeah and indian scams. Still, there could be money made on some scams

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not Cripple nor RLC, but with all these partners. Dubs and ill share

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I'm very deep in JEW right now. Still not listed on the main exchanges though heh, guess you'll have to work that out yourself.

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This is unironically an EPIC thread, can't really find out that you even are hiding them. They are *that* strong when it comes to privacy

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staking unironically BTT at 8%

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I work santa. The most wanted toys for 2021 are:
BOND - https://bonded.finance
KTLYO - https://www.katalyo.com
ORN - https://www.orionprotocol.io/

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Phantasma. Will be the best NFT factory in the space when they release. NFT will be huge

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unironically this

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Guys what the fuck kinda orders and bots did this guy use? can any farm token like YFI just drain the liquidity pools through one order all at once? or through a bot?

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People will likely call it a pnd scam but honestly, there’s a lot of potential in ITS to do very well very very quickly. People saw the initial price correction and freaked out, but once you understand the burn mechanics you should be aware that the swings will get increasingly monstrous over time. If you don’t have balls of steel you WILL be shaken out. But those who hold fast will be rewarded.

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Swapdex easy x100-x1000

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good you tell us
will never get that streetshitcoin

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Still UNFI

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vidt, dyor

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Crescofin is unironically the only low cap gem on this whole tranny board. The rest are pajeet scams at best.

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the best r/r on the market are

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Solid pick. Wont 10x in the short term but a strong long term hold

I went into the Hedera ICO and managed to get back all my Eth when it pumped. The team are almost out of money... I don’t think it’s going anywhere and haven’t rebought back in since I sold early this year

I have 3k of these. Solid pick and a great long hold

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Thanks for the hints. Looks promising, and most people never heard of it, which is weird for rank #70 on coinmarketcap.

It has a very atypical price graph for a crypto project, but in a good way, I think. Gives me THETA or INJ vibes; just flying under the radar, not caring about BTC price, until one day people find out and price explodes.

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Unironically NuCypher

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Huh hadn’t heard of katalyo until now. Looks pretty legit and general industry friendly. What do you know about it, anons?

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