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$S3L is about to go parabolic, i am speaking behalf of a group of LINK whales, we are pumping the fuck of it.


>NO presale
>Low marketcap (50K)
>Silent listing
>Liquidity locked

We are going to send this $30 and we give you a chance to become as wealthy as we are. Buy a bag.


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kys discord tranny

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Epic if true

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40k marketcap WTF??? GEM

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Locked Liquidity looks fine.

Will ape in with 2 eth now.

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Such a micro cap rebase coin with vaults coming soon. Dev is based . Get in at this low mc or be left behind.

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Yes sirss, good coin will bhai

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Shillllll this is epic early gem

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Low supply plus 4% fee is nice.

I got my rewards.

Thanks admin.