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>I am here for you child

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dick size?

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yungdari or olddari handle on ig

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god i hate russian girls

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After I realized that wamen never paint the whole nail because it's not possible I've lost all will to have a gf.

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did you create xmr?

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Prove by logging into your bitcointalk account faggot

>inb4 lost password

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Elaborate on smart contracts.
Why did you create chainlink?

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the best advice in crypto right now is to get a haircomb claiming crew together and scrape for them together

there are people already doing this to beat the bots like the only bitcoin mining guilds

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what race are you?

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imaging being this retarded

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>arguing with digits

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what the fuck did you just say
and why the fuck did you have to say it
i cant unsee it now what the fuck

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She deserves to get raped, her face is literally asking for it.
Prove me wrong.

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>checking your own digits
yikes dawg

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What does this have to do with porn though? I don't watch porn.

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You retarded incel, the mail grows back out. The part that grows out is unpainted. Same thing with fake nails. I hope you busted a toenail by dropping a weight on it so you know.