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ITT: we rate the different digital cryptocurrencies in terms of 0 to 10 scam-points.

I can begin.

Bitcoin, 4/10, scam-points. One word: BLOCKSTREAM and NO INTRINSIC VALUE. It doesn't have a future period.
Ethereum: 6/10 scam-points, it's getting stale and Vitalik is getting abandoned HARD. The sole purpose was to spur the so called "ICO bubble of 2017", which was literally 95% scams. This was the sole purpose of the whole chain, I've realized.
PNK: An elaborate 9/10 scam filled with scammers larping as pajeets (don't ask me why), but it's working.
Stakenet: The biggest pos scam on /biz/ with 10/10 score (highest score possible). This team were the main actors behind the infamous "PosW" scam of 2017. Bitconnect tier stuff, avoid at all cost.
Link is also very high on the scam list, with Sergey literally dumping millions of $ every other day on unsuspecting linkies. I give it 10/10 immigrating Russian scam-artists.

I think the only crypto that goes truly negative on the scam-pajeet rating that I've seen would be XRP. It's probably the one that will lead us to the future for sure, being the coin of the banks and all (meaning normies will love it).

Fiat: lol? 10/10 scam-points, need I say more?

What are the most elaborate scams that you have detected on /biz/ and how would you rate them?

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bumping this thread for justice

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Anything that have tits and asses as propaganda is a scam. If you lose money with these, you are an idiot, who cant stop giving money to whores in onlyfans, and keep the same habit when investing.
Women might be whores, but they are only this way because of simps who pushes them in this direction.

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LITION. 12/10 scam and rugpull.

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You're right. In a sense bitches and whores can be seen as digital currency too. And it's cryptic as fuck so it's hard as fuck to discern whether they are scams or not. Just commit yourself to a blanket statement and avoid it all, is what I've done and it has worked wonders for my purse.

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The most elaborate scam I ever encountered was an underage scam in the Philippines. I was fucking this hooker and she said she wanted to turn the lights off. So we did and she started getting really loud and then said she wanted to sit on my face so I let her.

Two things happened while she was moaning and grinding on my mouth that I wasn't aware of till later.

1) the door to the short time room opened and somebody came in

2) my phone was taken by whoever came into the room

Then there was a loud banging on the door and the hooker jumped up screaming and acting surprisded. There was another girl in the room and she was about 12 or 13 and was half undressed.

I started freaking out, and then they said it was the police and I totally lost my shit. The hooker let them in. There I was standing in jeans no shirt with a half dressed 12 year old and a bargirl. Everyone started yelling and accusing.

The "police" were in uniforms but didn't have holsters or weapons, which I realized later was the clue I was being taken in.

I explained to them the girl came into the room while I was fucking my woman and I didn't know her. They of course wouldn't hear it and said they would arrest me unless I was ready to pay a fine for "being in room with minor without her parent".

20,000 php, and they wanted it immediately. So a "police" went with me to an ATM and back to the hotel. (Yes I am that stupid, and I was freaking out).

I paid the "fine" and they warned me to leave the country before they caught me again.

I couldn't find my phone but had to gtfo so I left without it.

The next day i told a friend of mine what had happened and he laughed his ass off and explained to me the scam, though he had never heard of fake police or off duty police being in on it before.

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Oh you mean on biz. Definitely Pi token. You have to install malware on your phone and it rewards you with points on an app you can't use for anything. Lol

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I've seen a ton of threads warning of Lition on /biz/ lately. 12/10 scam-points is a lot. Seems like I've gotta check it up so I can protect myself better. What kind of elaborate scheme are they running? Pyramid scheme? Yield farming? "Yet another protocol" for the fourth industrial revolution?

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For (you), is everything a scam at this point?

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LINK and XRP are 10/10 scam points for me.
Hype it up, raise price, cashout, buy more “partnerships” repeat until top 5.

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Not everything. XRP, UNI, and ANT are legit.

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Oh, and BNB. Binance is running the most elaborate DEX yet. Will take the world by storm Q1 2021.

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PNK isn’t really a scam. It’s just a 1 year+ hold so biz thinks it’s a scam

Idle might be doing something weird. It’s helped 2x some new fags but i don’t trust it right now.

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Doing the needful sir, very good.

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Profited a bit over 100 USD of this absolute scam. Ship hasn't necessarily sailed, but it's targeting idiots with greed as the bait. I got in for one day, and sold the next.


13'000 total supply; obvious DeFi rug pull. Unironically made in India.

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>PNK: An elaborate 9/10 scam filled with scammers larping as pajeets (don't ask me why), but it's working.
You're right, our FUD IS working. This ain't gonna be like LINK where every retard on this board has a stack. Only those beloved by Vishnu are gonna make it this time.

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The only true malicious scam on your list is XRP. The rest have issues but aren't malicious. They aren't actively and consciously trying to scam you out of your money like XRP.

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