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Comfy weekend edition


>Stock market Words

>QE Explained
youtube.com/watch?v=j2AvU2cfXRk&feature=youtu.be [Embed] [Open] [Open] [Open] [Embed]

>Risk Management

>Live Streams

>Educational Sites

>Free Charts


>Pre-Market Data and Live Data

>Bio-pharma Catalyst Calendar

>Boomer Investing 101

>Dividend Reinvestment (DRIP) Calculator

>List of hedge fund holdings

>Suggested books:


>Weekly /smg/ update
Full playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3s0W8G-F7AdlU964_8WLh1YsCtQJ4lP1
Episode 6 out now! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NBuKox4gv8 [Embed] [Open] [Open] [Open] [Embed]
>Links for (You)



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First for clown market

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Hello all, I am starting a new job, should I be rolling over my 401k, or putting it into an IRA or something?

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Am I the only one who curses their low IQ? I could be rich and successful if I was born with the right genes, instead I'm a mediocrity that can't do anything.

My life was over before it even began, same goes for my networth

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What does biz think about my calls
Spce expired $10 above my call hoping for similar shit from the others

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first for SPCE retards getting fucked on Monday

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Everyone what's your strategy going to be for BFT? Do we have a date for symbol change?

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So we know individual traders beating the market is impossible. But have there ever been any studies breaking down market under and overperformance by ethnicity?

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I need new news streams or something. I added Bloomberg and Marketwatch to my streams and they public like 100+ news stories a day. I can't keep up with that

Any suggestions? Should I just keep watching them and look at the interesting stuff? It's a bit overwhelming

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Thats only caise you tell yourself that anon moneys out there just gotta go get it

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YEs sir, please never sell sir, long hold for sure, Thank you please.

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You don't have to be smart to /makeit/, it's more likely that you're just too lazy

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>You don't have to be smart to /makeit/, it's more likely that you're just too lazy
Tell that to the chart about median IQ and networth. Despite being 2% of the population most millionaires have the IQ of 130

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Imagine thinking niggers invest

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You'll almost always want to move your old job's 401k into an IRA since it gives you more flexibility in investments.

You can also do this while employed if they offer what's called an "in-service rollover".

You might not want to do this if your new job has special incentives within their 401k plan - company shares you can't buy on the open market, that kind of thing.

You may also not want to do this if you're earning over like $124,000 and intend to do a backdoor Roth (or other Roth conversions). Then you want to shunt any pretax IRA money into your 401(k).

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thanks anon

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Only follow news that makes you happy :)

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You don’t have to smart all you need is luck.
My moms coworkers husband won a million dollars from scratch off ticket

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post commodity etfs to buy

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OF IPO when?

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>It doesn't take a rocket scientist to make a lot of money, according to new research. A nationwide study found that people of below average intelligence were, overall, just about as wealthy as those in similar circumstances but with higher scores on an IQ test.

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There is absolutely no news that could possibly make me happy in this miserable existence

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I have a huge position in LCA at 23.66 a share. Am I fucked?

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with your years of experience looking at charts
look at this daily chart
>pic related
What happens next?

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Im in HCAC at 17. Just hold.

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Big gains

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I like ScienceDaily.

You seen Aella's chart of OF earnings? Power law as fuck.

You really expect anyone to run or publish the study showing IQ matters? Really?

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I love and envy this guy.

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3 maybe, could also do a backflip into a B
ask your local dentist

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is this science or (((science)))?

I hate that I have to ask this

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Likely red.
Possibly one more green day

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GME bros check in how we all feeling

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I just buy whatever one specific guy shills on a podcast. Luckily he’s only an occassional guest so I don’t have to do it all the time. He’s been good to me this year.

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Rule of three anon, it's had to pumps and there's a third coming

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Definitely not as bluepilled as /r/science. Definitely not as redpilled as /sci/.

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Good enough for me, as i identify as a radical moderate

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my uncle's wife is apparently into options due to learning through chinese webinars. we are nearing the tippy top boys

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Retard pajeet go fuck your mom sir

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Depends on the cost basis
>Under 10
>Over 13
pic related

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See >>24757412. Asians aren't a top sign. Blacks on the other hand...

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Diamond hands it is and good luck to you!

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is she hot?

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(((Science))) anon. Also the difference between someone who is 90iq and 100iq, wage wise, would more than likely be minimal. The difference between 100iq and be 130iq would be extreme. Higher bar for entry into the rich boi club

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I looked into options before and it's basically a coin toss imo

Stocks go up and down so they're a bit safer

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what do you mean 3 pumps?
i’m seeing 4 in the chart

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3/19/21 RKT 32/33 call debit spreads. about .05-.06 each. 18-20x return, and RKT doesnt even have to make a new high to get it. you're welcome

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>Robinhood rolling out 0DTEs
So dropping $10k into SPY calls on the opening dump is a guaranteed 100 bagger right?

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tell me about your most recent losses and what lessons you learned from them. this is weekend /smg/ now and i want to learn some shit about how to not make the same mistakes as the rest of you chucklefucks.

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What podcast?
(you don't need to say which guest!)

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>Asians aren't a top sign.
depends, if they're non-western Asian boomer parents you can bet they're just as dumb, if not dumber, than European/US boomer parents

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Options go up and down too, they just go poof if they hit the expiration date, which may be good or bad depending on if you sold them or bought.

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Nothing in life is guaranteed but the will of Allah.

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SQQQ fuckers, get in on it

what are 0DTEs?

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>SQQQ fuckers, get in on it
Yeah.. I don't take advice from bobos who don't know what 0DTEs are...

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It’s a Danish podcast, so it’s probably not relevant to most people here, but the guy has been shilling SE, MercadoLibre, Gravity etc. for a long time, so not necessarily anything groundbreaking, but it’s been good for someone who doesn’t like doing a bunch of research to just ride his coattails.

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ML Trading Pro desktop app will not show you average share cost unless properly configured. Fucking configure that shit. I did my math wrong and sold at a fucking loss of $540.

That's fucking nothing but that is not fucking nothing

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I listed a bunch of reasons why there'd be no reason for BCRX to pump, post rolled quints, so I listened to the will of kek, bought $5k in puts that sold 5 days later for like $500.

C'est la vie.

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if you're bad at them its a coin toss...

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Oof. This shit will consume your whole life
Just buy aapl shares and wait
Maybe 90% aapl 10% tsla if you want some risk

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I have never made a significant loss

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No thanks, I would rather buy ARK funds because mommy Cathie is going to make active funds great again

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bitcoin isnt a commodity

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Always roll over your previous jobs 401k into an IRA. You keep better control of it that way.

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fuck your secret club SQQQ mothafucka

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Needs more CLF


Just watch CLF Chad hit bong as CLF goes to 50


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get a trip

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>he thinks that 0DTEs are code like NAK
lurk moar

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remember when this jackass sold DAL at the generational bottom? lmao what a fucking idiot

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I haven't bought CLF since you have been shilling it but I think I might get a little

I don't care what 0DTE is, I would google it but I can't be fucked to deal with plebs like you

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Well he has two wives and you don't so...

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Whats the general consensus? Are we mooning next week or nah?

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Can a broker freeze my account or seize assets if they discover I evade taxes? I live in a random shithole and the broker is Australian

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I'm ready for Monday

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"coin toss"

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Post her feet

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Buffet works with Pershing with Bill Ackman, they literally engineered all of this and there has to be more to his sale. Pershing basically owns almost all the companies that have been allowed to stay open during the corona death plague, and Ackman pushed for the shutdown. Buffet always plays dumb but the man gets by, he's the best friend that fucks your wife and you don't find out until you hear the rumors int he nursing home.

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whenever I need money, I just scalp a few ticks of index futures. Don't let anyone tell you can't trade for a living

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IQ means jack, it's all about who you know and how socialable you are. Knew a fucking moron from my high school Math class who is now working in one of the top firms in my country just because he was well liked and he had the right connections.

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next week looks bad

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Where can I get qt drug addict angle waifu?

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>I don't care what 0DTE is, I would google it but I can't be fucked
Please stop giving financial advice in /smg/
Someone (dumb) is going to a read one of your posts and possibly follow your recommendations and lose money
Please lurk moar and learn about the markets before posting advice again

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Dont post this image anon it's sad

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if you hate the weekends so much do hardcore dissociates you'll wake up monday morning and never remember the past 2 ddays

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please stop acting like you are my boss unless you are going to pay me, and thanks for your buzzwords with 0 fucking explanation, that's some great financial advice

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yes fren

>> No.24758096

or nah

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I'm very new to investing in general and decided to buy Airbnb a day after the IPO; after my initial wave of excitement and deciding to educate myself somewhat I've come to realise that this was really retarded. I'm going to sell at a slight loss of Monday and reinvest in my new guaranteed money maker(tm) which will be renewable energy in the long term.
I guess the lesson is not to be a complete moron with some of these IPOs

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how the fuck could one stay in a LTR with such woman? my balls would be squeezed dry on an hourly basis and I would get fuck all done. I imagine she sucks the life force and soul out of you and moves on to the next one.

>> No.24758107

Do you think uranium is going to keep going up?

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What’s your play I am thinking of going In on blackberry

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-50% and my gun is better than yours.

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You are actively encouraging people to buy SQQQ in this post:
Within that same post, you ask “What are 0DTEs?”
You don’t know something super, super basic, indicating that your knowledge of the markets is piss poor.
You should not be giving financial advice, telling people to buy stocks (especially a leveraged bearish position) with such little knowledge.
>0 fucking explanation
It is not my job to explain options to you. Lurk moar and research things on your own. Stop posting financial advice until you are more knowledgeable, please.
Nothing wrong with asking questions - I only take issue with you telling people to buy SQQQ

>> No.24758172

>tactical flip flops

>> No.24758177

>babby's first pump n dump hype IPO
Congrats, anon. You're learning.

>> No.24758184

davey day trader is a better investor than Warren Buffett, let that sink in

>> No.24758197

>he can't air his feet out at camp after a long day of hiking

>> No.24758216

Toro and FedEx should be decent probably

>> No.24758220

Not him but
>plastic irons
>not aimpoint
>light placement retarded
>sling placement retarded
>shit tier can, is it form 1?
Overall 3/10

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What the FUCK does it want this time?

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So what genius renewable company do you want to loss more money on? Have you decided yet? Pro tip - Buy XOM and collect dividends. Then buy an ev when you’re rich. Don't virtue signal with your money until you can afford it. Pic related

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>Nothing wrong with asking questions -
As a general rule I don't take advice or give a shit about people that refuse to answer simple questions, especially on a forum like this. If you are going to toss out some shit then act like an asshole when I ask about it then why should I trust anything you talk about? What is your justificiation? I don't need to pass your fucking test, I don't know who you are, this is an anonymous forum, and I could have been shilling GME on here for the past two weeks and you wouldn't have said shit because you are an asshole. Maybe focuse on all the running scams going on here instead of somebody just fucking around with their choice for next week. Or maybe make yourself useful and tell me why my choice is shit.

>> No.24758261

I'm warning you anon you better let that sink in before you face dire consequences

>> No.24758266

Those are shower shoes

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Ohhhh shit BB earnings are this week coming. I just bought some last week. I wonder what I'm in for

>> No.24758325

losing money

>> No.24758363

I feel so stupid for buying the Abnb IPO. I should have known that wallstreet puked this up on retail after maxing out the price premarket!

>> No.24758365

>even Leddit openly accepts the Market Hyperbubble
Dotcom 2000 Pop is gonna happen again, what a time to be alive. All these cheapies!

>> No.24758369

Good question, I was thinking about wind power.
Wind goes whoosh, stocks go whoosh, you know? Everybody loves offshore wind, but I'm not completely disregarding your advice.

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>> No.24758379

>I could have been shilling GME on here for the past two weeks and you wouldn't have said shit
This is what you’re not understanding
This is exactly what I am trying to prevent
You have indicated that your knowledge of the markets is lacking - I am trying to discourage you from posting financial advice anonymously until you learn more
eg. posting “Buy GME!” over the past week (or any position)
In future threads, people will not know it is you posting. They won’t know that it’s a zoomer new to the markets advising them to take a new position - they’ll think it’s someone knowledgeable, who did their due diligence and isn’t just shilling a stock because they personally are in it
You are (very likely) going to lose people here money by giving uneducated financial advice
That is not a kind thing to do. That is being more of an asshole than I am being to you. I am just hurting your feelings - you are hurting their livelihood and ability to provide for themselves and their families

>> No.24758416

maybe you should stop, because you have no idea what you are talking about

>> No.24758425

0DTEs are 0 Day To Expiration i.e. same day options. You open you position at open and close at close. You can try a credit spread on a index if you're anticipating a crab/bear day.
Sell 3700 SPX call
Buy 3710 SPX call

As long as SPX closes below 3700, you go home with your premium (which will be chump change because of theta decay).

Like previous anon said, a 3x leveraged inverse ETF is not something you'd recommend to someone new to trading.

>> No.24758440

> All these cheapies
didnt the nasdaq need like 15 years to recover?

>> No.24758444

that guy is 100% right, i read the whole conversation
you shouldn't be telling people to buy SQQQ, or anything for that matter, if you don't even know what 0DTE options are
lurk moar

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Not waiting for double digits with BCRX

Anon, I am disappoint.
Japan news comes next week.

>> No.24758452

ah ok, thanks, learn something new every day

>> No.24758457

>You are (very likely) going to lose people here money by giving uneducated financial advice
who is retarded enough to buy tickers blindly without doing their own research

>> No.24758460
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>Monday morning open

>> No.24758479
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>that guy is 100% right,
thanks for your opinion, other guy on an anonymous forum.

here is better advice for anyone reading this than any of you have given, probably in your lives: don't trust the internet, especially when you are choosing stock to buy

and buy SQQQ for monday too! And wear your dosh darn mask!

>> No.24758481

Off shore wind is theoretically great until you try to build it. Then it becomes a bureaucratic and regulatory nightmare. Willing to sit on a stock for that chance it could profit ten years from now?

>> No.24758484

>who is retarded enough to buy tickers blindly without doing their own research
apparently, around half of /smg/

>> No.24758491

You might need to reread my post.

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Where's TSNP shill. I just want to chat.

>> No.24758523
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>who is retarded enough to buy tickers blindly without doing their own research

Do you know where you are?

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what are good stock/ETF buys for the long term in this bubble market?

>> No.24758560

Cool, an actual angry retard child in the the general. Remember, kids, this might be the guy hyping the next meme stock. Always do your own research and learn what 0DTE and other terms and strategies are, they will help you become better and a smarter trader/investor.

>> No.24758561

get in the ark lad

>> No.24758562

>bought Maxar at 27
>Sold at 30 for crabbing

>> No.24758578


>> No.24758586

I am going long on REITs. Buying homes is no longer the great investment it used to be. Nobody stays in one place long enough to make home buying really worth it anymore. Renting and paying high rents is almost a status symbol now. Long REITs (and oil)

>> No.24758588

Prettyu sure profits are going to be taken next week by the biggos

>> No.24758614

another guy that can't even talk about what I said I was buying for next week, then goes on about options trading


>> No.24758617


>> No.24758623

what a faggot

>> No.24758646

I think so, these are just the small amounts I'm investing on the side, I have a larger monthly amount going into a fully managed portfolio, which I trust to do better than my novice efforts.

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File: 20 KB, 540x583, 14606-11.1-18E-i1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>imagine never taking statistics in college and knowing about the coin toss probability

Options are a coin toss at best, faggit

>> No.24758659

What makes you think your dumb opinion is worth a response? Narcissism? Lurk more, drop the teenage attitude.

>> No.24758662


sadly as an Eurofag can't get any arkmommies. What's a good alternative?

>> No.24758677
File: 99 KB, 1254x300, new-smg-advertisement-banner.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

New banner advertisement for our board

>> No.24758681

i would have assumed the people who do that should be dead by now bagholding KTOV, SNSS, OPTI, or whatever

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well.....I never specifically asked you to respond but you just did it. So based off your response, I am worth responding to. Is this the logic you use when you give financial advice?

Anyway what kind of finance genius uses ad hominem fallacies to attack someone choice? Can any of you fuckers actually tell me why SQQQ is a bad idea? Anybody? All I've gotten are personal attacks I don't take any of you seriously so far. Why don't you come here and focus on the people that actually shill penny stocks and scam shit all day for weeks at a time instead of me?

>> No.24758726

check out TPI composites if you want a wind power company, they make the actual turbines for the big 5 wind power companies and have expanded to making car body for Workhorse

>> No.24758731
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trading S&P 500 stocks and shorting the underperforming companies in the basket, thoughts?

>> No.24758744

very dumb,
short term, might get lucky.

>> No.24758746

>Pic related
Gross, why are trannies so awkward?

>> No.24758759

>Volume in decline
>RSI in overbought for a while

Easy 15% correction

>> No.24758766

SQQQ is bad because it's leveraged short so you're exposed to decay within the ETF, so if you happen to be wrong on your bet you get more then double fucked. You cant hold an investment like that. Stupid.

>> No.24758770

I wish I was fucking 18 again. I'd have tossed money into the market (S&P 500 fund) and just laughed my ass off at the sick gains. God bless the virus and RYCEY for delivering to me a do over opportunity.

>> No.24758786

I problem I see you running into is even the underperformers will still get dragged up by the index
Anytime SPY / VOO etc goes up, it will force institutions to buy more of the underlying shares, forcing them to buy the 'losers'
Imo a lot better opportunities out there to short

>> No.24758793

I bought a shitton of sqqq calls on thursday.
Please tell me i'm not fucked just yet /biz/?

>> No.24758794

Certara is up 66% from its IPO, under $10b market cap, profitable biotech company, and literally no one here or anywhere else is talking about it
Is this the steal of the year?

>> No.24758800

Jesus Christ, /pmg/ is like /xsg/ without any of the charm. Bunch of assholes debating their /pol/ theories without any memes and no rationalisations beyond chanting "historical store of value" over and over. Why does anyone go there?

>> No.24758807

My tranny life expectancy puts are fucking printing boys.

>> No.24758812

Only point of company retirement savings are as follows:

1. Future disability declaration (59 1/2 status granted prematurely)

2. Insulation for bankruptcy (401k and Roth are exempt).

Unless you plan on doing either of these or worse, waiting until you're an old fuck, you're an idiot even with company matching and will have your money cut in half after taxes and penalties.

>> No.24758824
File: 70 KB, 446x435, 1588612629115.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Its the BCRX virgin. CLFChads dont have time to wait for the japs to make their stock go up.

>> No.24758834

no ppl just dgaf about ipo scams

>> No.24758838

show your short positions

yeah you don't have

>> No.24758844

The other way around. I see a massive rally incoming reaching 4000 on the S&P and crashing and burning when the Fed says it will increase the interest rates

>> No.24758857

if i'm wrong, then yeah, thanks for finally explaining btw

>> No.24758867
File: 271 KB, 1203x602, dp6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dark pool schizo here, posting again dark pool buys for VALE over the past month. Over 100 million worth bought in the last week alone.

>> No.24758876
File: 829 KB, 400x226, 1492115741_iroha12.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Got a ton of short puts though

>> No.24758880

i dont think it makes sense because if they're in the S&P500 in the first place, they're prob still profitable and at worst a value trap rather than losing valuation

>> No.24758884

Most of the people in /pmg/ have been there for a very long time, it's a very tight knit community - and since it's only several assets to discuss compared to near infinite on /smg/, everything has been discussed to death, for years, with consensuses reached / there is more of an 'official' thread consensus than ever would be in /smg/ - if you don't believe that gold/silver are the only true form of money, you wouldn't lurk /pmg/
When things have been discussed to death and new people come in asking questions, it's like when someone comes in to /smg/ saying that the market is going to crash and we need to pull out now - we roll our eyes at them too

>> No.24758894
File: 154 KB, 850x1180, Shigure.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What could be better on a cold winter's day than hot chocolate with marshmallows? Sipping my hot cocoa as I read manga makes me feeling all warm and cosy and snug inside.

>> No.24758895

We're not here to get rich, dumbass. We're basically betting on the ponies, where the ponies are stock tickers that we find amusing. That's it. If you have anything more than 10% of your portfolio in our "advice", you deserve what you get.

>> No.24758897
File: 1.71 MB, 8881x4992, 1607464338355.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You didn't buy puts on red day right anon? Right?

>> No.24758896
File: 22 KB, 750x750, oscillate.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Can any of you fuckers actually tell me why SQQQ is a bad idea? Anybody?
It's a 3x leveraged short of the Nasdaq. Unles the Nasdaq does EXACTLY what you want it to, you lose money, quite possibly a lot of money. That's why SQQQ is a bad idea

>> No.24758913

Not buying some jew's bags. FUCK IPOS

>> No.24758931

>We're not here to get rich
Uhh.. wrong?
I'm here to get rich. I'm here to get fuck you rich.
What an absolute shit attitude you have

>> No.24758938

AZN is buying ALXN. Deal to close in Q3 2021. Current standing is ALXN shares will convert at a rate of 2.1x to AZN shares plus a bonus (currently $60). What will this do to share prices on Monday? Will they open high, moon, or doomp? Is this THE long pharma hold? Discuss

>> No.24758943
File: 724 KB, 823x950, WilUihzAndkMznD5ecULSqlRtkkfZqaZtqLwVtpiJT9cDFyET_WnWEwbPM36AEAveKG9mpO2SzDGpEv1VNcuw.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Taking a shower
>Snuggling into fresh bedsheets
>Playing Sleep Playlist on Spotify
>Closing eyes
Very nice.
I drink tea for the lack of calories though.

Selling and then revenge shorting the bottom is what most people do, Anon...

>> No.24758947

Wait, I'v been posting about surefire biotech companies for nothing?

>> No.24758954

>implying Magpul flip ups aren't good
>buying aimpoint in 2020
>not using his sling to steady his shots
Also that sling placement is comfy bro try it
>light placement
Yeah it's not my favorite either I'm going to move it
>form 1
There's literally nothing wrong with Quietbore

>> No.24758955

Just put all your money in SQQQ for a week or five, let us know how it goes......

>> No.24758959

>We're not here to get rich
pls leave

>> No.24758964

>We're not here to get rich, dumbass.
I am. I'm reading the daily /SMG/ pump and dump saga for entertainment though.

>> No.24758968

nigger the stock market wont make you rich. You have to invent something or start a buisness

>> No.24758969

>light wood fire
>warm spiced cider, mix with Laird's applejack
>watch custom built go-kart videos on youtube while watching green line go up and cleaning rifle
Nothing better.

>> No.24758981

Who here is hype for OPTI come Dec 31st??
>Tldr closed a $5,000,000 funding deal with RB Capital Partners, Inc
>The investment money provided by RB Capital is completely non-toxic, non-dilutive and is in the best interest of the Company and the shareholders as the it has a fixed conversion price of $0.70 per share.
Hope you stocks up on OPTI while it's still under .05

>> No.24758980

Oh god I did bitcoin looked like it was gonna just drop out the fucking bottom and I wanted to scalp some of that sweet crush.

>> No.24758994
File: 292 KB, 1080x779, disgusted by you wage cucks(1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>We're not here to get rich

>> No.24758999
File: 24 KB, 474x305, 040727_kerry_hmed_4p.grid-6x2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah I basically made what I wanted to make during the virus stuff so now I'm just doing this for Monday and then I am going to pull back for safety. that's what this is, I might lose on it and that's fine.

It's not the first time I've bought it, but if this works I'm going to sell my plasma for a few weeks and then go long on it, what do you think?

>> No.24759002

help. I'm still pissed I had $20K unrealized gains on GME which dumped to $10K unrealized gains when I trimmed because i was too greedy and didnt trim at $19
i really thought GME was going to turn a slight profit in Q3 because of tax benefits and everyone else in b&m achieving positive EPS, fucking Sherman

gains are gains but losing unrealized gains is also losing money and i still can't get over it

>> No.24759009

Brainlet take.

>> No.24759012
File: 334 KB, 849x546, 1606246949193.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24759015

Did I fuck up by buying VIXY yesterday?

>> No.24759017

wait does .1 mean you'll have a fractional share forced on you?

>> No.24759019

>t. has never had a 10 bagger

>> No.24759023

>not on RH
Fuck me in the ass I need a real brokerage. Who will let me play with my $300 account without raping me on minimums and commissions?

>> No.24759027

having sex with a woman

>> No.24759032

>Stockmarket won't make you rich
Get a job nigger. If you'd graduated as an engineer in '08 and invested that income you would have had made a pretty buck

>> No.24759046
File: 1.17 MB, 1000x707, SMILE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have 17000 shares at $0.05 and just watching the volume increase daily.

Soon, frens. Soon

>> No.24759049

Why is this so specific and yet so vague?

>> No.24759052

Nigger you should be selling your plasma on a constant basis regardless. I cant even articulate how much money those jews have given me in exchange for my precious bodily fluids over the last seven years. If you get the coof and recover from it most of these places are doing hundreds of dollars PER DONATION.

>> No.24759058
File: 2.10 MB, 360x360, 58C1F06A-F81E-4008-9560-B35C46FA4A19.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24759061

One of my fav hentai artist has basically turned into a damn tame ass manga artist instead. Nothing new from him for a long ass time so I looked into it. Been working on some tame ass long manga series instead. Maybe its a mid life thing? Dude's 49/50 so I dunno.. Anyway figured with that happening and with all my fav porn stars all retired now it was time to put the cap on my porn and doujin hoarding career. Thanks to zfs and backups I can enjoy it all for many decades to come.

>> No.24759062

this has got to be b8

>> No.24759075

The problem with selling plasma is it has an effect on how much sperm I can donate, and vice versa. I chose sperm at the end of the day because it's more fun. Right now that is cutting it but if I make good on this I'm taking your advice and putting all that energy into a crash.

>> No.24759085
File: 28 KB, 500x490, 1567971397625.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I told you all to buy XXII

>> No.24759088 [DELETED] 
File: 1.12 MB, 1579x1606, 1523822707510.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Winter cuddling is so comfy. The only time where having a gf would be nice.

You order a pizza, sleep, cuddle and just watch the snow outside.

>> No.24759091
File: 8 KB, 194x259, 1600028774965.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>you should be selling your plasma on a constant basis

>> No.24759100

Its better than $14.
4 digits soon m80

>> No.24759108

Is selling your bodily fluids actually a decent side hustle for some extra pockrt change? lmfao gotta be in tip top shape im guessing, no drugs or alcohol

>> No.24759114

found your mistake

>> No.24759116

Turn down thousands of dollars in free money then, lmao
Im gonna keep buying stocks and guns with mine

>> No.24759120

/smg/ in one post

>> No.24759129

I wouldn't be selling plasma man, usually people with crippling debt end up doing that. You get bruises on your arm and stay unhealthy for a few days.

>> No.24759134

>doubting gold as the ultimate store of value

>> No.24759143

A. It's after the crash and 12 years ago.
B. Engineer is a generic profession with a middling income.

All you had to do to "make it" as someone born in early 90s/late 80s was to invest and have a "okay" job

>> No.24759145

well that's very depressing but to answer your question, no. RH is the best place for you till you have more money

>> No.24759146

They used to pay you for sperm.

>> No.24759154

Cope and non argument.

>> No.24759165

I mean you can still drink and smoke pot. Twice a week, hour and a half each time, easily $400+ per month. Especially with the bonuses to keep people coming in through the rona shit.

>> No.24759166

Women disgust me.

>> No.24759167

Still do, just not guys like you. If you are Dolph Lundgren then yeah, you get paid.

>> No.24759168

Where can I sell my shit?

>> No.24759175

well wb sperm, or blood? seems better than gambling on shitcoins or sports betting on weekends.

>> No.24759190

If you have one share you'll get 2.1 AstraZenica shares and some cash.

>> No.24759192
File: 37 KB, 975x600, f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

In my shithole EU country, I hear rumors they will deploy army and police the streets when new year hits. And during martial law they can enter private properties uninvited and use force whenever. How do things look over your countries? Will that make stocks go up?

>> No.24759197
File: 1.09 MB, 1292x1700, 3d81121b2843e351b1a2efdd00f96a59.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Same desu
Is this normal? When they wiggle their fat asses all I feel is contempt and disgust.

>> No.24759202

>This is exactly what I am trying to prevent
the irony is that you're one of the biggest retards here. i know this because your style of posting stands out and screams low functioning autist

>> No.24759214

in freedomland martial law is an act of war and private property will be defended

>> No.24759216

based and wholesome

>> No.24759228

I've been doing it for seven years, arm doesn't bruise at all if the phlebotomist isn't a fuckwit (they're better than hospital phlebotomists because they stick a hundred times as many arms and typically don't fuck up at all, but my veins are fucking massive) and I dont feel any different the next day. If you're concerned just eat an egg. Its that simple.

>> No.24759238

actually not sure about blood, but it's crazy how people give their blood for free

>> No.24759243

that's pretty normal for an anime posting incel autismo desu

>> No.24759248

Is PFE gonna pump on Monday or is the face melting thing a big deal?

>> No.24759254

Nice joke.

>> No.24759257

A Roth IRA is excellent and you can enjoy tax free growth/tax free withdrawal. Why would you not take advantage of that? Unless you plan on dying before 59.5, you’re a goddamn idiot.

>> No.24759260

Etrade isn't bad to start on. No commission except on otc and options. More technical than RH so you can learn more as you go. Need $1000 acct to get out of the 15min delay on feed though.

>> No.24759264

that wasn't the case during katrina, and that was the deep south too

>> No.24759272

They never declared martial law during Katrina.

>> No.24759273

nice excel sheet,
how long did it take you to type all that?

>> No.24759278

That's a squat thot. Their entire motivation is to get a fat ass so niggers love them and also turbo simps
See: >>24759243

>> No.24759283
File: 26 KB, 668x376, Comfy1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How are you enjoying your weekend, /smg/?
I just got done doing a bit of charity work and now will play some Binding of Isaac for comfy.

>> No.24759296
File: 534 KB, 1136x640, 1597866491064.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>you WILL sell the plasma
>you WILL live in a pod
>you WILL eat the bugs
>you will own NOTHING

>> No.24759301

Late to the party

>> No.24759308

That's so comfy, anon. 10/10 experience. If you have a heated blanket, it can reach magical levels of comfy.

>> No.24759309

You're thinking of Louisiana with all the negros. Elsewhere FEMA was taking rounds like it was Kandahar. Media just kept quiet about it.

>> No.24759315

Shit. Still ain't got my new credit card in yet. Was shipped the 24th. They say 14 bis days later or before then you'll get it. So the 14 day mark is monday. Fucking hell if its not in my mailbox monday I'm gonna call them up and complain. Fucking hell It's not like I live out in the middle of bumfuck nowhere.

>> No.24759321

>He thinks march was the generational bottom
Buffet will buy the real bottom while the retail retards lose their shirts.

>> No.24759323

cool you should keep shitting /smg/ up with off topic bullshit about it

>> No.24759330

Why does this dumbass have a problem with selling plasma
What is the theory here

>> No.24759332
File: 170 KB, 808x330, Thats_my_fetish.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So its a beta males and nigger thing. Interesting
>How are you enjoying your weekend, /smg/?
I don't because lockdown. Soon they will declare the Canarian Islands a danger zone though and you can go there for cheap.

>> No.24759336

There is nothing wrong with liking big fat asses

>> No.24759341

i dont have a problem with it but you're probably better off asking about selling plasma on /r/povertyfinance or something dude this is stock market general

>> No.24759348
File: 129 KB, 770x760, 1607732026446.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

am i going to get fucked for all-in'ing GHIV on Friday? i have no idea why the fuck i did that

>> No.24759360

how'd the made up dark pool data work out for GME?

>> No.24759371
File: 9 KB, 200x199, Bateman1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>one off
so close. But that's a shame, I hope you find something that brings you joy during all the down time. My wife does hobby work and I do charity and video games to relax and have fun.

>> No.24759384

15 years to buy cheapies

>> No.24759399

>SPAC under 12
i think youll be alright.

>> No.24759406

I typically don't talk about crypto in smg cause everyone hates and rightly so, but bitcoin is going much, much higher. So much higher that 20k will seem cheap in a couple years. RIOT and MARA are a leveraged play on btc. It takes hundreds of billions to double your money on btc but only hundreds of millions for either RIOT or MARA. a 2023 $15c on RIOT has a delta of fucking 80. A CALL THAT IS FUCKING 50% OTM HAS A DELTA OF 80. That should fucking tell you something. Buying puts on riot is stupid unless you wanted to get rid of your shares at that strike.

>> No.24759420

What the fuck does dark pool faggot mean?

>> No.24759425

I woke up hung over and threw up. Brushed my teeth and now I'm just debating killing myself.

>> No.24759440

Just drink again

>> No.24759441

Drink some V8 and smoke some weed.

>> No.24759479
File: 100 KB, 898x766, based_af.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Based. I'm gonna do this too so I can get better margins on ETF

Good point. /smg/ has a mixed track record of financial advice. I mean just look at how many people held onto GME through earnings.

>> No.24759480

woke up with a mild hangover, had some eggs and toast and moka pot coffee.

>> No.24759491

That's a shame. Try drinking more water next time to reduce symptoms of hangover. It's saved my bacon on the few occasions I've gotten trashed.

>> No.24759507
File: 126 KB, 800x600, 87ygz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think we are in mania phase, I'm seeing a lot of niggas pricing stocks based on what news company pumps up.
>"New product/contract X, shareprice must grow" while revenue has been in decline

>> No.24759513

Sounds like a mostly comfy morning, hope the hangover clears up soon.

>> No.24759521

they are hyping ipos even though ever ipo opening is fucked

>> No.24759539
File: 30 KB, 960x257, CLFshorttermtrend.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here is some pretty interesting TA i just did on CLF. For the past 8 days the average price where most of the volume is traded(the red line) at is the same for two days, then jumps up and continues for the next two days and so on. could possibly use this trend to trade weekly options if you had the balls.

>> No.24759542

i really hope the rest of the clown market doesn't bring down my safe boomer picks like TSM

>> No.24759544

Going to pick up some vape carts today. After that I'm picking up like $20 in taco bell and getting high all day.

>> No.24759548
File: 179 KB, 421x370, Quock - likke li.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I got fucked today, biz... and not in a good way...

>> No.24759549

Top is the 21st retards. Trust in the /x/ think tank. Astrology matters to people with enough money to see everything but the future.

>> No.24759550

This is why I’m bullish on Roblox

Nobody except /smg/ is talking about it

>> No.24759552
File: 364 KB, 1280x720, 1577310242523.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I definitely wanna buy BTC, as well as monero, but I've heard that BTC usually dips on X-mas through new year, which the charts seem to corroborate.

Furthermore, BTC sometimes (but not always) dips when the stock market crashes, which it might do.

I dunno, what does everyone think? I think BTC has long-term potential but don't wanna waste a year waiting for it to go back up when I could buy the dip. I definitely need to diversify from just stocks as far as liquid assets go.

>> No.24759556

Despite how well they can pull off the larp visually they still don’t know how to act like a women and appear awkward.

>> No.24759570

I used to use the vape carts but I switched back to flower. Shit makes me coof.

>> No.24759573

Depends on how long your long-term money lasts

>> No.24759580


Its gonna keep going up


>> No.24759587

She's got an awkward vagina but otherwise cute

>> No.24759595

>Top is the 21st

I hope so, I’m planning on taking profits and deleveraging this week

>> No.24759596

there is no point in being rich when you're old

>> No.24759597

come on now, even my normalfag co-worker is talking about roblox

>> No.24759613

Get a rental property instead

>> No.24759625

Quality is everything with vape carts. Have to by the top brands. Can't buy cheap shit

>> No.24759627

If he’s talking about buying into an IPO for a cash shop kids video game, I doubt he’s a normal fag

>> No.24759637

>not a trading day
I can't help but think of you being the victim of a lot of accidental sex you didn't want. Not sure who that band is, btw.

>> No.24759655

I actually am already renting rooms in my home, and I'm gonna buy 50k worth of gold. But I wanna go into crypto to get a 4-pronged strategy.

>> No.24759664

That sounds like work to me.

>> No.24759673

>Try drinking more water next time to reduce symptoms of hangover
It really is that easy. You can drink a bottle of tequila, but right before bed chug 2 big glasses of water, and be completely fine the next day

It's fairly hyped up / known already - look at the google trends search for "Roblox Stock"
There's no way that it lists at $4-5 as was originally expected after seeing the IPO shitshow the last two weeks - going to open at $8+ I would bet

>> No.24759677

At some point in the game you realize you aren’t gonna make it and punt the ball by trying to set it up so your kids can make it. It’s all you can do, can’t turn back time.

That being said, if GE hits $11.75 this week my boy is getting a sick go kart

>> No.24759679

and I have 20k tesla shares

>> No.24759680

I'm glad I bought back in after dumping after the first pump. Biopharma has fucked me so hard in the past I got antsy. Definitely anxious to see if it can get to $10.

>> No.24759682

better think again about what might actually crash this year around christmas. seems you got the right idea about diversifying into crypto at least. i wouldn't wait much longer if i were you.

>> No.24759687


success is genetic

>socially inept
>mentally ill
>low iq

if you are one of these you are screwed

i am too socially inept to work. i am trying to find a way to make a passive income

if i could make 30 dollars a day i would gladly leave my mother's house and go live in the woods in a fucking tent

i would buy a solar panel so i can power my laptop and nut all day

>> No.24759691


No :)

>> No.24759720

he holds tesla and nio

>> No.24759723
File: 367 KB, 1786x2406, 2gz8n593in541.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Frens, I do NOT respect women.

>> No.24759732

At least you aren't a complete brainlet. You know damn well if you got a trip everyone in these threads would filter you immediately.

>> No.24759733

>set it up so your kids can make it
>"lol yea my dad was a cis-white male capitalist nazipig but at least he made me enough money so doctors can cut off my dick so I can become a real girl"

my kids arent getting shit,
not with how things are now

>> No.24759736


>> No.24759737
File: 42 KB, 275x292, Go You.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

sex is unironically way too much effort unless it's already planned. The foreplay and cuddling is always the best part.
IQ isn't everything. Just look up the contentions people have with it and where it's never a complete understanding of intelligence. It has rightful critiques.
The majority of success is a willingness to work when it's needed and the desire to push for something better until you're content.
That, and don't fall for major traps like debt if you can.
You got this, anon.

>> No.24759765

I just use a free app on an old smart phone to track stocks in real time to get around the etrade time delay.

>> No.24759771

that's because you're a homosexual in denial

>> No.24759776

Bread anon, what is your wisdom?

>> No.24759780

give us this day our daily bread @___@


give us this day our daily bread O______o


give us this day our daily bread U____U


>> No.24759785 [DELETED] 
File: 380 KB, 850x1202, sample_283bed3be0fd3a947082ce8d215a6000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Never respect women. Especially not Miko.

>> No.24759810

And why do we care about your cuck credit card?

>> No.24759861

I will masturbate to some Miko lewds.
You should fucking kill yourself you disgusting homo.

>> No.24759884

>RIOT and MARA are a leveraged play on btc
Oh no sounds like SILJshill

>> No.24759905

Actually there is. Obesity should not be encouraged or fetishized. It shows you have that same tastes as poor people and being poor is what we are trying to avoid here. It’s like loving a mobile home or Kraft dinner. Raise your standards anon

>> No.24760033

You’re just dehydrated. Get a litter of soda water and drink it, buy XOM, enjoy life and dividends.

>> No.24760077

Rinsing ur mouth is more important than brushing ur teeth dawg, always rinse after vomiting

Also recommended after eating candy and drinking sugary stuff but nobody bothers w/ that

>> No.24760083

Your goal should be that your grandchildren will be rich not you.

>> No.24760165

>He hasn't went all in on CRSR, EDIT, TWST, BEAM, LGVW


>> No.24760298


Nice try sneaking in LGVW in there.

>> No.24760481

Should I put 3k into ARKG?

Can't touch anything w/ Tesla atm cuz that shits suss

>> No.24760538

Jokes on you miss Cathie bought 800k shares of LGVW, you can check her holdings yourself


>> No.24761103

classic /smg/ dismissing buying opportunities as scams and FOMO'ing after it doubles