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I am going to make it by 2024 or I am going to commit suicide. Simple as. I recognise that one must endure a period of suffering to reap the reward of 'making it', but I have already done a substantial amount of time as far as im concerned. I am already 21 and have barely lived a life. Is this my fault? I have to take responsibility. But whats the alternative, chase women endlessly, play video games, watch sports and movies and blow my paycheque the second i get it? fuck that shit. not for me lads.

I will be 25 years old by the start of 2024. Until then, i will continue to work, and invest over 50% of my net income in the best small cap opportunities I can.

What do i define as 'making it'? Honestly, $250k equivalent in todays purchasing power will be enough to get a rural homestead in europe and enough capital to flip another property which i will rinse and repeat as a source of income. I enjoy this work and will be self employed, although most of it will still be outsourced to cheap labor.

I might make it before then, who knows. Currently have $3k a month to invest.

I either make it, or I dont, and i end it all and the suffering ends. I cannot lose.

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"3k a month to invest" 36k a year 108k total. So you have four years to double your money. You can do it anon I believe in you. But get some friends mate that's all you need

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Shut the fuck up holy shit nobody cares faggot

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I believe fiat currencies are going to lose purchasing power substantially over the next four years. Maybe not hyperinflation, but certainly significant. the writing is on the wall. I will need to beat the market dramatically.

thanks for the bump

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How do u plan on beating the market

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Miserable faggot
I am 27 and have 50k € to my name
I will easily 5x that in the next few years.
Just buy PNK

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I was 26 and I had $3K to my name, a job I hate and next to no prospects in life. Now, I still have the job I hate, but am trying to start up a company and have close to half a milly in crypto.

At your age, TWENTY FUCKING 2 (22) I was working at a lab for free and I was too picky and ended up not transitioning into a full time job and ended up going home where I was busy doing basic jobs from substitute teaching to flipping burgers.

STFU about "I need to make it or I'm ending it!". Life doesn't turn out how you want to turn out. Focus on making something of your life. This can take months, years, even decades, but threatening suicide if you can make yourself happy in 3 years is just loser speak. Stop being a loser. Develop some patience and think like a winner.

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Oh no anon. I'll send you money so you can make it.. lulz

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