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Brace up we're breaking $20K BTC.

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There is literally nothing even close to a cup and handle there. Normally i can even see what someone is trying to sell as it even if they're wrong but here i have no fucking clue, have you mixed up your patterns?

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Lol wtf are you looking at anon?

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More like cup and pan handle holy shit lmao.

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where the fuck is the cup OR handle in that?

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How many times do I have to tell you smooth brains that cup and handles are longer term patterns. They form over a minimum of 6+ weeks. Plus this doesn’t even remotely resemble a a cup and handle

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$KILL is live on Uniswap. It just hit 100% in 4 hours. Gonna hit 200% by tomorrow..


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It's a cup with a neverending handle for (c)ripples