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pic related

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jesus CDPR really fell far didn't they?

W1 2 and 3 were all great games in their own regards

they should have stuck to what they did well

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kys gaymer

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>playing (((video games)))

you won't profit loser

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does this game suck on purpose?

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They literally had a mass exodus and firing of their W3 devs, wherein they played the usual Silicon Valley game and hired a bunch of pajeets and libs.

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crypto is kinda like the shitty, "spreadsheets" part of EVE online, except it pays money

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This just makes me sad bros. I just wanted to play a cool cyberpunk futuristic game. It's fucking depressing where games and our general culture are going.

I remember as a kid playing Jak and Daxter and Ratchet and Clank. They were made by Naughty Dog. Now Naughty dog makes games about lesbian children and has tranny sex scenes.

Wtf did I do. Where the fuck am I. This is NOT the future I was expecting as a child.

The Jew has no end to his appetite for depravity.

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did you think eating the bugs was a joke?

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I have had more than fucking enough at this point. If they make the vaccine mandatory that is the moment I completely drop out of society.

I'm not eating bugs.
I'm not accepting trannys.
The cities are fucking overrun by feral blacks.
Videos games are pushing tranny sex on kids.
They are crashing the economy and forcing fucking masks on people fuck fuck fuck this shit fuck

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Ratchet and Clank was from Insomnia, though I'm not sure if they've gone woke or not

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Get out of your little fairytale world, it's literally cold war 2.0 out there. Stop being a fucking faggot.

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only one way to escape the simulation anon

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Patience anon. Keep stacking paper and keep your mind healthy. There will be opportunities to use your mind and money to break free from this bullshit

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Holy shit are the graphics really that bad?

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Whatever, I think they used the same engine or something. I'm still not eating bugs. You can't fucking make me.

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>cool cyberpunk futuristic game
Cyberpunk is supposed to be set in a dystopian future retard, it's perfectly fitting for it to be pozzed and depressing.

>I remember as a kid playing Jak and Daxter and Ratchet and Clank
>This is NOT the future I was expecting as a child.
You're not a child anymore, maybe it's time to stop gayming.

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Maybe. Except I'm mostly stacking crypto, so we'll see if Ira does the ultimate rugpull on me.

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I don't see many images that shock me these days but wtf is going on here?

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You fool, it will only make you respawn. Nirvana is the only exit

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Oh trust me I know. I just have to unload my autistic feels somewhere and this is the best place to do it.

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He's making dinner.

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i would like to know where these devs went and what they are working on now? hopefully some basedgames

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>ratchet and clank
Fugg I might play that game again.

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I always thought transhumanism meant becoming a cyborg not hooking up with fembois. I want off this ride bros.

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good thing we have an administration that wants more pajeets.

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Sorry anon.
>"I want off this ride" now means
"Faster. I don't want off.

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>G-g-guys how to profit of this?
Profit off selling and releasing a broken game?

1) Build hype
2) Sell preorders
3) Deliver broken game
4) Keep all the money

Simple. Hype and preorders. "No Refunds."

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The game is fucking shit. Can't even run at 60fps on low settings 1080p on a GTX 1080. It's full of bugs. I even had to change my Windows audio settings to keep the audio from crackling non stop.

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TW1 was greak but janky, 2 was mediocre but palatable, 3 was an ubisoft piece of shit.

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I feel you, that's what this place is for

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Stfu faggot you sound young as shit and still have options anyways. Most don’t have any other way out since you have so many options use them and see what caters to you you won’t like any of them since you’re a nihilistic kid and have no reasoning behind anything you do, but you’re so retarded to think you’re alone in some inescapable matrix.

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That dude is uncut

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That's a really cool feature. Tell me other games where you can walk around with dick or tits hanging out.

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profit off of what retard

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>there are a lot of genders in my dystopian futuristic games

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as he should be

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you can transcend this form in another way, tech is not the way

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How the fuck did they even find pajeets and libs in Poland?

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W1 was great
W2 and W3 were console garbage
change my mind

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