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How does /biz/ store her hardware wallet seed? Is it silverfish proof?

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Split 2-of-3 and stamped into stainless steel.

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i dip my paper wallets in paraffin silverfish don't like it

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wtf happened to that money?

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i mean to be precise molten paraffin wax
makes paper feel plastic when dried waterproof and insect proof except for those shits that eat plastic bags

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Cobo sell a inexpensive stainless steel solution

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>wtf happened to that money?

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You can just buy business card sized pieces of stainless steel and letter stamps. No need to overspend and stand out as a target by getting a crypto specific thing.

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Got some in my tea. Faggots turned the bags into swiss cheese, i didnt notice and picked one up. Tea everywhere.

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With such btc pumping more people try to find safe platforms and alts
Recently came across DuckDAO, did you try to play there? Seems like it is the first crypto incubator with a well-build tokenomic.

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as op said, silverfish probably. they eat paper

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No it was definitely a pack of wild niggers.

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How do you guys stamp your seed phrases? I tried using a hammer and the Ti plate+ 2.5mm stamps and it came out kinda fucked up

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Get a plastic stamp jig to hold the stamps steady and perpendicular.

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I think mine turned out pretty nice

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delete that wtf you're showing it to everyone

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the A in waste is upside-down, and it looks like shit

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That's a lot of effort for a troll but I'm too lazy to try to rob him. I'll just hope he's not actually got like 20BTC or something.

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Fucking empty. Fuck you

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And your thumb is literally retarded

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Imagine not just remembering in.

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>trusting flesh and blood

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Romanian moneeys - Vlad Tepes.
What happened to Vlads money was it stored in the basement with rats ?

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is there any difference security wise if i stamp my private key on stainless steel not seed phrase??

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you can bet your ass some pajeet already typed it in before you even thought about it. of course it's a troll.

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not really

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I don't understand how these work and how do I make one and how do I get crypto off of it

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lol this fucking faggots still try to get a piece of cake with btc and eth what a fucking dump asses
just trade all your shitty alts and buy cvr now while presale is ongoing on

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Then you don't understand Bitcoin

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I did wind up going into electrum and trying to enter it but it didn't work. I guess I should have tried on my trezor but again too lazy.

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I keep mine on a trusted exchange because I’m not an autistic neckbeard

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could be some words are not even in the standard 2048 can't be assed to check.

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Memorized. I repeat it everyday

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How do you protect against Alzheimer?

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How do you put that words on it?

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I have it written in a notebook that's somewhere in my closet

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imagine being this immature. have sex, kiddo.

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You are not and will never be a woman.

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I have an encrypted text file with all my private keys copied over to 6 separate hard drives (and one flash drive), as well as have a notebook stored away in a safe with them written on it, and I have a 10x10 inch piece of plywood with my “big” wallet private keys written on it permanent black sharpie, also locked in a safe.

If working with RAID infrastructure has taught me anything, its that you can never ever have enough backups.

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Checked and did you airgap your computer when you copied your private keys?

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That nigger got niggered

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I've got encrypted seed phrases stored on paper and an passport encrypted passphrase stored multiple places online.

To get the actual seed phrases you need: The paper + encrypted passphrase file + password

I feel quite safe as there it is almost impossible for anyone to get hold of two of the pieces.

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>passport encrypted
kek, I meant password encrypted

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i just use bip38 paper wallets stored in multiple copies at multiple locations also online and on a few pendrives
unless you know the passphrase it's just fancy paper

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what the fuck are you doing here?

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I print them on the back of my cotton picking slaves sorted by height

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The real question is: How do I invest in Silverfishes?
They are near immortal, can survive years without food in an inactive state, produce a million of offspring per minutes, and it's literally impossible to get rid of them. In the end, you can do whatever you want, they always win.
How to monetize that?

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Dam the hustle is real

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Stop biting your nails faggot

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Create a green paper disposal company, and then sell the fat ones to whatever company makes insect burgers

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They slashed it. It’s Venezuelan bolívares though there’s probably only about .24 USD in that picture

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you can’t destroy it quickly if you need to

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Makes no difference private key vs seed words. Lrn2read.

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>Lot of effort for a troll
Even if he hadn't just grabbed the image from google, that's just a test pass with a dummy key, so it'd exist regardless of if it were ever posted.

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