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>bank women calls
>you transferred some money abroad
>to "cOiNBAse" what is that?
>a place where you can buy cryptocurrency
>okay, thats all we wated to know

They gonna report me to the Finanzamt don't they

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Reporting for what? For buying crypto?
>you transferred some money abroad
>to where anon?
None of your damn business.
I made the transfer, it's okay lady.

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They already reported you.
But if you're poor, don't worry about it.

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Man you are such a pussy. They don't report you. They have to ask because coinbase has a bank account outside of Deutschland. You have transfered money to a foreign bank account. It does not matter if it is an European account. A sum above 12.5k euros triggers the alarm bells and your obligation is here to report this transfer to the Deutsche Bundesbank. A sum close to 12.5k and the bank just double checks the transfer especially to a bank account in East Europe. It is for your own protection and because of stupid AML rules and German liability laws.

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they are reporting you because you are a tranny anime faggot poster

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Is 12.5k even a lot of money? Maybe 30k, but 12.5k? Jesus.

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>Its for your own protection

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It is you fucking cunt. If it was an unauthorized transaction then they are able to revert the whole process but you tinfoil heads don't get that. You are probably not an European anyway but let me enlighten you. East Europe has a bad reputation especially when it comes to financial transfers.

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It’s fucking 10000USD in the U.S.
Poverty enforced by gunpoint

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We need to probe your asshole for your safety sir, oh and we also need to give you several untested vaccines while we do so sir. Stop resisting, slave.

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retard, ngmi

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>Its for your own protection
>finances communists to spout anti white/christian rethoric
>finances race mixing propaganda
>gives away your wealth, countries and wives to Africans.
>white or black, we're all cons00mers. Let's unite goys.
>gives you a 100k loan to study a marxist education which will get you nowhere in life
>no loan for starting your own business

Anon, you don't really believe that do you? It's about control, they don't care about you lmao. This jewish banking system has nothing to do with being an European.

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schizo alert

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Crawl back to /pol/ and suck the dick of your conspiracy leader you fucking esoteric cunt

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Synagogue of Satan jew alert

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If only you knew how bad banking really was

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You say this stupid shit until Pajeet, Chang, or Kwame hacks your shit and wires themselves all your neetbux. Then you'd be on here having a meltdown about how your bank refused to believe that it wasn't you making those transactions.

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Yeah they call me 2-3 times each month to verify these transactions.

>Yes, these are my transactions. I appreciate all the work you do to prevent fraudulent card use.

These bankers gotta have something to do. They are going to be out of work someday when AI takes over everything and people self custody crypto.

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coinbase is a US company but they process their money in the UK. so you are forced to pay a overseas fee.

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Every cash transaction above 5000€ is reported to tax office and every transaction over 10000€ too.

If you go to a bank and deposit 5000€ you have to declare the source of that money. If you had no job in recent time you get audited.

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You'll be fine anon, trust me, I'm a banker

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It's over. Hope you are prepared to flee the country.

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got a call yesterday too, they told me coinbase's account got flagged or something

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It is not 10k it is 12.5k and you will have to report it yourself, usually before you do the transaction, and you can simply report it via email to the German central bank (if you don't do a commercial transaction) transfer from a German account to another German account do not have these limitations. But big brother is watching you and the watch dog is in this case the German bank itself. If they think a certain transaction is illegal then they have to report this otherwise the bank will be held responsible. The report goes straight to the next prosecutor. Then they will tap your phone, email etc. if the current investigation suggests that there is something shady going on. If nothing looks suspicious then you will suddenly get a letter from the prosecutor where he tells you that there was an investigation about you but nothing else will happen and the case is already closed but what they don't tell you is that he will forward a note to your local tax authoritiy and they do another investigation where they ask for all sources of fundings. You will receive a nice letter in this case as well where they inform you that you probably did something illegal and that you are fucked if they find something. Well this whole shit show is now also applied on German social media cases. Because the same way do they apply to hate speech on Facebook. If Facebook does not remove and report hate speech then they are held responsible for it. And there is no clear definition of hate speech and this German logic leads to German censorship.

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Are Germans even allowed to have money? Thought you guys has to send all your money in the form of nuclear submarines to Israel as reparations?