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>Loaded up Fortune 50 logos on smartcontract.com
>3 years later, no legitimate enterprise adoption
>Spent all of the $32 million on fancy office space in poop city
>Salesforce talking about a messenger application being integrated, no mention of muh smart contracts
>Gonser has completely disappeared from shilling Chainlink
>Juels has made tens of millions selling white papers to Chainlink
>No DocuSign integration, CEO calls smart contracts and oracles too expensive
>No Visa or Mastercard interest, would rather spend billions on Plaid for real API usage
>Alfonso Ribeiro stops shilling LINK when exposed as a paid off hype man
>His Oracle startups completely flamed out
>Microsoft Azure focusing on competing with AWS, no mention of oracle usage
>Baseline has become a punch line
>DeFi is a huge pajeet ponzi scheme

Zero. Enterprise. Adoption.

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Does the WEF and World Bank Group count?

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blogpost somewhere else faggot

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why do you post ab LINK if it is useless? just leave it alone and let people lose their money if that's what you think is going to happen. Why take your time to post to people that obviously arent going to change their minds with a shitty repost like yours? No body cares if you dont think it useful, leave biz retard

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>World Economic Forum... does not run contracts or a business

I can't stop laughing, some made up roundtable likes something that was probably a paid fluff piece? WEF has no bearing on enterprise adoption, next.

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>punit shukla
>amey rajput
Oh fuck...it was a jeet coin all along

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Why do you post replies if you believe in it? You obviously don't, and neither does corporate america

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and yes, who is Amey Rajput and Punit Singh? Some street shitter nobodies. Let me know when FAANG writes a shill paper with Sergey

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It was literally authored by some “head of content” at the WEF

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must be fucking rough being a LINK fudder after the WEF news. absolutely heartbreaking.

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Head of content. 99% of biz had no idea the WEF existed before chainlink. What a joke, since when did any big idea get birthed at WEF?

I know, just look at that price shooti-- oops

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Ah I was wondering why it was suddenly dumping again. I guess if this is all its done in the entire time its been active, I'd dump all my link too

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Nice strawman. So are you going to answer his question?

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Nice dodge. So are you going to comment on the lack of enterprise interest, or are you going to shill and ignore like Sergey does?

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a lot of people will think you’re just a fudding linkmarine and maybe you are, but you’re absolutely right, im actually starting to wonder if the link push on this board was a massive psyop to funnel money into the hands of the devs. it would be incredibly easy to ease off development and 5 years from now say they have been trying but there isn’t enough enterprise appetite for the product at its current stage. and slowly disappear. no one will throw a fit as they will be taken at their word by a majority of people. though i wouldn’t be surprised if biz organized some sort of hit kek

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That’s exactly it. It’s kicking the can down the road until the wallet is empty and saying “we tried”. The breadcrumbs are from insiders and paid shills

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Dumped 100% of my LINK.
Sitting in 30,000 XRP now.
Collecting 30,000 SPARK on the drop. Making moves as time goes on.
Any idiot dumb enough to sit out this snapshot tomorrow is truly retarded.

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Potent fud today.

$80 end of jan?

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chainlink is a scam

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I was fudding btw. Head of Content is a complete joke title. No technical person helped write that paper

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I have pointed out the scam properties of it repeatedly. The idiots never care or believe. It’s a nothing coin and will never prevail. It’s dead and was a massive pump dump scheme. It’ll never ever see $20 again.

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virtually everything you said here is bullshit. you had 3 years.

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This man speaks the truth. Fuck stinkies and their linkies

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Even easier actually. Some insubstantial article from two pajeets from a meme organisation that only led to more price dumping.

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imagien fudding link in 2020

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Isnt chainlink that pump and dump scam they were talking about on the news?

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I was raping the shills in this thread so they made their own here. Its clear large money players are accumulating and the price directly reflects it.


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I remember some of these desperate faggots posting fake news like Amazon and google were going to start using shitlinks.
Everyone here fell for it.
Every single time

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>price directly reflects it
you don’t know how this works, do you

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Why would you respond to a thread about link being usless. Just leave them alone and make your money through link if thats what you think is going to happen. Why take your time to post to people that obviously arent going to change thier minds about a shitty product like LINK. Nobody cares if you think its useful, Go back to red.dit retard.

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Most news articles seem to be bullish on LINK.

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>then why did you post?

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most of the world had no idea the WEF existed until they are all hearing bout 'The Great Reset' and now they same organization is touting Chainlink. Chainlink is the lynchpin for their plans that; Joe Biden, Boris Johnson, Justin Trudeau and many others are saying is on the way.

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>my boys (9 & 7) are going to love that meme! thank you.

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It would appear you are in fact the one that doesn't know how this works. People with large amounts of liquidity take out massive leveraged shorts, dump the price, and then buy shares back in cheaper. A lot of wealthy individuals just became aware Chainlink is the standard for smart contracts via the World Economic Forum and they are buying.