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BASED Hedgefund-running USGovRegulation-loving halfPajeet Raoul Pal has just COMPLETELY FLIPPED from Bitcoin Maxi to ETH & Shitcoin lover! Our time is now /biz/!


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twitter is so cringe
these 2 people are high iq and command respect of anyone around them in typical moments
but on twitter they devolve into 12 year olds debating which pokemon is the best

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dan sounds like a fucking fag

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See pic rel
It's kinda funny, doesn't bother me too much. Helps remind me that these high-profile people often aren't geniuses, just normal dudes who happened to work hard or be in the right place, right time.

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yeah that is pretty cringe

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dan is a kyc queen compliance bitch
the maxis who seethe at ethereum are so fucking cringe

the best part is how RSK is a better ethereum running on top of bitcoin, but the maxis are too fucking dumb to use it

more money for me I guess

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tfw much more of that deriv value is heading to the oracle layer and not the fancy ledger.

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all i see are two boomers who are over-invested and shilling their bags. if they really thought btc or eth would replace global financial system they would stfu and acquire in silence, not shill it everywhere

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yeah, I'm thinking based.

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I just think that GAS prices, or how high they can become, are fucking retarded. And the fact that the TX can fail (fast) if you try pay too low.
Even at peak congestion BTC is still allows you to send it for virtually nothing and wven if it takes a few days, it still gets there.

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that's a valid complaint
but I have done very low gas tx before
it took days, but it did not fail

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Maybe they have already acquired the positions they're comfortable with considering current risk/reward metrics. I don't think shilling and believing in a token/project are mutually exclusive.

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Dude coined this phrase...he has like 95% of his liquid net worth in crypto now. It's funny how much /biz/ he has become
He's probably nervous a little bit...

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>dan held

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> Dan Held
More like Dan BagHolder lmao

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It's probably a lie.

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You realise he wouldn't just market buy with his entire stack lmao

He's been in the game long enough to know how to enter a position. I.e. slowly, marginally. Guys like him don't cannonball into a pool, the slippage alone would be devastating

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He has increased his size over time. Selling gold & other shit for crypto. But you & >>24722068
are probably right. I trust what people say too much

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Raoul Pal this is Saylor, never talk to me or my cyber hornets EVER AGAIN.

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more like Dan Holds