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Staking is the only value proposition for LINK. 4 billion MC on the speculation that one day you will be able to stake your LINK.

Why hasn't staking been implemented in 3 years? Shouldn't this be the top priority when it's the only thing that would give LINK any value?

Why haven't we seen any design docs or blog posts about how staking should be implemented in such a context, where you are aggregating data points? Why hasn't the team even hinted at how such a thing should be engineered?

You don't find this suspicious?

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In the temple of love, you shine like thunder and cry like rain.

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Why would they need it?
Not until enterprise adoption fren.

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>Why would they need it?
The only thing that currently secures the network is the fact the node operators are selected by the Chainlink team and thus must report to the Chainlink team. If the network were to actually be decentralized, then you would need security features in place like staking, as outlined in the whitepaper.

Why would enterprise adoption precede any actual security measures being implemented?

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Staking isn't magic, it only makes sense when LINK is actually widespread used.

NEETs just locking LINK up alone is not value by itself

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Who benefits from a staking rollouts other then the staked?

Honestly bruh, absolutely zero need for it today.

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>Honestly bruh, absolutely zero need for it today.

Then explain to me why anyone should trust a Chainlink node? Or a Chainlink data feed? What's the trust/security model?

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Because it will just be the thing that dominates and that everyone's using. Much like VHS back in the days. Although for different reasons.

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This is pretty delusional, fren. Nothing just "dominates" in the crypto space if it isn't provably secure which is generally some measure of decentralization/number of central points of failure. Imagine the entire crypto space getting data inputs from one company ...

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Currently used exclusively for gambling degens. Do u think they give a fuck about decentralization. These fucks throw 20 Eth on anything trending along coin gecko.

When the institutions arrive, Game On!

Anon I fully understand the importance of decentralized oracles.

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The crypto space will be everyone's place in time. And Link will be the glue that makes it all stick and work together. ETH made it possible.
A transaction might cost an additional link fee of 0.000000000000007 link for businesses... now imagine owning hundreds of thousands of these tokens when that happens. And happen, it will someday.

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Multiple oracles independently providing data. When one of the oracles provides outlier data it is not recognized. This could also help with security right?

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Terrible FUD.

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What’s to prevent them from colluding and what ensures an outlier is a misbehaving node? An outlier could also be a piece of data that’s of higher quality than the rest.

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>why would something that poses a risk to billions of dollars take so long to implement

i wonder why

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I'm about to staaaaaaaake

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You think they’ve secretly been working on staking for the last 3 years?

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Rome wasn’t built in a day my street shitting friend

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my a1 sauce has been sitting in the fridge for months.


WHEN STAKE?!??????????

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Rumor is they cant figure out how to do staking. Its causing big issimues and its why sergey has hired so mamy devs

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1 billion new wallets EOY
Do you find this suspicious?

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The network will be increasingly decentralized. They’ve just announced that Keep3r nodes can transition to link nodes with a good enough reputation. There is a second white paper coming. I will be concerned if it doesn’t get into staking mechanisms. You really don’t think Ari can pull it off?

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>You really don’t think Ari can pull it off?
Ari is a cryptographer. His research isn't in consensus algorithms or statistics, which is what you would need to design a consensus algorithm and thus a staking mechanism for nodes handling nondiscrete data.

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>/business and finance/

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He’s a brilliant mind. I’m sure he can figure it out or help hire the people who can. I ain’t worried.

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they don’t get the data from one company stupid! It’s a fucking network, you still don’t get it right?

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How many links to get my normalcy back?

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How does 100k sound?

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Looks like I can't afford it. I'm "priced" out.

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When I say one company, I mean Chainlink, which configures the network and decides who services data feeds. You are putting your trust in them which is anti-decentralization.

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We told you 3 yeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
*electrically induced seizure*

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Locking up BET tokens while getting BTC or Eth on crypto casino - https://2no.co/2gZxw5 - does actually makes sense, especially when you're going to sell back with a much higher value of BET tokens. Basic maths.

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Schwab and Chainlink can be trusted. It is trustless you see, dude trust me, you can really trust Schwab and Ari and Sergey. They are very trusting people. Let me tell you all about our trusted Oracles...

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Trustworthy balm man

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I'm surprised nobody posted this already.

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No because staking is coming in the next 6 months.

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This falls into the same pitfalls as most data "dashboards". A bunch of useless numbers to impress midwits.

How do you decide based on this information which are the best nodes? Most importantly, which oracles, based on this information, produce the *most accurate* prices? It's a rhetorical questions, since none of the information on reputation.link would answer this.

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Obviously they have been working on it.

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The bitgo hire kinda said it all anon.

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I figured he's actually done nothing all these years and just started hiring recently

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You mean Benjamin? What would he know about consensus algorithms and statistics? Two areas at minimum in which you'd have to have expert knowledge in order to develop a consensus algorithm (and thus staking) for nondiscrete data.

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>Staking is the only value proposition for LINK.
No, the value is derived from people believing the price of a link token will be worth more in the future. Same as non-dividend stocks.

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Most successful jobs, uptime etc. Try checking it out first before pretending to know what you're talking about.

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I already responded to this here:

Other than response ratio, none of these metrics are particularly useful. More importantly, none of these metrics tell you how *accurate* a node is. Which one reports the most accurate prices? How would you even measure such a thing?

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He created the Wrapped Bitcoin.
I guess he knows nothing

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Fully entrusted

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Just because someone has expertise in one area doesn't mean they have expertise in another. Anyone who has worked in technical research knows this. I had a math professor in combinatorics who admittedly had trouble with basic concepts in statistics.

How does creating wrapped BTC translate into coming up with an implementation of a novel consensus and staking algorithm for an oracle network? Oracle networks have to deal with nondiscrete data so at the very least the development of such an algorithm would require statistical knowledge and experience with designing consensus algorithms.

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Back in may sergey said staking will be out in the coming months and then also said that staking will be coming sometime this year. That means by the end of may we will have staking.

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>put up stake against a very clearly laid out set of conditions that relates to data quality
Again, more vagueness. How would you lay out conditions for data quality? Would this require some reference source? Would this require discarding data furthest from the mean (which doesn't necessarily imply it's faulty)?

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the someone asks "what are you doing for the rest of the year?" they don't mean "what are you doing for the next 12 months"

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This is false having LINK staked up doesn't increase value

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Lol. Wtf are you talking about? The whole value prop for LINK is that node operators will stake LINK and the amount of staked LINK has to be proportional to the value of the smart contracts relying on that node.

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