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The wait is over!! PlasmaPay and Plasma.Finance launched already!! It is already 5x.
What is the your thoughts about the future!!

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Not a bad project I must say, I saw the price pumping once trading started.

I have got some for myself just to be sure, if the price holds I will get a lot more, I think the fundamentals are there so why not.

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I am always bullish on payment methods, this one is looking like it can really get big.

Right now I am focusing on UTK but maybe I can get some plasmapay for my portfolio too.

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Can someone explain what it is? I read about it on twitter but haven't done any research yet.

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Crazy times! plasma.finance looks great prob the reason they are pumping this crazy

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Plasma.finance is what I am really interested in, I think that it can become the new big trading thing in crypto.

Looks like a bloomberg terminal but crypto only!

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Are you shilling your bags here op? Why should I buy plasmapay when I can just invest in paypal?

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Plasmapay will lead the 2021 bull run, I feel like people are starting to realize this.

You can tell by how trading went that no one wants to sell, everyone is just buying.

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Plasmapay needs no shilling, people already buy it.

Probably the op just wanted to help some fellow biznessmen out, and for a good reason too, ppay is a gem that you can't miss.

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$PPAY has shown today by going 5X.
It is a promising project. Plasma.Finance also launched. The dashboard is awesome!! It will soon go to MOON.

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Let's just say that this is the future of finance, and not only that alone, but also of payments in general.

Plasmapay will become the preferred solution by merchants in a matter of months.

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yoo faggots stop shilling ur coins and have some normal conversation? fuck this ppay shit.

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i smell bullshit might change ur diapers.

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With such btc pumping more people try to find safe platforms and alts
Recently came across DuckDAO, did you try to play there? Seems like it is the first crypto incubator with a well-build tokenomic.

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PlasmaPay is in a crowded DeFi space.
They will need to get a lot of rights to get some attention.
I think a good metric would be to see TVL and Revenue generated by them.

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it's just a hype.. let's see what plasma.finance can bring on the silly table. also just marketing strategy to get more volume by stealing other altshit $$$ on uniswap.. heard the native token ppy got listed on uniswap and bithumb global. not bothering myself at all

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it's just a hype.. let's see what plasma.finance can bring on the silly table. also just marketing strategy to get more volume by stealing other altshit $$$ on uniswap.. heard the native token ppy got listed on uniswap and bithumb global. not bothering myself at all

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Today's PPAY launch was what I expected. I couldn't get the Seed or private sale. But got hold of some in the beginning.
I still feel it is not near moon.

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I am expecting it to go to $.5 I bought it at .7 couldn't get the early one though!!

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Lets just check what they bring out. thats the best way to see if the project is good. should not look at the price at all

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There's so much competition in the defi space right now.

It's a great site, what they do is great, but they are late to the game and they're not offering something no other site is.

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PPAY is everywhere today. They are working freaking hard!!
They will completely change the DeFi space with a solid project already there!!
100k+ users n 165 countries. Now lets wait and see what they deliver!!

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Shilling the project here?

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I am happy and satisfied with the launch. The money has been good overall. In a bull run PPAY will rock.

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Yes surely this thread and the three other ones on the catalog are representative of an organic hype. Such a natural interest for this newly released token, I gotta buy! This is the financial opportunity I was waiting for ALL YEAR.

We're all going to make it, I feel this one is the one to outperform all investments - $2 EOW is FUD.

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Fake conversation. Scam detected

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>What is the my thoughts
i don relly no, neva undastend

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Lmfao obvious pajeet shilling

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I wonder if the people shilling this are self aware

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annnnnd it's dumping.
get out will you still can PPheads

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I like PPAY but the blatant fake shilling in this thread is making me doubt my initial impression of it

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Don’t be so bullish. So many scam DeFi projects out there and I’m afraid plasmapay is one of them. Never think for Sec that they’ll last long l. with their very low market cap and shitcoin zero zero value, it’s all a hype to me

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honestly the sheer blatant shilling conversations make me question if its some high IQ play to get people to not buy

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>Crazy times

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Whats this pajeet thing with PPAY? White, goodlooking males.

Comfy as fuck. Gonna moon again in 12 hours and i just bought more. If Howard and Ryan (two guys) made 12m usdt cap without project, this will make double of that. Easy and fast.

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