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Please dumb it down for me

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big if true

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Thank you Steve

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what is that? pls respond

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Please anoon explain us

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Checked. This is big.

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Holy shit usd, eur, jpy? Why they fuck do they keep implementing super use case specific shit to the node? Do these guys don't care about developing a general protocol at all? First they ditched their own protocol to use Synthetix's flux shit that only works with trusted nodes, now they are sinking faster and faster.

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func assertPrices(t *testing.T, usd, eur, jpy []byte, consumer *multiwordconsumer_wrapper.MultiWordConsumer) {
var tmp [32]byte
copy(tmp[:], usd)
haveUsd, err := consumer.Usd(nil)
require.NoError(t, err)
assert.Equal(t, tmp[:], haveUsd[:])
copy(tmp[:], eur)
haveEur, err := consumer.Eur(nil)
require.NoError(t, err)
assert.Equal(t, tmp[:], haveEur[:])
copy(tmp[:], jpy)
haveJpy, err := consumer.Jpy(nil)
require.NoError(t, err)
assert.Equal(t, tmp[:], haveJpy[:])

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// Simulate a consumer contract calling to obtain ETH quotes in 3 different currencies
// in a single callback.

There are people on this board that aren't all in on LINK

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what does this mean in techlet words?

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It's basically like multi-ball mode in pinball but with currency requests

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/ The consumer contract needs to have link in it to be able to pay
// for the data request.

It means you just win.

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There are only one billion LINK tokens on the entire planet to service this new system, and there will never be more.

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Anon, I...

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Must not be such a big achievement since it is still dumping

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Who is laughing now?

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>Why they fuck do they keep implementing super use case specific shit to the node?
Because they have very specific users.

>Do these guys don't care about developing a general protocol at all?
Ask WEF.

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explanation here

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>DECO is a use case within mixicles
I'm lost. My understanding was the Mixicles is a smart contract structure that cleverly obfuscates parties and payouts, whereas DECO was specifically about read-only access to TLS secured information that doesn't compromise that information.

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Deco and mixicles have been intertwined from the very start over a year ago.

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both are about preserving anonimity
you can use DECO signing for messages that are sent to mixicle oracles.

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Does that not mean Link will become one of the more valuable commodities on the planet?

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This + VRF + Threshold sigs = staking is essentailly live. Good god next year is gonna be insane, especially with Arbitrum coming online too and cucking eth

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Your forgetting how many decimals it has

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It sure does

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Wait for idiots to find out.

Imagine all these hedge funds buying useless LTC,BCH,XRP

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I have 5k link and don't even know what an oracle is - I am going to need smooth brain retard level quick run down on this one lads

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it's going to take some time for normans to understand what this means
delete thread and stack

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You're going to have 5 houses, each with super/ classic cars outside and a 10/10 high class lady waiting to greet you outside each one.
Thats the quick rundown

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While it's good long term, isn't that bad news for node operators income? They will be able to deliver more data in a single job, but they will only be paid for a single job. I wonder how this will play out

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MWR costs more.

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>Because they have very specific users.
You understand that that is the opposite of being the standard right?

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>specific users use link for widespread jobs like payment transfers and flight insurance
Damn sure does sound miniscule to me.

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Everything is made up of specific uses.
Synthetix has its specific uses, Aave has its specific uses, Swift has its specific uses (smart bonds etc.), ISDA has its specific uses (smart derivatives etc.), ...

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See you on the other side.

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Why the fuck is he putting > 30K worth of changes in a single commit? Do they not have proper processes at chainlink?

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Hey Vit

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Except that’s what a standard is; all kinds of uses and users using the same system/process/solution/...

You dumbass.

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And even despite bundling all that shit into single commits, Chainlink consistently has the absolute highest commit count in all of crypto in the past year(s).

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Fudders will claim this is bad somehow

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what is a realistic price range if they successfully pull everything off? I haven't followed link for a while but the WEF thing yesterday and now this makes it seem like things are finally moving again.

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They have a few private repositories, they make all the small changes and experimental features there
>inb4 source?
There has been a lot of commits on pivotal whose url sent me to a forbidden access private repository

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Thats pretty based. Thanks bros

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beep beep poo

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beeb beeb boo

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sniff sniff foo

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heep heep hoo

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We are all (((nazis))) here

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Does this mean LINK is hitting 81,000 US dollars?

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creep creep kroo

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How does 1 billion sound?

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wtf i love klaus now!

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You need to love him more. Put some effort into it you limped dicked faggot.

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theyre squashing commits and hiding how they make the sausage - which seems like a good idea considering people would criticize their individual commits

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can i make money if i learn go i make a pull request to this?

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So will 10k linklets make it as well or was 100k the true make-it stack?

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Not on the Hershey Squirts Highway, anyway. Not this day.

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10mil is make it stack newfag if you can't afford that then spend your money elsewhere

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Chainlink is nothing but a basic json parser that can be written in an afternoon, the fallout will be legendary.

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we will make it with our 10k stack fren

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merge squash, nigger

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Will someone just fucking explain what this is

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too lazy to read the thread. lucky for you i'm bored at work

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All you need to know is that in about 5 years time LINK will be worth 40-50 USD, and we will all make it off that (unless you're a linklet new/poorfag).

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kek, if you have 100k LINK you wouldn't even have enough to retire on ($5 million is chump change in any place worth living)

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>LINK will be worth 40-50 USD
>making it

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Woah nulinkers you forgot to read the fine print!
>(unless you're a linklet new/poorfag).

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same. i owe my life to biz. i just want to quit waging

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this means nothing and theres cryptos that can already do that

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>5 million
>not enough to retire on

Holy fuck, just how much of a consooomer are you?

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Except it’s literally dumping rn

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I'm not, I don't even own a car. Still, you are underestimating inflation and cost of living increases

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You're fucking retarded.

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checked and based

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its a scam

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How many chainlink to get like 2 million bucks during peak btc bull run?

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this is impressive because? all it’s showing is the poor management of the repository and the badly maintained code that needs to be changed a lot in the future.

>he thinks he can time the peak

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Chainlink will top at 50 USD so you do the math.

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Show us your commits

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This allows you to query chainlink and receive the answer for USD/EUR/BTC/ETH all in a single transaction. Huge savings on gas.

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>Chainlink will top at 50 USD
This is the new FUD. Oh, how far we've come.

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How are you not bored of fudding?

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you're ngmi fag

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the fuck you mean lucky for me, I don't give a shit about what you're doing retard.
Don't reply to me if you're just gonna drool nonsense

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seems like yesterday it was all "it will never break 0.50, delusional"

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Extremely bored. Sitting on a 10k stack for 2 years now. Entire stack is covered by long term capital gains. I am just waiting for 1k USD per LINK to cash out half and stake off the rest. In the meantime I troll /biz/ with garbage tier FUD only an absolute newfag would fall for.

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Retard consoomers like yourself will never make it.
5 million is more than enough to comfortably retire on

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shut the fuck you piece of shit I’m not showing you anything I can critique this shitshow all I want get the fuck outta here

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Wow it's fucking nothing

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if I had 500K USD I would go into semi-retirement. Work a few hours a week on some bullshit wagie job just to get out of the house and spend the rest of my days on my hobbies and meditating.

>> No.24703728

Build something

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All of the time I spend working will be spent on working out, learning new instruments, learning to draw, learning new languages, and whatever other hobbies interest me as I go along. Instead of 40 hours a week waging for someone else it will be 40+ hours a week on self improvement.

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I got 10k link and I don’t even know blockchain is. People ask me what does chainlink do.. I just tell them it’s like a crypto translator to the real world data lol. But yet, threads like these with legit discussions makes me very confident.

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You should fud on Twitter instead. Fucking cancer faggots, worse than the pajeets here

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I don't have twitter or any other social media because I'm not a faggot, sorry man!

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Fresh OC

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If youre bored this will entertain you:

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None of that stupid shit is going to teach you how to transcend. You're just going to respawn again.

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I made this OC

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Underrated explanation

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