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I'm starting to think the Kleros whale is a time traveller.
>went all in on LINK and made millions
>dumped all his LINK at $4 for PNK between 1-2c
>sold 75% of his PNK at 14c for wBTC at $10k
>sold all his wBTC and doubled his stack in PNK (he now has 20,000,000)
>still has a million dollars left in ETH and wBTC for trading
There is quite possibly no better combination of trades in crypto, considering he needed tens of millions of dollars in liquidity so he couldn't buy uniswap shitcoins. He timed everything perfectly. And now he's 80% in PNK.

You should sell whatever shitcoins you have and buy PNK. This whale clearly knows something. His timing has been perfect.

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When was the last time he fucked up? Thanks for the tip will check his wallet out later, maybe if only for an excuse to buy more pnk

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The only thing he's "fucked up" on is being extremely bullish on PNK. He bought a lot more when we first dumped from 18c, doubling his stack between 14c and 10c. He then realised he caught a falling knife and waited for it to bottom at 6c before buying more.

The fact he keeps buying PNK and hasn't touched LINK since selling his huge stack is telling, though. Even when he could have bought back his LINK stack for 1/5th of his sell price, he chose not to.

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I hope he browses here and sees these threads

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How tf can someone be more bullish on pnk than link? Sorry but not sorry - seriously, I don't see the CEO of pink authoring White papers for the wef

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>Dude why are people buying bitcoin i haven't seen the CEO in, like, ever

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The Court finds this man guilty of gross homosexuality by sucking fat russian dick sirs

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very impressive

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you're thinking in absolute terms, incorrect way to go about it. Relativity, good sir

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We will make it to Elysium.

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Ok seeing as I'm a patient person who is not dogmatic, how much pnk would one need in order to prevent inadvertent suicide on the off chance that it moons? & I'm talking about buying from now

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IMO 100k is a nice suicide stack although some old holders will disagree

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They use to call me Plato Chad.

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What are the projections for pnks top next bull run?
It's almosy €0.09 right now. 100k = ~€9000. That's the same as 880 link

880 x 100 = 88,000

So pnk is going to hit at least €1.13?

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This logic makes no sense, what does link at 100 have to do with anything?

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Take me to Kleros Court

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Cause link is projected to hit 100. So if I spent 9k on link right now I'd get 880 link. 880 x 100 = 88,000.
If I spent €9k on pnk right now I'd get around 100k pnk, & pnk would have to hit at least €1.13 for it to equal link hitting 100. So, will pnk hit €1.13?

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This is retarded logic
Pnk will gain market share in greater to proportion to link. The price of link is irrelevant

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I just know that my 200,000 pinkies will make me a millionaire in 2021. That's the only thing I know. I don't even know how to sum two plus two, but I know I'll be a millionaire in 2021.

Thanks magic internet money!

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I also hope this

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There are some very good reasons to be bearish on LINK, and Kleros is most of them. Kleros is basically a decentralisation machine. It can tell you what nodes to use in your price aggregators according to x standard. For LINK to do that, sergey has to vet the company, sign an agreement that they will only do x, and the customer has to pay sergey for the privilege. It may never even be decentralised. PNK can do everything Chainlink (the company) does right now. It just needs someone to create the aggregator contract and the accepted standard to adhere to, and a list curated by economically incentivised autists will do the rest.

PNK is going to at least $20. This isn't a meme, or hopium, and most people itt will sell way, way, way too early. It will very easily clear $1. It won't even need much news.

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>PNK is going to at least $20.
I'm literally masturbating to this statement.

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Isn't 20$ a long shot for PNK? I'd assume it could get to 5$ in like the next 3 years if they keep developing it and people are using the platform more and more. Though a lot of sites predict it'll barely cross 1$ in the next 5 years.

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It depends on vitalik to be honest. Decentralised consensus decision making using game theory was 100% his idea. Because it's the next stage of crypto - how you can create trust in a trustless environment without a middleman third party who takes a cut? Use kleros.
If Vitalik lets Kleros play this role, then $20 is fud. If he "nationalises" PNK into the main ETH chain, then around $5 is probably as far as we'll go. Fortunately he likes Clement a lot more than he likes Sergey so he might keep saying "just use Kleros" forever.

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My concern is that since CZ has beef with Clement, then a Binance listing is out of the question and the only other listing option is CB? Obviously it would get a huge recognition boost and it'd be great for marketing if that would happen but we've heard nothing in that regard lately. However looking at the numbers then this year has been huge for Kleros and the platform.

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Please be the next /biz/ 'our coin'. Missed out on LINK at 20cents.

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>giving a shit about binance
Clement and Federico refuse to pay Binance's $1m USD listing fee. This is a good thing. Most shitcoin devs pay cz off because they want to dump on his users. Imagine giving CZ 10m pnk so he can short and bart the market whenever he wishes. Better to not treat PNK like a pnd shitcoin and wait for coinbase imo.

PNK is a 3-4 year hold, anon. This year has been great but there are many more to come.

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>PNK is a 3-4 year hold, anon.
You don't seem to understand how the Bitcoin cycle works. The peak will be in 2021. Bear market awaits in 2022.

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lol what sites are you referencing? There's 8,000 wallets in the entire world ffs, barely any discussion at scale at this stage.These price prediction websites you're looking at are very likely auto-generated and worthless

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peak will be 2022, lengthening cycles

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yeah he knows where the designated shitting street is. Go fuck yourself pajeet not buying this shitty project. If it ever breaches ATH it won't go much higher.

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>not buying
Good. Having retarts like you holding this would devalue the whole currency.

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The madman just bought another 130k PNK, bringing his total to 19,877,753


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Oh, the irony. Fucking ESL mongs are the majority holding this worthless shitcoin. BTW they'll dip the moment it starts dumping, then show up and start shilling again when it's time to pump. Rinse and repeat. For any lurking anons out there.

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>3-4 year hold
>watch out for 2022

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>PNK is going to at least $20
This would mean I would be a millionaire just alone from PNK
Stop being delusional, you faggot

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>He doesn't know

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Same anon here
Don't know if I'm reading it wrong but it looked like he added liquidity to the pair, accumulated a shitload, and then removed his liq. Is that some next level whale tactic?

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If liquidity determines trading price, then it's only obvious to do that. ...uniswap knows that and they have a way to prevent whales from doing that, right? That could be a platform killer that allows whales to just do whatever the fuck they want.

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You're right, PNK won't make you a millionaire because you will sell at $1 and rope after.

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>Though a lot of sites predict it'll barely cross 1$ in the next 5 years.
If you're the type of "investor" who gives a shit about price predictions from "a lot of sites" you're not going to make it. You need to be able to do your own research or just ape on the best memes on /biz/ and get lucky. There's no other way.

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$10 per PNK is very doable assuming a crypto bull run

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you're so laughably inept. I pity your soul

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Honestly what the FUCK is this guy's problem? He is single handedly responsible for the pump from 5 cents to 10 cents. Isn't anyone else uneasy with one guy holding so many tokens? He can take us right down to 4 cents off he starts selling again.

Anyways I hold 200k am never selling under $5 I bought walton coin at $1 and sold at 50 cents before it ran to $50 bought Link at 40 cents sold at 20 cents before it took off to $50 both would have made me a millionaire not selling PNK until $5. This is my last chance.

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good find. better way to visualize it though, anon:

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It never even hit $20.
But if the rest of what you say is accurate...you need to just stop.

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Fuck binance. Fuck chinks. Squish the Cockroaches.

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This didn't age well

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These numbers are wrong, so this image is (unintentional) fud.

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It was a typo I'm phone posting but had 50k walton and 80k Link. I am stopping this PNK stack is my last hope. Even worst case scenario $1 should happen next year.

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>last hope
You are too emotional to be doing this.

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You propaply NGMI

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He could make it if he decides to just play the Kleros court game rather than swing trade. As the platform becomes more popular, there will be more work for good jurors and he can grow his stacks that way instead of trying to time the market.

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This. Once Kleros gets big enough he has enough PNK to become a legal firm and pay subcontractors to research his cases.

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Brainlet here - how can he do this? Is the idea that he can stake more PNK and be more certain of how the other jurors will vote via paying researchers, so he’ll have an advantage and can reduce the risk in growing his PNK stack?

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Experts will likely vote better than pajeets like us. So paying them to vote for us will increase profits and reduce risk

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This is exactly why you should invest into PNK.
Wanna quit wagie life? Let wagies work for you.

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Also if you can´t acoom enough pnkies to start your own little legal firm, you will probably be able to delegate your votes to bigger firms for a small %.

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What’s the current profit margin for voting coherently? Like if I stake 1000 PNK how much PNK would I typically win if I vote coherently?

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>a suicide stack cost 10k dollars
You newfags don't understand what suicide stack is supposed to mean.
Suicide stack is 1k to 10k depending on how much diapoainle income you got

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>P0o Id
KEK always likes to make us laugh even if it's at the expense of a fellow pinkie

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ooooo sirs,,

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