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This is the only board that is not totally defeated and flooding with Doomers. Is it because you're all too infatuated with the idea of money to be depressed?

ps: one meta thread per board is allowed

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Idk, guess it takes a different kind of personality to want to make money, rather than cry that you don’t have it

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I feel like only I can influence my future and the best way to do it is make money. Its like you could try to fight the whole system or just play the game.

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Biz? This must be the only board you’ve visited. Reddit is the other way fucking faggot nigger

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Yeah, even when it bears.
Bobos bantz Mumus, and then on the slightest green candle, Mumus bant Bobos.
But crab wins all.

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Yes, we have POOmers instead

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based observation anon

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Because we are ok with c00ming

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We are all gambling addicts so not really think about doomer stuff. Just catching dopimine hits

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notice i didn't say there was no retards here

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The depressed ones on this board kill themselves.

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each life requires an amount of resource to be worthwhile experience

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This is a really mind opening post OP. I do feel like my mood has been a lot better since investing in crypto. Then again, I haven't lost any money in it like some people have.

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There's constantly threads dooming over NWO/taxes/globalists. You must think that because you arrived during a bull run when everyone is in a good mood

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everyone else is drowning under the tidal wave of globohomo and we’re surfing it straight into the fintech guillotine stage
it’s hard not to be excited when your ball hairs are standing at straight 90 all day long

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So many losers on this planet mad that the system isnt fair. They can never come to terms with it and will stay poor forever instead of doing what they can to make a life for themselves

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never got the sense that /a/ was flooded with doomers. I'd say it's way more upbeat than /biz/ where every other thread is about people wanting to kill themselves because they lost all their money on some scamcoin

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I was maximally blackpilled about politics before you were OP but that's not why I come to biz. keep that shit out.

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And this ^

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during a downturn it's a million crying/raging pepe and wojak posts

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kek. i wonder if anyone literally kills themselves here though. channers in general are way more desensitized to pain after being autists for our whole lives.

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It's Boomer as fuck, but it gets the jist correct. /biz/ is filled with people that have a goal and are trying to get it done. Granted, we're also mostly sub-80 IQ and our goal isn't that well thought out, but at least we have one.
Most of 4chan just wanted to sit around, masturbate, smoke weed, and talk about nostalgia they're still desperately holding onto from their childhood.

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Should’ve seen this board a year or 2 ago. Then again the linkmarines made it fun for a little while

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Biz is special, there has been a lot of intelligent conversations boiling down to a few golden nuggets. Now we wait and see if our degenerate gamble pays off.

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We're all gonna make it.

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and never forget the digimarines who never sold their digibytes.

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/a/ blew straight through the blackpill stage and kept accelerating once it reached the subsequent pinkpill

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We have Bobo and Mumu.
They dont.

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Basically my doomer tendencies made me realize that the world is going to shit and I need to do something to improve my own life, (ie. make it and fuck off somewhere cheap and warm where I don't have to hear about the orange man) or just neck myself.

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>This is the only board that is not totally defeated and flooding with Doomers.
What? There's a ton of r9k tier threads that get posted over and over all the time.

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Crypto/stocks are the best way to ride the tiger right now

The feeling that you have a future is important, even if it’s a lie.

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I arrived during the golden bullrun of 2017, I've seen the downturn, and it's still filled with more "how do I recover" and less "i want to just sleep all day and jack off" like most boards
there are but they are of people mad they haven't made it, not sad because they'll never make it

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checked and snibbspilled

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we need a crab mascot too

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Too many old people who can't have fun here. But yes it's the best board as long as you try to talk with like-minded individuals. No retards and no pajeets

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This exactly. I come here bc the doomers on tv and pol are too much and i don’t have enough autism to constantly browse o or k

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not true, you must have just came during the bull market. check this board in 5 months. will be all pink wojaks and suicide posts.

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Its because only people who make it post here

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It is because this is the last board that literally has any fun. The original memes on this board are great. A new pink wojack with a crying post about a loss still hits the kek in the right places. You don't see that anywhere else on chan anymore. All the other boards have become normified. This is the last bastion of the autists with the highest IQ who can interpret if a post is a shitpost, shilling, memeing, trolling, or actual real opinions and advice. With the inherent risks and scams etc in finance it makes sense the people with the 4chan personality have found home here.

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Pretty much. If you haven't sold your soul completely to the corporate machine, you're hanging around here with hopes of using it's tech against it. That's hope, and hope is dangerous.

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right, the true chan personality lives on here. Every other board is either slow as fuck or either liberals or pol. /biz/ has a high thread volume though you have to sift through tho mountains of shitcoin shilling to find good content it is there. The mountains of shitcoin content and the obscurantism of all the financial terms are both off putting to the uninitiated. Their memes are stale and they are now parodies of themselves. /biz/ is the last board with the anonymous chan spirit with creativity and originality. The liberals and pol are both good goys for the corporate machine.

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Based, checked

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it's raw determination lad. we are all going to make it by force of will.

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the slow culling of doomers suiciding has turned this place pretty positive

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haven't been there in 4 years or so but /fit/ wasn't bad

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Just look at the rest of the sites new obsession with “the new normal” or “great reset” meme. They are all spamming it crying and going into more self justified depression. And only recently.

Meanwhile biz has been on that wave since 2017 and simply riding it, making money out of it instead and using it to their advantage. We know its happening, we saw it starting and we will take advantage rather than cry like bitches. Its insane how far ahead this board was.

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no doomers just mooners

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fuck off newfag

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I’ve made it from unironically not having a roof over my head 12 years ago.
I’ve only been exposed to social media past 2 years now that I’m comfy and have time to spend. And fuck me, if I’d have known this a few years ago I’d have convinced myself that it’s okay because heard mentality and everyone is in this (poverty/debt/etc) together.
My advice to anyone in that situation, seriously take a break away from this, you don’t need more reinforcement for your fucked up situation.

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This is an API3 and oracle board. That's why. We've all already made it so we're just here for comfort laughs and frogs.

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this too. riding the Kali Yuga straight to the moon

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society is so fucked up the only thing you can do to extricate yourself is acquire fuck-you money

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/biz/ is a different breed, we knew about this 3 years ago. Basically >>24692377

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The greatest happiness derived from money is regaining ownership of your own productive time and have security in regard to material need. This is why larger and larger sums of money bring diminishing returns in relation to happiness.
When you have money it's just one less thing you have to worry about. It doesn't necessarily make your life good or you happy and fulfilled. There are so many things in this world that money cannot buy.

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all of my friends are poor as fuck and all of my friends hate 4chan/everything to do with it.
I have 90k in the bank thanks to /biz/ almost exclusively.

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We are all hypomanic at baseline here

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So invest in ARKF?

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Bobo and Mumu are the yin and yang of /biz/. What are they merging about now? C.H.U.D.?

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We could make more money than the losers if we were only investing in bonds. They really have no clue. To be fair we all were there at one point.

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We're volatile.

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> we're not normified because being conscious of finance and investing is not normal.

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/asp/ is not half bad either.

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>the scammers were the good guys all long

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browsing /fit/ is fun for about a year or so, but after a while you don't need to browse anymore. the fundamentals of training stay the same, while the market is constantly changing.

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Soon as I realised it was all about money, it all started to make sense and life got a lot simpler. And I mean all of it is money. Money doesn't buy happiness is a cope, a psyop, and a lie. And it's the worse kind of lie, the white lie. You accept the true part and eat some garbage suppositions hidden inside. A bluebill hidden in a redpill hidden in the ultimate blackpill. It's all money, it's all it ever was and will be.

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To be more accurate is all about wealth rather than currency.

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on /biz/, hope springs eternal

stories of NEETs making millions in 2017 gives everybody hope for a bright future. True /biz/raelis have seen actual millionaires on this board. Every other board would just claim it's all a LARP, but on /biz/, you know it can be true.

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This guy gets it. Biz is the final redpill and final destination on the internet. Here we look towards the future and it’s all about winning. Also the demoralizing shills don’t come here. Thank god.

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since 1971. Not three years ago.

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Trump losing the election made me realize I need to stop caring about shit I cant control and to just obsessively use that autism towards crypto instead of politics. Also I like how this board has the least amount of astroturfed shills. I am more motivated than ever in life thanks to biz.

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The jeets filter out the tourists.
After getting scammed, you have two choices:
You either learn from the experience and lurk more.
Or you leave this place and never come back.

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Hope is stronger than fear

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The only true masterrace

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What the hell are you talking about?

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We are surfing the wave of entropy.

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It's because in our gay society where no one can agree on a greater meaning since WW2, the only thing to raise your serotonin is living the good life, probably a third of which is fulfilled by money and the other 2/3rds are easier with it

Also crypto is the first and might be only opportunity for lazy misanthropes that haunt this board to get unironically rich and feel smug about it the whole time

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no, they do, they just get btfo. i have said some very horrible things to demoralization tourists. plus they see the money floating around here and they know anything they say to us is pure cope. I suspect some of them stay to lurk, which is a shame since they don't deserve the benefit of Bizrael's insight.

They'll probably get scammed and head back to pol after.

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Honestly if I made it I would not mind crab markets so much.

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One of the activations of serotonin is when you're making active headway toward your goal

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You should be here during 2018-2019

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Every other board is a crab bucket of learned helplessness

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what the fuck are you talking about? this board is full of LITERAL preppers and retard goldbugs

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Dont mind me, just checking some based dubs

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and ill check yours

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Right back at you

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he's saying
>social media creates bubbles where people convince each other abnormal behavior is normal
and the opposite side of that coin
>to succeed doing the "impossible" it helps not to know what you're trying to do isn't supposed to be possible
i have a somewhat similar story as anon. when i was a teen i hated having a penis and wished to be an androgynous being. thankfully this was in the 90s, so i grew out of it and am now happily married. if i were born 10 years later i could have been on the internet with other retarded kids, with some older faggot convincing us we were really women in men bodies and needed to cut our dick off

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>poor forever instead of doing what they can to make a life for themselves
this so much. No one is a victim. They are just a loser who failed to take responsibility for their lives.

>> No.24696498

itt circlejerk
you're not making it with your 4 digit stack losers

but yeah I agree

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Biz has the poorest anons on the site. But rather than realise they're poor, they think of themselves as future millionaires.

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blessed thread

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it continues

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unless the currency is pnk.

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/pol/ fears the jews, so /biz/ doesn't get flooded with incels and zoomers

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Damn. Witnessed once again.
It is okay little one. All dubs must end someday

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I exclusively browse /pol/ and /biz/

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Checked we will all make it together anons

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>watch tv every day
>fear change
Basically every nigger on twitter.

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Decidedly unbased

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Run into baseprotocol.org, wanna know your opinion.
Is it real that this is modern solutions for Cascade yield platform? They cooperate with Uniswap and provided liquidity pools. Seems profitable

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> /biz/ is the last board with the anonymous chan spirit with creativity and originality

This. I've been on this website for roughly 7 years and I've seen most boards I frequented (/fit/, /tv/, /pol/) go to absolute shit. Biz is unironically the last bastion of the 4chan spirit.

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based and checked

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One thing I've noticed since starting out a year ago is how dependent my mood was on my portfolio balance near the start... I would be in a shit mood the entire day if I woke up to a sea of red or be totally manic if the numbers were green

>> No.24697637

My favorite board from back in the day was /tg/. So many goodhearted and generous people. The PDF share threads saved me hundreds of dollars. Shoutout to all the fa/tg/ays

>> No.24697672 [DELETED] 

Run into baseprotocol.org, wanna know your opinion.
Is it true that this is unique solutions for Cascade yield platform? They cooperate with Uniswap and provided liquidity pools. Seems great

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This fucking image jesus christ.

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>free spirit
>shills for Schwab
kek at these vile subhumans

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This is now Schwab thread. Get your hopium right here

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Yeah and the board has gone to shit the last year. Now it has dedicated soijak spamming, anti-culture spamming, and schizo faggots all over. The board is a hollow shell of what it was and it's all because of the newfags who don't want to lurk. Fucking kill yourself.

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>buy it
>shill it
>get rich
The Schwab makes it easy

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I used to go on /pol/, now I just want to make money and enjoy life.

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You will definitely enjoy this

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Fake hopium is best hopium

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Get ready the Cyber Pandemic and iCovid-21

>> No.24698170

I accidentally made a /biz/ thread on /a/ once. They were pretty cool about it. I think /a/ is pretty chill too

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You will love the /biz

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>I have 40k link and I will only eat organic meat
Source: dude trust me

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Nolinkers live here

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File: 2.05 MB, 3400x5466, 1607199289829.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Schwab Tweeter Army (STA)

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Your move /biz

>> No.24698351

>Dude we are about to get fucking vaxxed.
Its all so tiresome

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Ridin' along in my automobile
Prof. Schwab beside me at the wheel
I stole a link at the turn of a mile
My curiosity runnin' wild
Crusin' and playin' the radio
With no particular place to go
Ridin' along in my automobile
I's anxious to tell him the way I feel
So I told him softly and sincere
And he leaned and whispered in my ear
Schwabin' more and drivin' slow
With no particular place to go

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Now 40% off

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>Its all so tiresome

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The singularity is near. Can you feel it? I feel it

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Number go up = good

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*Skinsuit not included

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Meet your Schwablord. Hopium and normalcy will come to you if you post itt

>> No.24698546

money buys happiness
and by money I mean bitcoin

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Needs more schwab

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>2011 Occupy Wall Street
>2016 (((Wall Street)))
>2021 I am Wall Street

>> No.24700257


This is true also. This board is definitely dying. Nothing like pre link google pump. This summer tho it got even worse.

>> No.24700392

becoming /biz/pilled is one of the best things you can do for yourself. its all about making money and realising you are never 'right' there are no 'right' opinions you should just do what is most beneficial, enjoyable and possible.

>> No.24700543

cant believe there are constant XRP threads now

>> No.24700601

Proof of Reddit as a containment concensus is actually brilliant

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>> No.24700768

bro, you haven't seen /gif/
full of videos where people are getting beat-up

>> No.24700796

Seems about white

>> No.24700912

in my opinion there are erudite, knowledge based boards on 4chan and there are reactionary, meme and retard based boards.
as a general rule /b/ /v/ /a/ and /pol/ are always full of lowest common denominator retards, anyone who has any sort of intelligence or personal ambition will eventually filter through to a board that pertains heavily to their personal interest. Here we find /k/, /fit/, /mu/ - they are on the path to enlightenment but they are still looking for truth in the material rather than the spiritual. Owning weapons isn't degenerate at all, but identifying primarily as a weapons holder means that you're deriving too much dopamine from the feeling of martial prowess that comes from handling a decent gun. So to does the /fit/izen seek too much dopamine in sexual conquest and personal beauty. The final evolution is arriving at either /g/, /lit/, or the holy grail /biz/ these are boards frequented be people of high level minds, who are primarily interested in cultivation of the intellect. If you focus great energy and aren't a total brainlet /lit/ will make you a literary genius, /g/ will help you understand and control the technology that is changing human life, and /biz/, most important of all, hits you with capital, the source of all opportunity.

t. went from 3,000$ total in savings to 106,000$ in two years of /biz/

>> No.24701023

/xsg/ is unironically a glow thread

>> No.24701095

hate to be the plebbit retard to correct on minor and unimportant details, but that is dopamine.

serotonin is more of a complacency neutrotransmitter.

>> No.24701123

I hate these moralniggers.

>> No.24701169

you had me for a second

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When the redpills finally hit and directly affect your shitcoin.

>> No.24701269
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Okay I chuckled

>> No.24701319

/fit/ and /fa/ are also pretty great and useful. Maybe because these boards focus on healthy hobbies, and not on things that will hold you back (conspiracies, video games, mass entertainment).
Not only we are having fun but also we are making money.

>> No.24701374

sell signal

>> No.24701435

Buy my poo poo anus coin

>> No.24701438

Oh wisdom anons of /fit/

Is university worth it if I’m a wagie?

>> No.24701467


>> No.24701607

Get aload of this fox and grapes. Biz was on top of chainlink long before the Schwab meme took off. You talk to millionaires on this board because of it. And there's more millionaires to come

>> No.24701641

But the system isn't fair, we're just taking risks normies can't fathom to exploit its unfairness.

>> No.24701806

Wasn’t it originally started by other marines so the xrp tards wouldn’t buy link?

>> No.24702058
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and the final board to the truly enlightened

>> No.24702100

I hadn't been here for a long time until the current pump. Honestly I thought cryptos were a libertarian meme money for the longest of time. Now that I'm actually doing my research I have to say, I can't believe I've been so out of the loop for such a long time. I already knew about btc in 2013 and yet here I am, having done my first investment into crypto only two weeks ago.

This shit is addictive. There's so much stuff happening and I don't understand any of it. I love it. Everything is so new and interesting. And you make MONEY. Honestly being interested and successful is all there is to life. Whoever says love comes first, hasn't seen burnouts. Nobody whose life isn't fulfilling is able to experience real love. Everything good comes only if you really live the life.

But fuck I have uni to finish...

>> No.24702115

I miss the mtg threads desu

>> No.24702176

Poo poo pee per

>> No.24702187
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you can easily tell when someone is a tourist from another board, they all reek of /r9k/ and cope

>> No.24702317

I still go there but there are only so many threqds worth a damn in a week.

>> No.24702517

/fit/ here, only if they have enough power racks that you never have to worry about one being available when you go to the gym. Really, skip uni and invest in a home gym, they're the master race.

>> No.24702574

This is also the only board not being raided by bunkerchan trannies. I love /biz/

>> No.24702704

Only if you’re buying a hard-skill degree and not a soft-skill degree
BS or bust is not a joke

>> No.24702749

It may be a lie, an illusion, but it's there, just around the corner, and it keeps you going.

>> No.24703179
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/a/ and /biz/ are the only good boards.

>> No.24703405

>t. tranny

>> No.24703653

I'm a total doomer. I'm just a doomer with 50k, thats all.

>> No.24704242

my work here is done
you, anon, have brains
you are different from the other anons
this, you must never forget
go forth and 4chan

>> No.24704438

Anyone who doesn't see that Germany was annihilated much like those in the Book of Ester are living in complete delusion. This is why they cannot make sense of the world.

>> No.24704491

So it continues.

>> No.24704571


>> No.24704595

fighting to run away. solid play...

>> No.24704704
File: 315 KB, 1316x878, 1605876784744.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nobody ever made money before Schwabcoin took off.
>You talk to millionaires on this board because of it
Classic newmoney

>> No.24705509

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